by Bradley Loves

Okay, friends, let’s go back to the “other side” of the brain, and take a rest from the Esoteric side of things. Thus, we shall continue from page 7 of SW for QW.

Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon

– Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for. –

I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to the last paragraph of this above section of the “description” of their silent weapons to the trainees.

It is obvious, that they KNEW, with full understanding, that “what” they were going to do would “cause unmistakeable physical and mental DAMAGE” to real human beings.

It was also obvious that they KNEW that these human beings were living in their OWN COUNTRY! They KNEW that their actions were going to cause both social upheavals, and interfere tremendously with normal daily life — said, unmistakably in their own words. .

This is the worst crime there is: TREASON! It is like mounting a brutal attack on your “own family”. It is heinous, monstrous, and ANTI-LIFE!

The multitude of questions that this “type” of behavior has to bring up canNOT be taken lightly, or just casually over-looked.

Firstly, what kind of human being is even capable of this type of behavior? And thus, the far more important question: What kind of people are truly BEHIND the NEW WORLD ORDER?

This is where it all gets very foggy indeed (if not just totally insane and convoluted), and where the almost “weapon-like” construct called NATIONAL SECURITY comes to the aid of real criminals in actually helping the NEW WORLD ORDER achieve their goal instead of helping expose it.

Because with “National Security” as a “catch all” netting for the secrecy of EVERYTHING, none of the real truth, whether good OR bad, is allowed to escape into public view.

The REAL QUESTIONS that must now be asked about this group and those who are behind it, are these: Are these “people” even human? Are they even from Earth? The truth is: They may NOT BE!

The truth that we are currently facing is that WE know very little about our own TRUE history!

This has become quite obvious.

The VATICAN sits on volumes and volumes and volumes of writings and documents that “somehow” survived the great fire at the LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA, and then equally mysteriously, ended up in their secret archives.

This ancient library was the foremost and leading historical library in the entire world at the time. It was said by PLATO that there were scrolls and writings housed there, dating as far back as ATLANTIS! It is widely believed that when he wrote his two great works: Timaeus and Critias, he was actually referencing very old information given to him from certain individuals who had access to the Great Library around 360 BC.

The Library was attacked many times, but the “final” blow came around 391 AD. Even though for many years it was thought to be the Romans who burned it down, now it is more strongly believed to be the work of early “christians” working for elements that would eventually formulate and “create” the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The whole purpose of this attack would have been to destroy any and all ancient knowledge, which throughout time is a favorite tactic of despotic powers in the world who wish to completely change history. Naturally, if there were “agents” from those who supported the establishment of a “new” world religion, as actually happened in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea, under the Roman Emperor Constantine, then starting the “fire” may have actually been a NECESSITY, in order to totally wipe out any records of previous religions OR previous AUTHORITIES who may, indeed, have challenged the early church’s rise to world dominance.

So very logically, if they are intending to bring in an entirely “new authority structure” for the planet, then before that can happen, all of the proof that an OLDER version of authority ever existed, must be entirely wiped out of memory!

Interestingly, Nicea was a “GREEK” city, and was located in what is now modern day Turkey. Which just goes to prove that the beginnings of the early christian church had little to do with ROME, (except that it was ordered by Constantine), and more to do with the MANY varied world powers and players of the day, all of whom were intent on creating a new major world “religion” — a very early version of GLOBAL RULERSHIP.

Those who have studied the BIBLE, generally have no clue that before 325 AD, THERE WAS NO BIBLE! It was literally assembled at the Council of Nicea from hundreds and hundreds of separate works that were “hand picked” and then placed into one larger book.

The point I am trying to get at here, and the point I tried to make very clear in the “long series”, is that we MAY in fact be dealing with OFF WORLD entanglements which have been “on-going” for thousands of years, and are continuing to THIS DAY!

So again, WHO REALLY ARE those that are behind the New World Order?

It is my FIRM belief that once a certain “piece” of data is “proved reliable” enough to be fairly CERTAIN of its accuracy – THEN THAT DATA MUST BE USED AS A FACTOR IN EVERY FUTURE ISSUE – that we are dealing with!

This is something that I think that I am able to do quite easily, since I have an excellent memory AND grand capacity for the organization of unlimited details.

So here is what I believe that we are dealing with.

I believe that there is ENOUGH proof out there and available (because of the many hundreds of INTERVIEWS, TRANSCRIPTS, VIDEOS, and WHISTLEBLOWERS), to say for certain that we are dealing with 10 or more particular “factors” which “have to be” used in every equation in trying to understand what is really happening in our world today.

Factor One: Teleportation Exists and is being used by the Military

Factor Two: Time Travel Exists, and is being used by the Secret Military

Factor Three: There are Bases on the Moon, and on Mars!

Factor Four: There are hundreds of large CORPORATIONS in the know, all of whom are actively creating very advanced technologies that we don’t get to see, and “profiting” off of those sales.

Factor Five: There IS a secret Space Fleet, capable of faster than light travel that has been around for most likely 50 years!

Factor Six: We have been warned that there is a MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that we need to be concerned about by a President that goes all the way back to the 50′s.

Factor Seven: There are countless ancient sites all around the globe that have VERY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, hidden within them, and this information has been kept from the people at large.

Factor Eight: There are over 100 Deep Underground Military Bases now in the Continental United States, and many others around the world.

Factor Nine: There is a Breakaway Civilization with technology 500 plus years or more more advanced than our own.

Factor Ten: ALL of this has been going on for at least 50 years!

Therefore, any “problems” that WE as a planet are currently facing as we try to understand what is happening to us HAVE TO TAKE THESE VARIABLES into consideration each and every time we try to figure out what’s really happening. These factors can never be left out! These are PERMANENT parts of every equation.

No logical problem solving method would EVER tell us to leave half of the data or half of the pertinent variables OUT of the equation, or leave them sitting on the table.

Thus: EBOLA, Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq, the disappearance of plane flights, the open borders problem, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., all have to have these 10 factors — at the very least — added into the mix to come to any REAL conclusions.


I would like to submit these 3 videos of Interviews that Kerry Cassidy has done with Captain Mark Richards.

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Captain Mark Richards was a very high level Pilot in the Secret Space fleet, and has been in Prison for 30 years to keep him quiet. Think about that, he was a pilot in the Space Fleet 30 years ago!

I would like to bring up just some of the crucial things that he says in these interviews:

A) There are many, many OFF WORLD races which have been and are working with the Secret Military, the Secret Space Fleet, the US Government and other WORLD Governments, AND hundreds of very large CORPORATIONS!

B) Some of these races care about humans, many of them do NOT care about humans, and some use us as a FOOD SOURCE! This means they EAT humans.

C) Both the World’s Governments and the Corporations trade and do business with these OFF WORLDERS to gain advanced technology.

D) The agendas of some of these off-world races is very unclear.

E) This has been going on now for so long that CERTAIN Corporations, which have worked for these races for years, are now making “side deals” and “back room deals” with these races even without the approval or the consent of the World’s Governments, whether Public OR Secret!

F) There are many, many races (who look just human enough to pass for one of us), and because so many of them are walking around on Earth now, they are the ones for whom the TSA created their “rape” scanners, not us. They are not looking for terrorists, but instead want to make sure that the person standing in the scanner was actually a HUMAN!

G) There is a HUGE AMOUNT of OFF WORLD money (in some sort of tradable value) that is now being placed into the World’s Banks and Tech Industries for purposes that are totally in support the OFF WORLDERS’ AGENDA, but not necessarily in support of Earth Humans.

H) Some members of Congress “may” have been actually replaced with non-human off worlders, AND, the Government is so concerned with this issue that every member of the JOINT CHIEFS has to under go a weekly test, to see if they are still human!


The truth is that I COULD NEVER place in just one Article ALL of the supporting videos and data that support my understanding, which led me to the conclusions that much of this is most likely the truth.

As I’ve said before, its all out there, only it takes thousands of hours of video watching, thousands of hours of internet radio interviews, and thousands of hours of reading transcripts to come to these conclusions, IF you’ve got that kind of time.

Could Captain Mark Richards be lying? Of course! But ask yourself why a man in prison, with NO WAY of making any money, or ever profiting from saying these things would do so? It’s not logical.

Could he be saying these things to provide a certain amount of disinfo as well as the truth? Possibly, but again perhaps only to protect himself from getting hurt or killed.

So how would some of this “new knowledge” I’ve written about, fit in with whats going on in our world today?

Well, just as a suggestion, what if Russia’s Putin, and certain Russian Corporations, were suddenly doing business with OFF WORLDERS that the USA Corporation/Britian/ did not like, because THEY were doing business with other OFF WORLDERS who were in competition with the Russian’s OFF WORLDERS?

Or the same with CHINA?

Is there any limit to how convoluted and how out of control this mess can get if there is STILL TOTAL SECRECY surrounding it?

My final question is this:

Would the “people” living on the Earth, the average, everyday guy and gal, finally just become too much of a pain, too much of a nuisance to keep trying to fool, and too much of a pain to keep trying to hide things from, SO THAT A WAY TO GET RID OF THEM HAD TO BE PLANNED AND EXECUTED!

All in the name of Corporate Profit, and All so that these SECRET SPACE GROUPS, their allies, the insiders, and those IN THE KNOW, could keep moving forward in gaining knowledge, gaining understanding, gaining PROFIT, and gaining the BENEFIT that comes with being part of the “in crowd” who does business with ALIEN OFF WORLD RACES?

Lastly, what if this kind of thing has been happening on and off, for thousands of years.

Okay, let’s take a breather and then sort some of this out so that we can look at it all more clearly! We are going to stay with the part of the brain that deals with everyday reality! “If” what SW for QW is telling us is the truth about this “SILENT WAR”, then it MAY NOT ALL BE originating with Earthly Humans alone!

The NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA that is being played out in front of us could very well have OFF WORLD origins, OFF WORLD ROOTS, and an ULTIMATE OFF WORLD AGENGA.

So there are some really important questions we need to ask ourselves:

Could these Satanic Lucifereans, (those who do child sacrifice, and the drinking of children’s blood), and which have apparently “taken over the VATICAN”, (as Kevin Annett claims in all of his reports on his web-site ITCCS), be doing this for reasons that ultimately originate off world?

I wrote in the “long series” that the VATICAN had made treaties with OFF WORLDERS that were affecting every man, woman and child living on the Earth. Who really knows how far back those treaties may go?

See Kevin Annett’s site here:

The question we have to ask ourselves is:

Could the control agenda — the changing of our laws, the restricting of our freedoms, the PATRIOT ACT, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, etc., etc., etc., have MORE to do with OFF WORLD interests in “securing the garden” or “securing the farm” so to speak by those very beings who perhaps used to live here once upon a time, and may somehow still think they “own” the place? — or better still, perhaps THINK THEY OWN US?

Could those who “run things” down here, (paid lackeys and minions) have been TOLD in no uncertain terms by their “masters” that they really needed to “get a handle on things”, OR ELSE?

Why the constant need for “increased” SECRECY in everything these days? Which NOW includes the passages of Bills and Laws in Congress that even the Congress is NOT ALLOWED to see until they’ve passed it?

Have we passed into some sort of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, where up is down, and down is up. Where not reading a law before it’s passed is good, and reading it beforehand is bad, etc. WHO THINKS LIKE THIS?

You really have to start “seriously” considering that these Congress people are literally GONE! And I mean so totally INSANE they all need to be locked up immediately so as to protect themselves from serious mental illness!

Or, have they been “TOLD” from on high, from somewhere that they are terrified to think about, or admit to, that their duty is to both DO, and OBEY, and to question anything is no longer tolerated!

Why the insane flurry of recent and endlessly FAILING attempts at both WORLD WAR THREE, and the installment of THE NEW WORLD ORDER?

Who would have EVER thought that the CEO’s of Major US and WORLD CORPORATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS would have been caught at the stone alter where a child as young as five years old was being laid out naked on the slab, and then brutally “sacrificed” for reasons WE who are yet sane can not even truly IMAGINE?

Once again, see Kevin Annett’s website for the latest!

Could many of these ancient secret societies have been infiltrated years ago by beings coming from off World?

Could it be that those hapless and unfortunate human wretches who were only after LUST and GLUTTONY centuries ago, were only too happy to sell the rest of the Earth’s population out for an easy life, and the “right” to be in a position of Authority for “their masters” such as is happening with our current day KINGS AND QUEENS?

In this very important article from VETERANS TODAY, (please take time to read the whole thing later) written by Preston James, he talks about just that and more.

Heres a small excerpt from that article:

-There have been a number of Alien ET groups visiting Planet Earth. Most have been simple observers and desire to do no harm. However one group: The Dracos – using their specially gene-spliced hybrids, a certain type of what some folks call the Greys, are exceedingly Evil parasites that view the Earth as theirs for the taking and the humans that inhabit it as their prey. There have been reports from respected insiders that some Dracos eat humans for a delicacy.

Apparently there are accepted Rules of Play in the Universe established by the Creator, God Almighty, and one is that any Alien ET group of the Fallen Ones cannot take over another group such as humans without obtaining their CONSENT. And apparently there is another Rule of Play that the use of Fission, Fusion, or free energy (aka dark energy) cannot be allowed to get out of hand in waging war, and cannot be allowed to become a serious threat to the existence of Planet Earth and perhaps other parts of the Universe. –

Did you SEE THAT in the second paragraph? Isn’t this EXACTLY what I’ve been banging on about for the last 15 Articles? He and I have not talked, so how did he come up with this very same conclusion?

They can’t take OVER the Earth, or do anything they want to do here without first gaining OUR CONSENT! This is precisely what I was saying in the long series! PRIME CREATOR HAS RULES!


However, you do have to know exactly WHAT is really happening down here on this fair planet. No matter how difficult it is to stomach, or deal with at first! This is why all of these secret plans and plots, (including the loss of our freedoms) have to happen VERY SLOWLY, and always – we have to ask for them – or else those running the negative agenda would NOT be allowed by Prime Creator to move forward. Not only that, if they DO break COSMIC LAW – They are punished! (Brought before major Universal Councils and made to answer for what they have done)

Regardless of what some light workers are propagating out there into the blog-o-sphere, from so called CHANNELS that say NO ONE IS EVER MADE TO ANSWER FOR ANYTHING.

In my humble opinion, there are still too many couch potatoes watching Oprah, who are MORE than happy to have far less freedoms and far MORE restrictions, if they think that those restrictions will keep them temporarily safe! NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

This in reality is the MAGIC TRICK, and is also the GREAT CON! The ONLY WAY, that they can get this planet away from us is if WE GIVE IT TO THEM.

In another important article from Preston James,

He talks about the new NSA facility in Bluffdale, Utah which is not only huge above ground, but is far larger UNDERGROUND! This is a fact about which most Americans are still oblivious.

This fact, I can personally vouch for, since I do know someone who has actually been to Bluffdale, and who had to go underground and has seen how extensive it all really is.

Here’s a bit from that article, and I “highly” recommend reading the ENTIRE article:

– What are these strange stories about the New NSA Facility at Bluffdale, Utah that have supposedly been purposely leaked by top insiders because they were so disturbing and anti-human?

The new NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale, Utah was set up to be controlled and managed by Alien ETs from a secret “Beyond-Black” Deep Underground Base close by which is attached by a tunnel system. This particular group of Alien ETs is called the Dracos and is notably predatory and evil to the core, and is rumored to operate a completely anti-human agenda and exist at from their ability to interdimensionally consume the negative energy of painful human death or great human suffering.

The Bluffdale NSA Super-spy center was set up to be operated and controlled by a select group of several Dracos to be used to complete their evil Alien Agenda through there puppets and Cutouts at the NSA Bluffdale Facility using their new state of the art and world’s largest Quantum computer called Vesuvius.

These Draco controllers of the NSA plan to use this large Quantum computer to track all Americans through the ingested nano-trackers and the quantum space cube satellites and other satellites and ground sensors, while also simultaneously transforming the masses into mind-kontrolled, “Hived” electronic slaves and worker bees so they can easily be led to slaughter.

The Dracos evil Agenda is to “Hive” and thus manage the world’s populations in such a manner using massive NSA Intel to be able to systematically tyrannize and then depopulate Planet Earth. Then they plan to Terra-Form the earth, mine preferred minerals, and then to repopulate it with a small number of their own gene-splice Alien/human hybrids developed at the Dulce, NM Deep Underground Base run as a joint Alien/human effort.

The Senior SSG (Secret Shadow Government) members made a secret alliance with the Dracos (initially through their gene-spliced androids, the Grays) in order to obtain access to incredibly advanced weapons and communications technology. In exchange for this ultra-advanced Alien ET technology including anti-gravity engines and super weapons like plasma canons, these Senior SSG Members had to give consent and enter into a treaty with these Alien ETs, allowing them to have access to human and animal DNA, and to set up secret deep Underground Bases and work together to develop advanced hybrids with alien brains but able to appear human enough to infiltrate society. –

So apparently when these Secret Shadow Government members made the treaty with these alien beings they GAVE THEIR CONSENT to them.

This has ripples that literally affected EVERYONE LIVING ON EARTH.

Some of you who have actually read the DECLARATION that Jean posted, may have been wondering why there was “so much detail” in that DECLARATION about treaties with OFF WORLDERS. Now you know the reason!

If the those Aliens signed a treaty with the Secret Shadow Government, (a secret government which I believe has many connections with both the UN and the VATICAN), then if YOU DO NOT actually remove yourself out from “under” the Authority of those Earthly Governing Construct, then that TREATY which was made with the ETs can then “legitimately” affect your life without your consent and without your knowing about it simply because the UN, and the VATICAN are speaking FOR YOU, by your own consent, either expressed OR TACIT!

Do you see NOW how it works? If you DONT KNOW ABOUT SOMETHING, then HOW can you say that you DO NOT CONSENT TO IT?

The catch and the CON is that you’ve already “GIVEN” your consent to the government to speak for you on your behalf, and that INCLUDES speaking for you in all ALEIN TREATIES! You “trusted” them! So they made secret deals with Aliens which have an over-all agenda that is AFFECTING YOU EVERY DAY!

Here is another very IMPORTANT article that talks about a discovery made in 2003 that was SO HUGE that it brought the entire Government of a Sovereign Country to a complete standstill, and had “players” from the Pentagon, the Vatican, and the P2 Freemason lodge literally on pins and needles for several days trying to bully and blackmail that Sovereign Government into “promising” to keep everything totally secret from the public of the ENTIRE PLANET!

It involves an ancient underground installation with technology that is so advanced, that 50,000 years after it had been built, a fully “active” protective force field was still in place guarding the facility! It is in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania!

If this is not an Atlantean Facility, then it had to be an Anunnaki facility, because those were really the only two advanced groups living on (not visiting) the Earth at that time.

See this article:

What the author of this piece describes is both astounding as well as totally disheartening, since the government of Romania was going to disclose to the World everything they had found and were basically bullied by the USA, the VATICAN, and the FREEMASONS to keep silent at all costs!

This is a very interesting (and long) read, but highly worth your while.

Getting back to the issue at hand: There IS A WAY OUT OF ALL OF THIS!

It has to do with REMOVING OUR CONSENT!

If we can just “en masse” understand that EVERYTHING here on our planet has to do with our collective “free will”, and that our FREEWILL IS NOT GONE, AND HAS NEVER BEEN TAKEN, and then realize that all we have to do is to “stand up” to these beings, (which may not even be human) and to say to them and their off world controllers once and for all: I DO NOT CONSENT to your being here!

I REMOVE MY CONSENT to your presence here and make void any and all contracts with you!


It’s really just that simple!



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