Indigo Children

source: ALTHeadlines


What is an Indigo Child?

Indigo children are those that have unusual or sometimes supernatural traits. There are tons of books and literature about these types of children, and to many represent a New Age theory with several different beliefs. Some believe they are the next step in human evolution possessing traits such as being empathic or telepathy. Some believe they are much more creative than their peers.

Indigo Children Traits

· perceived by friends and family as being strange;
· possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose;
· exhibit a strong innate sub-conscious spirituality from early childhood
· strong-willed, independent
· highly intelligent

Despite these traits, it is believed that Indigo Children are unable to do well in conventional schools simply because they do not like authority and tend to be smarter than their teachers.

Some people think that this list of traits does not even tap the surface. They often daydream or know things before other children do and you are not sure how they came about that information. It can be alarming for a parent to realize their child is wise beyond their years, and some even claim to remember their past lives.

Indigo Children’s Eyes

The eyes of Indigo children are often big, bright, and clear. They look like they have a lot of wisdom behind them. This is a trait you can recognize right away. One of the ways people say they can tell a child is an indigo child is by looking into their eyes.

For more about Indigo Children here is a documentary discussing the Indigo Evolution:

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