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You may already know that a healthy gut and plenty of probiotics to support your gastrointestinal health are absolutely critical to boosting your immune system (gut flora may account for 80% of immunity), but a new study coming from the University of Michigan has proven that probiotics may just be the answer to poisonous chemotherapy treatments and the overuse of antibiotics which tend to kill all the good bacteria in our bodies.

When people undergo chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer, the antibiotics which are often prescribed post-treatment also kill whatever good bacteria are left, thus causing an absolute crisis for the immune system, and upping the chance that chemo will kill you.

Chemotherapy is already one of the top causes of death among cancer patients, though this fact is hotly contested. Much of the pro-chemo science comes from the $200 billion dollar industry which supports it. Many natural treatments for cancer are suppressed for his reason. The simple fact that making sure you have healthy gut flora can help keep you from dying of cancer is one of those ‘cures’ the Big Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to be aware of, among utilizing other cancer-fighting foods.

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The University of Michigan study, which was published in the journal Nature, was centered around ‘Rspol’ or ‘R-spondon1’ which activates cell production in the intestinal walls which then help to regenerate tissue that is damaged by chemotherapy and other forms of poisonous drugs. Mice given R-spondon1 survived fatal doses of chemotherapy since the substance was able to help their bodies regenerate new tissue faster than the chemo could destroy it.

The problem is that pharmaceutical companies can charge upwards of $50,000 for one dose of Rspol. The secret they don’t want you to know is that probiotics help your body to make its own – without the hefty price tag. In a healthy person with good gut-bacteria supported by probiotics and the reduction of high carbohydrates, meat, dairy, and refined sugars (which tend to cause an imbalance in healthy gut flora), this special R-spondon1 is made every 4 to 5 days all on its own as part of our bodies’ blueprint for naturally good health.

The epithelial cells in the intestinal walls are responsible for making sure this substance is made consistently, and without good probiotics and gut health, he cells start to slack on the job. Rapid cellular regeneration happens in those who have good gut health and balanced intestinal flora.

As the pharmaceutical companies continuously try to patent or co-opt natural cures, it is our responsibility to ourselves and our collective society to make sure people are aware of the natural ways which our bodies already heal themselves. You can pass this along to friends and family to make sure the pharmaceutical companies don’t keep us dumbed down. Probiotics, in short order, are a simple and natural way to support cellular regeneration and live through chemotherapy.


Woops! Study Accidentally Finds Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse



A team of researchers looking into why cancer cells are so resilient accidentally stumbled upon a far more important discovery. While conducting their research, the team discovered that chemotherapy actually heavily damages healthy cells and subsequently triggers them to release a protein that sustains and fuels tumor growth. Beyond that, it even makes the tumor highly resistant to future treatment.

Reporting their findings in the journal Nature Medicine, the scientists report that the findings were ‘completely unexpected’. Finding evidence of significant DNA damage when examining the effects of chemotherapy on tissue derived from men with prostate cancer, the writings are a big slap in the face to mainstream medical organizations who have been pushing chemotherapy as the only option to cancer patients for years.

The news comes after it was previously ousted by similarly-breaking research that expensive cancer drugs not only fail to treat tumors, but actually make them far worse. The cancer drugs were found to make tumors ‘metasize’ and grow massively in size after consumption. As a result, the drugs killed the patients more quickly.

Known as WNT16B, scientists who performed the research say that this protein created from chemo treatment boosts cancer cell survival and is the reason that chemotherapy actually ends lives more quickly. Co-author Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle explains:

“WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumour cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy.”

The team then complimented the statement with a word of their own:

“Our results indicate that damage responses in benign cells… may directly contribute to enhanced tumour growth kinetics.”

Meanwhile, dirt cheap substances like turmeric and ginger have consistently been found to effectively shrink tumors and combat the spread of cancer. In a review of 11 studies, it was found that turmeric use reduced brain tumor size by a shocking 81%. Further research has also shown that turmeric is capable of halting cancer cell growth altogether. One woman recently hit the mainstream headlines by revealing her victory against cancer with the principal spice used being turmeric.

This accidental finding reached by scientists further shows the lack of real science behind many ‘old paradigm’ treatments, despite what many health officials would like you to believe. The truth of the matter is that natural alternatives do not even receive nearly as much funding as pharmaceutical drugs and medical interventions because there’s simply no room for profit. If everyone was using turmeric and vitamin D for cancer (better yet cancer prevention), major drug companies would lose out.

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