Take back your power

By Tom Ryan

 What is Baptism?

Baptism is performed by immersion or sprinkling water on the person to be baptized. Judaism practiced ritual purification by immersion in water which is the true origin of baptism. Water purification rituals were performed in the ancient Middle East and are written about in the Old Testament. Similar customs were known in many ancient non-Christian cultures.

 In Athens in 632 BC, Epimenides of Crete purified the entire city with water.
 Mithras’s followers celebrated the sacrament of taurobolium – baptism in the blood of a bull resulting in “Salvation”.
 New members into the Mysteries of Isis / Osiris initiated new members with a purifying sprinkling of water from the Nile for Salvation.
 The people of Gerasa celebrated the Maioumas rites in which women were purified in a sacred pool of water outside the town.
 The early Church Father Justin Martyr (in the 100’s AD) was worried why the Christian rite was preceded for generations by the Pagan ceremony. Justin concluded that it was a diabolical imitation before the fact.

Baptism a sacrament?

Christian churches claim it is a sacrament instituted by Christ. The baptism of Jesus is said to be a foundation pillar of the Christian Church.
It’s a water purification rite said to invoke grace and free a person from “original sin”. Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Anglicans and some other Protestants claim it confers an indelible character on the baptised person. Catholics even claim it is necessary for “salvation”.
Most churches perform baptized soon after birth. It is considered to be a formal admission to the church. Sponsors (called godfather and godmother) make declarations on the child’s behalf. The rite is also called christening and the person is given a baptismal (Christian) name.
Some churches do not baptise until the person is relatively mature. The Society of Friends or Quakers and some Protestants reject all outward baptismal rites.
Confirmation is a later rite confirming the baptismal vows when a person is old enough to speak for him or herself. It did not originally exist as a separate rite but probably coincided with baptism. In Roman Catholicism confirmation is usually performed by a bishop. The rite is also performed in Orthodox, Anglican Lutheran and some other Christian churches.

Baptism entraps you
When working with people in deep trance to remove Miasmas (Thought forms, interferences, programmes and possessions) it became apparent that “Parts” or “Programmes” integral to the person in question often protect or hide the offending Miasmas. This makes no sense and is a violation of free will.
On further probing it was revealed that the integral parts or programmes at the subconscious level felt obliged to protect the Miasmas. They said that baptism and the renewal of baptismal vows obliged them to do so regardless of the negative consequences.
Baptism is not the purification rite it is proclaimed to be. It is a powerful controlling mechanism that compromises the free will choice of the baptised person. It is the glue of the matrix.

Sovereignty and freedom through renunciation
When I had people renounce those vows it then became very easy to clear all miasmic contamination. Free will choice is the birth right of all human beings and it is what gives us our sovereignty. When that is taken away through
baptism or by any other means it is easy to enslave people. Indeed they are enslaved.
That is why we renounced our baptismal vows at Tara where the so called saint enslaved the Irish people under threat from Patricks Roman Mercenary Army more than 1500 hundred years ago. If you doubt this carefully read “The confessions of St Patrick” with an open enquiring mind. We are now taking back our freedom and sovereignty.

Renouncing the slavery
The following is how we renounced our baptismal and confirmation vows and all later affirmations of them. Remember they were not made by us but on our behalf and without our permission before we had a voice or a choice of our own. We later renewed them at confirmation under heavy indoctrination before we were adult enough to fully realize the implications of what was going on. In reality they were not and are not your free will choice vows. Consequently you have no moral or any other obligation to maintain them but they remain intact and continue to enslave you with your implied agreement unless you renounce them.
Proclamation of personal sovereignty
As we stood in a circle holding hands in solidarity around the “Lia Fail” on the sacred ground of Tara I stated the following and all present repeated it after me.

♦ “I now and from this time forth formally and of my own free will renounce my baptismal vows.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I renounce their renewal at confirmation and I renounce my admission and confirmation into the Christian Church.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I renounce all subsequent renewals of such vows.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I renounce allegiance to any and all churches, denominations, cult’s priests, teachers, minister’s gurus or so called masters ascended   or otherwise.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I proclaim my independence and sovereignty as a human being and from this time forth I declare and proclaim my right to decide my    own spiritual path or journey.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ Of my own free will I proclaim that this is my birth right as a sovereign human being.

I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I renounce all outside rituals and belief systems.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I renounce allegiance to all temporal powers.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ I now connect with “The Infinite Power Within” according to the only true law, Universal Law.
I proclaim my sovereignty.
♦ Of my own free will and as an assertion of it I proclaim my sovereignty now and SO BE IT.”

Proclaiming your sovereignty
If you wish to proclaim your sovereignty you will need to do it in front of two or more witnesses. That is because you need to assert it with the same number of or more witnesses than you had at baptism to give it the same weight and effect or more. This is something that should only be done after due consideration from and with your own free will.
Unlike Christian baptism it cannot be done:
♦ on your behalf,
♦ through the imposition of beliefs,
♦ under threat or
♦ any form of inducement or coercion.
Your free will choice and Your Sovereignty (Supreme Power) are your birth right. Nobody, no religion, institution or temporal power have the right to enslave you, subvert or deny your sovereignty. It is your sacred right to assert and proclaim your sovereignty.
©Tom Ryan 2012




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