Could it be that the emergence of empowering, exotic free energy technologies into the mainstream will not happen until the consciousness of the people has risen to an adequate level to embrace the freedom that they entail? A look at the possible correspondence to the collective baptism of fire.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

It’s the first time I’ve given this presentation, and I’m very glad I was able to have this opportunity, because preparing and giving it helped me get additional clarity in my own thinking, as I’ve puzzled over why, after all these years of so many technologies being so close, we still don’t see any exotic free energy technologies in the market.

I made the case that free energy is all about freedom, and the corrupt powers that be worldwide are about tyranny; and that we get the government we deserve, so this corruption and increasing bondage is a reflection of where society is in general. Sin leads to captivity, and collective sin, leads to collective captivity.

In order to turn this around, there needs to be a collective broken heart and contrite spirit, wherein we collectively awaken to our collective degradation and turn to God.

(When I talk about the need for a “collective” awakening, this might sound overwhelming, until you remember that the American Revolution was won by just a small fraction of people getting involved. At the beginning of the war, only 3% were involved in fighting against the British, and at the height of the war, it was only about 8%. Those brave souls on the fringe of society defined society and brought about a new society.)

On an individual level, having a broken heart and contrite spirit, and turning to God, leads to baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost, which bestows a new heart, transforming the person into a new creature. In my presentation, I made the case that this is our destiny collectively as well. At some point, there is going to be a sufficient collective awakening and turning to God, which is going to lead to a collective baptism of fire, leading to a new world. 

In my presentation, I made the case that historically, Noah’s flood was a parallel to and symbolic of the collective baptism of water, and that there is prophesied to be a parallel to and symbol of the baptism of fire. It could come in the form of a coronal mass ejection direct hit (e.g. major X-Class solar flare) from the sun, or from Nibiru, or some other hugely destructive natural phenomenon that involves fire.

I also made the case that ultimately, which probable future materializes will be a function of our collective choice as a civilization. Presently, we collectively exhibit characteristics of an addict, both the corrupt powers that be who are addicted to power, as well as the enabling civilization that allows those corrupt powers that be to do what they do. 

Using the addict symbolism and analogy, will we have to collectively “hit the wall”, loosing everything, hitting rock bottom before we turn to God, or will we collectively see the handwriting on the wall, and awaken before we hit the wall, to avoid the utter collapse of civilization to which we are presently headed?

It really is up to us as a civilization to make that choice, and all it will take is that “critical mass” (e.g. the 3-8% on the “fringe” to activate the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon which then transfers that consciousness to the whole).

This may be a stretch, but I also made the case that in talking about this “baptism of fire” that “fire” in a literal sense has a very strong association with “energy”, both on the scale of providing heat and running steam boilers to produce electricity, as well as on the scale of chemical and nuclear events as manifest in such things as LENR. Could it be that the baptism of fire could be administered in the form of the mainstream of the world finally deserving free energy?

Could it be that if we as a society in general opt to wake up before we hit the wall, by seeing the handwriting on the wall, and coming to our senses, that instead of getting the coronal mass ejection probable future, or a similarly destructive variation, that we will get a much more mild variation of fire in the form of the viral propagation of free energy technology?

Which variation of collective baptism of fire will the history books end up recording about this period of time? Coronal mass ejection direct hit (or similar), or “this is when society finally woke up to their corruption, turned to God, and finally deserved free energy technologies, which then enabled them to transform society from one of dependence on polluting energy sources that were destroying the planet, administered by deeply corrupt corporations and governments, to one of empowerment through each individual having access to clean, affordable energy, which they used responsibly.”

There’s a relevant verse from scripture that says, effectively: “More blessed are they who awaken without having to be compelled by their circumstances.”

I call this the “repentance clause of prophecy.” We don’t have to go through the worst case scenario depicted by prophecy. We can pass through a mitigated version, depending on how soon and how effectively we wake up.

But the bottom line, regarding exotic free energy technology, is that it will probably not arrive to the mainstream until the mainstream deserves it. That is why, despite how close we have been for all these years, one thing or another keeps getting in the way of these technologies emerging into the marketplace.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to help bring these things forward.

Even though the collective baptism of fire won’t come until the collective broken heart and contrite spirit leads to the collective turning to God, that does not prevent individuals from having the baptism of fire. And to apply that principle to the timing of the exotic free energy technology emergence, we can expect that even though the mainstream might not get these technologies until they collectively deserve them, it is conceivable that the technologies will begin to emerge into select pockets, such as people who are building emergency shelters (who have already awaken to our awful situation), or intentional community projects, or small villages of awakened individuals.

I would also argue that the very process of dialogue about exotic free energy technologies helps in the process of awakening people, because the dialogue includes concepts of the mainstream being corrupt in their ignoring of these technologies, which gets people to look internally and to go into introspection.

Therefore, just as free energy is all about freedom, so is a discussion of free energy all about awakening. 

But much greater than these two metaphors is the metaphor that the emergence of exotic free energy worldwide could equate to the symbolism of the collective baptism of fire.

Just something to think about.

Here’s a video of the lecture:

Here’s the PowerPoint.

I gave a shortened version (uploading) of this presentation on July 13 in Sao Paulo.


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