Detoxify quickly with these spring power veggies spring

(NaturalNews) Spring cleaning is not just for your home or yard or car. It’s time to clean out the body as well. And there are several foods that are seasonally appropriate for the task.

For maximum results, invest in a juicer. Juicing gives you maximum nutrition and enzyme potential with minimal digestive effort. The better juicers are masticating single or double auger types. They extract the juice without injury or excess enzyme-destroying heat and discard the pulp.

One doesn’t need to go on a strictly juice fast to gain benefits. Studies have shown juicing three times a week while maintaining a mostly organic solid food diet augments those dietary benefits significantly.

Shop around for masticating auger juicers. They range from $250 and up and usually have long-term warranties.

A few worthy items for spring detox

Dandelion leaves (taraxacum) can be used in salads or added to a mixture of other veggies and an apple to offset its bitterness. Organic dandelion leaves can be purchased by the bunch at most decent markets that offer organic foods. Very few have the access to wild harvesting the weeds safely.

Dandelion has been used for ages to detox and fortify the liver. In addition to its proven empirical or anecdotal track record, modern Western studies have confirmed dandelion’s efficacy. Its extracts are used in many liver supplements.

Kale is an alkaline-producing leafy green. Some find it rather bitter for using in salads or steaming. Ayurvedic medicine preaches the virtues of adding bitter-tasting foods to our normally sweet and salty conditioned taste buds as a healthy contrast.

But kale can be juiced easily, and adding carrots and an apple with any normally bitter-tasting veggies does soften it up sufficiently. Just make sure the kale is organic or local without agricultural chemical applications.

Artichokes appear on most nutritional spring detox lists. They help digest fats and excite the liver’s bile production. They aren’t raw food or juicing items, but the prepared and bottled artichokes can be a part of any salad mix you invent.

Raw organic sesame seeds can be sprinkled on salads or cottage cheese to help protect the liver, especially from the ravages of alcohol and acetaminophen OTC (over-the-counter) Tylenol and other generic pain relief versions.

Ayurveda recommends a tablespoon of sesame seeds with an equivalent amount of raisins as a daily treat that also enhances intestinal lining villi repair to improve digestive food absorption and reduce gastrointestinal inflammation of all sorts.

Broccoli sprouts greatly enhance broccoli’s benefits. They are rarely sold sprouted, but you can purchase the seeds at some stores or online and sprout your own. Adding those sprouts to salads and sandwiches gives you even more protection against cancer then broccoli provides.

Greens in general should be increased also. Chard, leafy lettuces other than the iceberg variety, and broccoli should be increasingly consumed during springtime. They can all be used raw in a variety of salads to your liking.

Chlorophyl is a vital source of magnesium, the master mineral involved with over 300 cellular metabolic functions. Cellular mitochondria, where energy is produced, crave chlorophyl.

Speaking of chlorophyl, don’t forget chlorella. It’s not just a supplement. It’s a single-celled food that helps detox while providing cellular nutrition.

Add cilantro to your daily three to five grams of chlorella for a great mercury detox combo. Cilantro can be juiced or added raw to prepared foods or salads.

Don’t forget to drink more pure water. If it’s purified by reverse osmosis, replace lost minerals with a liquid mineral supplement or a pinch of pure sea salt.


5 Reasons To Juice Your Fruits and Vegetables

If you’re new to juicing, you’ll want to start with fruits and vegetables that are a bit sweeter. Carrots and apples are a great way to start and an excellent base to build off of. An easy ratio to remember is:

* one small apple and four carrots per person

This makes 8 ounces – a perfect drink to build on or to stop with. Even if you stop there, you’ll already have a healthy drink packed with essential nutrients like beta carotenes and vitamin C.

What are the benefits of making your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices versus buying one in the store?


Buying your own fresh produce and then juicing it delivers far more vitamins and minerals than a store-bought juice. There are plenty of reasons why juicing at home provides many health benefits to your body:


  1. Fresh juice has a high nutritional and vitamin content. The juicer separates the pulp from the liquid. Part of the role of chewing and digestion is to change a solid food into liquid form so that the body can assimilate it. When you juice a fruit or vegetable, you drink the liquid form, which goes immediately into the bloodstream and body systems. Fresh juice nourishes your body with vitamin rich and easy to digest nutrition.
  2. Fresh juice is not pasteurized. The FDA requires all drinks to be pasteurized (for our “protection”) However the pasteurization process requires high temperatures which destroy the fragile enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are present in fresh produce.
  3. Juicing is an easy way to get the amount of fruits and veggies a day that our bodies need. Most of us don’t get the recommended servings. Juicing, however, fills the gap and makes it possible for us to still get that much needed nutrition in a quick and easy (and tasty) fashion. It also helps to regulate body-weight and blood sugar.
  4. Juicing is cleansing. Fresh juices are full of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies require that we sometimes don’t get. When our bodies are satisfied in their needs of proper nutrients, energy is freed up to cleanse the body of trapped toxins. This can also lead to weight-loss, more energy and a better overall mentality.
  5. Juicing keeps us young. When you load up on all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in a concentrated cup or two daily, it helps to fight wrinkles, eliminate free radicals, and add moisture and a glow to your skin.



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