World Pedophile/child sacrifice network

World Pedophile/child sacrifice network based on Babylonian system includes 2016 Trump, Clintons, CIA, Popes, Monarchs, Churches, Governments, Courts, Banks, Masons

Law and our Endocannabinoid System are solutions to deconstruct these ancient demonic energetic Soul engines

By Alfred Lambremont Webre





Vancouver, BC – On Leap Day, February 29, 2016, the first of series on Panels evaluated the evidence surrounding and solutions for eliminating a 5000 year old (or more) planetary (and galactic) Pedophile/child sacrifice network based on the Babylonian system, and that includes the 2016 leading US political candidates (the Clintons and Donald Trump), the CIA, Popes, Monarch, Churches, Governments, Courts, Banks, Masons and Freemasons. A paradoxical combination of Law and Cannabinoids may be among the solutions to deconstructing these ancient energetic engines for “Loosh” or “soul energy” sold on the intergalactic black market that are the pedophilia and child sacrifice networks.

NewsInsideOut Panel members

Panel members include Ella Draper & Abraham Christie, whose children Alisa & Gabriel exposed widespread ritual child sacrifice and pedophile cult in Hampstead UK, ; Juan Lankamp, a Europe-based Investigator of Elite crimes; Australia-based Eilish de Avalon, former ABC [Australia] journalist and current CCN-TV correspondent and Administrator of Expose the Ring on Facebook, author and radio host Peter Kling, and Panel moderator (and War Crimes Judge) Alfred Lambremont Webre

Opening Welcome

Opening the Panel, host Alfred Lambremont Webre noted that “It has now been over a year since Dec. 2014 when we had supposed ongoing citizen prosecutions of ritual child sacrifice and pedophilia by Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio, Pope Benedict Ratzinger, Archbishop of Canterbury, UK, Dutch and Belgian monarchs, Heads of state of Canada and elsewhere underway.

Community-based public online media hearings

“ is continuing to expose the worldwide pedophile complex and will later in 2016 have interviews with eye witnesses and other expert witnesses, in effect community-based public online media hearings via Google+ Hangout or similar venue.

“We would like to welcome you leaders in the community against the control Matrix continuing use of its pedophile and ritual child sacrifice network to control humanity and ruin the lives of our children.”

Panel member Juan Lankamp: Exposing World pedophile network

According to Panel member Juan Lankamp, the leading Democratic family in the 2016 US Presidential Campaign – Bill & Hillary Clinton – are or have been both, by the evidence, committed participants in ritual child sacrifice, blood drinking, and pedophilia,

According to Juan Lankamp’s evidence, pedophilia parties as part of the CIA-MKULTRA circuit took place in the White House under George HW Bush and George W. Bush. Both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. participated at Area 51 in ritual human sacrifice, blood drinking and flesh eating in joint ceremonies with Draco reptilians held in underground facilities as part of a cooperative entity of Draco reptilians, other extraterrestrials, and the U.S. Military. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton, according to Juan Lankamp’s evidence, have participated in ritual child sacrifice and are human blood drinkers.

With regard to the leading Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency, Donald Trump and Trump family names, according to Juan Lankamp, appear in convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s address book. Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and UK Prince Andrew have all been identified as closely involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring.

Moreover, Resorts International, the corporation that is behind Donald Trump in his casino projects was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad. Donald Trump was in fact a front man for the Resorts International operation, which remains, a Rockefeller-Rothschild-CIA operation.

See more at:

At an earlier December 29, 2014 Investigation of the world pedophile complex, Juan Lankamp submitted prima facie evidence of the following:

  1. Evidence of interconnected MKULTRA, pedophile, ritual child sacrifice, human hunting parties, and abuse networks, and child trafficking networks that are interlinked with the Vatican, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency); the CIA, Wackenhut, and the Bilderbergers in parliaments, Churches, governments, courts, schools, child welfare institutions and the media.

Govt.-MKULTRA ritual; child sacrifice/pedophile complex in turn has infiltrated ruling and controller structures world-wide, including Churches such as the Vatican, the Anglican Church, the Monarchies, Governments (especially the USA Corp. government), Intelligence agencies, Military, Corporations, Schools, civic organizations, and multi-generational families.

  1. It would appear now from the evidence this over-all enterprise driving the global pedophile, child sacrifice and child-trafficking networks can be termed the driving force behind The Transhumanist Agenda or the New World Order. The US government (USA Corp) appears to be an important technological and infrastructure base of global pedophile, child sacrifice and child-trafficking networks as they integrate with the Transhumanist Agenda.
  1. This explains why USA agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA) are at the forefront of the effort to torture and robotize humanity, and are intimately involved in, for example, the interface between remote neuro-mind control weapons and Hospitals that can implant victim mothers, and Family Law and Psychiatric facilities that can plot to take the victim’s children for the pedophile networks.
  1. These include Pope John Paul II, who according to an ex-Jesuit Jose Luciano, participated in a ritual child sacrifice in an underground bunker 40 meters from the Vatican. There is reported evidence that subsequent Popes have engaged in pedophilia and ritual sexual abuse crimes.

Panel members Ella Draper & Abraham Christie – Exposed Hampstead UK pedophila ring


State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control of Children is an International phenomena.

The material presented here on this subject is merely an introduction to a complex topic with immense political, social and strategic ramifications .

Professionals concerned with the healing & rehabilitation of the child victims of ‘Monarch’ and other similar TBMC programs report that there are two clearly defined elements responsible : government/military/intelligence in an unholy alliance with Satanic/Luciferian/occult groups. These are multi-generational groups where parents donate their own children to be brutalised within state sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs.

National Security is the pretext often cited to excuse these programs.and prevent controlled media editors from reporting on these matters.

A DA- Notice ( defence Advisory Notice )- called a Defence Notice (D-Notice until 1993- is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for “reasons of national security”. The system has been employed in the case of the Hampstead Cover Up and other high profile RSA TBMC cases.

As a result of the Biological Behavioural Engineering,”Mind Science/mind control” atrocities committed in concentration camps i.e. Dachau during the 2nd World War, an International code of medical ethics, The NUREMBERG CODE was established. Beneath the heading ‘Permissible Medical Experiments’ the No.1 principle amongst the criteria was the agreement that “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” These Swedish twin sisters are subjects of Trauma Based Mind Control programs established to create TBMC Super soldiers. Andrea Sadegh a young Austrian mother and researcher whose child is a victim of the same programs in Austria runs the website which shares scientific evidence and information re. RSA/TBMC.

The secret symbiotic relationship between Ritual, Satanic, Sexual Abuse (RSA) and State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) has been exposed. Alisa and Gabriel of the Hampstead cover up eloquently revealed graphic details of these activities, unaware that they were describing the mechanics of state sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs, which have become part of the educational curriculum in many of the world’s schools, pre-schools, churches, military bases, universities and hospitals in order to create an army of Trauma Based Mind Controlled,(TBMC) slaves for the formation and maintenance of the N.W.O.

“With the Monarch  program( or whichever name they use for an individual project) the idea is extended to the production of an ARMY of children in whom the soul is crushed who would spy, prostitute themselves, murder or even commit suicide.”

(Venus Lucifer )

The goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye.

The ‘Rite of Sodomy’ is the central tenet of the Trauma Based mInd control programs and the earlier the ‘Rite of Sodomy’ is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming.

The Satanic, Luciferian, occult, pedophilia, hypnotism, virtual reality, magick etc. aspects of the TBMC programs help to obscure the significance of this central tenet whereby nerve endings at the base of the victim’s spine are manually stimulated in order to activate the pineal gland/ third eye, giving the child glimpses of Cosmic Consciousness/ Divinity, (Illuminating the Third Eye) thereby “Binding  and Controlling” the victims to the Master/Handler via the subjugation of their “Stargate” to Cosmic Consciousness and Divinity.


The pineal gland regulates the Endogenous Cannabinoid System or Endocannabinoid system, ECS which can help heal, prevent and repair the effects of TBMC programming. The ECS was discovered 25 years ago

What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is the most important physiological system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.Our bodies contain as many as 40 trillion cells. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for coordinating the function of all these cells via regulation of the endocrine, central nervous, autonomous, immune and all biological systems.

Cannabinoids found in plant foods are called Phytocannabinoids. Our bodies produce their own cannabinoids called Endocannabinoids.

First isolated in 1992, naturally occurring cannabinoids are primarily found in the nervous system, brain and operate as part of the immune system. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body of mammals vertebrates and many invertebrates: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells.

In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp seed are the best source of Essential Fatty Acids, EFA’s, Linolenic (omega6) and Alpha Linoleic (omega3) Acid which are essential to health, and which humans cannot make in sufficient quantity if at all.

These EFA’s are the precursors to the Endocannabinoids and by extracting and consuming an oil and protein emulsion/milk from fresh raw cannabis seeds we  provide our bodies with the raw materials to support a fully functioning ECS.      

The endogenous cannabinoid system controls extinction of aversive memories.

Endocannabinoid-mediated synaptic plasticity in the CNS.

Chevaleyre V1, Takahashi KA, Castillo PE.

Author information

1Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York 10461, USA.                                                                                  

This endogenous self healing mechanism initiating homeostasis,via polyunsaturated bio-lipid neurotransmitters, deletes and prevents mind control programs by initiating neuro- genesis. THE BIRTH OF NEW BRAIN CELLS, improved synaptic plasticity, re-wiring, re-configuring, re-formatting, re-programming the brain. The Brain is 65-70% fat, in the form of hydro-lipids, electron rich water soluble fats. A hempseed rich diet replete in the Essential Fatty Acid precursors to the Endocannabinoid bio-lipid neurotransmitters helps to re programs the brain.

The diet of creamy hemp smoothies, milks, sauces, juices and creams supplied the raw materials to re program the children’s brains, helping them to override the RSA/Mind Control Program and courageously speak out against it.

The Babylonian Satanic/Luciferian Masons were unaware of this information, so assumed that the only way we could have gotten the children to speak out was with similar methods to theirs,i.e. trauma, torture.

Well, they may be surprised to learn that there are other ways.

The Endo cannabinoid system is regulated by the pineal gland/third eye  which is the gland the cult  members stimulate/subjugate via the Rite of Sodomy in order to bind and control the children’s souls.

Once the children regained control of their pineal gland via hempseed EFA’s and the ECS they overrode the programming.

All survivors will benefit from hempseed nutrition.

Eilish De Avalon, Journalist in Australia

Eilish De Avalon from Australia, former Murdoch print media journalist now weekly broadcaster on Conscious Consumer Network TV she hosts her own show on CCN called We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.

Eilish first became aware of the extent of institutionalist and elite paedophilia and child sacrifice examining the work of former Young Australian of the Year, Victorian Child Psychologist Dr Reina Michaelson back in 2004 police, politicians, showbiz personalities as well as reading about case after case of sex crimes committed against children by members of the Catholic clergy.

Her research led her to become appointed admin of the ITCCS Facebook group after Alfred Lambremont Webre introduced Kevin Annett onto the world stage as an advocate against ritual child sacrifice, paedophilia at the hands of the elite and his work supposedly establishing the International Common Law Court of Brussels claiming that he had set up a formal court to hear crimes committed by members of Church and State, mentioning in particular the Canadian indigenous residential school mass graves, the 10 missing children taken by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, the current Pope Francis and the former Pope Benedict as well as the Black Pope.

She explains how things started to unravel with Annett and how Alfred, Eilish and other admins removed their support from him and his fictitious ITCCS after seeing gaping holes in his story on and off camera.

For more info go here and out of the bones of Annett’s work, not wanting the story to fade from public minds, she established Expose The Ring an elite paedophile whistleblower page on Facebook which viewers are invited to join which is updated daily which explores the extent of this abuse across the board and names names.

In her own work as a healer, several current Satanic/Freemason cult family members have come to her for healing and have revealed the extend of their abuse, all of which is multi-generational amongst these family members, some are desperately trying to get out, some have Stockholm syndrome and flip into alters which attack when help is offered, so the treatment of such people is quite complex and frustrating. She talks about the slippery fish, Cardinal George Pell who was “too ill” to fly back to Australia to answer questions in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and how he’s now bring grilled via video link and viewers can keep track of the status of the current Royal Commission here and even Geelong Grammar School where Prince Charles (*correction: not Phillip as stated) went is even being dragged into the Royal Commission.

In her hour long presentation she mentions how human sacrifice has been a scourge upon this planet for millennia with cults like the Sons of Belial in Atlantis, the Cult of Baal, how even the God in Roman mythology Saturn (Satan/Set) eats his own babies, and how US Colonel Michael Aquino of the NSA, is the founder of the Temple of Set, a break away from Anton LeVey’s Church of Satan. and how Eilish and Alfred began to work together around the Canadian Residential Schools Mass Graves stories resurrected from the ashes Annett’s controlled opposition work, so as not to let the candle flame highlighting this story about the children go out until justice has been served. Eilish mentions that one of her secret sources, from a covert intelligence organisation has video documented evidence of children being transported into certain Canadian harbours on billionaires yachts at night, and that both military helicopters and submarines are also used to ferry children in cages for the purpose of child trafficking and ritual sacrifice, and not forgetting the test tube children and human/animal/alien hybrid children being bred in underground laboratories that never even see the light of day who are being used by black ops.

She expands on Peter Kling’s explanation of Loosh and the highly coveted and illegally traded commodity known as Adrenochrome that extraterrestrials trade on the intergalactic black market in order to experience extreme human emotions from which they are devoid of feeling normally. Eilsh’s friend Sarah referred to as “Rachel” here lived in an underground laboratory in a cage for years and is the product of Queen Nefertiti’s DNA mixed with French Royal Rothschild dynastic DNA and was injected with Black Goo.

Navy Seal 9 Bill Brockbrader’s wife Eva Moore and Eilish expand in detail about the Elite’s Loyalty ritual which can be viewed here for a more in-depth look at the inorganic nature of Black Goo that Sarah/Rachael was injected with while in an underground cage, Alfred and Eilish did a 3 hour presentation here called Hack the Black and she also mentions the ritual rape that goes on in military prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan and the grooming of these military men from man-love Friday to softening younger and younger men until they have boy-love Friday and these young muslim boys and men who are brought into the military prisons to get raped are thereby traumatised and able to be programmed like the military men themselves.

There is a concern about all the refugee, and disenfranchised military-aged men from Muslim backgrounds now flooding into Europe, and how Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel, has allowed countless asylum seeking men into the country forever changing the landscape of Europe with this unbridled immigration and we are now witnessing the spike in rapes by these asylum seekers against the women of Europe thanks to Turkey opening it’s borders holding the EU hostage.

The discussion continues with the notion of parasitic entities perpetuating their immortality by leaping from one host to another in the example of an old priest and a young altar boy then when that boy sexually matures, there may be a tendency for him to act out his own abuse against others because the entity gets activated once the child reaches sexual maturity.

Not every abused child goes on to become a paedophile, or even to act out their own abuse, but there’s a high risk that this can happen if healing and counselling and nutritional therapies and lifestyle protocols such as what is suggested in the panel discussions are not followed.

Alfred makes a stunning revelation that he himself during the panel discussion about his own childhood as the nephew of the Jesuit Deputy Black Pope. She mentions that we are being ruled by a Kakistocracy, that is, we are being ruled by the least of us, rather than a Meritocracy which would be the ideal situation and some of the solutions she suggests is for the establishment of SRA Trauma Recovery Centres with professionally-trained personnel and Safe Houses to which SRA victims and witnesses can escape to.

War crimes such as rape and late term abortions against women are also mentioned such as what we saw happen in Bosnia Herzegovina during 1990 and high profile cases such as the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and Jon-Benet Ramsey are examined with a therapist’s angle, particularly into the prima facia evidence of toxicity of the abdominal lining of both little girls suggesting long term sedation of these children before their disappearances.

Eilish reminds us of some of the older whistleblowers that have come forward in the past such as Cathy O’Brien (with her CIA Handler) , Arizona Wilder (presented by David Icke), Svali and Ted Gunderson former FBI Chief who came forward and exposed Satanic Ritual Abuse before his untimely passing from a fast-acting cancer . She also talks about the Stockholm Syndrome that SRA victims exhibit, fluctuating from victim reaching out for help then flipping to an aggressive protector of the cult.

Eilish also discloses that she herself is Transylvanian and talks about some of the vampiric practices of ancestors in her bloodline and that the theory she hypothesises is that Annunaki master geneticists were O-. Her own Transylvanian maternal family name is Ambrus, which is etymologically Ambrosia, meaning nectar of the Gods, Divine Nectar of Immortality, suggesting the soul, which is contained in the blood has Annunaki parentage. At the end of the panel, Eilish suggests many healing techniques with which to rid oneself of any entity attachments, and keep the material and energetic body pure with practices such as prayer, meditation, fasting, a plant based diet, hydration, sun gazing, earthing, pranayama breathing, monogamous love making and chanting the holy names of the Creator to chase away any malevolent vampiric, off-planet and inter dimensional entities.

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