A DEPT OF HONOR MUST BE FULFILLED: for the new-arrived and Gentle Reader to start

by Rev. Walking Turtle

(…)Your own Mother Planet is being raped, pillaged and murdered right before our eyes, and even the Dominant Culture says YOU are to blame! But then you are media+culture-forced helpless in your own mind – y’gonna’ need to BREAK THOSE CHAINS of FALSE LOGIC and ERRONEOUS REASONING FIRST!

Fact: It ain’t gonna’ be done for us by ANYONE ELSE. Otherwise, we surely would be basking in the Light and loving universal prosperity that we would never in ten thousand iterations ever appreciate appropriately were Santa Claus to actually team up with the Lone Ranger and set it all aright FOR the Rest of Us.

Next fact: Plenty of work for ALL of us on that note. Plenty of application to the present intolerable situation IMMEDIATELY. A debt of honor MUST be fulfilled; that is how the Dragon Family Code works. The present case, we are honestly assured, can and SHALL be corrected once and for all once the Rest of Us get up off our butts and set to rights the Original Theft that funded the bad Guys to begin with.

Neil Keenan’s Original Lawsuit – in .pdf form

is the place for the new-arrived and Gentle Reader to start. The legal action we are gathering the resource to file in the International Jurisdiction where it belongs can be viewed and downloaded in full for detailed study and independent personal authentication.

Keenan’s Complaint Filed in New York District Court in .pdf form

This as-presented legal action is PRE-APPROVED by one HONEST and COURAGEOUS US Federal Judge who validated the entire matter, then strongly suggested we take up to present it at the International Court level where we are headed now.

I for one suggest that any person wishing to become fully informed with regard to the obvious question, “Just what is this lawsuit and who IS this Keenan guy anyway?” can best find their answers through the above URLs. Please CLICK and READ WELL. This is NO DRILL. Additionally, URL

Global Analysis – International Intelligence

It hosts the historical Rest of the Story. Provided by one Christopher Story FRSA, ANOTHER Good Man whose dedication to the cause of Global Finance Reform got him slow-poisoned by the oh-so-hospitable Cabal. One of those reports describes the visit and the too-late realization of the mistake made. He lived another year, wrote-up what was killing him, and then was gone the very next day. THEN his final peppery no-punch-pulled write-up was replaced by something insipid. But those who were reading regularly STILL REMEMBER.

So please, Gentle Newcomer Reader: Read those weekly reports and learn from History – then please do the Required lawsuit reading (it’s only 120 pages of clear-cut co,mplaint, names+dates and all included, NOTHING redacted; we are NOT the CIA, OK?) Then please just hook-up with Team Keenan and help out in ANY way you can! You by then shall know that Mr. Story, too, KNEW what the stakes are for Mother Earth and the Rest of Us – nothing less than the LIFE and indeed the OWNERSHIP of Planet Earth too!

Well, didn’t you always WANT to own your own planet? Well, are you not willing to WORK a little for that desirable Thing? Aren’t YOU a rightful member of the RIGHTFUL Ownership Class, Beloved? (I sure am and YOU should be too, sez I for one.)

Well then. Why NOT? You want to live forever with a mouth full of MikkeeDee and shackles on your limbs+mind or WHAT?

Educated Opinion: You shall not be disappointed in the result once this Law Thing of ours hits the Bench. All we must do is GET THERE. Time is money – to save time IS to lengthen life – and time is wasting! This is indeed NO DRILL. NONE of us are getting any younger NOR any safer by holding back, I tell you true, Gentle Newcomer Reader! Spreading the Well-Informed Word is FREE, just for starts – and much more can be done – even on the Zero Dollar Option that we could all use a few lessons ‘n’ exercises in actualizing in this life imvho.

Got cash to spare too? Then please YES and THANK YOU! WE use BitCoin for safety and security reasons. It’s a New Money so you might need to learn how to apply it to the cause. So BitCoin tutelage is freely available; URL

Let’s Get Started Using Bitcoin

This site hosts the Perfect Starter Tutorial. You, too shall be using BitCoin all by yourself before it is done! Wanna’ become a BitCoin Miner too? Conjure countable, spendable, donate-able BitCoin out of mere Cyber-Space? That, too, is freely available. Friendly knowledgeable Bitcoin Mining Folk are already standing by, awaiting YOUR contact! (The “mining” software is FREE. No fooling, this is actual money from the Web. It piles UP.)

So happy to meet you! Please, study-up and MAKE the CONNECTION. You will be GLAD you did. It is time to GIT HER DONE. Again: Why NOT? And that is all.


for complete article :


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