The Om is the “sound” of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe.  In the context of the ancient physics of subquantum kinetics, it is the minute energy impulse imparted when each etheron pops into existence in its new etheron state in the course of its endless journey through ether states.  Shiva Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer, creates this sound by shaking the drum which he holds in his upper right hand, his hand of creation.  In his left hand he holds the flame of dissolution which represents the departure of etherons as they transmute into the next etheric state in their chain of evolution.  Together this process of etheron creation and dissolution denotes the ever-present cosmic flux.

The Om also signifies the continual omnipresent fluctuation of the ether, the substrate that extends throughout the universe, underlies our physical existence, and forms what physicists call the zero-point energy continuum.  This stochastic subquantum vibration is driven by the random transmutation events that etherons are continuously undergoing.  Every subatomic particle that is continously created throughout the universe is nucleated by a rare mega-fluctuation, or critical fluctuation, that from time to time emerges from this zero-point continuum. Hence the process of physical creation is ultimately spawned by the Om.

For a full one hour recording of this eternal Om chant click here.

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