by John Gunter


The information in this document, you may use to post anywhere you wish. My request is that you do not alter the contents, but provide it as is. I know there are professional people who would cut and paste at will to make me say something I didn’t. I suppose I am not a “public” figure, so at this time, it won’t pose as much of a threat. Also, Please don’t post it somewhere it does not belong, like under computer programming or something which is not even close to relating to this. Thank You!!!!!

Just to let you know what I am ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I am not anti-government at all. I am not anti American nor anti-American government. I pay my taxes. I don’t agree with how all my tax money is being spent, but I still pay them.. not out of fear, but out of true reverence for the just purpose and design of government. Some of this material speaks of certain governmental agencies. For the most part, names have been left off except for a couple of places. I in no way encourage flat-out rebellion against government. I do feel a need, however, to expose evil cover-ups. I know for a fact, for example, that not every person working for the CIA is evil. The same is true for the military, FBI, IRS, and any other Federal or State Agency. It can be an honor to work for government if you are honest, sincere, and desire to truly serve people. I personally have worked for the government before, and some of the nicest people I’ve met worked there as well.

Just a bit of info on surveillance:

Maybe you know this already, but:

1. Most Televisions from early ’90s to present are equipped with 2 way communication capabilities. The cable TV connection in the wall is a standard coax computer networking cable and provides a way for others to see into your home even though you are unaware of it. see also: Black Boxes and Marble Memorials, Cable T. V. Snooping

2. Post mid – ’80 automobiles are designed with a computer chip which can be controlled remotely via satellite. If desired, individual as well as massive automobile shutdown in a city could be accomplished. (Your vin # is recorded and connected with your name) See Clinton’s secret war games

3. The satellites which are called low earth orbiting satellites can read a postage stamp on a tennis court.

4. The computer system called the B.E.A.S.T.S. in Brussels, Belgium records ATM and debit card transactions within 57 seconds. It is known what you bought and where you bought it. B.E.A.S.T.S. stands for Brussels Electronic Accounting Surveillance Terminal Systems. It is a Cray Super Computer. See The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666

5. Anything greater than a $5 dollar bill with a date of 1992 or above has a metallic strip running through it. You can see this strip if you hold it up to the light. The technology is in place for someone with the correct equipment to drive by your home with a special scanner and know approximately how much money you have in your home. It was placed there under a partial truth as a way to track drug money, but in reality serves other purposes, since all nations of the world have the same strip in them. (The computers don’t care what country or what picture is on the money, they still register the same numbers)

6. The Black helicopters which fly overhead are surveillance helicopters which use infra-red scanning and can see through your house. They are illegal helicopters according to US law, for legal helicopters MUST have positively marked identification on the bottom of them. These do not. BLACK HELICOPTERS EXIST

7. Polar icecaps have been tampered with by elitists in this world and it has caused tremendous weather shifts world- wide. See HAARP Index: Hard Truth / Wake Up America

8. Since the 1960’s, lasers have been used to create electro- magnetic fields in the atmosphere in order to control weather by pulling weather fronts to desired locations. HAARP Index: Hard Truth / Wake Up America

9. In 1992, it was displayed on the agenda of the Eco-earth summit meeting in RIO DE JANEIRO by the “elite” wealthy, world government officials that the present attempts to cut the world population was not sufficient… That the Earth’s population MUST be cut to 2 billion by the year 2000 at WHATEVER THE COST. Have you ever wondered about some of these new diseases that all of a sudden spring up out of nowhere???? Well, Why not just wipe out an entire continent? How about Africa?? The cruelty of these wicked, filthy people knows no bounds!!! The Timeline of  Population Control

10. As soon as they (“the elite”) have a green light, a world- wide economic crash is planned in order to force a one world government. Destruction of the Trade Centers: Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within Our Own Government

11. It has been developed and is ready to be implemented: a positive identification mark (a computer chip about the size of a grain of rice) to be inserted into every man, woman and child on the planet. This will eventually replace debit and credit cards. We are being prepared slowly to this by the introduction of microchips in pets as well as prisoners and babies (so they can’t be lost). This would make every man, woman, and child track-able by satellite. see also: THE SKINCODE

Just some information for you: 1 1/2 million dollars was spent by a medical center on the east coast which was part of this United Nations project with unlimited funding to determine where on the body this microchip was to be implanted. It just so happened that the microchip is recharged by a lithium battery. Lithium is sensitive to heat change. This is what causes the recharging to occur. After this research, they discovered that which mothers new all along … that temperature rises and drops the most on the back of the hand, and on the forehead. As a result, the decision was made to implant this coming microchip either on the back of the hand or on the fore- head. The right hand was chosen because most people are right handed. Food for thought is Revelation 13 in the Bible. Maybe the Bible was right after all.

12 This happens to be ONE of their best and most covered up secrets:

Since the 1950’s, the CIA/DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) FBI, KGB, and other World organizations have taken abused children and placed them into the most sophisticated mind control program thought possible whereby personalities were split through carefully planned near-death torture until literal slaves were created with personalities which could be used for drug-running, prostitution, espionage, assassinations, political-favors to name a few. Hundreds of thousands of people in US alone are “asleep” in society waiting to be accessed by these WICKED, FILTHY human beings! They live in all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, computer programmers, nurses, governmental positions to name a few. The Illuminati: How The Cults Program People, by Svali: Index

Many of you reading this have heard of Multiple Personalities, or Multiple personality disorder. The sick cover-up is that almost ALL of those with this problem were planned deviously by these “elitists” in the world. You may ask, “How come this information doesn’t get out?” The answer is because these same people control almost all of the publishing companies. They control almost ALL major newspapers as well as Banks as well as News stations.

As your own personal project, find out some of the organizations which the major news anchormen belong to and then discover who the leaders of these organizations are, and you will find out why these people don’t talk…. their bosses won’t let them!!! Like the one man who ALMOST succeeded in getting the Federal Reserve System. audited…. OOPS!! that flight 007 over USSR which he was on just happened to “look like” a fighter plane … Too bad… it got shot down…just a coincidence, of course.

13. True virtual reality (not the video games or much of the soft coated “virtual reality” words used to dull your senses to when the real stuff hits the market) is INSTANT hypnotism and is planned to put the masses of the people under total mind control of the ruling elite of the world. in the same exact way that those who were tortured into multiple personalities above are under total mind control.

You may ask: What can we do??? Personally, there is only one thing for me to suggest: Start reading the Bible with an open mind. These things were written about 2000 years ago. Before you are swept away in the flood, place the life vest on so you can float above it all!! If you do this, you will not be harmed by this coming storm over our planet.

In Love,

John Gunter

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