Exposing the 3/11Fukushima truth

SITHHC: Case against Magna BSP (Fukushima).






May 21, 2014The SITHHC Commission has received in good order the following complaints from the listed plaintiffs. Upon request by the plaintiffs the following publication shall serve as the initial template for further investigations by the SITHHC Commission and shall be made available or forwarded internationally to those persons, institutions and communities who request so in support of their efforts to organize court or tribunal hearings in their respective nation(s).This publication is not the effective case to be laid before the Tribunal. This publication is a public notification that the complaints have been received by the SITHHC and its Commission.The plaintiffs can still add additional evidence, documents and information up until the SITHHC Commission has concluded its investigations, after which it shall lay the complaints and its investigations before the Tribunal.The complaints and the SITHHC Commission’s investigations shall be laid before the Tribunal not later than May 21, 2015.Number of exhibits: 28

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Case:SITHHC/000-002: The People vs MAGNA BSP
In the Matters of:Crimes against humanity; crimes against specific groups of citizens; crimes against peace; genocide; war crimes; terrorism; eco-terrorism; psychological warfare, forgery; industrial sabotage.Plaintiffs:The people, Round-op Alpha Internal Justice Office, World Internet Union, SITHHC Initial RepresentativesDefendants:MAGNA BSP; Siboni, Haim

On this twenty-first day of May, 2014, the people – as internationally represented by themselves through subscription to and thereby the recognition of case “SITHHC/000-002,” the World Internet Union, the Round-op Alpha Internal Justice Office, the SITHHC Initial Representatives – lay before the SITHHC Commission the following evidence, documentation and indications relating to crimes against humanity; crimes against specific groups of citizens; crimes against peace; genocide; war crimes; terrorism; eco-terrorism; psychological warfare; forgery and industrial sabotage.In addition, we the people who have filed and subscribe to case “SITHHC/000-002” declare that all information provided in this filing and publication is available in the public domain, (several years) prior to this filing and publication. The information herein included can therefore not be disregarded nor dismissed in nor by the court(s) or tribunal(s) that shall hear and accept our case on the anticipated grounds that investigations have been obstructed or corrupted, as anticipated to be claimed by the defendants and there representations, since the information is already considered public domain upon filing and publication and thus has been available for consultation by any natural and legal person at any moment in time prior to the filing of case “SITHHC/000-002.“Furthermore, given the extent and exceptional nature of our case and considering the involvement of (a) high-profile and high-level company and individuals on the side of the defendants, we the people who have filed and subscribe to case “SITHHC/000-002” are left with no other alternative or choice than to organize our case in this public manner. For it is declared by us that none of the existing by the international community recognized (international/national) judicial entities and venues are capable of serving our rights to justice – based upon filed case “SITHHC/000-001: The People vs National Governments and Intergovernmental Institutions” of May 21, 2014 – thus by which those judicial entities and venues can not serve justice in a fair, just and non-compromised manner.The information provided in this filing and publication is hereby made available to any and all parties concerning case “SITHHC/000-002.” It is thus requested that all parties and any and all natural and legal persons who have interests in case “SITHHC/000-002,” have the means or will to participate in case “SITHHC/000-002” initiate the proper actions adequately in order to reach a just verdict as soon as possible and without any intentional delays.

By now you may have already found out that the official story about March 11, 2011, in Japan, is not a representation of what really happened on that day. To determine what the truth is, what DID happen that day and in the aftermath is of great importance because the lies and the deception surrounding the events run so deep and reach to the highest levels in the global community.Exposing the 3/11 truth is vital when we want to prevent similar or even worse events in the future, exposing the 3/11 truth can also contribute to change the current situation in which the real perpetrators, who have committed acts or war (war crimes) against Japan and its people, have (for now) gotten away with their terror upon the world, completely unpunished.There’s a lot being said and written about Fukushima and 3/11, certainly online, and as one may expect not everything is true. However, the same applies to the media, official statements by governments and world governance entities anywhere in the world, they willingly fuel the deception by spreading wrong information which makes it very difficult to locate trusted data.Confusion is indeed a characteristic that cloaks the 3/11 and resulting events. Through this campaign we try to find out and present to the public the facts and the truth, to allow you to fully understand what has actually happened and what is going on.So, what do we know so far and what are the facts?1. The alleged 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, was NOT a 9.0 magnitudeThe real and highest values of the 3/11 earthquake in Japan are:

  • 7.0 in magnitude
  • 6.67 (maximum) in intensity

The real 7.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011, can be and has already been proven based on witness accounts, official maps/charts and specialized investigations.2. There never was any “accident” at Fukushima as defined in official narratives and media reporting, the entire chain of events concerns acts of war, sabotage and eco-terrorism
From the earthquake that triggered the tsunami and therefore the tsunami itself, to the exploding nuclear reactors and the spreading of disinformation, it’s all part of the (eco-) terror, the deception and the blackmail aimed at Japan and the rest of the world.3. Multiple sources question the official narrative about nuclear reactor #4 at Fukushima DaiichiIn addition to well-documented (internet) investigations, both the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the German VGB PowerTech e.V. also question the official reason that is being given for the destructive and suspicious explosion in nuclear reactor (unit) 4 in Fukushima Daiichi.4. Strong evidence exists of multiple Israeli connections to the whole 3/11 chain of eventsThe US-Israeli Stuxnet virus was detected in Japan as early as July 2010. The Siemens SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, as used in Fukushima, Japan, is the original target that Stuxnet was designed to attack.The Israeli “security” firm Magna BSP was (and still is) in charge of the security at multiple nuclear sites in Japan, including the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Their unique connections to the Israeli Mossad and Homeland Security, in combination with their more than questionable or even suspicious behavior, techniques and equipment bring up more than just one reason to assume active sabotage from their side too.Also, Israel’s organized crime syndicate, or mafia, has been linked to the cleanup in Fukushima, Japan, whereby homeless people are being deployed because they are deemed disposable and expendable.5. Evidence proves that earthquakes and tsunamis can be triggered on purposeThis evidence is not only based on former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen’s statement during a military briefing in 1997 regarding his definition of eco-terrorism, nor is this evidence based solely on the proven existence of devices such as tsunami bombs. In fact, this evidence is based on the two previous mentioned cases and facts as well as on other proven cases, such as in Mexico, where a planned earthquake simulation in 2012 suddenly went live, as if the earthquake was created and delivered on demand.6. Practices during the nuclear cleanup at Fukushima and other parts of Japan raise questionsThe reasons that these questions emerge are because of the fact that:

  • At least 50,000 people have been deployed of which at least 800 have already died
  • People are being threatened to keep silent about the truth regarding the cleanup
  • 20 major contractors such as the Obayashi Corporation, the Taisei Corporation, Aisogo Service, Kajima Corp and Shimizu Corp  and 56 subcontractors are involved in the very loosely regulated cleanup efforts
  • A total of at least 733 companies are involved in the cleanup
  • The Japanese mafia (which has been linked to the Israeli mafia) – including Yamaguchi-gumi, Sumiyoshi-kai and Inagawa-kai – is involved in the decontamination of the nuclear hotspots and in the death threats towards the homeless and exploited workers

7. Seismic signatures of documented events confirm deliberate intentComparing the seismic charts of a nuclear test, a natural earthquake and the 3/11 quakes reveals that man-made quakes occurred on 3/11.8. Misrepresentation and fear mongering do not benefit the quest for 3/11 truthBlack propaganda, the spreading of fake radiation charts and the misrepresentation of official documentation can be described as nothing but fear mongering that is intended to:

  • further secret(ive) agendas
  • deceive the public
  • fuel the needless hysteria
  • produce website traffic
  • boost sales of “survival products”

Can certain health issues be linked to the nuclear radiation caused by the Fukushima sabotage? Yes, but this is limited because the worst had already happened when reactor 3 and 4 were blown up deliberately by rogue “security” agents and the radiation is mostly a problem for the Japanese people (which is a sad fact to say the least, nevertheless). A lot of radiation occurs naturally as well, which doesn’t automatically mean that everyone should not be cautious of course.ConclusionAs you can witness yourself, the official story about the Fukushima 3/11 and resulting events can hardly be described as a factual account. In fact, based on our findings and the hard work by others it is obvious that the core of the truth is in no way included in the official narrative as provided by the media, governments and global governance entities.Based on all the provided data and evidence, the attitudes of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the government of Israel, the government of the United States of America, Magna BSP (Israel), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the establishment and alternative media and considering their practices since March 11, 2011, whereby crucial data and evidence, not necessarily limited to the above provided facts only, has intentionally been withheld from the public – which still continues to result in the misinterpretation of the 3/11 events and situation in Japan – it is now after more than 3 years since the sabotage, acts of war, war crimes and eco-terrorism have occurred more than time to bring to justice those who have created this awful situation.It is time we hold the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the government of Israel, the government of the United States of America, Magna BSP (Israel), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) accountable for war crimes and eco-terrorism; violating of human rights; deception by whitewashing incriminating evidence; psychological warfare; murder; corruption; forgery; extortion and industrial sabotage.EXHIBITS

There does not exist any evidence that any of the defendants disagree or oppose the official narratives, which are obviously the complete opposite of how the situations and crimes are being described in this filing and publication.Since there is no evidence or the slightest indication that any of the defendants disagree or oppose the official narratives, regarding the described situations and crimes, it is established that all defendants officially agree with the official narratives concerning the situations and crimes, although the information to take founded opposing positions against the official narratives concerning the situations and crimes is publicly available.The information and evidence that we the people who have filed and subscribe to case “SITHHC/000-002” have so far collected is obviously available to the defendants, since it is gathered in the public arena. Furthermore, we are convinced that the defendants themselves have in their possession or at least have access to much more detailed information and documents concerning the situations and crimes as described. That information is likely not available in the public arena for it is even more incriminating in this filed case. We therefore request from the Court or Tribunal that the defendants make available immediately all further evidence and incriminating information.For all situations and crimes as described it has been established that the defendants have conspired and continue to do so, the lack of evidence to prove the opposite can attest to this.

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