The Insanity of Using Smart Phones

Undeniable Evidence of Cancer Induction, DNA Damage, and Nervous System Debility Go Unheeded and Ignored by Millions !!!


This has to be one of the most vexing and frustrating topics to have to repeatedly warn about in writing because the number of people using Smartphones continues to increase yearly with wild abandon (1.7 BILLION Smartphone users reported as of January 16, 2014), while the health damaging effects of microwave radiation exposure from Smartphones, cell phones, cell phone towers, Smart meters, WiFi devices, wireless (which refers to signal transmission via microwave radiation) cameras, wireless phones, wireless security systems, wireless printers, wireless routers, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless Internet cafes, wireless work places, wireless schools, Tablets, Androids, Blue Tooth, etc., etc., is seemingly ignored or dismissed by the overwhelming majority, while only a relatively tiny minorityof people have the intelligence, awareness, and discernment to recognize the danger and take steps to stop exposing themselves and their family to the all-too-real health-damaging effects of harmful microwave radiation fields which envelope us today within all urban and suburban environments.

Since the vast majority of young people, especially, don’t initially feel the negative effects of microwave environmental pollution, they blithely assume there is no biological damage taking place and are mesmerized by the communication wizardry offered by the ubiquitous Smartphone and the wonderful convenience of “apps.”

But there’s a problem:

99% of people who buy and use Smartphones and other WiFi toys pay no attention whatsoever to articles and videos which warn of WiFi dangers. Zero. Nada. They either scoff and don’t believe it or they don’t want to know ~ willful ignorance.


Because they’re having too much fun and delight from playing with their Smartphone and don’t want to face the sober reality that they have to throw the damn thing away if they want to preserve their health and live a normal life span. They convince themselves that they can’t do without it, as if it was a necessity of life.

Today, the average Joe Blow  – and the 30-40 million illegals that have invaded this country – are more ignorant than ever; yet self assured and confidant that they know everything about everything because of corporate media manipulation and government no-sight. Hubris combined with a stunning deficit of education is the hallmark of the times. They don’t worry about ‘no stinkin’ microwave dangers because everybody’s doing it, so it’s “no problem!”

There are NO protective accessories anywhere on the market that you can add to your Smartphone to make it “safe” from microwave radiation. The ONLY way to make yourself safe from Smartphone microwave radiation is to not possess or use a Smartphone.

If you are interested in preserving your health and hope to live a normal life span, then you’ve got to pay attention to the following:

1. Do not use or possess a Smartphone, a Tablet, Android, etc. They are too dangerous and expose you to excessively high health-damaging microwave energy fields. If you already have one,smash it with a hammer and throw it away so no one else can use it (if you care about life and people). Yes, you paid a lot of money for it, but your health is more important than the money spent on the Smartphone.

2. If you use a cell phone, only use it sparingly and for short conversations and not inside the car. I keep mine turned off, with the battery removed, 95% of the time. If I carry it with me, I remove the battery and place the phone and battery inside a plastic bag. I put the battery back in the phone if I need to use it, and then take it apart again when I’m finished talking. Removing the battery will also prevent tracking your movements via GPS. Never put a cell phone to your ear and either hold it at arm’s length when out in public, or place it on a counter or table or shelf when inside the home and talking to someone over the speaker phone. I use Skype for 99% of my phone conversations using my computer (or use a land line at home).

3. Do not use any form of WiFi inside the house. Use Ethernet cables for all connectnions and turn off the WiFi function on the cable modem (call the internet provider if you don’t know how) AND disable the Wifi function on your laptop. You must do BOTH.

4. I place my laptop computer on the opposite side of the room and use long dedicated extension cables to connect to my LCD monitor, the external keyboard, and the mouse. This takes a lot of the edge off long hours spent on the computer.

5. If you can afford it,  start measuring your microwave radiation exposure everywhere in the home and when out in public, both on the street and inside buildings. You will be amazed at how bad things are today. We are walking around in an invisible toxic sea of WiFi radiation fields that is hammerng our nervous sytem, DNA, etc., and most people haven’t got a clue. If you only have $200, then go for the cheaper Acusticom 2 meter, but the AM10 gives you both volts/meter LED readings AND the microwatt power LED readings which is more desirable

6. Use your Acoustimeter AM 10 in your home to find out how much incoming microwaves you have from your neighbors and from your neighborhood (cell phone towers, smart meters, etc.) and then shield your home if the reading is anything more than one microwatt per meter cubed.

7. Never let a child have a cell phone, or put one to their ear, and never, never, never allow a child to use or be near a Smartphone, Tablet, etc..

8. Do not work or live in a place that has high WiFi energy fields. Do not put your kid in a school that uses WiFi. No matter what it takes, keep yourself and your family out of WiFi energy fields.

Dangers of Cellular Phones, Cell Phone Radiation – Time to Wake Up!

German and Austrian environmental health groups recommend one microwatt (1 uw) as the upper limit of exposure to microwave energy fields.

If you want to preserve your health, get rid of ALL wireless devices in your home. First, stop using wireless routers, wireless printers, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, etc. Then get rid of cordless phonesif you use them. If you must use a cell phone, use it on speaker phone mode or use the ear buds to listen and talk, but don’t put the cell phone directly against your ear as most people foolishly do. We are going to have an explosion of brain cancers in 20 or 30 years from now and cell phones are going to be the reason for it. If you are pregnant, you cannot be living in a high intensity RF field, such as that produced by a wireless router. You have no idea how much developmental danger that presents to a growing fetus.

If you have wireless devices in your home and you don’t notice any symptoms of RF pollution yet, just wait a few year–you will. And the older you are, the faster it will happen. The tolerance to RF energy fields goes down over time. Your body can absorb and handle so much, but after you pass a certain tolerance point, the body goes into overload and you will get the typical symptoms of dizziness, light headedness, head congestions, nervousness, palpitations, inability to fall asleep, etc. The body is like a rain barrel that will gradually fills up from RF energy pollution and when it hits the top of the barrel and begins to overflow, you’ll begin to notice the symptoms.

Once you are sensitized to high intensity RF fields, it’s not so easy to become un-sensitized to that energy and you have to work a lot harder to live in a very low intensity RF environment to feel normal again.Save yourself the wear and tear on your body. Get rid of ALL wireless devices in your home–today.


If the microwave energy is coming from outside your home (such as from Smart meters or cell phones towers close to you), you can reduce the penetratiion of those RF energy fields into your home by enclosing your living space with an all metal enclosure. The ideal shielded room would have continuous, solid metal coverings on all four walls, the ceiling and floor (the equivalent of an all metal box), and then be grounded to earth. The more dense and thicker the metal, the better the shielding (E.g. lead or gold foil will shield better than aluminum foil, but copper is often used for RF shielding because it’s a good conductor of electrons and not exceedingly expensive). The very best metal for blocking RF energy is an alloy called Mu metal, but it is extremely and prohibitively expensive to buy. The shielding ideas I will describe here will start with the least expensive (and easy to obtain) and move towards the more expensive, and more difficult to install.

Aluminized Mylar Blankets, The Least Expensive Method

MYlar Energy BlanketTo minimize microwave energy fields entering your home from Smart Meters or your abutting neighbor’s wireless computer router transmitter, you can line your interior walls with aluminized Mylar sheeting called “energy blankets” typically found at sporting good stores, or camping equipment stores, or even from drug stores in some areas. The ones I bought are called “Space brand, Emergency Blanket, First-Aid Thermal Blanket” (available from I paid $3.99 each, purchased at a local Big 5 sporting goods store, but are now available at Ebay for $0.99 (China, Hong Kong) or $1.21 (Hong Kong), or $1.26(China), or $1.29 (Malaysia) with Free Shipping. The “blanket” is made of thin Mylar plastic with an aluminum coating on one side. The one I bought measures 56 inches x 84 inches and weighs 3 oz.

The aluminized coating is conductive to radio frequency (RF) waves and will collect some of that energy and not allow it to radiate to the other side of the Mylar sheet, thus blocking or shielding some portion of the RF energy. I measured the DC resistance (using my digital multi meter) from one corner of the “blanket” to the opposite diagonal corner and got a resistance reading of only 6.2 ohms, which is quite good considering the thinness of the aluminized coating. Remember that the aluminized coating is only on one side of the Mylar sheet, the opposite side of the sheet is Mylar plastic so we have to carefully identify which side of the sheet has the aluminum coating. The only sure way is to take a resistance reading using a multi-meter or ohm meter.

Energy blanket in packageThe aluminized side will register a relatively low reading in ohms while the opposite side will register an infinity reading. The aluminized side is slightly shinier than the plastic side and you might “feel” the aluminized side is different than the plastic side (but use a meter to be sure). The significance of knowing which side has the aluminum coating will become apparent when we install the sheets on the wall and overlap their edges to insure a single conductive surface.

If you know from which direction that microwave energy is being radiated into your home, you can put up a wall of these aluminized energy blankets, ground them to the grounding socket of your grounded electric wall outlet, and effectively install a grounded metal shield barrier to the RF energy. This will essentially cut down the RF energy entering that protected space. I’ve taken RF energy readings both in front of the grounded Mylar energy blankets and behind them and found the shielding to be quite good (considering the low cost and thinness of the aluminized coating).

You can block most RF energy from entering a designated space by erecting a six sided metal box (four walls, ceiling and floor) or cage all around that space and grounding out the metal. A “Faraday cage” is simply the radio engineer’s name for such a metal enclosure. If the frequency is not too high, you can get away with all-metal screening such as fine mesh copper screening or aluminum screening. Solid and continuous metal foil (thicker the better) will block very high frequency RF waves better than screening, but I would still use screening if I had no other choice. In our case, we are using the aluminized Mylar energy blanket as a substitute for solid aluminum foil. It’s not nearly as thick as aluminum foil and therefore not as effective, but it’s easy to mold it to whatever shape you want and it won’t tear apart. If we actually tried to do the job with aluminum foil, you know how easily it would tear and how unwieldy it is to maneuver, but the aluminized Mylar sheeting works like a dream. It doesn’t tear easily, yet it’s lightweight and very flexible. A reasonably effective, yet inexpensive, choice for our homemade microwave shielding.

Aluminum Screen Shielding

Aluminum screening is easy to obtain, relatively inexpensive, and does a remarkably good job of blocking microwave energy, even when ungrounded (which was a big surprise to me). This video will show you how effectively aluminum screening can cut down on microwave energy, but you should not assume that it’s okay to keep a WiFi router or a cordless phone inside your home using aluminum screening because you will just bounce the microwave energy around inside your house, which you don’t want. Use aluminum screening to keep the bulk of RF energy out of your home, from outside sources. Don’t push it around from inside sources that you are generating.

Home experiments using aluminum screening to cut down on microwave penetration



While just placing a mylar energy blanket between you and a source of microwave energy will have some attenuating effect, you will get a better shielding effect if you connect the aluminizes side of the mylar energy blanket to a solid ground connection. If your apartement is properly wired in compliance with the National Electric Code, all of your wall outlets will have only grounded electrical outlets. Assuming you have grounded electric outlets, you still need to check that the outlet is both wired with the correct polarity going to each side of the electric plug (Hot and Neutral connections) AND determine if the outlet is properly grounded. To do that, you buy an electric outlet Circuit Tester.


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