Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God

please review the plan of General Albert Pike of 1871. It is in the interest of who “worship Lucifer” and “Acts of Lucifer’s worshipers”…


Pope Francis Declares Himself the Antichrist and Lucifer “the Father”

This ceremony was supposed to have been broadcasted across the world in 3D HD on April 27th. I don’t know if the plan to re-air it or not. As I mentioned before, this is the most technology put to use at one time for any single event, mission or operation. Look at where religion is today. He is trying to unite the world into a One World Religion. He is so boastful he doesn’t even hide it. You know a pope has lost their faith when they consider all people saved including Islamic radical Muslims, Atheist or asking people to tweet to have their sins forgiven. There should not ever be an intermediary between yourself and God. Therefore confessing to a Priest or a Pope is just one of the many blasphemous things they do. Catholics repent now to Jesus Christ whom bore the cross for your sins. Praying to Mary or doing Hail Marys is idol worship. She cannot intercede on your behalf because the is dead and the dead know nothing the bible repeats over and over.

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