Schumann’s Resonance – The Frequency of Life

Here are a few key points which I picked up on:

+ Schumann Resonance was identified to be 7.83 Hertz, the pulse of Mother Earth

+ Further experiments identified the pulse of Alpha Waves in the human brain
to be exactly 7.83 Hertz

+ The Pulse of Mother Earth had become the Pulse of Life Itself

+ Later on, in more experiments, it was found that if the
Schumann Resonance is “filtered out” (by being underground
for instance), then humans physical and mental health suffers.

+ Later on, 2011, in more experiments, Schumann Resonance
could be connected to the Beginnings of Life Itself.

+ DNA sequences were found to communicate with each other
in water by emitting Low Frequency Radio Waves.

+ Up until then, Life was Always Created from Life

+ Now, from these experiments in 2011, it was found
that Life Could be Created from Non-Life! But How?

+ There was a frequency–7.83 Hertz

+ When removed, DNA could not communicate, and No
Life could be created.

+ But when the frequency–7.83 Hertz was present, the
DNA could communicate–And Life could be Created
from Non-Life.

+ A delicate relationship had been established between Life
and the Frequency of the Mother Earth: An interaction
between Living Organisms and Electro-Magnetic Frequencies.
A reliance, a bond.

So, are you still wondering why the Cabal is mucking about with
Schumann Resonance

Are you beginning to wonder about all the Electro-Magnetic
Frequencies, wi-fi, cell towers, cell phones . . . :

and what they may be doing to Schumann Resonance . . .
and what they may be doing to Life on this Planet . . .
and what they may be doing to you . . .

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