Awakening the Illuminated Heart ~ Drunvalo Melchizedek

This is a great spiritual lesson with the spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek. Well worth listening to.


“Here is some information that I believe might help us all as we contemplate these possible cataclysmic situations: If we do not ascend, which by definition means that we must take our bodies with us, then those of us who remain in the third dimension are at eventually going to die. I believe this is a known fact – so how then will you choose to live the remaining days of your life? Will you choose to live in fear? Will you run around making extensive arrangements so that your body can somehow survive the possible coming cataclysms?

Drunvalo said that such preparations won’t do anyone good. Only inner preparations, only the healing of wounds that separate us from the clarity of our hearts — clarity that helps us to raise our vibrations — will help us. If as a result of our inner work, our vibrations are the same as Mother Earth’s, it won’t matter where we are on this planet, Mother will find us and take us with her when she makes her move to ascend. It is that simple — and that complex.”

“The choice as I see it is between choosing the outer world of belief, or the inner world of belief, and of course the dark matrix has for centuries cultivated the outer world as being the only ‘real’ world. The experiences of my recent life, when I started on a path of healing, have taught me, however, that the only reality is that which we cannot see in a visible way.

Which path will you choose? Which path have you perhaps already chosen? When your life here on this planet comes to an end, for what will it have stood? I think this is the time for us all to be very clear and honest about our choice.

My question to everyone who reads my words here is that after reading such a book, after gaining the understanding of what is our real history, why would any one of us want to waste time on worrying about what is to come? Instead, it only makes logical sense to me to do what we can to make a change in ourselves, and when we do this, according to the quantum field, we then stand a chance through living in a place of love, a place which does not allow room for fear, of changing what actually happens to ourselves, our species, and this planet.”

written by Jean,


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