The Future of Money and Business

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from The Ubuntu Liberation Movement

Scott Cundill is building a business solution that is completely off-the-grid. In other words, you will not register a company with any government. You will not have an ordinary bank account and you will certainly not pay any bank charges or tax. You will trade with alternative currencies with no connection to “the powers that be” at all.


Here is an article that Scott wrote called The Future of Money and Business – Part 1.” Here is a quote:

“So, now that we know the truth about money, here is the solution to all our money problems… and it’s coming very soon to an Internet near you:

To open a business, simply go online and set it up. Your company will trade both online and offline, but there will be no registration fees and no annoying documents to sign. There are no ID papers to submit and since there is no registration with the government, that means… no tax, ever!

Then, open an account with one of the many decentralised peer-to-peer alternative currency exchanges that will become available. These won’t be connected to any bank which means that you can transact anywhere in the world without using dollars, euros or yen. Instead, you will trade with alternative currencies. Naturally, there will be no bank charges, no transaction fees and certainly no interest. There will be no weird legal documents to prove your name, address and identity. Criminals will be stopped in their tracks not by a police force, but by peer-to-peer reputation – too many complaints will see a business being blacklisted and nobody will trade with them. This self-management technique is already used widely across the web and… it works.”

Visit to sign up and get part 2.

You can read the full article at

Michael Tellinger

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