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Killing with Vaccines, Setting Off Ebola, Planning Mass Murder – EbolaGate

Source: Exopolitics

We begin with this news.“Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with ‘tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria”

‘As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria.

The programme was suspended amid rumours of sabotage of a high profile international effort to ensure the brutal civil war does not result in an outbreak of measles.

The UN.  Let’s look more closely at the UN.

The UN was just involved in vaccines campaigns in West Africa which coincided with Ebola outbreaks in each of the areas the campaigns were conducted.

“The simultaneous eruptions of this filovirus virus in widely separated zones strongly suggests that the virulent Zaire ebola strain (ZEBOV) was deliberately introduced to test an antidote in secret trials on unsuspecting humans.”The cross-border escape of ebola into neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia indicates something went terribly wrong during the illegal clinical trials by a major pharmaceutical company. Through the lens darkly, the release of ebola may well have been an act biowarfare in the post-colonial struggle to control mineral-rich West Africa.” [Emphasis added.]

And following the coincidental outbreaks after the UN’s vaccine campaigns, coincidentally that the UN seeks to become the interim government of Liberia.


LIBERIAN PRESIDENT SIRLEAF DEFIES WHO AND CDC, SAYS DEATH PROJECTIONS OVER THE TOP  [She was right.  The WHO figures do not match, by 69%, lab tests for ebola and Europe is now requiring lab tests and not using WHO – a UN agency – numbers.]

*Move to Oust Her for UN Interim Government by Campaign Organized on Social Media Intensify

Soros previous “color revolutions” all included orchestration of social media.  An example from :

Now we arrive at Destabilization 2.0, really not much more than a slight tweak of Destabilization 1.2. The only thing different is that now Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media are being employed to amplify the effect of (and the impression of) internal protests. Once again, Soros henchman Evgeny Morozov is extolling the virtues of the new Tehran Twitter revolution and the New York Times is writing journalistic hymns to the power of internet new media…when it serves western imperial interests. We are being asked to believe that this latest version of the very (very) old program of U.S. corporate imperialism is the real deal.

The UN was set up right after WWII and has continued Third Reich programs now hidden under peace and health (WHO).  Kurt Waldheim, one of the heads of the UN,was a Nazi officer responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Jews living in Greece and the Greek Islands.  His appointment makes no sense for a peace agency if one doesn’t know the UN is run the Vatican and Jesuits who arranged the Holocaust.


“It is …. a matter of public record that the Pope had sided not only with Mussolini but also with the Nazis who committed the holocaust against six million Jews. The big question, then, is why, despite Pope Pius XII’s well known record, the Vatican prefers to ignore the crimes he has been associated with and raise him to sainthood …. ?”

The article The Vatican Made Nazism Possible in Germany and Croatia  shows
evidence that:

A) The Catholic church hierarchy, acting under Vatican orders, played the decisive role in making Hitler the dictator of Germany.
B) Subsequently, the Catholic hierarchy was active in Nazi movements outside Germany, for example in the Balkans, where the church was the institutional base of the Nazi puppet State of Croatia.
C) Although at Yad Vashem, in the year 2000, Pope John Paul II described the Nazis as having “a Godless ideology,” in 1933, when it mattered, the Vatican ordered German Catholics to love, honor, obey and protect the Nazis. 

We know now that the Vatican has been deeply involved in child torture and child sacrifice.

“A witness claimed they saw former Popes Joseph Ratzinger and John Paul II participate in Vatican satanic cult rituals known as the Ninth Circle, that torture and murder children” George Dufort of a Brussels international court announced yesterday. “According to a deposition filed in court last week by a former member of the Ninth Circle, the cult practices at Catholic cathedrals and a forest grove in France.”

“That makes three eyewitnesses who say former Pope Joseph Ratzinger was present during ritual torture and murder of children as part of a cult known as the Ninth Circle” Kevin Annett of the ITCCS confirmed today in our phone interview. “Murder rituals evidently took place in 1987 and 2002 at locations in France and Holland.”

“Last week the Brussels Court received Vatican documents dated Dec. 25 1967 that say before each new pope assumes office it’s mandatory that they participate in Ninth Circle rites. The documents referred to ceremonial murder of newborn children and consumption of their blood in rites referred to as “The Magisterial Privilege.”

“Three days ago Francesco Zanardi of the ITCCS affiliate Rete L’Abuso in Savona, Italy said, “Ratzinger retains power at the Vatican. We know from several Cardinals that Pope Francis is a caretaker figurehead who is not actually the Pope. It’s all been a huge deception. Francis doesn’t wear the papal ring and lives in a convent in Rome, not in the Vatican. He is given no official security and wanders about like a private individual. He makes policy statements which the Curia of Cardinals then disavow, saying Francis doesn’t reflect church doctrine. The top appointments have been Germans or those connected to Ratzinger who continues to speak to reporters like he’s still the Pope.”

Torture of children certainly occurred through the UN shortly after its founding, in UNICEF, an agency allegedly dedicated to the well-being of children, irradiating North African Jewish (Sepahardic) children with excruciating and even lethal doses.

“The primary agent behind these ringworm eradication operations was UNICEF,[17] which even assisted in the purchase of x-ray machines for this purpose. It even supplied the two x-ray machines that operated in the immigrant intake and processing facility for immigrants in Israel – Shaar Haaliyah south of Haifa.”

[Citation from an article that minimizes the number of children involved and attempts  to normalize the procedure, though does not address rads of 35,000 times the normal amount.]

UNICEF, the part of the UN that deals with children, was responsible. From their website.

“UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality.  That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.

And UNESCO, also part of the UN (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) is also under the control of the Vatican. It works closely with UNICEF, especially around issues of education and culture.  The irradiation of the Sephardic children occurred primarily in school settings, using educational staff against a particular culture.

UNESCO, established in 1945 immediately at the end of the war, is explicitly founded on eugenics.  Both time-wise and philosophically, it picks up where Hitler left off.

As the first Director of UNESCO,, Sir Julian Sorell Huxley (1887-1975) wrote a paper entitled UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy (1946) [1] in which he outlined his vision for the newly created international organisation ….

Huxley, an evolutionary biologist, humanist, and ardent internationalist held many titles including: …. Vice-President (1937-44) and President (1959-62) of the British Eugenics Society. He …. also coined the term “transhumanism” (as a means of disguising eugenics) …. Huxley also received many awards including …. the Lasker Foundation in the category Planned Parenthood – World Population (1959) ….

In Huxley’s – UNESCO’s founder – words:

“Our first task must be to clarify the notion of desirable and undesirable directions of evolution, for on this will depend our attitude to human progress – to the possibility of progress in the first place, and then to its definition.” ….

“But once more a new and more efficient method of [evolutionary] change is available. …. Thus the struggle for existence that underlies natural selection is increasingly replaced by conscious selection ….

Brent Jessop, the author of the article on UNESCO (UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) cited here, underscores Huxley’s UNESCO philosophy.  While the world thought it had been eradicated genocidal intent with the end of WWII, genocidal intent turns out to have been the founding basis of the UN’s agency for “education.”

Jessop points out:

In the philosophy outlined above [Huxley’s], there is a lot of high sounding idealistic language about equality. For example the quote below.

“Further, that humanism must clearly be a world humanism, both in the sense of seeking to bring in all the peoples of the world, and of treating all peoples and all individuals within each people as equals in terms of human dignity, mutual respect, and educational opportunity.” – 7

Of course, for eugenicists like Huxley, some are more equal than others.

“There are instances of biological inequality which are so gross that they cannot be reconciled at all with the principle of equal opportunity. Thus low-grade mental defectives cannot be offered equality of educational opportunity, nor are the insane equal with the sane before the law or in respect of most freedoms. However, the full implications of the fact of human inequality have not often been drawn and certainly need to be brought out here, as they are very relevant to Unesco’s task. […]

“Still more important, any such generalisations will give us a deeper understanding of the variations of human nature, and in doing so will enable us correctly to discount the ideas of men of this or that type. […]

“There remains the second type of inequality. This has quite other implications; for, whereas variety is in itself desirable, the existence of weaklings, fools, and moral deficients cannot but be bad. It is also much harder to reconcile politically with the current democratic doctrine of equality. In face of it, indeed, the principle of equality of opportunity must be amended to read “equality of opportunity within the limits of aptitude.” ” – 18  [Emphasis added.]

The WHO is also a UN agency, allegedly tasked with protecting global health.  Here is itplacing an order for AIDS:

[A]1972 report (Bulletin #47) issued by the World Health Organization which referred to an immune virus requested which would selectively destroy the Human T Cell System, to be distributed in conjunction with a Nationwide vaccination program “to observe the results”. This coincided precisely with the extensive Small Pox vaccination program in central Africa – shortly preceding the outbreak of Aids in Africa, America & elsewhere. The determining factor most common in Aids victims is the breakdown of the T Cell System in the body.  [Emphasis added.]

Memo 1:
Memo 2:

The WHO (that is, the UN) hid 47,500 cases of polio Bill Gates, a funded, caused in India in 2011 alone.

The WHO (that is, the UN)threatened Pakistan with “saturation vaccination” for resisting the same crippling vaccines there.

The WHO (that is, the UN) has been sterilizing women around the world with vaccines.

“National Security Council Document 20506: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests –

“This 1974 memorandum drafted by Henry Kissinger led directly to the unleashing of experimental vaccines on the unsuspecting public. It sighted countries as targets for “initial population reduction experimentation to be implemented around the year 2000″. They identified India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia & Columbia for study. 3 million Filipinos ages 12-48 were given a test vaccine that ruined their health. North American Black & Native American Women were each given the same vaccine resulting in sterility rates of 25% & 35% respectively. The directive came from the WHO and was directly tied to Kissinger’s report.  [Emphasis added.]

The UN caused AIDS across Africa.

Welcome to the real UN.

The UN just used vaccines to kill dozens of children in Syria,   a country already under attack by the West.Just as the UN set off ebola in West Africa with vaccines, just as the UN plans to take control of the government of Liberia and force deadly vaccines on millions of people there, and declare they died of ebola, the new world scourge, just as the UN plans to use that pretext to take control of any country it wishes, including the US.


For that is the Vatican/Jesuit plan.  By the mere declaration of a level 6 pandemic emergency, planned long in advance under Bush, and when Obama makes his traitorous request for unnecessary help (there is an easy cure for ebola), the WHO and UN invade the US and take control via crisis committees.

Buy into ebola and you buy into a US fascist coup, brought to you by the same Vatican/Jesuit maniacs who gave the world the Holocaust, only dressed up now as the UN and the WHO.  While they must hide their genocidal ebola plans under “we’ve come to help” and “global emergency,” they are still seeking mass murder.  The guillotines mounted in UN boxcars with shackles give them away.

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