The Chemistry in Contrails

The most important discovery made during the research for this paper was the discovery of the optical toxicity of the chemtrail-particulate plasma, and the way it disturbs the cell communication and the electrical cell-potential of plants. Within the publication the scientific background on biophoton-research and the biophysics of the deterioration of plantlife is described in a manner of a hornbook, to introduce all aspects of science not tought at universities. Most of this paper was written in Norway and reflects all aspects of geoengineering, military technologies and transhumanistic technologies utilized by the intelligence community for surveillance and mind-controll purposes. Also, it reveals the black-magic background of the transhumanistic agenda.

Because of the political explosiveness of the content I put this text into a public domain status.

Harald Kautz Wella

TheChemistryinContrails  (download)



Research connecting contrails to increased appearence of cirrus clouds

Back-engineering JP-8 military jetfuel, detection of JP-8 pollutants in nature

Understanding the technology of chemtrailing, compared to industrial flame pyrolysis

Scripts on non-linear optics, scientiffic background of scalar applications

Introduction to biophoton-research

Pro geo-engineering literature

Whistle-blowing on US radio-show

  • power hour, national broadcast show on chemtrails, partI
  • power hour, national broadcast show on chemtrails, part2
  • power hour, national broadcast show on chemtrails, part3

HAARP-background information

Political Background


This set of articles offers an overview on the different diseases caused by the geoengineering conducted today, i.e. by the application of transhumanistic technologies by the intelligence community. The first focus is on neuronal nano-bots, which create an interface between radiosignals and the nervous system. The implementation of this interface is partly responsible for the genesis of degenerative old age diseases. The second condition focused on are the Morgellon-related diseases. Morgellons are designed to implement an interface between radiosignals and the human biophoton-system.

The aim of these publications is to give doctors and healing practitioners a guideline for the therapy of these conditions. If you suffer from one of these conditions, and the medical establishment does not know how to help or prescribes psycho-pharmaceuticals, simply print out and force your doctors to overcome their cognitive dissonance. Diet-based prevention as well as food-supplements and curative protocols for old age diseases, Morgellons and the autism spectrum are suggested.

By Harald Kautz Wella


The identification of Autism-related Ropeworms as of Morgellon origin



TSE & Creutszfeld Jakob as a Result of Airborn Piezoelectric Nanocrystals, Organo-Phosphates, Heavy Metal Poisoning and Malnutrition.



Fiber Disease, Intestinal Pseudo-Parasites, Delusional Parasitosis & Autism. The Multiple Facets of the Morgellon Condition Explained.



Available Diets, Supplements and Remedies to Counteract Candida-Related Disease, Degenerative Old Age Disease and Conditions out of the Autism-Spectrum.




Embodied anatomy of yoga: your body’s diaphragms

In this series on embodied anatomy you will have the opportunity to experience some of the nature of your anatomy, in a way that directly has relevance and meaning in your life. The clearest and most senseful way to experience embodiment is close to the way it’s designed – the body in relationship to the world. It’s a theme we will return to in each exploration.
embodied anatomy of yoga: your body’s diaphragms
Your Diaphragms form one responsive system, like the skins of a drum.

The way you receive the world through your hands and feet can serve to modulate this whole system, so it’s good to remember to be generous in this receiving; let your feet welcome the ground and let what you touch, touch you back. The state of responsiveness of your breathing diaphragm, that’s also an expression of dynamic aliveness, depends a lot on the whole system and particularly the way you choose to relate to the world around you.

Asana in the landscape and asana only in the body are two very different things. If there is a fixed relating, only a touching, only action based in the body, this will be reflected in all the diaphragms, they stop talking to each other.

In general when we withdraw or disconnect from relationship we tend to feel the need to control.

So enough of the talk, let’s try it out!

Ideally you need a tennis and golf ball. Throughout this exploration, see if you can find an easy ‘peripheral attitude’; so that means also with your senses, we could almost add a metaphorical diaphragm in the eyes – peripheral vision, simply receiving. Notice when something closes, when you over-focus; there’s no need to control, if it’s too much just back-off, or pause – this is all about exploring choice. It may not always be appropriate to be completely open, that we learned after the 70’s. It’s simply a question whether you are willing to be available to the exchange, or not – more like witnessing a dialogue.

So observe your breath throughout, only listening, it’s a guide – if you’re too ambitious you want to know it, to be sensitive to your own timing. It takes time to re-open the capacity to be touched, especially if you live in the city. Many of us are partially ‘touch-blind’, especially in the feet –and these are our ‘postural feet’.

Let’s start with the tennis ball. Since your curiosity will support you most, forget that you know it’s a tennis ball, forget everything you think you know – this will be the same every time we come back to receive ground or any ‘other’. The words are not important, it’s more the experience of how this object touches you. Start with one hand as if the ball is inked-up and you want to slowly paint the whole underside of your hand. First only with a very light touch, just the skin. Not focusing, stay peripheral, not-exclusive. Now observe what you can feel of this object touching you, its texture, temperature, is it wet or dry? Where do you feel this more or less clearly? You are starting at the level of the pores, so which pores are more or less open? If you want them to open, be curious, or you can open a metaphorical tap – to allow the inflow, to be touched. Take your time, it’s ‘bringing the horse to water and waiting till it drinks’, again and again that will allow you to learn to trust your capacity to deal with what touches you.

Then allow it to touch more deeply, feel how this object touches your flesh – so you can discover something more about it, its shape, if its hard or soft, its density. Notice that in some places you lose the object and feel more your hand, if it’s too much back-off or check you didn’t lose your peripheral attitude – this is an important reality checking mechanism. Focusing more on discomfort is like ‘sitting on a branch you are trying to cut’ – come back into circulation. This is the flow of Prana, that we simply allow. Whenever we meet a lot of ‘stuff’ and here its sensation between you and the other, this is key – it will be the same in all your relationships. Then put your mind in the bones of your hand, trace them, but by receiving the impression of the other. When we first meet the world as babies we learn so much about ourselves in this way, this is no technique – this is the language of touch that your body understands, it’s before the words. Then in the wrist, how does this object feel in your wrist? All your ‘sophisticated’ control will only obscure this question, your concepts of tennis ball can never answer this. It may take you weeks to get this far. Then the forearm diaphragm, between the bones. Then the elbow, shoulder, spine, or even your other diaphragms, face – these are both beauty treatments!

Now before the second side try dog and see what happens. Notice what’s fixed in the relationship between you and the ground and space, and what’s breathing, with no augmentation on your part, not interference – the breath is one of your finest listening tools.

When you have ‘done’ both sides, the same with the golf ball and feet – till the ball touches your jaw, till you feel how one side of your face blooms, how this supports your eye and ear to receive the world. This blooming is beautiful, its why even ‘ugly’ babies are beautiful. After one, walk to listen to the language of responsiveness, to compare the music of fine articulation, the sound each foot makes as its touched by the ground. Your foot knows how to respond – there’s nothing to do in Tadasana.

I often know which student is approaching, much about the state of their nervous system and more just from the sound of their walk.

Now try some postures that involve an active relationship of hands and feet with the ground, listen to your breathing diaphragm to see how impressed your hands and feet are by the ground, or if you are only talking and not listening. There is much to learn to here.

from Yogi Times


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USA: The Jesuits Will Be The Power Behind The Throne

Why was Jesuit-educated Tim Kaine chosen and who does he really serve?

Editor Note: Donald Trump also has Jesuit connections and was educated at the Jesuit-run Fordham University. “After being away five years at military school, Mr. Trump moved back in with his folks in Queens and did his first two years of undergraduate education at Fordham before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.” More… If you are not familiar with the Jesuits I’ve included some related links at the end of the article for more information.

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic]– and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…”


By State of the Nation

Senator Tim Kaine with Jesuit Ismael Moreno Coto

Senator Tim Kaine with Jesuit Ismael Moreno Coto

Very few people really understand the hidden world power structure.

Many will tell you that the Jews run the world or that the Zionists control the planet. Others will say it Jewish Freemasons or Kabbalists who dictate from Tel Aviv.

As the Chosen People, there’s no question that the Jews were ‘chosen’ to run Hollywood (they’re great comedians), the banking and investment industry (they were the first to charge interest), the medical and legal professions (they have golden hands and silver tongues), as well as a number of other important spheres of life.

However, the leaders in each of these major arenas, which are used to control Western societies everywhere, suffer from extremely high visibility.  Exposure is the first thing that real power-brokers and controller types avoid like the plague.  Those who really control the earthly realm operate in utter secrecy.  They always have and they always will since it is secrecy that is the very basis of their power and influence.

Global Control Matrix Revealed

No one knows this fact of life on Earth better than the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits and ‘Soldiers of God’.  This Roman Catholic denomination was founded as a military organization and built around a classic pyramid of power hierarchy.  The Jesuit General who resides at the very peak of the pinnacle of this pyramid enjoys absolute authority.  However, he, too, is completely controlled by those who occupy a level of authority much higher than the lowly Jesuits.

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church

How can that be so?

Law #1:

True worldly power never, ever reveals itself. It always stays hidden from view. If you think you see it, hear it, feel it, then it is not real power. This abiding modus operandi is what allows true worldly power to stay in the ascendant position, as well as to continue to accrue even more power unto itself.  In fact it always acts in utter secrecy.

(Source: Who really runs the world?)

Since everyone knows exactly who the Jesuit General is at any given point in time, he is totally out there and completely exposed; hence, he is just another pawn on the massive global geopolitical chessboard.  Yes, he does exercise great power in the administration of the World Shadow Government, but, at the end of the day, every military arm is just that, a disposable arm that does a lot of dirty work.

“Religious authority always trumps financial and economic prowess, which in turn always trumps political power; political power always trumps military force.”

Source: Anglo-American Axis Wages Financial/Economic War Against Russia)


READ: In Plain Sight – City States that Rule the World

Just as the United States is the military arm of the New World Order (NWO) headquartered in Washington, D.C.[1] and the United Kingdom is the financial arm of the NWO based in the Financial District in the City of London, the Black Nobility of Jesuit Freemasonry controls the Vatican which has forever functioned as the religious arm. Only with this correct knowledge can the many levels of power and layers of influence which exist above these three power centers be properly understood.

How the Jesuits have controlled the destiny of the USA

Special Note: Within the firmament of Roman Catholicism, Jesuitism occupies it very own universe.  As a matter of fact, there is no other denomination that is as ultra-liberal, intellectually oriented and transparently militant as the Jesuits.  By all outward appearances the SOJ does not even resemble a holy order much less a religious organization.  That’s because they aren’t.  This begs the questions: Who are these men in black business suits?  Are they the original Men in Black?

The aforementioned Black Nobility of Venice, Genoa and Milan were not Roman Catholic per se.  They were cryto-Jews who were the richest bankers and merchants of Northern Italy who made their fortunes in the wake of Marco Polo’s ventures to the Orient.  They acquired their fortunes from what is known as the greatest transfer of wealth from East to West in human history.  With the acquisition of such great wealth came the accumulation of great power.  And, of course, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Much of that power was eventually lorded over the Roman Catholic Church, which was easily compromised during that era of rampant religious materialism.  

Where does Tim Kaine fit in?

Tim Kaine operates on the very same level as the Jesuit-controlled Joe Biden.  Biden family is a Georgetown-educated one.  Georgetown University is the premier Jesuit training ground that Bill Clinton attended and is used to groom all of America’s diplomats and statesmen at their highly regarded School of International Affairs.  Whoever goes there, and then enters public life at a high level, is most assuredly a Jesuit operative for the rest of their political career.

Biden, unknown to but a few, is Obama’s real handler.  Yes, Valerie Jarrett functions as his brain, but Biden has his soul.  Many of the VPs throughout recent U.S. history have been chosen as point-men in the White House who really work for the NWO ruling elites.  These globalists-at-heart have only one mission in mind.  This is why Biden was chosen to act as the cheerleader in charge of taking away America’s guns.  While he often appears to be a total buffoon, this is but an act to deflect any serious inquiry about the actual power that he wields in the Oval Office.

Another VPOTUS who was relentlessly ridiculed was Dan Quayle.  The following video of a recent Quayle interview reveals him to be one of the smartest guys in the room, in addition to being very articulate.  In fact, he was much more than a pretty boy in the administration of George H.W. Bush.  His true duties and responsibilities were far more than anyone ever imagined, and he still has not been found out.

Dan Quayle: A Very Perceptive Trump Watcher

Back to Kaine.  He was quite purposefully chosen because of his strong Jesuit education and pedigree.  A Jesuit-trained Irish Catholic of his stature is just what is needed by the NWO cabal should a President Hillary Clinton become a reality.  Were she to become POTUS, she would either be impeached (resulting in Kaine becoming POTUS), incapacitated by her many physical and mental deficits (resulting in Kaine becoming POTUS) or die by Jesuit intrigue or natural death (resulting in Kaine becoming POTUS). Even if she finishes out her term, he still holds sway as Jesuits always do.

There is much more to the part that Tim Kaine will play in a Clinton Administration which is quite similar to Joe Biden.  Both of these men were chosen because of their allegiance to the agenda of gross liberalization of America.  It was Biden who has kept the Manchurian Candidate Obama on track with this nefarious scheme to irreparably tear the social fabric of the American Republic.  While Obama was indoctrinated to perform this role, it is Biden who keeps the frequent golfer in line as the nation crashes and burns.

Tim Kaine: An Agent of the Jesuit Ultra-Liberal Agenda

Kaine is enthusiastically for total gun control, unlimited illegal immigration, open borders, gay marriage, unobstructed abortion, LGBT normalization, among many other unlawful and immoral positions.  He will also then be used to advance this same ultra-liberal agenda that Obama began almost 8 disastrous years ago.  About this there can be no doubt which is why ‘good’ Catholics are chosen in the first place.  Their images are utilized to confer the veneer of respectability on what is truly a warped agenda and demonic enterprise.  That overarching and global enterprise is known as the New World Order.

Jesuits Control the Vatican and Are the Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order

Just who are the Jesuits?

Again, any military arm of any power structure or clandestine conspiracy is really just the muscle.  However, in the case of the Jesuits they are also the intellectual and diplomatic muscle.  Many call them “soldiers with a brief case” and they do not carry dirty bombs. Yes, they are they smart … very smart!  They are specifically chosen to master their various fields of study and disciplines so much so that they rise to the very top of their fields—worldwide.

It is in this way that the Jesuits have been relied upon for advice and counsel by kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers throughout the past 450 years.  They quite stealthily finesse their way into the confidence of world leaders wherever they are needed to start wars, trigger global depressions, instigate revolutions, and incite diplomatic conflicts of every sort and kind.  In a word, the Jesuits are history’s greatest troublemakers, which is precisely why they have been kicked out of so many countries down through the centuries.

Are the Jesuits the earthly ‘Overlords of the Chaos’?

Nevertheless, they somehow always seem to manage to work their way back into the good graces of those nations and societies that had once banished them.  They prey on the short memories of those who they have wronged, as well as use every machination and device to gain entry into the corridors of power the world over.  They are skilled manipulators and know precisely what buttons to push and levers to pull.

Welcome to America in 2016!  This nation has nearly been taken over by Jesuit ideology and Ignatian strategy.  These folks always destroy their prey from within.  They know that their ‘progressive’ theology marked by religious materialism is actually regressive and will always debase any society that becomes vulnerable to it.  In this regard they are masters of illusion employing their weapons of mass deception with extraordinary dexterity.

Obama Surrounded By Intel Jesuits

Obama Surrounded By Intel Jesuits

Purveyors of Privileged Information and Secret Intelligence

No other group has been so successful at infiltrating the intelligence apparatus of every major Western nation like the Jesuits have.  They possess the innate understanding that whoever possesses the best information — on everything — is the boss.  They know that information is power just as intelligence grants great influence on its possessor. They are also cognizant of the mundane reality that whoever accrues the most sensitive and radioactive database of intelligence will be well on their way to “Mastering The Human Domain”.  Hence, they were certainly and directly behind the Jade Helm 15 psyop.

It is critical to understand that the Society of Jesus was founded and established as a countervailing force to the Protestant Reformation.  The Jesuits became the most aggressive and furtive fighting force in the world whose task it was to protect the Roman Catholic Empire against the ravages of the Protestant ‘heretics’.   In the conduct of this mission they were granted powers to terminate the Reformation by every means necessary and by any means possible.  The following link explains exactly what this means.

Extreme Oath of the Jesuits

The Jesuits are world renowned for becoming consummate diplomats.  They are notorious for doing everything with a smile no matter how dirty the deed.  They are experts in the ways of Machiavelli and have mastered the principles of statesmanship as promulgated in his book THE PRINCE.  They have actually so broadened and deepened the strategies and tactics of Machiavelli that they could write sequels to that 16th-century political treatise that would render it practically obsolete. This is why they are frequently known as the “Princes of Darkness”.  And they seem to relish the role of king-making and nation-building, as well as presidential assassinations and country collapses irrespective of their religious vocations.

If each and every individual within the various intelligence agencies and security services were to be evaluated for their supranational affiliations, the percentage of overt and covert Jesuits would be significantly higher than all the others put together.  Such is their centuries old reputation for being unrivaled at intelligence-gathering, that they are known collectively as the best spook agency in the world.  The C.I.A. doesn’t even come close to their level of expertise, even though they set up The Company, as it also known.


Tim Kaine is just another in a long line of Jesuits who have been quite deliberately planted within key position throughout the U.S. Federal Government.

Kaine is there to both direct Hillary Clinton and succeed her should her term be cut short for whatever reason; that is, of course, in the event that she wins in November … or December … or January (after yet another recount).

Like his Jesuit collaborators, Tim Kaine is quite aware of the precepts associated with Liberation Theology Just like Pope Francis he is also a zealous proponent of mass immigration and open borders as a prelude to a One World Government.  In fact Kaine’s many extreme positions reflect a man with a mission.  Should he follow in Obama’s footsteps and empower the Black Lives Matter Movement to become even more violent in the pursuit of their dubious goals, he will become as dangerous as those rebels who were unwittingly used to decimate countries throughout Latin America.

That Tim Kaine was a previous governor of Virginia and currently serves as a U.S. senator of the same state speaks volumes about his political power base and network.  Virginia is a swing state this 2016 election and a pivotal state in the overall scheme of things like the New World Order.  The Virginia Tech massacre of April 16, 2007 took place on his watch and was exploited as no other in U.S. history (up to that point) with regard to legislating new gun control measures. Such a false flag mass shooting is typical of the Jesuit MO which has been employed over centuries to advance social engineering initiatives and world start wars alike.

The Bottom Line: If Hillary Clinton achieves her presidential aspirations, it is only to prominently position Jesuit-controlled Tim Kaine next to the Oval Office, and first in line to the White House.  That’s only the way the Jesuits will have it.

State of the Nation
August 11, 2016


[1] The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order


The Jesuits

10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits!

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The Jesuits’ Slaves

Source: State of the Nation
Via: Millenium Report


Moringa : Natural Cancer Killer and Anti-Diabetes Herb

If you are looking for good health, a disease-free life, more energy, and longevity, you should think of returning to nature. Moringa oleifera is a plant that grows widely in South Asia and has been part of traditional medicine for thousands of years. The plant is commonly known as “drumstick” and is a powerhouse of bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants.

Many of its health benefits have been confirmed by the scientific community, but it is believed that many more are still to be studied and discovered.


We bring you 7 reasons why you should add both the leaves and fruits (pods) of this unique plant to your diet.

Nutritional Value

Both the leaves and the pods of the drumstick plant are rich sources of so many types of vitamins and minerals. In fact, its leaves are packed with more nutrients than the pods. Despite this, just 1 cup of the fresh pods supply up to 157% of your RDA of vitamin C.

Just 1 cup of fresh leaves offer the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin B6 – 19% of your daily allowance
  • Vitamin A – 9%
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 11%
  • Vitamin C – 12%
  • Proteins – 2g
  • Iron – 11%
  • Magnesium – 8%

The dried leaves of drumstick are available as dietary supplements in the West. But it will be best to grow the plant in your home to enjoy its natural benefits.

1. Stronger Bones

Consuming Moringa oleifera can help improve your bone density. It is packed with iron and calcium, which helps in not only preventing bone density loss, but it also strengthens your bones.

You should especially give it to growing kids for stronger and better bone growth. It also helps boost your physical stamina.

2. Anti-Cancer Properties

As already mentioned, drumsticks have high amounts of antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals. They further help prevent carcinogen formation.

Beta-carotene and vitamin C are two examples. But this plant also has powerful antioxidants called chlorogenic acid and quercetin. They act by negating free radical activity in your body.

Drumsticks’ anti-cancer properties help prevent tumor development and cancerous cell growth.

3. Giving Relief from Headaches

You can also use the plant’s root to get relief from headache. Take its roots and extract its juice. Mix the juice and jaggery in equal amounts and take it. You will get almost immediate relief from the ache.

4. Treating Eye Problems

The drumstick plant can also address many eye problems, including conjunctivitis. Take some leaves, grind them and apply the paste on your eyes. If you mix the leaves’ juice with honey and apply as eyeliner, it will help cure corneal disorders. The same treatment can also help improve eye swelling.


5. Lower Blood Sugar

If you are diabetic and can’t keep your blood sugar levels under control, Moringa oleifera can be a natural way to manage your diabetes. If your blood sugar levels remain uncontrollable for a long time, it can increase the risk of so many types of health conditions including heart disease.

Many studies show that using the drumstick plant has positive benefits in lowering blood sugar levels. Most of these studies are conducted on animal subjects. There are however some studies based on human subjects too.

According to one study involving 30 women, who were given 7g of leaf powder daily for 3 months, the subjects had their blood sugar levels reduced by 13.5%.

6. Purify Blood

The moringa pods and leaves are both great foods when it comes to purifying blood. You can enjoy it a soup, which has been shown to help fight acne and other skin problems.

Moringa juice can be applied on your acne or pimples and it will heal the area fast. The juice also has antibiotic properties.

7. Anti-Aging Food

The high levels of vitamin A in the plant help in inhibiting the natural process of aging. It also helps strengthen your immune system and improve vision.

Most people don’t know much about moringa. Add this natural food to your diet and you will notice dramatic changes in your health.


  • Firstly, the tender fruits are used to prepare curries.
  • In South Indian culture, matured drumsticks are used as an ingredient in ‘Sambar’
  • The tender leaves are rich in Iron hence used in curries and soups even.
  • Many other cultures also use the pods to prepare varieties of recipes.



Now, let us move to the most important part of our topic. It is ‘medicinal and health benefits of drumsticks’. Many of us dont know that thsi very plant is filled with curative properties. So, have a look on the following ones-


  • Take the root of Drumstick plant and extract its juice.
  • Mix equal amount of its root juice and jaggery.
  • Give nasya of 1 drop of this mixture.
  • It is highly beneficial in headache.


  • In case of conjunctivitis, grind its leaves and tie the cake of the paste on the eyes.
  • Mix 50 gm juice of its leaves in 2 teaspoon of honey; apply this as an eyeliner. It cures corneal disorders.
  • In case of swelling of eyes; mix equal quantities of the juice of its leaves and honey.
  • Put 2 drops of each in the eyes.
  • It cures eye pain and swelling.


  • Extract the juice of Drumstick plant.
  • Mix equal quantities of drumstick’s juice and ginger juice.
  • Give 10-15 gm of this twice a day to the patient.
  • It cures Bronchial Asthma.


Give 20-50 decoction of its roots; twice a day. it helps to reduce convulsions.


  • Grind equal quantities of Drumstick’s root, mustard and ginger.
  • Prepare tablets of 1 gm each.
  • Give 2 tablets twice a day to the patient.
  • Or, boil 2 teaspoon of its root in 400 ml of water.
  • Boil till the water reduce to 1/4th.
  • Give this to the patient for gargles.


  • Mix and gring equal quantities of drumstick leaves, ginger, turmeric, salt and black pepper.
  • Apply this on the swollen area.
  • It cures swelling and fever.
  • Give 10-15 gm of this mixture to the patient twice a day.


Massage the affected area with its seed oil. It is beneficial in curing gout and joint pain.


Boil 20 gm of its fresh root in 100 ml of water. Give this to the patient regularly. It is helpful to cure long and old fever too.


  • Mix 2 gm ginger root in 10 gm juice of its root.
  • Give this to the patient twice a day.
  • It enhances the digestive power.


  • Grind its bark in water.
  • Give 10 gm of this solution to the patient.
  • It cures all types of swellings.
  • Its bark is also known as Indian penicillin.

So, in this way we saw numerous benefits of Drumstick plant. It is really an amazing thing. Even I was also surprised that this very plant can be such a nectar. Well, but as I discuss in my every article; everything produced by Mother Earth is always beneficial and somehow good for lives. So, go green and live well!


Where to buy the plant in Europe:

The bio shop:



(English version at the bottom of the page)
Il cibo che cura gli organi 

La Signatura Rerorum (Firma delle Cose) è un’antica e profonda saggezza che sta venendo censurata di proposito. Essa afferma che tutti i tipi di frutta e verdura seguono un modello che rispecchia gli organi del corpo umano: a seconda dell’organo, la frutta/verdura corrispondente apporterà significativi benefici.

La scienza moderna conferma che l’antica dottrina della “Firma delle Cose” è sorprendentemente accurata. Perché questa conoscenza fondamentale viene lasciata in sordina?

Le proprietà guaritive e nutritive di qualsiasi frutta e verdura riflettono, e infine rivelano, che la “forma” o “firma” esteriore di frutta e verdura è collegata al corpo umano:

Fagioli: Curano e aiutano a mantenere sane le funzioni renali…somigliano proprio a dei reni umani

– Le noci secche somigliano ad un piccolo cervello, con un emisfero sinistro, un emisfero destro e il cervelletto. Anche le “rughe” o “pieghe” della noce sono simili alla neo-corteccia. Solo adesso sappiamo che le noci servono a sviluppare le funzioni cerebrali

– La sezione trasversale di una carota somiglia all’occhio umano. La pupilla, l’iride e le linee radianti sembrano proprio come quelle dell’occhio umano. La scienza ha dimostrato solo ora che le carote aumentano notevolmente il flusso di sangue agli occhi e apportano un beneficio generalizzato al sistema visivo umano

– Il sedano somiglia alle ossa. Il sedano è particolarmente indicato per fortificare le ossa. Esse sono composte al 23 per cento di sodio e questo cibo contiene esattamente il 23 per cento di sodio. Se nella vostra dieta c’è carenza di sale, il corpo se lo procura dalle ossa, rendendole deboli. Gli alimenti come il sedano vanno a soddisfare le esigenze scheletriche del corpo

Avocado: migliora la salute e le funzioni del seno e della cervice femminile…ed in effetti somigliano proprio a questi organi. L’avocado aiuta le donne a bilanciare gli ormoni, a perdere il peso acquisito in gravidanza e a scoraggiare la possibilità di carcinomi al collo dell’utero. Ci vogliono esattamente nove mesi per far crescere un avocado dal fiore al frutto maturato

– I fichi sono pieni di semi e penzolano in coppia d’albero quando maturi. Aumentano la mobilità dello sperma maschile e il numero di spermatozoi

– Tagliare un fungo a metà e somiglierà ad un orecchio umano. E’ stato scoperto che i funghi migliorano l’udito, essendo essi uno dei pochi alimenti che contengono vitamina D. Questa particolare vitamina è importante per la salute delle ossa, anche per quelle piccole che trasmettono il suono al cervello

– I nostri polmoni sono costituiti da cunicoli sempre più piccoli di vie aeree che vanno infine a formare gli alveoli polmonari. Queste strutture, che assomigliano a grappoli d’uva, permettono il passaggio dell’ossigeno dai polmoni al flusso sanguigno. Una dieta ricca di frutta fresca, come l’uva, ha dimostrato di ridurre il rischio di cancro polmonare ed enfisema. I semi dell’uva contengono anche una sostanza chimica chiamata proanthocyanidine, che sembra ridurre la gravità dell’asma scatenato da allergia

– La radice del gingerino (zenzero), comunemente venduto nei supermercati, spesso somiglia ad uno stomaco. E’ interessante dunque notare che uno dei suoi più grandi benefici sia quello di aiutare la digestione. I cinesi la utilizzarono per oltre 2.000 anni per calmare lo stomaco e curare la nausea, mentre è anche un rimedio popolare per la cinetosi

– Le patate dolci somigliano ad un pancreas ed effettivamente bilanciano l’indice glicemico dei diabetici

– Le olive forniscono beneficio alle ovaie

Pomodoro -> Cuore

Affettando un pomodoro a metà si notano 4 cavità che ricordano i 2 ventricoli e atrii del cuore, per giunta il suo colore è rosso. Infatti il pomodoro fa bene al cuore perché contiene licopene e vitamina C.


La dottrina della “Firma delle Cose” può sembrarci strana, ma la sua saggezza è antica. Naturalmente, i mass media ci bombardano costantemente di pubblicità che spingono il consumatore ad acquistare prodotti raffinati e lavorati al posto di rivolgersi a produttori locali e scegliere alimenti biologici.

Gli americani ( ma anche gli europei) non hanno tempo per cucinare, la maggior parte è impegnata al lavoro. Il risultato è la costante presenza ci cibo processato, a basso costo, ad alto contenuto calorico e a basso contenuto nutrizionale (o “cibo come sostanze”). Ad ogni angolo delle città possiamo trovare cibi che conducono dritti alla strada dell’obesità.

Più si ingrassa maggiore è la possibilità di sviluppare malattie cardiache, diabete, cancro e una miriade di altri disturbi cronici. Questo è un grosso risultato per l’industria farmaceutica. Più la popolazione si ammala, maggiori saranno i farmaci venduti per il colesterolo, il diabete, l’ipertensione, la depressione e per molte altre malattie derivanti dallo stile di vita.

Si tratta di pura violenza perpetrata nei nostri confronti dalle condizioni sociali, politiche, economiche e ambientali che tendono a favorire e promuovere lo sviluppo della malattia. Tuttavia, utilizzando questa dottrina della “Firma delle Cose” possiamo assumere un ruolo più che attivo nella cura della nostra salute. Siamo i migliori medici di noi stessi, dobbiamo solo crederci.

La dottrina della “Firma delle Cose” fu resa popolare in tempi moderni dal medico, alchimista e filosofo svizzero Paracelso (1493-1541), considerato dagli studiosi il padre della chimica moderna. Paracelso notò come le qualità delle piante si riflettono spesso nel loro aspetto.

La dottrina della “Firma delle Cose” godette di un revival nel 1600, dopo che Jakob Böhme (1575-1624), un mastro calzolaio della piccola città di Görlitz, in Germania, iniziò a scrivere sull’argomento. A 25 anni, ebbe una visione mistica sublime, dove vide il vero rapporto tra l’uomo e il suo Creatore, quell’uomo è sia il Creatore che il Creato.

Vi lascio con questa piccola perla di saggezza:



by Richard Cassaro

The Ancient “Doctrine of Signatures” Suppressed By The Establishment

The Doctrine of Signatures is profound ancient wisdom that is purposely being suppressed. It states that every fruit and vegetable has a certain pattern that resembles a body organ, and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to that fruit or vegetable’s benefit to us. Modern science confirms that the ancient “Doctrine of Signatures” is astoundingly accurate. Why does this vital knowledge remain hidden?

The healing and nourishing properties of any fruit or vegetable reflected in, and ultimately revealed by, that fruit or vegetables’ outer physical shape, form, or “signature” in relation to the human body.

Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function—and they look exactly like human kidneys:

A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop brain function:

The cross section of a Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye. And science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to the eyes and aid in the general function of the eyes:

Celery looks just like bones. Celery specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23 percent sodium and these foods are 23 percent sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. Foods like celery replenish the skeletal needs of the body:

Avocadoes target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female—they look just like these organs. Avocadoes help women balance hormones, shed unwanted birth weight, and deter cervical cancers. It takes exactly nine months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit:

are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility:

Slice a Mushroom in half and it resembles a human ear. Mushrooms have been found to improve hearing, as mushrooms are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D. This particular vitamin is important for healthy bones, even the tiny ones in the ear that transmit sound to the brain:

Our lungs are made up of branches of ever-smaller airways that finish up with tiny bunches of tissue called alveoli. These structures, which resemble bunches of Grapes, allow oxygen to pass from the lungs to the blood stream. A diet high in fresh fruit, such as grapes, has been shown to reduce the risk of lung cancer and emphysema. Grape seeds also contain a chemical called proanthocyanidin, which appears to reduce the severity of asthma triggered by allergy:

Ginger, commonly sold in supermarkets, often looks just like the stomach. So its interesting that one of its biggest benefits is aiding digestion. The Chinese have been using it for over 2,000 years to calm the stomach and cure nausea, while it is also a popular remedy for motion sickness:

Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics:

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries:

The Doctrine of Signatures may sound strange to us, but its wisdom is ancient, rediscovered in modern times. Of course, in modern America we’ve been taught by the big corporations to buy “processed foods,” rather than to buy local fresh vegetables and cook them ourselves.

Left: Inexpensive processed foods we find everywhere—in the supermarket, schools, government institutions, etc. Right: Expensive natural foods that can only be found in the supermarket.

Americans have no time for cooking; most are busy working and consuming en masse, according to the messages drilled in by television, radio, newspaper, the news, culture, society. The resultant omnipresence of cheap, high-calorie, nutrient-poor processed foods (or “food like substances”) in homes, schools, government institutions and food programs, and on every street corner creates default food choices that drive obesity.

These subsidized, cheap, low-quality foods are heavily marketed and consumed by our ever-widening population with an obesity rate approaching three out of four Americans. The more Americans eat, the fatter they become. And the fatter they become the more they develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a myriad of other chronic ailments. This is a big score for big pharma. The sicker our population becomes, the more medications are sold for high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and many other lifestyle driven diseases. In essence, big food and big pharma profits by creating a nation of sick and fat citizens.

This structure is built into the very fabric of our economy and culture. It could be called the medical, agricultural, food industrial complex. It is nothing short of sheer violence against us—the social, political, economic and environmental conditions that foster and promote the development of disease. However, by using this wisdom of the Doctrine of Signatures we can take more of a proactive role regarding our health. We are our best own doctor and dietician, we just need to believe it.

The Doctrine of Signatures was made popular in modern times by a Swiss physician, alchemist and philosopher named Paracelsus (1493-1541) who scholars consider to be the father of modern chemistry. Paracelsus noted how the qualities of plants are often reflected in their appearance. He thus theorized that the inner nature of plants may be discovered by their outer forms or “signatures.” He applied this principle to food as well as medicine, remarking that “it is not in the quantity of food but in its quality that resides the Spirit of Life”—a belief familiar to those who choose to eat organic food while also being justifiably concerned over Genetically Modified substitutes that lack the “life force,” or spirit.

The “Doctrine of Signatures” enjoyed a revival in the 1600s after Jakob Böhme (1575-1624), a master shoemaker in the small town of Görlitz, Germany, began writing on the subject. At 25 years old, he experienced a sublime mystical vision where he saw the true relationship between man and his Creator—that man is both the Creator and the Created.