Sacred Sites and the Ley of the Land

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During the Golden age of Atlantis, there was a system of energetic lines, called leys, which was used to create a labyrinth of tunnels for purposes, such as communication and transport. The Atlanteans made use of these ley lines as energy highways.[i] The Native American peoples refer to this network as the web of the ‘spider woman’. It’s part of the Earth grid.

Energy Grid

Each ley line drops from the surface of the Earth to a depth of 265 ft. At that point, it makes a perfect 90 degree turn, and then travels in a continual spiral.

This Standing Columnar Waveenergy pattern maintains that precise depth, and then makes another 90 degree turn and comes back up to the surface.[ii]

After the Fall of Man, this system of ley lines was broken in a deliberate attempt to limit the Human race. But, although the leys no longer completely circumnavigate the planet, the raw current still does. This current originates far from the Earth, and then flows in through the upper polar atmosphere. This forms a complex energy system that connects us to the entire Universe.

This system is similar to the chakras and acupuncture meridians in the human energy body. So, when two ley lines cross, they create an intense magnetic power center called a node. The sub-atomic particles of a holy energy, called tachyon, spiral at that location and create a whirling vortex. Depending on the direction of their spin, these vortexes can either absorb or emit energy.

Tachyons are the particles of energy that make up the protons, electrons and neutrons in atoms. They are the ‘glue’ that holds the Universe together, the pure etheric Spirit that is diffused throughout all of Creation. Nicola Tesla understood this principle and designed a device to measure these particles.

When this current of tachyon energy passes through church steeples and other such monuments that have pyramidal shapes, they radiate Light. Hence the term sacred sites.

Spider Woman

One of the ley lines in this system is called Saint Michael. It extends from Ireland, through Britain and across Europe. It then forks into ancient Judea, Israel and Egypt, and connects to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

No one supports me against them, except Michael, your Prince. Daniel 10:21

The Saint Michael ley line is largely intact because of the work of the Druids. During thedestruction of Atlantis, these alchemists fled into monasteries in Europe and Egypt. The most prolific of these were the sects in Britain and France who, along with the vibration of sound, used the anti-gravity aspects of ley lines to form stone circles, such as the one at Stonehenge in England.

The Saint Michael ley line runs across Ireland for several hundred miles, intersecting with various sacred sites that have been dedicated to Saint Michael. These sites include St Michael’s Church Brentor, St Michael’s Church Burrowbridge, St Michael’s Church Othery, St Michael’s Church Glastonbury Tor and Stoke St. Michael.

One of the original amplification points of this ley is a 230 metre rock, called Skellig Michael, which stands in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Ireland. For 600 years since the seventh century AD, it was a centre of monastic life for Christian monks who lived in a monastery that still exists there today.[iii]

The Saint Michael ley line intersects with another significant ley line at this monastery. It is interesting to note that this second ley line goes on to connect to Saint Michael’s Mount in England, to Mont Saint Michel in France and so on. But what is most interesting is that it comes to an end in Israel, at Mount Carmel, where Jesus lived among the order of theEssenes.[iv]

Now summon the people from all over Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel. I Kings 18-19

Source: 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?

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