Secret Society Freemasonry Skull & Bones CIA Satanists Infest US Hierarchy

Brief note from ~Jean (

JeanYesterday, I commented in response to someone here on my blog that a memory keeps going through my mind lately of an experience in 1958-59 when I lived in Salzburg, Austria as a student. We went to the local ‘art’ movie theater to see films of the actual Nuremberg trials, and they were heart-wrenchingly unbelievable. The horror is impossible for me to express here. As we watched the trials, within the film a screen was dropped, and video evidence was given, a similar kind to that which you see in the opening of this film (above) only far more graphic.

All I keep thinking about today is the many citizens in my own country, who are not unlike those in Austria/Germany because of their total unwillingness to even engage the possibility of the monstrousness of the crimes already committed against humanity by the secret United States government — and those soon to be committed if it is allowed. I watched many of the people in the audience at that theater become literally physically sick and have to leave. They could not stifle their cries of anguish. Those of us who are aware need to prepare for what is about to happen to our fellow citizens so that we can perhaps be of help and support. Please do not shun the film that Robert Miller suggests you watch concerning the CIAs secret dealings, which it is calculated by 1988 had already caused six million deaths on this planet. If you find it difficult to watch, please view it in small bits at a time, but above all – PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH IT. 


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