People who suffer from Morgellons disease are NOT delusional no matter what the CDC or the mainstream press would have you believe.

Take a good look at the first two photos below and ponder why a person with Morgellons disease would have tissue coming out of their body with embossed Arabic numbers on it.  This photo is real and the sample has not been altered in any way. It is available for research and DNA testing.

The perpetrators are not beings from outer space.  They live right here on this planet. This is not the first time that numbered pieces of tissue have been found by sufferers of this diabolical disease.

An interviewer from MSNBC chose to take selected excerpts from a phone conversation with me.  She manipulated my words in a newspaper article to make me sound as though I believed that extraterrestrials were to blame for this disease.  Not true…. 

I was pointedly asked at the very beginning of this interview if I thought that aliens had caused this disease. I did not bring up the subject.  It was rather a trick question.  My answer was that it was possible that materials may have been taken from the space shuttle as a pathogen but I did not say it was probable nor do I think it is the case.

Look around my site.  It has been here for many years and you will not find mention of aliens being the cause of this disease.

Being the trusting soul that I am, I thought I was having a theoretical conversation.  Little did I know that the point of interviewing me was to remove my credibility. OK- I should have known better than to trust the mainstream media, my bad.

If that sort of effort was made to silence a disabled old lady with a website then I must be doing something right. 

I have always maintained that I have many samples and will freely hand them over to qualified scientists.  Funny, but no one has come forward and asked to see even one of them.

All of the health professionals who I know personally have been harassed and discredited for even trying to help this community.  Why would that be?   What evil deed is so protected that they persecute people like my friend Dr. Edward Spencer?

Ed purchased a dermatoscope and offered to looked at the skin of Morgellons patients.  Even worse he saw fibers.  He later learned that vaccines could be a source of health problems to humans. He mentioned these possible problems to other Doctors.

In the end this graduate of Stanford and Yale with 30+ years of medical experience as a neurologist was ostracized and ridiculed by his own profession.  In all those years of practice Dr. Ed Spencer never had a patient who complained.  Go figure-  The evildoers just don’t care.

{Dear Ed, Thanks  for caring and trying to help this community.}

Personal Note:

In the end, a number of people with Morgellons have died recently.  Included among those was a dear friend of mine named Karen Whitledge.  She was the amazing person who built this website for me.  She is greatly missed by all who knew her.   See her Dark Shurikinpage to see the startling nano device removed from her body.

Many others are very ill and suffering.  This includes family pets, and infants.  How do you explain a delusional infant or pet? 

Dying is not “attention seeking behavior”. Morgellons is not a mental illness.  It is a slow agonizing death which is ridiculed on blogs and chat boards by evil creatures who are probably on a payroll.

Please wake up people. Humanity is under attack.  Transhumanism is real.  Please go to YouTube to see an important lecture given by Sofia Smallstorm who had my cooperation in compiling material for this full length video.

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

God Bless Us Everyone


Photos of Arabic numbers embossed on Morgellons tissue. Tissue as shown was found like this.

This sample was engineered by humans who use Arabic numerals to mark their nanotechnology (quite like a predator marking his territory with urine – only with malicious intent and a greatly inflated Machiavellian ego).

New burn tested fiber photos non-cellulose. Original fiber before burning. 

Fiber below is the same fiber as above after

 a 30 second with a butane flame.  Outer casing did not burn. A blue polymer fiber ejected from outer fiber. This second smaller teal fiber which also had bulges in it would indicates that a third substance was inserted  within smaller teal fiber.  All fibers are not same.  Some blue fibers are cellulose and others are nanotechnology polymers and carbon.  A double walled nanotube is my best guess.

For more nanotube info:

Hey CDC do you think this is cotton? Why didn’t you find anything like this in your study?

Inside an ulcerous lesion-300x What is that blue speck?

Cobalt blue plaques seem to form where  blue gel fibers have emptied the material from inside of them. I believe that these plaques mature and become the blue specks.

Blue speck 450x found in lesion

Pressed on blue speck above with needle and individual baby fiber forms have appeared.

More pressing with needle reveals a colony of individual forms. The lifecycle is complete.

Big red fiber filled with large white cells.

Two halves of a large fiberball removed from lesion. Clearly, these fibers are not textile threads.

Motile (crawling) “sugar snakes” AKA polysaccharide strands next 3 photos.

Photo of strands above at 400x magnification.

Strange tissue found inside a lesion.

Dictyosetlium-hybrid amoeba form with blue fiber inside.

Typical crust from lesions with clear fibers growing from it.

Red glowing gel-filled fiber.

Typical crust from lesion with embedded fibers and fiber growth.

 Brittle glass-like plaque found by many in lesions.

Crust with teal and fuchsia gel fibers.

The clear or white fibers are growths from the crust itself.

Unusual fiber displaying multiple metallic fibers aligned within.

This is the reverse casing side of fiber above.

Typical embedded colored fibers and clear fiber growth on a crust.

Polymer crust with growth and embedded fibers. Note the texture, shine and unusual structure of a crust on a Morgellons lesion. These fibers were on the inside of the crust.

This hexagon is a nano device that has been identified.  See all of the videos at YouTube by SkizitgestureLink “HERE” for the video with an explanation of this structure.

Crust from lesion

Inside a lesion-250x

Inside a lesion-250x

Scab from top of Morgellons lesions next 2 photos.  Embedded fibers within the scab/crust are not visible until removed from the lesion. Crust is impermeable and blood residue floats off with an application of hydrogen peroxide to reveal the solid polymer crust.


More crusts and fibers shown below.

These crusts are a work in progress and are a living form.  Eventually the goo turns into a solid fiber mass.

Here is an example of a goo covered hair. (the same goo that forms the plaques/scabs) This strand of  hair that was placed on a slide for one year with surprising results.

Hair photo taken the day it was removed.

Same hair strand 1 year later inside slide with cover slip.  See all the fibers?

Take a good look at this crust, there is a gel spider that has formed. Check out the Bio-insects page. “Here”

These photos shown above are only a small part of what has been found in Morgellons lesions.  For more detailed information click on any article.

CDC/Kaiser ‘Groundbreaking’
Morgellons Study A Fraud!

By Cliff Mickelson


Much sound and fury is currently being generated by mainstream media concerning the recent CDC announcement that Kaiser Permanente has been selected by the CDC to conduct a “groundbreaking” study into the causes and nature of what the CDC and Kaiser both euphemistically (and erroneously) term Morgellons “syndrome.”
In the opening news conference statement to the press, The CDC’s principle investigator
Dr. Michele Pearson, with his Kaiser counterpart, Dr. Joe Selby at his side, sets the tone for a CDC position on this issue that can only be described as disingenuous at best. 
“There is insufficient information,” intones Dr. Pearson, “to determine whether persons who identify themselves as having this condition, have common cause for their symptoms or may share common risk factors.”   
This statement speaks volumes. One can only suppose that the good doctor is either stunningly under-informed or is a deliberate liar.   In light of readily available information that has come into the possession of this writer, Dr. Pearson and his friends over at Kaiser Permanente appear to be fully informed as to the scope and nature of this affliction.
Furthermore, the CDC is quite clearly aware that there already exists a large body of professional Morgellons research that has been done under the organized auspices of former Morgellons Research Foundation scientist Dr. Randy Wymore. 
Dr.Wymore, the current head of Morgellons research at the prestigious school of pharmacology at Oklahoma State University, has personally briefed CDC officials in the past. Nonetheless, the Atlanta based organization showed very little interest in the subject of Morgellons or in Dr. Wymore’s revolutionary findings concerning the growing danger this affliction poses to society at large.
The CDC is also aware that there exists a large compendium of additional work available for referencing. A great deal of research has been performed in the last few years by a select number of other professionally qualified medical-field researchers including such well known notables as Dr.William Harvey, Dr Hildegard Stannigar, and Dr. Rahim Karjoo
In his opening CDC press conference statement Dr. Pearson uses the term “common risk factors” as a descriptive term… For those who are the uninitiated, that is CDC doublespeak for drug abuse or delusional mental illness. 
This denigrating and underhanded remark is a direct slap in the face of Morgellons patients, many of whom are children, senior citizens, teachers, nurses or other medical professionals.  Such eye-opening statements belie the truth behind the thought processes taking place in the halls of the CDC. They give the astute observer an inkling of what lays in store for “Morgies” who are trusting enough to ignore the telegraphed meaning of such implied signals. 
For reasons they have apparently chosen not to make public, the CDC has therefore deliberately decided to ignore, negate and suppress the considerable body of nearly three years worth of ongoing, highly qualified field work by others outside the CDC nexus. They have chosen instead to form an unholy alliance with the largest HMO/insurer in the world, Kaiser Permanente. 
By marginalizing  professional research that has already taken place during the CDC’s long and curious absence from the Morgellons issue, they are now seen to be suddenly setting themselves up as the sole judge of any consequence in the public eye. This is a very dangerous and powerful position for an organization with a track record like the CDC to be allowed to place itself in. Morgellons sufferers had best beware.
In what is probably the biggest conflict of interest since convicted felon Henry Blodget was hired as a Wall Street securities analyst, the Kaiser “fox” is now being given the keys to the CDC’s hen house. In return, it appears that the CDC expects the obliging chickens to gratefully invite him in for dinner.  
It may well be that the CDC announcement concerning the much ballyhooed Morgellons research grant is little more than self-serving bureaucratic sound and fury…or it may be that a much darker and deadlier game is being played. A cursory study of the CDC’s woeful lack of past interaction with the Morgellons community will open a Pandora’s box of questions that beg answers . 
There is little doubt that the CDC knows how to play the political game. Based on past experience, many Morgies are of the opinion that the Kaiser “study” is little more than under-funded pork, a shuck, a jive, political chicanery and, at worst, a cynical lip service designed to throw a fog over the clever methodology of how bureaucracies with something to hide engage in issue assassination.   
So why, we might wonder, would the Mandarins of the CDC engage in such transparently duplicitous behavior? Why would they spend hard earned tax dollars for information that already exists and could be had with a simple conference call or two? Well, the answer is at once simple and yet Byzantine. 
It is germane to note that by their own malfeasant admission, over the last eight years the CDC has received thousands upon thousands of requests for help from Morgellons victims. All of these pleas, until now, fell upon deaf ears.  Not one red cent was ever spent to determine what it was that was taking place not only across America but around the world as well.  Meanwhile the CDC has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on an unending parade of fizzled “non-event” epidemics that have come and gone during that same time frame.  A number of these high dollar non-event epidemics affected less than a dozen people across the country while others never materialized at all!  
As the white rabbit would say: Curiouser and curiouser!
Now, at the behest of the Morgellons study,  the CDC is dipping into the trough of public tax dollars once again. This time however, the bucket has come up woefully short. A pitiful $360 K is all that is earmarked for this study! 
Let’s think about that for a moment. $360 K is less than the price of an average split-level home in Los Angeles County.  What will 360 K buy in today’s world of bloated research budgets?   The salaries of the research staff alone should total more than that. What can we assume will be the cost of high technology tests and other high tech equipment needed to insure accurate Morgellons test results? Modern research tests can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Private researcher, Dr.Hildegaard  Stannigar, reports that she has independently spent $39,000 of private money on such tests and that many more tests are still in need of performing.
It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out that three hundred and sixty thousand dollars is not going to buy much in the way of a reliable study…and..It doesn’t take a Weatherman to figure out which way the wind is blowing in the halls of the CDC.
Morgellons activists need to wake up and smell the coffee. The CDC has no intention of solving the Morgellons mystery. Those who think otherwise need to review the history of the CDC’s hostile and dismissive interaction with the Morgellons community over the span of the last eight to ten years. Under modest scrutiny it becomes painfully apparent that this study is a farce and a fraud.  
What it is actually being sold to the gullible among us is smoke and mirrors. For a variety of hidden reasons the CDC is offering up the public expedient of having done their “part.”
Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the daggers are being sharpened in the dark hallways of Kaiser and the CDC. Morgellons victims who, in their current desperation, rush to embrace these bureaucratic assassins of Faith and Hope would do well to wear extra body armor.
-Cliff Mickelson

The House That Morgellons BuiltCreated by“Greema” Jan Smith

The picture below is not as cute as it may first appear.  You are looking at debris from Morgellons disease!

Take a closer look at the photos below to see fibers, plaques, nano-machines and other bizarre relics found in the bodies of Morgellons sufferers.  These kinds of particles may even be in your body without you ever knowing it.  These particles are not visible to the naked eye and the photos below are taken with a digital microscope at 60x and 200x magnification.  There is a microcosm of evil that lives on and in our bodies which debilitates us. 

Morgellons is ignored and goes unseen because no one looks or wants to find out what is happening.  This is by design.  Welcome to one of the biggest dirty little secrets that exists in modern times.  I have looked at this scourge every day of my life for the past 13 years.  It would only be a matter of looking through a microscope or a strong magnifying glass to see what I see every day.   Contamination to the population is imposed  through chemtrails , tainted food and  other sources.  Read Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease”. 

Welcome to my personal view of Morgellons World.  Please look at the many photos, articles, experiments and research papers at my website.  You will not want to believe all that you see and read here but unfortunately it is all true.  I am happy to share a glimpse of an unwelcome reality with you.  See the  full list of the  Morgellons Disease symptoms if you are unfamiliar with them.  “Symptoms Page”.

,,Photo key to ” The House that Morgellons Built”

You will recognize these Morgellons specimens in the picture above. These specimens will look unlike anything you would believe could be

growing in or on a human body. Go to the “Photo Journal “and the “Plaques Metallics and Hexagons pages for further clarification of what you are looking at.

Is this what you would want to cope with every day while the medical community and government turns their backs?

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