Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today

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By Joachim Hagopian

Global child sex trafficking networks generate huge profits, run by the world’s most powerful individuals. A 2014 International Labor Organization report estimates that two thirds of the annual profits from forced labor come from sexual slavery that amounts to $99 billion USD each year. And of that $99 billion, most is produced off the blood, sweat, tears and flesh of helpless underage child sex slaves caught up in global trafficking rings operated by this same diabolical global elite. At the head of this planet’s ruling elite are 13 family bloodlines that include the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as well as European royalty, controlling thousands of compromised, bribed and blackmailed puppet politicians, bankers, judges, CEO’s, military generals, entertainers, top level spies and police chiefs.

“Even in the Bible you find references to these practices with Israelites. The reason the first 10 tribes were banished to Babylonia was because of these rituals with children”

Blackmailed pedophile politicians, many of whom are well known elected representatives occupying critically important positions in virtually every national government, particularly in the West, have remained insularly protected and immune from investigation and prosecution. Why? Because those running these global child sex networks internationally control both them and law enforcement and high courts. Pedophiles are disbursed amongst such elitist think tanks as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission as well as various covert organizations like Yale’s Skull and Bones Society and 33rd degree and higher Freemasonry. The bottom line is too many of these “upstanding” members are secretly satanic worshipping, bloodthirsty child rapists and killers. Pizzagate, the Clintons, the Weiners and Jeffrey Epstein are merely the tip of the iceberg.

With last year’s Pizzagate turned this year’s Pedogate scandal exposing the cockroaches like never before, 2017 finds this diabolical elite frantically heading for the hills, buying up private islands and heading underground, while aggressively acting out above ground with false flags every week and by the day desperately pushing humanity closer to world war and global economic collapse. Faking staged events have become an unholy racket of government theater. With the public masses forced to be preoccupied by everyday signs that their world is fast falling apart, the desperate monsters fearing loss of control are banking on their sins against our children getting drowned out by the elite’s manufactured storm of earthly chaos, shock and awe noise and escalating terror of ongoing violence, war and ultimate global destruction.

While we’ve never been closer to bringing the hordes of guilty child rapists to justice, it’s no accident that we’ve also never been closer to self-annihilation as a human species. Before the psychopathic criminals who only have contempt for humanity go down, they’re determined to destroy us first, drastically reducing the world population by their divide and conquer, fast kill methods of war and violence.

This presentation analyzes and exposes one very dark, sinister aspect of the elite’s most egregious atrocities against humanity – the despicably sick, voracious appetite for children’s flesh and blood. Like the demonic vampires they are, the blood of the innocent literally becomes the lifeblood that rejuvenates their own vitality, strength and bloodlust to demonically and compulsively feast on yet more of their targeted defenseless prey. The elite has long known the veracity of the latest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries confirming the incredible dividends gained from consuming young people’s healthier blood that restores vitality, aiding them with their age old quest to live forever.

VIDEO: Interview of elite banker, Ronald Bernard, reveals how luciferian cult of child pedophilia and murder is used to maintain members in a grip of cult loyalty and psychopathic behavior under threat of extortion. Advance to minute 21 for Bernard’s catharsis moment.

The Science of Young Blood Rejuvenating Health in the Elderly

Based on research from the twenty-first century alone, modern science appears to support the widely held contention that young blood restores and regenerates health in older people. Though most studies have used mice, as of late, human blood and plasma supplied by youthful donors to the elderly through transfusions are further exploring and advancing the medical benefits, reversing the aging process as well as applied treatment for a host of human diseases and maladies.

VIDEO: Talmudic Jews Believe Non-Jews (Goyim) Are Beasts to Serve Jews as Slaves.  In 2001 the Israeli coordinated 9/11 False Flag was used to send US “Goyim” to war for Israel.

Injecting mice with human teenagers’ blood has been shown to reverse the aging process in mice and apparently carries beneficial effects to every organ studied. Research in 2012 has demonstrated blood from younger mice enhanced the cognitive brain functioning of older mice by regenerating function to near half their age, strengthening both existing neurons and even producing new brain cells, indicating promising results that may rejuvenate the brains of older dementia suffering patients. Isolating the key components in the younger blood that increased 20% of the neural connections in older mice is a long term goal being applied to the aging human brain. This experiment even made the older mice look younger. As of two and a half years ago, the Stanford researchers began administering blood transfusions from young donors under age 30 to older Alzheimer’s patients in order to explore their positive impact to inhibit and potentially cure the out of control epidemic of dementia.

An earlier 2005 Stanford study showed that liver function in older mice was also restored to a younger condition and muscle injuries healed faster, similar to that of younger mice. A Harvard research team in 2012 also experimenting with mice determined that even an aging heart can be reversed with younger blood. The prospect of revitalizing tissue and stem cells appears extremely encouraging. Astounding implications extrapolated from all these recently confirmed scientific findings is that the blood of the young can benefit the old in dramatically profound ways, reversing aging of both internal organs to prior functioning states as well as becoming a potential “fountain of youth.”

A 2015 issue of Nature summarizes the research this way:

In the heart, brain, muscles and almost every other tissue examined, the blood of young mice seems to bring new life to aging organs, making old mice stronger, smarter and healthier. It even makes their fur shinier.

It has also been discovered that young people’s blood carry anti-carcinogenic agents through their bloodstream and thus blood transfusions are being currently explored as potential treatment for cancer patients. Also muscle atrophy resulting from both aging and chemotherapy and radiation treatment may be reversed by young blood and plasma transfusions.

As a related side note, late last November the so called Pizzagate scandal was reaching fever pitch on the internet, linking the Clintons and Podesta brothers to spirit cooking performed by an occult celeb artist who uses semen, urine and breast milk amongst her spirit cooking recipes, and frequently human and animal blood in her art and black occult rituals. When artist Marina Abramovic was reported to drink human blood, observers began speculating that her much younger appearance than her actual age of 70 may be attributed to her intake of young blood. At the time of Pizzagate’s zenith implicating Washington VIP’s for pedophilia, a DC child sex trafficking ring and possible satanic rituals involving child victims, a Time Magazine article dated November 22nd featured a story entitled “Young Blood Transfusions Don’t Cure Aging,” as if timed to directly counter all the child blood rumors swirling about online. Even Hillary’s television appearances during her debates seemed to belie her failing health observed just days earlier, repeatedly losing her balance, her strange facially spastic, seizure-like spells, accompanied by strong suspicion she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Yet her debate appearances showed her looking miraculously vibrant and healthy, sparking heavy conjecture she may have been artificially propped up by massive young blood transfusions. Her confirmed Wiccan past only fueled these rumored claims.

Time Magazine’s odd timing with its junk science totally debunking all previous research conducted this century that has consistently touted the promising connection between young blood and antiaging seems more than coincidental, especially coming from a globalist publication whose parent company is a longtime top Hillary Clinton donor. Of course as a fake stream rag, Time’s been notorious for running the never-ending fake story that the Russians secretly influenced the election, using that flagrant lie as a wag the dog distraction to diffuse humiliating Clinton, DNC and Podesta scandals like Pizzagate, her FBI criminal investigation and the rampant DNC corruption that apparently cost her long anointed victory.

As another billionaire interested in staying young forever, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel has been hyping the importance of young blood, investing millions in antiaging startups like Ambrosia, a company in nearby Monterey currently running clinical trials of blood plasma transfusions (minus the blood cells) supplied by an under 25 age group pumped into the veins of customers 35 years and older willing to pay $8000 a shot. This pay-to-play 2-liter plasma transfusion has been ethically criticized based on both its hefty price tag and lack of a research placebo control group. While Pizzagate was stealing even MSM headlines at the time, science critics in multiple publications warned that even with matched blood type, the recipient may still reject donor blood or plasma, risking a catastrophic, even lethal immune response.

Additionally, with unlicensed stem cell transplants already a booming industry, the even easier means of opening unlicensed blood or plasma transfusion centers is reputedly posing a public health danger. One researcher believes a fully funded longitudinal study (which he asserts does not currently exist) would take up to six years to determine whether or not infusing young blood into older humans will actually increase the lifespan. Meanwhile, ongoing studies are investigating whether the efficacy of young plasma is a viable form of stroke treatment in China and the original Stanford team is continuing to run a double blind trial for Alzheimer patients.

The concept of injecting younger blood into older humans for antiaging purposes has been around for a very long time. Nearly a century ago a notable Russian physician, philosopher, sci-fi writer and early Bolshevik activist named Alexander Bogdanov conducted blood transfusion experiments using university students’ blood on himself and even Vladimir Lenin’s sister with reported positive results. Both Bogdanov and his peers made glowing anecdotal testimonials that injection of young blood took 10 years off the doctor’s appearance in a remarkably short time span. But history of renewed health through ingesting children’s blood dates back millenniums.

Ancient Cultures Engaged in Ritualistic Practices of Drinking Human Blood

Drinking human blood is embedded in a myriad of ancient civilizations from the Mesopotamians and Hebrews to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Folklore fables of the undead partaking in the flesh and blood of humans originates in virtually every ancient culture around the world, most often the perpetrators being demons or spirits. The oldest known blood drinking deity was Lilith, the underworld goddess from Jewish mythology that first surfaced in the Babylonian Talmud between the third and fifth centuries. But Lilith can be traced to even earlier roots in Mesopotamia, Samaria and Assyria.

The ancient Indian deity Kali was also consumed with secret rituals involving the drinking of blood. Additionally, pre-Colombian, Norse, Germanic and ancient Persian legends also include blood drinking. According to Egyptian mythology, the gods Osiris and his brother Set, abandoned by their parents at birth, were raised by a mysterious black arts family, bestowing special powers to Osiris. It’s believed that offerings to Osiris were of flesh and blood as well as sacrificial human corpses. Later in this article the connection between Osiris and the Freemasons and Satanism will be further unveiled.

The Greek goddess Hecate and her daughters were closely associated with magic, sorcery and temple rituals involving blood (despite ancient Greek law forbidding it). Also Lamia, the Greek queen of Lybia, was portrayed as an evil woman who drank children’s blood for secret power and robust health.

Though Christianity also prohibits this practice, one ritual that includes symbolically drinking the blood of Jesus suggests that pre-Christian cults regarded blood rituals as highly important. Thus for at least 5,000 years, near universally, people from cultures all over the globe were aware of and practiced rituals involving the consumption of human blood.

Animal and human sacrifice has always been used to ostensibly appease worshipped gods and deities. Though animal sacrifice has historically been far more common, right up to today ritualistic ceremonies involving draining and drinking youth blood, sacrificing babies, children or other humans at the altar, even resorting to cannibalism, have all been standard fare amongst a number of civilizations over lots of centuries. But aside from appealing to the gods to win a war or reap a bountiful harvest, these dark, barbaric practices were also rooted in the enduring belief that children’s flesh and blood rejuvenate and empower those who partake, keeping them young, strong and powerful. Supported by recent revelations of modern science, the ancient practice of raping and butchering children in ritualistic satanic sacrifice on an unprecedented globalized scale today renders its full exposure to stop this evil all the more urgent. We must seek justice now for all the children through the ages who’ve been so heinously victimized by the most powerful, most evil murderers in human history.

First the Jewish Caveat:

Revisionist Jews from intelligentsia, politics and religion have willfully hijacked and falsified history, starting with the gross exaggeration of holocaust fatalities dying in Nazi concentration camps in order to forge an unlimited sympathy-guilt factor that firstly secured the Jewish State three years after WWII by an enforced theft acquisition of Palestinian land right up to this day. Zionists have deployed that same victim card as their bogus excuse to aggressively push their Greater Israel Project to expand its borders, start wars, kill Muslims, divide and conquer the Middle East, the US and the world, as well as steal nuclear secrets and material from the US, secretly build up a menacing nuclear weapons arsenal and threaten to annihilate enemies and allies alike with the Sampson Option, and continue collecting almost $4 billion a year in military aid from financially strapped US taxpayers tired of paying for war, as US Empire still fights Israel’s expansionist wars and lending complicit free pass approval to apartheid’s ongoing brutally relentless genocidal crimes against Palestinian Arabs. All this apparent power and control over America begs the answer to the question why? Is America being blackmailed?

But there’s more. All the while, the entire world has been prohibited from addressing this dark ugly reality or even registering criticism against the Jewish State for all its unpunished crimes without being charged with an anti-Semitic hate crime. By deploying AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith around the world as weaponized truth silencers and libel assaults, regularly engaging in character assassination, harassment, blackmail, bribery and constant anti-Semitic name-calling against anyone brave enough to violate the PC muzzle by simply mentioning the murderous pink elephant in the room, the truth about Israel’s 7 decade long criminality rarely gets spoken these days, much less ever consequenced. Through the bribery power of Rothschild-Rockefeller wealth, weaponized against any political candidate unwilling to be bought, sold and owned by Israel, the US continues to subserviently carry out the psychopathic bidding of Zionist overlords of global chaos, control and destruction.

Israel getting away with the murder of 34 American sailors and injuring 174 more aboard the USS Liberty in 1967, only to be covered up by LBJ, and then little more than three decades later, co-conspiring with more US traitors – the Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld neocons – in the 9/11 slaughter of 3,000 more Americans, it’s finally time for the Satanist worshipping globalists inside the international crime cabal governments of Israel, the US and EU to finally pay for their countless, unforgiveable crimes against humanity, starting with the pedophile empire waging war for centuries against our planet’s innocent children. Tragically, the most visible victim of holocaust has become among the most blatant offenders today. Let’s face it, Israel and the Zionists have been getting away with unspeakable sins for way too long. Telling the truth automatically targets anyone for wrongful anti-Semitic accusations, but tiptoeing around and staying silent, fearing recrimination only encourages more aggression and criminal violence from the perpetrating usual suspect.

That said, it should go without saying that criticism against Israel or specific Jews, past or present, in no way should vilify all Jews. Obviously it’s inexcusable to make gross generalizations about any group. Many Jewish people oppose apartheid and do not agree with their government. In the same way that the 30 million dead in this world since WWII come at the hands of US Empire aggression doesn’t mean that the American people pulled the trigger or had anything to do with it. They and Jews should not be blamed and hated for the sins of their governments. The bankers, military industrial complex, the CFR, presidents, warmongering Congress members and US military are the culprits. Americans do not want war. No nation’s people really want war. Yet through controlled corporate media propaganda, the elite has ensured that war is seemingly endless and unavoidable. Again, we the people must hold the planetary controllers who plot and wage war fully accountable. And it is with this aim that this article has been written.

Additionally, it bears mentioning that for millenniums the people of Jewish faith as well as people from the Jewish diaspora have been historic victims of inhumane persecution by others, often Christians. The Black Plague in Europe spawned a horrific blame game by ignorant Dark Age Christians that some believe mark the precursor to Hitler’s genocidal crimes centuries later against Jews and other targeted groups. Anti-Semitism and racism still remain a human curse, and can never be justified. But the notion “once a victim, always a victim” does not grant carte blanche license to punish critics who speak truth citing very confirmed Israeli/Jewish transgressions. What’s done in history is done. But sadly, we humans fail to learn lessons and appear to keep repeating the same fatal mistakes without end. Seeking to acknowledge the truth, however horrific, is neither anti-Semitic nor racist.

This next section addresses a little known abhorrent chapter in Jewish history, exposing incidents involving bloodthirsty religious fanatics, engaging in ritualistic human sacrifice.

Ritualized Jewish Blood Sacrifice (from Middle Ages – 21st Century)

Again, the Jews are not alone in human sacrifice. Over the centuries many cultures have been guilty of this shameful practice. Based on recently uncovered evidence, ancient Greece may be the latest civilization that conducted child sacrifice. A teenage boy’s remains were found last August in an identified location reserved for animal sacrifice to Zeus. Other known ancient cultures that regressed into sacrificing fellow humans are the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, the Carthaginians, the Etruscans (from Italy’s Tuscany region), the Celts, the Chinese, Hawaiians, Aztecs and the Incas. Today it’s still practiced in places like India and Africa where children’s purity and innocence are believed to make sacrifices all the more potent. Coming full circle, this examination focuses primarily on evidence that satanic sacrifice of children currently being practiced by cults and secret societies in Europe and North America, hidden in plain sight with global child sex trafficking rings, it’s likely being practiced all over the world. Its history reminds us only that it’s never stopped.

The Jews’ ancient forebears, the Israelites, burnt children alive at the altar of Moloch. From the Old Testament comes the Israelite warrior Jephthah who proclaims if granted victory over his enemy, he’ll sacrifice the first “whatsoever” that comes from his house to greet him upon his return. It just so happened to be his virgin daughter and unlike with Abraham, this time God didn’t intercede and the Semitic child was sacrificed around 1125 BC. The Old Testament fails to mention exactly how she was sacrificed. But according to prescribed methods for animal sacrifice, Jephthah or the temple priest would slit the daughter’s throat, drain her blood, cut off her arms, legs and head, cut up her torso in sections while smearing blood around the altar and burning her flesh… pretty gruesome. Additionally, several other Jewish kings in the Old Testament sacrificed their children burning them alive. Jews in Carthage in 300 BC who worshipped Baal were also offing their kids. The practice of abducting a non-Jewish stranger, bringing him to their Jerusalem temple, cutting his body up and sacrificing a gentile every seven years was first documented by Greek philosophers and historians Apion and Damocritus in 168 BC, well over a century before Christ.

Since the Middle Ages in Europe, traditionally at times of Passover, celebrating Israelites freedom from slavery in Egypt, most frequently led by local rabbis, there have been Jews who have periodically abducted and ritualistically murdered Christian children. There are literally hundreds of documented cases. In Prague in 1067 six Jews killed a three year old child, puncturing his body to drain his blood that was then given away to other Jews in another city. Less than 80 years after King William Norman first brought Jews to Great Britain in 1066, in 1144 in Norwich Jews apprehended their first Christian child there named William and crucified him on the eve of the Passover ritual in symbolic replication of killing the king of the Christians. But the child’s relative was educated monk Thomas of Monmouth who wrote a book about his murdered relative in an effort to alert parents. In 1290 in Oxford another Jew was caught after a ritual murder of a gentile, resulting a month later in England banning all Jews for the next four centuries. Spain later followed banishing all its Jews from its borders in 1492.

Though early on Jews were generally brought into Western Europe as the kings’ tax collectors and considered monarchy property, legally well-represented by the best attorneys money could buy, the Jewish child murderers were rarely found innocent. The deniers are quick to claim that the Jews found guilty were tortured into confessing their crimes. But by law at a later time given the opportunity to recant when not under duress, most didn’t, often going to their execution still boasting about what they’d done, proudly viewing themselves as loyal martyrs for their Jewish faith, rather than feeling remorse or upset over being falsely accused.

Jews accused and brought to trial for murder and found guilty repeated the same ritualistic crime, sequentially circumcising their child victims, then systematically torturing and crucifying them to drain their blood used in Passover rites ceremony. The Christian blood was as an ingredient mixed with wine for Passover unleavened bread. Blood was also used in healing potions as well as for cabbalist curses. Rabbis were always present in these murders to ensure the extracted blood and flesh were kosher which permitted it to be bottled and sold as a black market commodity, not unlike today’s Israelis as the prime movers in control of the international human organ trafficking operations.

The most infamous of these ritualized cases in Europe occurred in Trent, northern Italy in 1475. The murdered boy was Simon of Trent who until a few years ago was a celebrated saint until the Vatican succumbed to the Jewish thought control PC police. Over twenty of these Jewish murdered children were made into saints. Based on historic court records and two sets of SOP confessions by the accused Germanic speaking Jews, a scholarly review written by Ariel Taoff analyzing all available evidence concludes that Simon was murdered on the Passover eve that year for the expressed purpose of religious ritual sacrifice.

Yet the term “blood libel” is the customary Jewish practice and automatic response that flatly denies that any of these crimes ever once took place, despite even Jewish historians and scholars admitting that these atrocities did in fact occur. One such brave critic is respected writer-journalist Israel Shamir who astutely makes the valid point that as a matter of state policy, more innocent Palestinian children have been brutally murdered by Jews in recent years than the sum total of all Christian victims since the Middle Ages. If given the fact that Jews in cold blood have been methodically murdering non-Jews en masse in recent years, why is it so hard to believe that Jewish extremists over many centuries targeted and killed less children for being non-Jews? Being a persecuted European minority steeped in rigid Talmudic tradition that degrades non-Jews to lowly animal status, the underlying psychological and historic dynamics are sufficient to provide motive for the crimes. University of Jerusalem Professor Ehak Spinzak stated that Talmudic extremists “believe that it’s God’s will to commit violence against goyim” (gentiles). Wholesale denial that ritual murders of Christian children never took place, chalking it up to the tiresome “anti-Semitic” catch-all label cannot dismiss away the mountain of evidence.

Talmudic Judaism and Cabbalism Meld into NWO Satanic Practice

The Pharisees were the Jews in charge of the temples at the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry who also wrote Talmudic Law. Seeing how the Jewish leaders were money changers exploiting their own people with usury and corruption, Jesus actually threw a tizzy fit inside their not so holy temple, upending coffers and tables, rightfully calling it a “a robber’s den,” and the “synagogue of Satan.” It wasn’t until this dramatic clash that Jesus the insurrectionist posed such a threat to the corrupt authorities that ultimately his fate was sealed. With the Federal Reserve the private central banks run largely by Jews getting richer by printing fiat money out of thin air to charge interest and collect taxes to pay back interests on nonstop US wars, now $20 trillion in the red, our debtor nation and haplessly bled citizens are still usury slaves. Sadly in 2000 years, times have not changed at all, and, with humanity on the brink of total self-destruction, times have only grown worse.

Between the third and sixth centuries, “learned” rabbis recorded in Hebrew their oral teachings and laws they claim were handed down by to them Moses, calling their finished product the Talmud, the holy book for people of the Jewish faith that supersedes the Old Testament. Yet the Talmud is extremely hateful and racist, touting blatant Jewish supremacism. Direct quotes from the Talmud readily tell the story. Jews are ordered to view non-Jews as animals (Yebamoth 98a) and beasts (Baba Mezia 114b). Even the best of the “goyim” should be killed (Soferim 15). Talmudic law encourages Jews to deceive gentiles, any way to take advantage for a Jew’s self-gain at non-Jews’ expense, even resorting to murder and committing adultery if it can be rationalized as best for the nation of Israel.

Moreover, the Torah, considered Jewish Written Law, apparently embraces pedophilia:

If a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for having intercourse with a girl less than three years old is like putting a finger in the eye (Ketubot 11b).

… Intercourse with a boy under nine years old is not considered a significant sexual act… (Ketubot 11b).

A decade ago when Israeli soldiers were on another bloodbath killing spree against Palestinians in Gaza, Sephardi chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu wrote a letter to the prime minister advocating indiscriminate murder of civilian women and children. Unfortunately far too many in the Knesset agree and the ethnic purging as official apartheid policy has been allowed to drag on year after bloody year with total impunity… despite a growing consensus of disapproval from other nations that never amounts to any real consequence to Israel. Another prominent rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual advisor to the Shas, a religious fundamentalist party and chief coalition partner in the Israeli government, echoed the Talmud dogma, claiming “the sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews.”

Perhaps the most raw, unadulterated account by one brutally honest, reprehensible Jewish American who four decades ago braggingly exposed the ultimate power and arrogance that the Jewish elite aka mafia wields in America through complete control over the media, banking, entertainment, academia and political bribery business disclosed in one 1976 interview with a 29-year old congressional aide of then New York Senator Jacob Javits. Harold Rosenthal’s gleeful, boastful pride, bitter contempt and hatred toward non-Jews for their dupability and sheer ignorance permeates his every scathing utterance. Essentially Rosenthal admits that his “chosen people” riding atop the global power pyramid answer to only one god – Lucifer. Because he reveals far more in-depth truth than his fellow chosen brethren care to have on public record, several months later Rosenthal met an abrupt end as a suspected murder victim of a Mossad hit job thinly veiled as an attempted Israeli airliner hijacking.

Three weeks after Israel and the neocons with a little help from their Saudi friends pulled off the greatest false flag in history, boldly out in the open was former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2001 when he arrogantly declared:

We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know.

And just to show how preferential the US is to Israel, the elite think tank responsible for all US wars in the last century – the Council on Foreign Relations, requires every member to be an American citizen except two, current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The Talmudic tradition is Judaic law and Cabbalism is hidden Jewish mysticism practiced for millenniums and forwarded into modernity by the Ashkenazi Jews of central and western Russia and Eastern Europe [and now Israel], also known as the Khazars. This form of Judaism dates directly back to the warlike Babylonian ruler Nimrod (later renamed Marduk) and his Temple of Baal (meaning “lord”) located in the presently recaptured Syrian city Palmyra where a couple years ago ISIS destroyed the 2,000 year old Temple of Baal or Bel (as well as ancient Roman ruins).

The Babylonian deity Baal subsequently evolved into the Greek deity Osiris, representing the birth of ancient pre-Christian pagan religions in the Middle East and Greece. And each of these deities unmistakably shares underpinnings of the fallen angel Satan. An estimated 97.5% of today’s Jewish State population claiming to be of Hebrew descent, are actually Ashkenazi Jews descended from the Turkish-Mongol Khazars, reclaiming their “roots” in the Jewish homeland, all share ancestors who never once set foot in the Holy Land of the Middle East. In fact, the DNA of the native Palestinians being exterminated are the true Semites. So much of the Jewish story as part of the greater human story is built on lies, cover-ups and hoax. A growing number of researchers and analysts have referred to the Khazarian mafia running the international crime cabal that’s used interchangeably with the Satanic Cult of the All Seeing Eye. A mix of some evil non-Jews and some evil Jews working together for Satan are in the process of culling the human herd down from 7.5 billion of us presently to just a half billion shortly. That puts 14 out 15 of us in their eugenics crosshairs.

A year ago in New York City and later London (and in “1000 other cities” to come) a near five story high replication of the famous Baal arch was constructed as part of the Rockefeller created United Nations UNESCO’s World Heritage site, also supported by the financially endowed Harvard University Masonic Lodge. The Baal arch as the temple gateway served as a portal to the worshipping altar of the pagan god that many today believe represents Satan. Paganism as practiced by a plethora of ancient cultures has been defined as a religious system based on the worship of the fallen angels.

After constructed exhibitions in New York and London, for the third time the Babylonian archway was once again on full prominent display two months ago for the opening of the fifth annual World Government Summit held in Dubai, attended by 4000 world leaders from 130 nations. Among the notable globalists paying homage to the satanic fallen angel was UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres, IMF Director Christine Lagarde (two months earlier awarded another 5-year term as IMF head despite avoiding a year in prison for her conviction approving a large taxpayer payoff to a bogus French billionaire’s claim), and Elon Musk who in Dubai was busily advocating the merger between humans and machines and touting globalist socialism. Sovereign nation destroyer Obama attended the first of these NWO conferences back in 2013. For three days in mid-February 100 speakers pontificated their one world “utopian” government and their elitist design to promote globalism, multiculturalism, statism, Big Government, social engineering, and UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 sustainability. At these NWO kumbayas like this one, the Bilderberg meetings and Bohemian Grove soirees, the elite’s busily plotting our demise right before our eyes.

Judaism’s “Dirty” Stepchild: 17th – 18th Century Sabbatean-Frankist Movement

There exists a little known sub-branch of Judaism that the Orthodoxy would prefer to bury in its revisionist, subversively repackaged design on human history. The Jewish establishment of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries declared the renegade Sabbatean-turned-Frankist movement heresy in back-to-back centuries in order to formally distance itself from the then flourishing, “embarrassing” Jewish offshoots taking hold. Though the movement’s followers were supposed to have died out shortly after the deaths of their messianic leaders Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791), their ideology, values, beliefs and practices sure didn’t, and today they very much remain alive and thriving. Our upside down Orwellian world is presently living in an age of deceit, where so called good is actually evil and lies are broadcast as truth. Now posing as the satanic Cult of the All-seeing Eye, its demonic influence is visible everywhere in today’s world through gradual successful infiltration in recent centuries into all domains of earthly power and control.

Sabbatai Zevi was of Spanish Jewish descent originally from Smyrna, Greece until banned as a false prophet from his hometown at age 25. Zevi promptly found a new residence in nearby Salonika, rapidly rising to prominence there as an ordained Sephardic rabbi and kabbalist claiming to a receptive audience that he was the long awaited Jewish Messiah. Sabbatai Zevi generated a devout following that was most active within the Ottoman Empire of modern day Turkey, although his reach spread quickly into Europe.

At the height of his fame and influence at age 40, ten years prior to his death, the Sultan Mehmed IV gave the imprisoned Zevi the choice, die or convert to Islam. So the charismatic con man chose to avoid martyrdom by saving his own neck as a Muslim in name only. The sultan then bestowed the title “Keeper of the Gate” on Zevi who began a close working relationship with the Shia Bektashi Sufis. According to renowned researcher and author Gershom Scholem, the Sabbatean movement was “the largest and most momentous messianic movement in Jewish History,” captivating over half the world’s Jewry at the time. But on the low, Sabbatai continued practicing his own heretic guru-esque style of hedonistic, orgiastic ritualized, “feel good” Judaism.

The year that a Jew named Columbus “discovered” a New World to conquer and colonize for the flag he sailed under – Spain in 1492, was also the same year and nation that kicked out all its Jews. The subsequent Jewish migration to Ottoman territory that opened its borders to the newcomers, brought a large influx of Jewish immigrants to where Sabbatai Zevi’s family settled. The prevailing culture and climate a century and a half later that Zevi was born and raised in was steeped in religious oppression and “end of the world” anxiety for Jews. When in 1648 Sabbatai’s doomsday prediction failed, he declared himself the new messiah.

His radical departure from run-of-the-mill Judaic stoicism, promising not only redemption but an alternative lifestyle of secret magic bestowing wisdom and power, the gift of prophecy, direct communication with God (Zevi himself) and his angels, and a sensual smorgasbord of unbridled sexual liberation and carnal ecstasy. Sabbateanism “freed up” humans from their inescapable trap of sin-based, guilt-ridden fear and dread of God’s moral judgment and eternal wrath. Zevi preached that as imperfect beings, the way to the divine is following the path of sinful bliss (i.e., doing the opposite of what is “good” and “righteous”). By 1666, the year the Satan worshipper became a closeted Jew in Muslim clothing also was his second bust at predicting the end of the world. But just the same, his hedonistic brand of religion caught on bigtime, spreading through both Europe and the Near East.

Unlike the highly chauvinistic rabbinic Judaism that prohibited women from attaining positions of public stature and religious or state authority, Sabbatai’s runaway rebellious sect embraced women for full membership and active enlistment in its messianic prophetic ranks, which back in the 16 and 1700’s was unheard of, greatly adding to its popularity and appeal. Because Zevi’s widespread influence and messianic message extended beyond Turkey and Greece to Eastern Europe especially, his hardcore Sabbatean adherents lasted well into the 19th century, though his diehard faithful gradually dwindled in numbers after his death. Many of his followers also converted with him in name only to Islam (known as   Dönmeh), others returned to conventional rabbinic Judaism. But Sabbatai’s particular brand of anti-Talmudic religion amassed quite an appeal for its time, formally rejecting normative Jewish law, openly embracing Cabbalistic mysticism with messianic fervor of redemption that many Jews avidly sought through his unorthodox, radicalized approach to Judaism.

But within a few short decades in the vacuum created by his death, the prominence of Sabbateanism was to be resurrected and given new, even more invigorated life by another charismatic messianic Jewish con man named Jacob Frank, who boldly sold himself as not only the reincarnate of Sabbatai Zevi but the biblical patriarch Jacob as well. Hailing from Podolia, Poland (now in Ukraine), Jakub Lejbowicz may have been the son of a rabbi and a Zevi devotee, even as a young boy in Poland rejecting the Talmud, and later priding himself on being an “untutored man.” As a traveling merchant, Jacob Frank lived a good part of his young adult life in Turkey amongst a Sabbatean stronghold where his Polish-Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity had the Turkish locals calling him Frank, a name that Jacob willingly allowed to stick. It was at this time that he is believed to have also converted, like his predecessor before him, to Islam Sabbatean-style.

Frank was everything Zevi was, except he took evil up a notch or two, preaching, “Since we can’t all be saints, let’s all be sinners.” He was a master at reverse psychology, claiming the best way to imitate God, is to violate every conceivable boundary and taboo under the sun. Ritualized orgy-fests featuring wife swapping, incest and pedophilia were his commandments. Sabbatean-Frankists practiced witchcraft and animal as well as human sacrifices.

At age 29 he returned to Poland where he gathered quite a following of Sabbateans. The ambitious upstart openly defied all traditional Jewish law, proclaiming himself part of the holy trinity, posing a direct threat to local conservative Talmudic rabbis who sought to have him and his followers excommunicated. Frank contacted the Roman Catholic bishop that presided over all religions in Poland, calling for a disputation where the anti-Talmudist leader presented his case as a believer in Jewish Zohar cabbalism that doesn’t conflict with the Christian holy trinity doctrine. The bishop ruled in Frank’s favor, ordering the burning of all copies of the Talmud in Poland. But a year later, the bishop died and without his ally, the outraged rabbis persecuted Frank and his tribe with a vengeance, despite Frank obtaining an edict issued by Poland’s Augustus III protecting his growing Sabbatean clan.

In dramatic response to his stiff rabbinic opposition, Jacob Frank declared himself the direct successor of Sabbatai Zevi, assuring his burgeoning flock that he was receiving his revelations straight from heaven. In line with Frank’s political strategy to align himself behind the power of the Roman Catholic Church as a defensive buffer against his Jewish establishment enemy and avoid the gallows, he arranged a second disputation with the rabbis again under the auspices of the Catholic Church. But by that time the Christian arbiters had become suspicious of the antinomian Frankist movement and its purported reputation promoting adultery, incest and pedophilia. Frank had always gone out of his way to be publicly crude and brash, often boasting of his sexual prowess and debauchery. It appeared his sexual self-aggrandizing had finally caught up with him.

The skeptical Church authorities required more concrete evidence beyond just words that Frank and his devotees were righteously motivated for conversion to Catholicism. So to curry favor, the renegade zealot ordered mass baptism and in 1759 he and 500 Frankist Jews were baptized. This shrewd move facilitated Polish nobility to becoming his and his baptized converts’ godparents, with Augustus himself agreeing to be Frank’s godfather. Over the next three decades in Poland, the Frankists swayed close to 30,000 Jews to become baptized Christians.

Despite the official holy water bath, the Catholic Church remained unconvinced of Frank’s “spiritual” sincerity due to his strange doctrines, promiscuous deviance and rumored religious orgies, and in 1760 Jacob Frank was arrested for heresy and imprisoned at a monastery for the next thirteen years. However, becoming a jailed martyr only helped his diabolical cause, for his popularity only grew and the satanic infiltration of the Catholic Church and European royalty was underway and taking root.

The wide phenomenon of the “crypto Jews” (from Greek word “kryptos” meaning hidden) whereby Jews posing as religious converts, especially during the reformation and renaissance period of the 15th-17thcenturies, infiltrate other religions (i.e., the Sabbateans to Islam and Frankists to Christianity), yet secretly retain their hidden Jewish identity and religious doctrine; also co-related is the Jewish propensity of frequent name changing (albeit partly due to avoiding anti-Semitic persecution). But the demonic subversion of secret societies permeating top echelons of global power across the diaspora in finance, government, big business, mass media, communication arts and academia by both crypto Jews and Jewish globalists alike cannot be denied.

Returning to the dangerous Satanist and false messiah Jacob Frank, he saw himself above all previous religious patriarchs, including his own inspiration Sabbatai Zevi, faulting them for their unsuccessful search for God, much less their shortcoming for failing to actually be God. In Frank’s warped world, all laws supporting the existing order had to be abolished. Frank’s perverse thinking was that nothing short of overthrowing and destroying society could possibly save humankind. Only anarchy and revolutionary destruction of every religion and positive belief system would clear the deck for rebuilding life cast in Luciferian “light.” He believed the religious baton had passed from Judaism to Islam and now it was his turn for his “true believers” to outwardly turn to Catholicism while secretly worshipping him as the true messiah and living God.

Invading Russians eventually freed Frank from prison in 1773, the same year the Satanist Frank met with fellow Satanists – Jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt and banker gangster Meyer Amschel Rothschild, of the Khazarian-descended, wealthiest Jewish family in the world. Funding would flow to both Weishaupt and Frank once Weishaupt agreed to accept Frankist doctrine and the satanic grand plan was thus launched by the unholiest trinity ever. Three years later in Bavaria Weishaupt would formally resurrect the ancient Order of Illuminati that on May 1stwill be 241 years old. The three conspired to secretly and methodically take over the world by subterfuge, deception and devilry. Chief financier would be Europe’s wealthiest family, corrupter and infiltrator of Freemasonry, the Catholic Church and governments would be the Illuminati Weishaupt and Frank would continue subverting and conquering the big three religions as well as the political domain.

Jacob Frank lived out the last 18 years of his life in opulent luxury, the last few years in a castle in the German city of Offenbach just south of Frankfurt, the benefactor of Frankfurt resident Rothschild, plus crown support from royal courts of Poland, Russia and Austria, as well as his thousands of loyal followers. Frank took the title Baron, whether legitimately given him by Austrian archduchess and Queen Maria Theresa or not. Gradually Frank’s daughter Eva took over his powerful sect as “holy mistress,” although she too lived above her means and with her wealth drying up after the Napoleonic Wars, she died in 1816.

But the poisonous die had been cast. The Frankist Cabbalistic secrets were combined with the philosophical ideals of Enlightenment to lay fertile groundwork for conflict, revolution and bloodshed. Frankist infiltrators populated the Hapsburg administration. The Freemasons, Illuminati and Frankists were secret allies in movement through European aristocracy and nobility. Intermarriage amongst prominent families consolidated power. Frank’s nephew Moses Dobruschka changed his name and entered Hapsburg society as a Freemason. As the Satanists collectively wheeled and dealed, faithful to their mission to create chaos out of sin, massive revolt, conflict and world upheaval followed. Rothschild-Frankist-Freemason-Jesuit members were actively behind the American and French Revolutions, Marxism, Zionism, the Bolshevik Revolution, pro-incest Frankist Freud, and the archduke assassination triggering WWI. Since virtually every war has been ignited by a conspired false flag event, involving secret satanic societies, it would be a safe bet that the Frankist-Freemason-Illuminati-Jesuit-Rothschild nexus is the All-seeing Eye mastermind.

Slowly but surely over the next couple centuries, their secret plan and vision has come to near full fruition. With Frankist Satanist and other secret society plants saturated in the world of politics, big business, finance, media and entertainment, they’re now vying for full implementation of their New World Order, complete with one world government, one world religion and one world army, just a world war and collapsed world economy away.

Many Jewish scholars and writers that only learned of Zevi and Frank from recent books about their life and movement are quick to discard these two messianic cult leaders because, from their Jewish perspective, each converted to an “enemy” religious camp and thus are viewed as irrelevant footnotes, “black sheep” heretic losers leaving an unwanted, shameful stain on Jewish history. What these armchair critics dismissively fail to realize is that Zevi and Frank’s “anything goes because I’m your [satanic] god” ideology and subversive perversion that has co-opted and infiltrated not only three major religions but Freemasonry, and the elite’s power structure is the embodiment of the Illuminati Satanist cult that controls virtually everything on earth. So writing these two guys off as forgotten nobody’s proves only that ignorance is anything but bliss.

The Rothschilds financed the Sabbatean-Frankist movement and, along with a dozen other family bloodlines, are the New World Order’s gold card members atop Satan’s private club, controlling all Western governments (and a lesser extent Eastern ones as well) and the entire Western criminal financial enslavement system that’s ready to crash, global child sex trafficking and human organ trafficking networks worldwide, the globalized mass media empire’s demonic mind control brainwashing as well as the globalized war machine currently plunging humanity into World War III. So it’s more than foolish to underestimate the powerful impact that these two so called “footnotes” have had on human history.

Talmudic Heresy Traditions Converge with Freemasonry to Deliver Luciferian Bloodlust of Pedophile Sex Rings

Turning to Zevi and Frank’s indispensable NWO ally, the Freemasons’ own encyclopedia makes perfectly clear who the Masons worship:

The promise of life is Osiris. The great doctrine, the great revelation of all the true Mysteries, is that Osiris lives: but he is known by other names. We also, as Masons, look forward to union… with Osiris… To be united with him forever.

Perhaps the most infamous of the Freemasons – Albert Pike, once said, “Masonry is identical to the ancient Mysteries.” Pike also reveals the plain truth that the light of his lord is not God but Lucifer himself:

Lucifer, the Light-bearer!  Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness!  Lucifer, the Son of the Morning!  Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls?  Doubt it not!

So the light that every Masonic initiate seeks in actuality is Luciferian darkness. The constant theme by which all these pagan satanic cults operate is through deceit, twisting and inversing everything to obscure truth. Its presence in today’s Orwellian doublespeak world is in our face at every turn.

As Egyptian pagan god Luciferian worshippers, the Masonic Lodge is also obviously a pagan religion, incorporating all the Luciferian and cabbalistic rituals, doctrines, symbols and occult philosophies rooted in secret Egyptian deity worship. The most well-known Masonic symbol – the square and compass, prominently displayed on Masonic lodges and temples around the world, is strikingly similar to the highest symbol of the occult, the Jewish six pointed hexagram star found on both Israel’s national flag and virtually every Jewish synagogue. As if that’s not glaring enough, the Jewish six-pointed star is also called the Star of Moloch, the satanic god by which children are sacrificed, the same god Hillary’s staff references in an email.

Like the sexual imagery on full display in Egyptian pagan worship and ancient Jewish mythology, Freemasonry is also flooded with phallic imagery in both the obelisk architecture as well as Masonic hexagrams and triangles. And the finishing piece to this satanic hexagram story is that the only reason it’s on the Israeli flag and has come to symbolize Jews is because Mayer Amschel Bauer centuries ago decided to change his name to Rothschild and post the hexagram outside his door, later making it his family coat of arms. Why would Jews choose as their national flag anything even remotely to do with a satanic god that sacrifices children? In keeping with the Frankist chaos and conflict mantra, the Rothschilds, the Zionist founders and the Rockefeller funded United Nations spearheading the birth of the Jewish State in 1948 were no real friends to the Jews. Their loyalty lies much closer to Satan.

The Old Testament refers to the Canaan god Moloch, but other ancient cultures like the Israelites and Egyptians also worshipped Moloch and practiced child sacrifice, and today it’s still being worshipped and practiced through secret occult societies and religious sects like Freemasonry, Sabbatean-Frankism, Illuminati and the Jesuit Order that all share the same fallen angel Lucifer. Such close parallels between Masonry, Talmudic Judaism and Sabbatean-Frankism as offshoots from the same source, the pagan Egyptian Star deity that shares the same secret occult ties as Skull and Bones and the Illuminati all have one thing in common – they all worship Lucifer and answer to Satan.

Freemasonry and the Jewish State bearing direct homage to Egyptian pagan roots also manifest through shared statues, motifs, art and architecture. Hebrew University and Israel’s Supreme Court building both feature the Egyptian obelisks and Masonic design. Another illustrative example is the Masonic memorial that includes a large Egyptian pyramid showcased on a boulevard in the city of Eilat, Israel. Finally, the founder of the modern Illuminati order and Freemason dabbler and infiltrator Adam Weishaupt was bankrolled in the late 1700’s by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and much of the occultic Egyptian and Masonic-themed architecture and motifs located throughout Israel and springing up across the planet today, all by satanic design, have been funded by that wealthiest Jewish banker family synonymous with New World Order Satanism. A look at the physical layout of America’s own capital city Washington DC is also rife with Freemasonic Luciferian symbols.

Pretty much all the top level Masons who have ever written about their secret organization and its history, near unanimously praise Lucifer. Biblically speaking, Lucifer and Satan represent the same fallen angel that Freemasons, Frankists, Illuminati, Jesuits, all worship as their god, in contrast relegating Jesus to “inferior god,” “just another man” status. As we explore Freemasonry and its worship of Lucifer, it’s important to distinguish between the highest levels that do worship Lucifer and Satan (and the 33 degree Masons that run the world), and the vast majority of lower degree Masons who do not worship Satan nor run the world. Lower degree Masons simply don’t have access to the sinister truth of their superiors. Again, there are many good Masons like there are many good Jews just like there are good lower level FBI and CIA agents. It’s the ones at the top that are the evildoers.

Understanding Freemasonry symbols and examining Masons’ writings, it becomes more than clear that they do in fact worship Satan. Albert Churchward, another Masonic writer, points out that the common Masonic symbol of the triangle with the upward pointed apex represents Set, Osiris’ Egyptian pagan god brother as well as one of the infernal names for Satan. This same satanic triangle on the back of every single US dollar bill, the larger pyramid triangle just below the smaller all-seeing eye triangle is also the earthly triangle symbolizing what 33 degree Masonic author George Steinmetz calls “the perfect or divine man.”

Another singular thread through all these pagan religions maintains that human mortals in these secret clubs that bestow power can become God. Well known twentieth century author-mystic and 33 degree Mason Manly P. Hall wrote, “Man is a God in the making…” Yet another Masonic writer Joseph Fort Newton proclaims, “… to the profoundest insight of the human soul – that God becomes man that man may become God.” So the Masonic allegiance is to the pagan Egyptian god Osiris that’s synonymous with the Lucifer/Satan god, certainly not the monotheistic one God worshipped by every major religion – like the Christians, Torah worshipping Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists and on and on.

Like the six-pointed star as a central iconic symbol, the 5-pointed pentagram star is yet another significant link that Freemasonry shares with Satan. The Masons use two 5-pointed stars – the one with just one point upward representing the “good” Lucifer and the star with the two-points upward the “evil” Satan. All it takes is a 33 degree clockwise or counterclockwise turn to shift the good one-point star into the evil satanic two pointed pentagram. And with the 33 degree Masons so actively bent on destroying our world, there’s no coincidence in their symbols.

Touching on the history of Freemasonry, the oldest Masonic lodge dating back to 1599 is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, complete with its 6-pointed star etched into sandstone above its entrance. Stonemason guilds existed in Scotland and England during the Middle Ages, but the oldest meeting minutes still existing come from Scottish lodges in 1599. The official Grand Lodge of England began in London in 1717, which is the date formally credited for Freemasonry’s founding.

The famous 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad held at Meyer Amschel Rothschild’s German castle was a who’s who amongst Satanists because, per Rothschild’s edict, it invited all the secret organizations in Europe numbering 3 million members together for the first time. Wilhelmsbad also marked the first occasion where Jews were admitted as Masonic Lodge members per the Rothschild-Frank-Weishaupt contract drawn several years earlier. After the 1782 conference the Illuminati dominated Freemasonry as it was no longer seen as a competitor but a conjoined secret partner forging the same sinister schemes. Weishaupt set about using his Illuminati and Jesuit Order to control the Vatican. Assassinations of the king of France and emperor of Austria were voted on and planned. In March 1792 a Masonic Jew killed the Austrian emperor. That same month Sweden’s king also went down.

Many of America’s founding fathers were Masons, including George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, John Hancock, James Monroe and Chief Justice John Marshall. This list of great Americans speaks to life’s complexity that one may belong to an evil organization yet still be good. Indeed one third of the US presidents and many of the top European leaders have been high degree masons. Back in December 2011 the EU and Freemason honchos got together to plot Europe’s future. No doubt an NWO favorite – multiculturalism – and the mass migration debacle to come, designed to destroy the continent, must have been high on their agenda. The Freemasonry organization currently boasts over 6 million members worldwide.

Political instability through subversive cloak and daggery plotting wars, murders, overthrows, blackmails, betrayals, all perpetrated by Satanists, have been plaguing this planet for eons of time. Regardless which particular brand of Satanism is practiced, the Talmudic, Cabbalistic or Sabbatean-Frankist Jewry, Freemason or Jesuit, Skull and Bones or Illuminati, CFR or Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger or Rome of 300, all are fast track avenues to the top of the psychopathic food chain, where debauchery like pedophilia and incest is the norm, their common denominator being Satan.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their ilk preside over Satan’s secret societies. A few photos from a 1972 Rothschild Illuminati Ball are quite revealing. Another fitting gesture is eyewitnesses that have dined at the Rothschild family estate in England insist that a place at the dinner table is ritualistically and faithfully set for their favorite invited guest and god Satan. Initiates of all the satanic organizations whose members are running the world amok have all taken oaths swearing to never divulge the truth behind their evil deeds and secrets. Those who’ve gone public or exposed the diabolical truth risk death.

With Satanists reigning full control over all earthly affairs, incisive author and observer Henry Makow succinctly sizes up our present predicament:

Society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media, think tanks, foundations, NGO’s, professional associations and major charities are totally in the hands of the central banking cartel. Intelligence agencies report to the central bankers. They and Masonic secret societies are a central part of the mechanism of control. Society is helpless to address its real problem: the untenable concentration of wealth, power and cultural influence in the hands of Cabbala-believing bankers secretly intent on culling or enslaving us. Mankind is being put into a coma based on sex and money. The last thing the bankers want to do is awaken the cattle from their slumber.

Today’s Satanic Bloodlust: Ritualized Rape, Torture and Murder Involving Blood-Drinking, Flesh-Eating Elitist Pedophiles

As an extension from ancient times, the folklore legend of vampires in Romania and Bulgaria that author Bram Stoker made famous in Dracula (based on the real life of Vlad the Impaler) stems from sucking the blood of young victims as the elixir to eternal life. In recent years Hollywood’s romanticized obsession over vampirism and zombies is no accident, methodically promoting a glorified image of consuming human blood as the lifeblood sustenance that leads to eternal life. To notable extent in the same way mainstream media has overtly attempted to normalize pedophilia, aided by popular culture, vampirism has also been casually presented as if it’s a mere life choice, a cult bonding likeminded fetish aficionados, though the “vampires” themselves would maintain that their compulsion for sucking and drinking blood is not a volitional act but an actual physical craving and absolute need, just like any other highly addictive substance. Likewise, through the ages satanic blood drinking and pedophilia have acted as mainliner drugs in the ritualistic blood sacrifice of children.

The fact that actual traumatized victims secrete the stress hormone adrenaline into their bloodstream and body moments leading up to death chemically acts as an addictive drug for the murdering Luciferian elite that engages in cannibalism and imbibes on blood. Numerous accounts from courageous survivors detailing their horrid satanic abuse have come forth over the years providing lots of credible, convincing testimony. A woman calling herself Kendall recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show describing her many years of captivity within a child sex slavery ring where Illuminati figures raped and forced her to eat body parts of sacrificed children. In 1989 while a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Vicki Polin disclosed that she was an incest survivor trapped in a Satanic Jewish cult where ritualized abuse occurred in her synagogue. Her “upstanding” Midwestern family was part of the secret Frankist Movement, dedicated to following the worst, most depraved Cabbalist traditions while worshipping Satan.

Franklin scandal victim Paul Bonacci testified that on July 24th, 1984 he witnessed a child sacrifice killing of a young boy he was forced at gunpoint to have sex with at the infamous pedophile summer camp, Bohemian Grove where the elite regularly gather to pay homage to their version of Baal in the 40 foot stone owl statue called Moloch. Bonacci even identified bizarre journalist-author Hunter Thompson as an attendee making a snuff film. The night before Gonzo’s “suicide” in early March 2005, Thompson told a friend, “They’re gonna make it look like suicide. I know how those bastards think.” Hunter was working on a 9/11 story about how the WTC towers really came down. Often those who know too much and want to reveal what the controllers don’t want people to know, die suddenly in a “suicide” cover-up.

And obviously for blackmail control over the politician puppets, pedophilia, cannibalism and murder are often caught on film. The planetary controllers deploy Mossad and the CIA to regularly entrap elitist stooges through pedophilia rings. Mossad used convicted child sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his Sex Slave Island to get the dirt on scores of powerful scum still in power in Washington.

With Pizzagate/PedoGate exposing the global child sex trafficking rings that have been operating for many decades, pedophile scandals are being uncovered on a near weekly basis in the United Kingdom and Europe, Australia, Canada, and America involving a massive interlocking global operation. And raping children, blood draining and drinking, and murdering child victims have been a permanent fixture since ancient times. This presentation has encapsulated that long horrifying history that has led to this current epidemic. But we are finally turning the corner now on this despicable human blight, and the momentum is swinging towards growing public awareness and outrage, pushing for accountability and justice for our children.

The next section documents one eyewitness exposed to this satanic pedophile empire.

One Illuminati Whistleblower’s Recent Firsthand Account of Ritualized Child Sacrifice

Dutch entrepreneur Ronald Bernard was interviewed recently based on his extended involvement in the international crime cabal’s darkest domain. He openly disclosed that for five years he operated at the top levels of power in Iraq and elsewhere, directly involved in currency exchange money laundering enormous amounts of cash across borders. His work included interfacing with central banks, national governments, various deep state players like the CIA and Mossad, transnational oil corporations and US-Israeli-Saudi backed terrorist organizations, all the while maintaining as low a profile as possible to avoid detection. As a money handler employed in illicit global smuggling operations involving drugs, weapons and global child sex trafficking, up close and personal Bernard encountered the Luciferian world of the globalist crime cabal, at the heart of the US war making Empire machine, witnessing child pedophilia and children being ritualistically sacrificed.

Mr. Bernard explained how his blind ambition and lust for money led him on a path toward becoming a psychopath, but when he saw little kids being raped, tortured and murdered, his long buried conscience quickly shot to the surface. He astoundingly realized how the Luciferian worshippers all around him at the top of the predatory food chain detested human beings and in fact life itself. It sickened Ronald to see how his peers had literally sold their soul to the devil in exchange for all the riches, decadent luxury and sexual depravities big money and power buy. But like every organized crime syndicate, once you’re in, it’s extremely difficult getting out. After refusing to play the game any longer, and enduring torture on multiple levels, he underwent a protracted period of living hell, experiencing total breakdown of both his mental and physical health, ending up in a hospital ICU. An out of body experience and cathartic spiritual transformation granted him the courage as an Illuminati whistleblower to speak out, revealing his riveting, harrowing story. His account fully exposes the demonic barbarity of the soulless beast that is the hidden satanic cult currently running this world.

Satanic Snuff Films and Cannibalism

I must warn the reader that the content and imagery evoked from a graphic description of two snuff films seen by an individual who wrote about what he’d viewed years later is extremely disturbing. For the faint of heart, too disturbing. The films obviously left an indelible imprint that would never be forgotten. It seems like a very real glimpse into the dark world of Illuminati Satanists caught on film in action, cutting the throats of two toddlers, draining their blood, and then two cooks on camera instructing how to prepare and cook human flesh for dinner guests wearing masks that cover their eyes. It’s so shocking it seems like a devil’s cooking show from a Fellini movie.

The next scene is at the dining table with the guests and host couple. All are Satanists. The host has recently hired a young man for an executive position in his company, and he and his wife are the special guests. They’re filmed eating the two children. The new employee and his wife are nervous but the ten other people at the table are jovial. After the meal comes dessert and a wine toast followed by the host lecturing his new hire on treating the general public like peasant and cattle, emphasizing how different they the elite are from the sub-human animals that they detest and can barely tolerate. Finally the servants come out with two trays that they take the covers off to expose the toddler’s heads. The young man and his wife convulse with shock and the husband vomits. They just passed their initiation into the “good life” of the upper crust Illuminatis.

The second film is even more disturbing. A young homeless pregnant woman has been taken in by the Illuminati under the pretense of receiving support from a social charity service. She has been set up in an apartment and provided medical care for her child’s birth. The film features the same host who has invited the young mother to dine with the same satanic friends including the young couple from the last film. The mother wants to see her baby but the host claims she’s being taken care of by a nurse and wants to get to know her without the child distraction. They end up serving the mother her own baby’s flesh. The idea amongst these psychopathic monsters is the more evil the act, the more you’ll be rewarded by Satan. When the tray of her child’s head is displayed, the woman of course begins flipping out uncontrollably. Though the film ends there, the young mother was murdered shortly afterwards.

The reason the two murder scenes were made available for the writer to view is the Illuminati member tasked with making the films showed it to him. Though a Satanist himself, he had become upset with the child sacrifices and was trying to get the leadership within the Illuminati committee to be purged. So he’d kept copies of the snuff films and showed them to people he was unauthorized to give access to. He had renounced his Satanism and become a Christian but when higher ranking members learned he’d let others watch the films, he was murdered.

Skeptics can easily scoff that this story could easily be fictional, and of course that’s true. But knowing that little children are brutally murdered and filmed, and Satanists eat children’s flesh, this account appears both realistic and credible. Take it for what it’s worth. I include it here at the end to leave a graphically sober and jarring impression, so that motivation and determination to halt this heinously insane savagery can build and spread the world over.

We must stop the slaughter of our children!




The Chemistry in Contrails

The most important discovery made during the research for this paper was the discovery of the optical toxicity of the chemtrail-particulate plasma, and the way it disturbs the cell communication and the electrical cell-potential of plants. Within the publication the scientific background on biophoton-research and the biophysics of the deterioration of plantlife is described in a manner of a hornbook, to introduce all aspects of science not tought at universities. Most of this paper was written in Norway and reflects all aspects of geoengineering, military technologies and transhumanistic technologies utilized by the intelligence community for surveillance and mind-controll purposes. Also, it reveals the black-magic background of the transhumanistic agenda.

Because of the political explosiveness of the content I put this text into a public domain status.

Harald Kautz Wella

TheChemistryinContrails  (download)



Research connecting contrails to increased appearence of cirrus clouds

Back-engineering JP-8 military jetfuel, detection of JP-8 pollutants in nature

Understanding the technology of chemtrailing, compared to industrial flame pyrolysis

Scripts on non-linear optics, scientiffic background of scalar applications

Introduction to biophoton-research

Pro geo-engineering literature

Whistle-blowing on US radio-show

  • power hour, national broadcast show on chemtrails, partI
  • power hour, national broadcast show on chemtrails, part2
  • power hour, national broadcast show on chemtrails, part3

HAARP-background information

Political Background


This set of articles offers an overview on the different diseases caused by the geoengineering conducted today, i.e. by the application of transhumanistic technologies by the intelligence community. The first focus is on neuronal nano-bots, which create an interface between radiosignals and the nervous system. The implementation of this interface is partly responsible for the genesis of degenerative old age diseases. The second condition focused on are the Morgellon-related diseases. Morgellons are designed to implement an interface between radiosignals and the human biophoton-system.

The aim of these publications is to give doctors and healing practitioners a guideline for the therapy of these conditions. If you suffer from one of these conditions, and the medical establishment does not know how to help or prescribes psycho-pharmaceuticals, simply print out and force your doctors to overcome their cognitive dissonance. Diet-based prevention as well as food-supplements and curative protocols for old age diseases, Morgellons and the autism spectrum are suggested.

By Harald Kautz Wella


The identification of Autism-related Ropeworms as of Morgellon origin



TSE & Creutszfeld Jakob as a Result of Airborn Piezoelectric Nanocrystals, Organo-Phosphates, Heavy Metal Poisoning and Malnutrition.



Fiber Disease, Intestinal Pseudo-Parasites, Delusional Parasitosis & Autism. The Multiple Facets of the Morgellon Condition Explained.



Available Diets, Supplements and Remedies to Counteract Candida-Related Disease, Degenerative Old Age Disease and Conditions out of the Autism-Spectrum.




I mantra

I mantra sono vere e proprie formule magiche, dal punto di vista della mentalità occidentale.

In realtà sono solo canti, o parole, recitati continuamente che inducono un’alterazione dello stato di coscienza e delle vibrazioni del corpo, potendo riarmonizzare, equilibrare, energizzare, tranquillizzare, o produrre altri tipi di effetto.

Il mantra più famoso al mondo, e forse il più semplice, è il noto “OM” o AUM, che è la base di tutti gli altri (tecnicamente non è un mantra, ma una bija, una parola seme, essendo il matra vero e proprio composto da più parole).

Molto diffusi in occidente sono anche il mantra “Nam myo ho renghe kyo” tipico del Buddismo di Nichiren, e l’Om Mani padme hum del buddismo tibetano.

Essi sono veri e propri strumenti di elevazione spirituale, di meditazione, o in alcuni casi vere e proprie formule magiche con effetti sulla realtà circostante. Basti dire che in India esistono circa un milione di mantra conosciuti, e alcuni servono per curare malattie, o risolvere determinati problemi.

Per la tradizione spirituale indiana e per alcune tradizioni buddiste (come quella shingon) il mantra dovrebbe, per tradizione, essere trasmesso da discepolo a maestro; ognuno dovrebbe avere un suo mantra personalizzato, e non dovrebbe essere oggetto di diffusione.

Ma esistono molti mantra che sono invece di larga diffusione, affinchè ne possa beneficiare l’umanità senza particolari complicazioni, che sono stati trasmessi da maestri illuminati e donati al mondo per il benessere di tutti.

Il mantra si basa sull’idea della potenza della parola e del suono in genere. Il suono è – come è noto – vibrazione, e dato che anche il nostro corpo fisico è energia che vibra, ogni suono, e ogni parola emessa nell’ambiente, avrà un effetto sulla realtà circostante.

Per capire quanto il suono possa incidere sulla realtà materiale è sufficiente verificare che una musica ad alto volume è in grado di rompere i vetri di una stanza, o di perforare i timpani di una persona.

La musica invece ha il potere di influenzare gli stati d’animo, o di far crescere bene o male una pianta.

E’ stato poi di recente dimostrato con una serie di esperimenti fatti da Masaru Emoto, che i cristalli dell’acqua soggetti a parole diverse assumono forse diverse: assumono forme e colori armonici se si avvicina una fonte di suoni dolci, o forme e colori disarmonici e brutti se sottoposti a suoni sgraziati e violenti.

Ora, se noi consideriamo che il nostro corpo è fatto per l’80 per cento di acqua, possiamo immaginare quanto la musica o i suoni dell’ambiente circostante possa influenzare lo stato psichico e fisico del nostro corpo.

Partendo da questi assunti di base, possiamo affermare che il mantra è un suono che ha il potere di riequilibrare l’organismo, e migliorare lo stato di salute psico fisica.

Ogni mantra quindi non è solo la ripetizione del nome di un Dio, al fine di lodarlo, o una formula religiosa, ma ha anche il fine di incidere positivamente sulle cellule del nostro corpo e migliorare il nostro stato di salute, o ottenere effetti di altro tipo sia nel mondo materiale che spirituale. Il mantra va infatti recitato nella lingua originale, e non nella sua traduzione, perché il suono è formulato in modo che abbia un effetto particolare sulla mente e sul corpo.

L’idea della potenza del suono e della parole non è tipica solo dell’induismo, ma è presente in tutte le culture, in tutte le tradizioni, e in tutti i testi sacri.

Il vangelo di Giovanni, ad esempio, inizia con “in principio era il verbo (o la parola, a seconda delle traduzioni) e il verbo era Dio e il verbo era presso Dio”.

Nella Bibbia Dio creò uomo, animali, e tutto il resto del creato, per mezzo della parola, ed assegnò a ciascuno un nome.

Nell’islam il corano va recitato salmodiandolo con una cadenza particolare, ed esistono scuole e insegnanti addetti solo a questo compito, che è una vera e propria arte. Il musulmano infatti prega con il corpo (mudra) e con la parola, che recitata in un determinato modo assume il valore di un vero e proprio mantra.

Nell’ebraismo c’è l’idea che le singole lettere dell’alfabeto ebraico abbiano poteri magici, e quindi sono molteplici le formule ritualistiche proposte per ottenere effetti benefici su mente e corpo (la più nota delle quali è la recitazione o la meditazione con le 22 lettere dell’alfabeto). In particolare, nello Zohar c’è l’idea che Dio abbia creato il mondo emettendo le 22 lettere.

All’occidentale che trovi strano ed arretrato la recitazione di un mantra possiamo offrire alcuni spunti di riflessione.

In primo luogo le società segrete ed esoteriche, da sempre, conoscono i mantra, che non sono chiamati in tal modo ma “formule magiche”. La formula magica recitata dal mago o dall’esoterista è un mantra, e si basa sullo stesso principio, che è quello della potenza delle parole.

In secondo luogo, tutti conosciamo non solo la potenza della musica sul nostro stato di benessere, ma anche il potere della parole nella nostra vita quotidiana. Un bambino che viene apostrofato come incapace fin da piccolo crescerà con questo concetto nella mente per tutta la vita, influenzando negativamente la sua vita.

Le parole quindi, hanno un potere enorme di influenzare la nostra vita quotidiana. Quello che l’occidentale (perlomeno quello a digiuno di concetti esoterici) deve capire, è che tale potere è molto più grande di quello che comunemente si pensa.

Partendo da questi assunti, il mio consiglio, per chi non riesce a meditare correttamente o lo trova troppo noioso, è quello di provare a recitare un mantra per un periodo di tempo, al fine di verificarne gli effetti sulla propria vita. Il mantra infatti è più facile da recitare, alcuni sono recitabili in auto o mentre si attende ad altre occupazioni, il che consente di iniziare una pratica spirituale approcciandola con cautela e per piccoli passi; una volta verificati gli effetti della recitazione, si sarà senz’altro indotti ad approfondire alcune pratiche spirituali e la filosofia ivi sottesa, e gradualmente si sentirà le necessità di passare a pratiche più impegnative dedicandovi più tempo e più concentrazione.

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La cura dell’uva si fa assumendo 1 o 2 kg al giorno di uva lontano dai pasti, preferibilmente solo uva, a volte uva di mattina e fichi freschi nel pomeriggio, o anche semplicemente uva di mattina e a pranzo, e verdure crude, seguite da patate e legumi a cena. Diuretica, lassativa, eliminatrice di acido urico e di tossine in genere, questa cura provoca una ipersecrezione biliare. Bastano anche 3 bicchieri di succo d’uva al giorno lontano dai pasti per disintossicarsi rapidamente. Anche l’uva passa è preziosa in quanto mantiene le sostanze preziose dell’uva fresca, perdendo solo il contenuto in acqua biologica.
Il succo d’uva è considerato un ineguagliabile latte vegetale. Lo zucchero d’uva, il succo zuccherino dell’uva, è dotato di qualità incredibili: 1) Digeribile, 2) Energetico muscolare e nervoso, 3) Rimineralizzante, 4) Disintossicante, 5) Stimolante dell’intero sistema, 6) Decongestionante epatico, 7) Rinfrescante, 8) Colagogo (da cholé=bile, e agogòs=che fa uscire), 9) Diuretico, 10) Lassativo ed antiputrescibile, 11) Ringiovanente, 12) Prezioso in gravidanza (al pari di banana, ciliegia, fragola, ribes, mela e pera), 13) Prezioso contro l’astenia e come sostegno al superlavoro, 14) Prezioso negli sport di resistenza, 15) Prezioso negli stati febbrili acuti, 16) Decongestionante della milza, 17) Antiartritico, contro reumatismi, gotta e litiasi, 18) Contro pletora, obesità e ritenzione idrica, 19) Prezioso per la salute dei reni, contro l’azotemiae gli edemi, 20) Anti-intossicazione, 21) Contrasta i disturbi da ipertensione, 22) Contrasta stipsi ed enteriteri, 23) Ottimo contro le dermatiti, gli eczemi e le foruncolosi, 24) Ottimo eliminatore di acido urico, 25) Antiemorroidale, 26) Contro le intossicazioni croniche da mercurio e da altri metalli pesanti.

Wer sind die gnostischen Archonten und ihr Demiurg?

Über die Archonten wissen wir vermehrt seit 1945 die gnostisch-heidnischen Schriften bei Nag Hammadi gefunden wurden.

Ein Fünftel dieser Schriften befasst sich mit nichtmenschlichen (interdimensionalen) Manipulatoren, welche die Gnostiker ARCHONTEN nannten. Diese Wesen machen eigentlich das, was man bei den Christen vom Satan oder Teufel und den Dämonen kennt: Sie benutzen das Denken der Menschen, manipulieren ihre Gedanken oder setzen ihnen völlig neue ein, um ihre gesamte Wahrnehmung nach ihrem Ermessen zu verändern und ihr Handeln zu ihren Gunsten zu lenken. Dazu fand ich diese treffende Beschreibung:

Die Archonten sind intrapsychische Mindparasiten, die vom menschlichen Geist durch Telepathie und Simulationen (der Wirklichkeit) Besitz ergreifen. Sie ahmen Wirkliches nach, infizieren unsere Vorstellungen und nutzen die Macht der Illusion, der Täuschung und der Verwirrung.
Sie tun dies einerseits zu ihrem eigenen Vergnügen, ohne einen bestimmten Grund oder ein Ziel zu verfolgen. Andererseits ist dieses „Vergnügen“ auch Nahrung für sie. Unsere Ängste, Kummer und emotionalen Tiefs sind deren Hochgefühl und gleichzusetzen mit einer königlichen Nahrung, da sie sich von diesen Energien ernähren. So sind Kriege, Katastrophen und die daraus erwachsenden emotionalen Angst- und Panikzustände im wahrsten Sinne ein gefundenes „Fressen“ für diese Gattung anorganischer Lebensformen.“


In ihren Texten beschrieben die Gnostiker diese Archonten als Reptiloide (Reptilienwesen), ähnlich wie wir die Beschreibungen heute aus der Ufologie als Reptos und Greys kennen.

Diese Archonten sind die Erfinder der RELIGION an sich, welche sie dann nach und nach wegen dem Grundsatz des Teilens und Herrschens in verschiedene Gruppen unterteilten. Sie sind die Erfinder der


welche ein Sammelbegriff aller Glaubensillusionen ist, den man aufsplittern kann in einzelne Glaubensdenominationen, sowie Geheimlogen und satanische Organisationen (z.B. Bohemian Groove, B’nai B‘rith)

Warum sind die Schriften über diese Spezies eine Rarität? Die menschlichen Führer der Religionen (Marionetten der Archonten) haben natürlich seinerzeit dafür gesorgt, dass der archontische Ursprung der Religion aus den vorhandenen Evangelien-Schriften verschwindet und alle gnostischen Schriften vernichtet wurden. Von daher war der Fund der Nag Hamadi Rollen von immenser Bedeutung!


Trickreiche Meister der Täuschung

Die heidnischen Gnostiker sahen in den Archonten „Geister der Täuschung“: ich würde sagen, es handelt sich um die Dämonen und ihren Anführer aus der Bibel. Sie sind energetische Wesen, die im Bereich der Erde nur dadurch agieren können, dass sie den menschlichen Verstand besetzen und den Menschen dadurch steuern. Nur so können sie in unseren Frequenzen überhaupt etwas erreichen. Das erklärt auch, warum sie durch die besetzten Lehrer die Verstandesleere lehren. Das schafft Freiraum für sie!

Ihre Spezialität ist es etwas, was bereits existierte in einer verdrehten, umgekehrten Weise zu imitieren, denn sie können nichts selbst erschaffen, was für die Benutzer dann zu völlig anderen Ergebnissen führt als erwartet. Die Gnostiker nannten das „Phantasia“.

Mittlerweile haben sie in allen Bereichen des menschlichen Lebens absolut alles verzerrt, haben Gerechtigkeit, Wahrheit und Gesundheit auf den Kopf gestellt und – sie sind die wahren Erfinder von Gennahrung und Genderwahn, von Kindersex und ISIS-Terror und haben jeden verdammten Krieg hier auf der Erde angestiftet und sind gerade dabei einen 3.Weltkrieg zu forcieren, indem sie die Menschheit durch die Medien in ihrem Denken manipulieren. Alle Medien sind archontische Marionetten!


Noch einmal ein treffendes Zitat:

„Jehova – der Hochstapler

Diese bizarren intrapsychischen Mindparasiten sind nach den Aussagen der Codices Lakaien des Demiurgen, des falschen „Schöpfergottes“ der Bibel. Wir kennen ihn alle unter dem NamenJehova. Die Codices nennen ihn beim richtigen Namen: Yaldabaoth!

Mit dieser Sichtweise und Identifikation Jehovas als Demiurg, dem Vater der christlich-jüdischen Traditionen, haben die Gnostiker einen Frontalangriff auf jene gemacht, die ihre Religion auf ein angebetetes „(männliches) höchstes Wesen“ gegründet haben. Volkstümlich ausgedrückt: sie haben Jehova als Hochstapler enttarnt.  Und „Gott Vater“ steht plötzlich als ziemlich „übler Finger“ da. Was jedem Menschen mit gesundem Menschenverstand nach einer kurzen Lektüre der Bibel ebenfalls sofort klar sein dürfte. Das da nicht der „liebe Gott“ am Werke ist, sondern viel mehr ein blutrünstiger Psychopath ist wohl offenkundig.“


Der biblische ELOHIM ist ARCHON und Jaldobaoth – der Archonten-Pseudo-Gott

Im Folgenden zitiere ich David Icke aus „Die Wahrnehmungsfalle“, S.112 Icke befasst sich mehr als ein Drittel seines Lebens mit der Forschung zum Thema!

„Laut den gnostischen Texten dienten die Archonten dem „Demiurgen“, einem „Scheingott“, der die materielle Wirklichkeit, so wie wir sie wahrnehmen, erschaffen hat. Der Demiurg wird in den gnostischen Texten auch als der „Gott Archon“ bezeichnet. Ihm legte man die Worte in den Mund: „ Kommt lasst uns einen Menschen nach dem Ebenbild Gottes erschaffen, der uns ähnelt“. Der hebräische Saturngott El und der biblische „Elohim“ entsprechen dem gnostischen Gott Archon/Demiurg und seinen Archonten. Sie unterscheiden sich nur dem Namen nach……was durchaus Sinn ergibt, denkt man an die Massenmorde des jüdisch-christlichen Gottes Jahwe/Jehova, die sich durch die ganze biblische Geschichte ziehen….. Jaldobaoth war ein weiterer Name für diesen satanischen „Gott“, den die Gnostiker mit dem Demiurgen in Verbindung brachten. Andere gnostische Schulen setzen den Demiurgen mit Satan, Ahriman, Saklas, Samael oder Choronzon gleich.

(Anmerkung Maggie D.: Der Kreis schließt sich dennoch wieder, wenn man bedenkt, dass die Juden ja zugeben, dass ihr Gott Luzifer ist. Der Tenach nennt ihn Jahwe, der HERR, JHWH. Luzifer, Satan, Jahwe, Yaldobaoth – alles ein und der Selbe Schizo!)

Nach gnostischer Überzeugung war es der Demiurg, der hinter der Erschaffung von „Adam“ – auch Adam Kadmon („der erste Mensch“) genannt –stand. Das passt genau zu der von mir seit Langem gehegten Überzeugung,dass die hier als Archonten bezeichnete Macht den Menschen genetisch manipulierten. So schuf sie einen Körpertypus (einen biologischen Computer-Typus), der sich für ihre Zwecke der Unterwerfung der Menschheit am besten eignete. Die Gnostiker bezeichneten Adam als „Anthropos“, als das erste menschliche Wesen. Ich würde ihn eher als die erste menschliche Ausprägung des neuen genetischen Typus nennen.

Wenn man die wahre Natur des jüdisch-christlichen Gottes Jehova/Jahwe aufdeckt, wird klar warum die römische Kirche mit solcher Entschlossenheit gegen die Gnostiker und ihre Schriften zu Felde zog. Aber was genau ist dieser Demiurg? Eine Wesenheit? Ein Geist? Ein Außerirdischer? Ich möchte den Demiurgen mit einem Wort beschreiben … eine Verzerrung – und das meine ich wörtlich.“

Nun folgt eine Beschreibung von harmonischer Energie/Bewusstsein/Gewahrsein, die Interessierte dort selbst lesen mögen. Ich klinke mich hier ein:

„Aus einer energetischen Verzerrung entsteht das Gegenteil – verzerrte Energie, verzerrtes Gewahrsein, verzerrte Wahrnehmung, Einstellungen und Verhaltensweisen. Etwas ist geschehen, das die Verzerrung bewirkte.Die Verzerrung wurde zu einer Wahrnehmung und Gewahrsein, da alles in irgendeiner Form gewahr ist. Die Verzerrung wurde sich ihrer selbst gewahr. Die Verzerrung sah – ihrer Natur gemäß – sich selbst und alles, was sie überblickte, aus einer verborgenen, fehlerhaften und fehlgeleiteten Sicht der Realität. Die Verzerrung glaubte, dass nur sie allein existiert, denn die Verzerrung verhinderte die Verbindung mit – und das Gewahrsein von – höheren und ausgedehnteren Bewusstseinszuständen. Die Verzerrung, das heißt der Demiurg, hielt sich für den Schöpfer bzw. für „Gott“. Die Gnostiker bezeichneten den Demiurgen als dement im Sinne von „verrückt, verstört, unausgeglichen, irre, krank, gestört oder wahnsinnig“
(Anmerkung Maggie D.: Das kommt mir bekannt vor, siehe „Der Gott des ATs bipolar oder schizophren?“ Jedenfalls behauptet ja auch Jahwe, dass er der Schöpfer sei, derjenige der alles erschaffen habe.)

Um die Menschheit versklaven und kontrollieren zu können, blieben dem Demiurgen und den Archonten in Anbetracht der menschlichen Fähigkeit, sich mit einem über das Reich der Archonten hinausgreifenden Gewahrsein zu verbinden, nur eine Wahl. Sie mussten ihre eigene Verzerrung an die Menschen weiterreichen und sie auf die gleiche Stufe der Ignoranz und Beschränktheit herunterholen – sie tatsächlich sogar noch eine Stufe tiefer stellen. Genau das haben sie mit überwältigendem Erfolg auch getan….“ Zitat Ende

David Icke geht demnach davon aus, dass es Menschen mit hohem Bewusstsein und einer Verbindung zur wahren göttlichen URQUELLE bereits gab, als die Archonten (Anunnaki) unseren Planeten okkupierten. Möglicherweise sind ja auch die sumerischen Tontafeln entsprechend der archontischen Manipulation und verzerrten Wahrnehmung bereits so manipuliert, dass wir uns unserer wahren Herkunft nicht mehr erinnern sollten und so beschrieb man dann eine Neuerschaffung des Menschen aus Archons (Anunnaki) und einem Affen? Verzerrungen wo man hinschaut!

Die Archon-Matrix

Wir leben tatsächlich nicht „das wahre Leben“, sondern das verzerrte archontische Vorbild, denn sie haben uns in ihre Matrix, in ihre verzerrte Realität eingesperrt, uns durch DNS-Manipulation in der Wahrnehmung begrenzt (97% unserer DNS ist blockiert!), sodass wir meinen, was wir sehen sei alles was ist. Nein, lieber Leser! Es gibt viel, viel mehr! Das ist nur eine „Wahrnehmungsfalle“!


Befreien wir uns also, indem wir als erstes einmal unsere Einschränkungen erkennen, sie ablehnen, statt sie zu akzeptieren. Dann folgt Schritt auf Schritt. Es wird uns derzeit aus dem Universum dabei geholfen, uns zu befreien. Schritte müssen wir aber selbst tun: Öffne deine Verstandesgrenzen und befreie dich von uralten einschränkenden Programmierungen. Wir sind weitaus mehr, als man uns weismachen will. Wir sind Lichtwesen, Seelenfunken des einen wahren Gottes, der URQUELLE allen Seins! Verbinde dich wieder mit diesem Seelenfunken, mit deinem Höheren Selbst und lebe aus dieser Verbindung, statt aus deinem begrenzten Verstand. Geh auf Bewusstseinsreise – werde dir mehr und mehr bewusst, wer du wirklich bist!

Aus Liebe zur Wahrheit – Mut zur Wahrheit

Ich wünsche eine erfolgreiche Bewusstseinsreise!

Maggie D.


Der Raub der spirituellen Symbole

Die Rückgewinnung unserer Spirituellen Symbole, die uns geraubt und gegen uns verwendet wurden.

Spirituelle Symbole sind mächtig. Hinter der Fassade der sozialen Normen werden sie in einem verborgenen

Das Supermodell Kate Moss erscheint dämonisch und mit einem umgekehrten Kreuz posierend, während sie wie eine Braut Christi gekleidet ist. Bildquelle.

Krieg verwendet. Nicht nur, dass die dunklen Kräfte die Symbole der schwarzen Magie in Millionen von nichtsahnenden Haushalten verbreiten- darüber hinaus wurden auch noch viele der weltweit grössten spirituellen Symbole des Licht dämonisiert.

Seit Tausenden von Jahren nahmen sich die Kräfte der Dunkelheit des Ziels an, Spiritualität zu zerstören und Bewusstsein zu unterdrücken. Sie haben spirituelle Gruppen, Organisationen und Schulen (wie die Freimaurer, die katholische Kirche etc.) infiltriert, haben deren spirituelle Texte, Lehren, Symbole und Wissen gestohlen. Sie raubten, verzerrten, zerstörten und unterdrückten es.

Wir wurden zurückgelassen mit einer Spur von verwischtem esoterischen Wissen und infiltrierten spirituellen Schulen durch die Geschichte der Menschheit hindurch, wo spirituellen Symbolen des Lichts dunkle Namen gegeben wurden, die verdreht sind und gegen uns verwendet.

Es ist nicht alles, wie es scheint

Die Art, wie sie die Symbole verwendet haben, können einen guten Einblick geben, wie diejenigen, die hinter der Zerstörung der Spiritualität stehen, ihre Arbeit tun. Manchmal verwandeln sie Gutes in Dunkles, indem sie etwas Dämonisieren und negative Verbindungen zu guten Dingen kreieren. Manchmal lassen sie Dunkles gut erscheinen, indem sie Schlechtes glorifizieren und verherrlichen. Und manchmal verbergen sie das Schlechte innerhalb des Guten, während sie hinter und durch Strukturen werkeln, die nur auf der Oberfläche gut sind.

All dies erschafft eine Verwirrung der Massen, wo die Menschen, die es nicht besser wissen, bezüglich der Erkenntnisse des Lichts verbogen werden (genau das, was ihnen helfen könnte), die dann die Dinge der Finsternis vergöttern und sich mit den besten Absichten den Institutionen widmen, die nicht sind, was sie scheinen. So erscheint es als eine sehr ernste Sache, tiefer in der Matrix zu suchen.

Kosmische Ursprünge

Die alten chinesischen Symbol des Yin und Yang, wie in Abbildung heraus die Zyklen von Licht und Finsternis über das ganze Jahr gefunden. Bildquelle.

Symbole haben einen tieferen Ursprung, als viele annehmen. Sie sind nicht nur da, um eine Idee oder ein Konzept zu vermitteln. Sie enthalten universelle Prinzipien. Dies erfüllt sie mit mächtigen Eigenschaften. Zum Beispiel können viele von ihnen in den Bewegungen des Kosmos gefunden werden – der Planet Venus zeichnet ein Pentagramm in seiner Bewegung in Bezug auf den Planeten Erde jeweils innerhalb von 8 Jahren, die Swastika [das Sonnensymbol, das als “Hakenkreuz” verwendet wurde] ist in der Bewegung der Erde durch ihre jährlichen Sonnenwenden und Tagundnachtgleichen zu finden und das Yin und Yang ist eine Abbildung der hellen und der dunklen Hälfte des Jahres.

Warum sind dann kosmische Symbole wie das Pentagramm und die Swastika jetzt mit dem Bösen assoziiert? Warum sind tatsächlich dunkle Symbole, wie das auf dem Kopf stehende Kreuz und Zahl des Tieres, gerade jetzt so “in”?

Symbole, die für die Dunkelheit und für das Licht verwendet sind

Unzählige Nahtod-Erfahrungen, out-of-body Erfahrungen, alte Texte, Religionen, spirituelle Weisheitstraditionen und jetzt auch noch Bereiche der wissenschaftlichen Theorie haben bestätigt, dass es auch andere Dimensionen des Zusammenlebens gibt, die von Wesen besiedelt sind: sowohl von Engeln, als auch von Dämonen.

Alles, was wir um uns herum sehen, einschliesslich uns selbst, ist multi-dimensional. Bislang sind wir uns in der Regel meist nur des physischen Anteils gewahr. Wie alles andere auch sind die Symbole, über die wir hier sprechen eben auch in anderen Dimensionen sichtbar. Abhängig vom Symbol können sie andere dimensionale Kräfte und Wesen anziehen oder abstossen.

“Die durchschnittliche Person erahnt nicht einmal die okkulten Eigenschaften des sinnbildlichen Drudenfusses (Pentagramm). Zu diesem Thema schrieb der grosse Paracelsus: “Kein Zweifel, viele werden über die Siegel, ihre Zeichen und ihre Verwendung spotten, die in diesen Büchern beschrieben werden, denn es erscheint ihnen unglaublich, dass die Metalle und Zeichen [Symbole], die tot sind, jede Kraft und Wirkung haben sollten. Doch niemand hat jemals bewiesen, dass die Metalle und eben auch die Zeichen, wie wir sie kennen, tot sind. Die Salze, Schwefel und Quintessenzen von Metallen sind die höchsten Konservierungsstoffe des menschlichen Lebens und sind weit besser als alle anderen Grundstoffe ‘. ”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Held der Nation, Trendsetter und Idol von Millionen von Jungs – David Beckham treibt Sport, während er ein auf dem Kopf stehendes Pentagramm trägt, das Symbol des Abstiegs des Mannes / der Frau in den Abgrund. Bildquelle


Die Symbole der Finsternis werden in Millionen von Haushalten vermarktet

Die Tatsache, dass die Symbole und Zahlen, die dunkle Wesen anziehen, mehr und mehr in der Pop-Kultur verwendet werden, zeigt nicht nur, dass es dunkle Kräfte hinter diesen Branchen gibt. Wäre es so, gäbe es kaum einen Vorteil für diejenigen, die diese Verbreitung fördern. Stattdessen dringen durch diese Vermarktung all jene Symbole in Millionen von Haushalten ein, sogar Milliarden rund um die Welt, wo sich die Kräfte und Wesen der Finsternis in den Leben der ahnungslosen Menschen ausbreiten.

Die Symbole des Lichts sind verzerrt und verspottet

Darüber hinaus sind die Symbole, die die Kräfte des Lichts anziehen, verteufelt und unterdrückt (zusammen mit jenen, die sie nutzen und über sie lehren). Wirklich gute esoterische Dinge werden als verrückt, kultig und seltsam dargestellt, während die dunklen Symbole und Rituale des Bösen als modisch und innovativ gefördert sind. Da die Symbole des Lichts die Macht und Kraft haben, um die Kräfte des Lichts tatsächlich anzuziehen, besitzen sie die ihnen innewohnende Eigenschaft, die Mächte der Finsternis zu verbannen. Durch dieses Anprangern wird jedoch den Menschen die Möglichkeit genommen, die Symbole des Lichts zu nutzen, um sich gegen “böse” Mächte zu verteidigen.
Auf diese Weise wird die Menschheit sowohl getäuscht als auch entmachtet.

Über die zweiseitige Nutzung der häufigsten spirituellen Symbolen

Eine bewährte Art, ein Symbol für die schwarze Magie auszuwählen ist es, das Symbol des Lichtes in umgekehrt Weise zu nutzen. Dunkelheit ist in einem spirituellen Sinne, das umgekehrte, verdrehte Licht. Damit gibt es auch denjenigen eine eigene Macht, die lernen darauf zuzugreifen. Diejenigen, die im Licht erwachen, nutzen die Kräfte des Lichtes und der Güte, während diejenigen, die im Bösen erweckt sind, die dunkle Seite der universellen Energie gebrauchen (die “dunkle Seite der Macht”, wie es in Star Wars bezeichnet wird).

Diese Momentaufnahme aus dem Musik-Video “Die Young” (Stirb jung) von der Pop-Sängerin Kesha ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür, wie Symbole des Lichts dämonisiert werden. Das Symbol eines aufrechten Pentagramm hängt in einer alten Kirche, wo Kesha orgiastische Handlungen vornimmt. Bildquelle.

Weil die Natur der Dunkelheit die Umkehrung des Lichts ist, erschliesst sich daraus, dass die dunklen Symbole die verdrehten Symbole des Lichts sind.

“In der Symbolik bedeutet ein umgekehrtes Bild immer eine perverse Macht … Der schwarze Magier kann die Symbole der weissen Magie nicht nutzen, ohne dass die Kräfte der weissen Magie auch in ihm wirken, was fatal für seine Pläne wäre. Er muss die heiligen Zeichen daher verzerren, so dass sie die okkulte Tatsache, dass er selbst für die verzerrten Prinzipien steht, die die Symbole nun erwirken widerspiegeln. Schwarze Magie ist keine grundlegende Technik; es ist der Missbrauch einer Kunst. Daher hat sie keine eigenen Symbole für sich. Sie nimmt lediglich die symbolischen Zeichen der weissen Magie und beweist durch das Umdrehen und Wenden derselben, wie zweifelhaft sie ist. ”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Das Pentagramm

Der Transit der Venus in Bezug auf die Erde ergibt alle 8 Jahre ein Pentagramm. Bildquelle

Das Pentagramm, gleichgesetzt mit dem Bösen und der Hexerei, ist wirklich ein zutiefst kosmisches Symbol, das wir in den Bewegungen der Venus (der Morgen-und Abendstern) in Bezug auf die Erde finden.

Wenn es nach unten gedreht wird, zieht es dämonische Wesen an. Es stellt den Sturz des Menschen in die Hölle / den Abgrund und die Herrschaft der Materie (die oberen vier Punkte des Sterns) über den Geist (der untere Punkt) dar.

Ein umgekehrtes Pentagramm, das verwendet wird, um Wesen der Finsternis anzuziehen. Bildquelle.

“Dieses Symbol (das Pentagramm) ist das altehrwürdige Symbol der magischen Künste, und bezeichnet die fünf Eigenschaften der Grossen Magischen Kraft, die fünf Sinne des Menschen, die fünf Elemente der Natur, die fünf Extremitäten des menschlichen Körpers. Mittels der ihm eigenen Seele des Pentagramms kann der Mensch nicht nur alle Geschöpfe meistern und steuern, die ihm unterlegen sind, sondern kann auch Rücksichtnahme von deren verlangen, die ihm überlegen sind. Das Pentagramm wird ausgiebig in der schwarzen Magie verwendet, doch wenn es so verwendet wird, unterscheidet sich seine Form immer in eine von drei Arten: Der Stern kann an einem Punkt gebrochen werden, ohne die konvergierenden Linien zu berühren; es kann umgekehrt werden mit einem Punkt nach unten und zwei nach oben; oder es kann verzerrt werden, indem die Punkte unterschiedlicher Längen sind. Wenn es in der schwarzen Magie verwendet wird, wird das Pentagramm als das “Zeichen mit dem Pferdefuss” oder auch der Fussabdruck des Teufels bezeichnet. Der Stern mit zwei Punkten nach oben wird auch als die “Ziege von Mendes” bezeichnet, weil der seitenverkehrte Stern die gleiche Form hat wie der Kopf einer Ziege. Wenn der aufrechte Stern sich umdreht und der obere Punkt auf den Boden fällt, bedeutet dies den Fall des Morgensterns. ”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Ein aufrechtes Pentagramm symbolisiert den Geist über der Materie und den Aufstieg des Menschen in den Himmel. Bildquelle.

Wenn das Pentagramm nach oben zeigt, bedeutet es den in Richtung Himmel / der geistigen Welt aufsteigenden Menschen, die Materie unter der Führung des Geistes und die Vereinigung des Menschen mit der Gottheit. Heute wird es noch immer verwendet, um Dämonen abzuwehren (ich persönlich trage eines und habe eins in mein Zimmer gehängt) – ist es somit ein Wunder, dass es zu einem Symbol der öffentlichen Verachtung und des Misstrauens verdreht wurde?

Das Pentagramm ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür, wie dämonische Wesen das Wissen von Licht und Wahrheit verwenden und verzerren, um es zu zerstören. Wie ihr im Weiteren lesen könnt, haben sie auch viele andere spirituelle Symbole in dieser Weise übernommen.

Das All-Sehende Auge

Das Logo der DARPA ist der erste Versuch, ein nationales Überwachungssystem einzurichten. Der lateinische Text unter der Pyramide lautet “Wissen ist Macht”. Bildquelle.

Das Markenzeichen der “Mächtigen-die sind[waren]”, der “Neuen Weltordnung” und der “Illuminati” ist das All-Sehende Auge. Es scheint, dass dieses alte spirituelle Symbol missbraucht wird, seitdem die Freimaurerei infiltriert wurde.
Heute ist es soweit verfälscht, dass es eine andere unheimliche Bedeutung hat.

Während es durch die verborgenen Hände der ” Neuen Weltordnung ” genutzt wird, symbolisiert es das Wissen der Dunkelheit, welches von ein paar Eliten übernommen wurde und aufrecht erhalten wird, die es verwenden, um den Rest der Menschheit jenseits von deren Begriffsvermögen unter ihrer Kontrolle zu halten. Das Logo des ersten Versuchs, ein nationales Überwachungsnetz durch DARPA einzurichten, war das All-Sehende Auge auf der Spitze einer Pyramide. Der Zusatz, der es begleitet lautet- scientia est potentia (Wissen ist Macht). Das Wissen um die “dunkle Seite der Kraft” bringt ebenso grosse Macht und dämonische Wesen verwenden es, um andere zu kontrollieren.

Ein Vergleich des Querschnitts des menschlichen Gehirns und das Auge des Ra-Symbols aus dem alten Ägypten. Das Design zeigt auf klare Weise, dass dieses Auge wirklich verwendet wurde, um eine innere spirituelle Vision zu symbolisieren, die durch die Zirbeldrüse hindurch entstand. Bildquelle.

Aber das Symbol, das im alten Ägypten als das Auge des Ra auftaucht, hat auch eine spirituelle Bedeutung – eine, die den Menschen ermächtigt, nicht versklavt. Es stellt das innere geistige/ spirituelle Auge dar, manchmal auch als das “dritte Auge” bezeichnet und beinhaltet die Zirbeldrüse, von der wir nun wissen, dass sie unsere Verbindung zu höheren Wirklichkeiten und Bewusstseinszuständen ermöglicht. Es ist als ein Auge dargestellt- eben weil es nur eins davon gibt (nicht wie unsere beiden äusseren Augen) und sieht dem Design des ägyptischen Auges des Ra unglaublich ähnlich. Dieses dritte Auge kann durch spirituelle Arbeit geweckt werden und ermöglicht uns, jenseits der materiellen Welt zu sehen und wahrzunehmen.

Die Pyramide

Das grosse Siegel der Vereinigten Staaten auf dem Dollar-Schein. Das Geldsystem hat bewirkt, dass Schulden erschaffen werden, um die Welt zu versklaven. Bildquelle.

Das Symbol der Pyramide wird in der Regel vom “All-Sehenden Auge” begleitet, welches auf ihrer Spitze thront. Auch die Pyramide hat eine doppelte Bedeutung.

Für die “Neue Weltordnung” stellt die Pyramide die Hierarchie der Macht und des Bösen dar. Dämonische Wesen agieren innerhalb der Hierarchie, die sich aus anderen Dimensionen in die physische Welt erstreckt. Deshalb wird das Auge oft getrennt vom Rest der Pyramide gesehen, was dann die wirkliche Kontrolle von jenseits der materiellen Ebene bedeutet.

Spirituell steht die Pyramide für eine ganze Reihe von Dingen. Sie wurden von alten spirituellen Kulturen auf t-trinityder ganzen Welt gebaut und sie waren extrem heilige Orte. Während sie später durch Entartung und verschwörerische Kräfte übernommen wurden, bedeuteten die Pyramiden ursprünglich den Abstieg und Aufstieg des Bewusstseins auf dem Weg zur Erleuchtung. Das Dreieck selbst steht für die drei Kräfte des Kosmos, die sich im Mittelpunkt der Spiritualität befinden: den Vater, die Mutter und den Sohn des Universums, welche in der heiligen Trinität rund um die ganze Welt gefunden werden, wie Joseph, Maria und Jesus bei den Christen und Osiris, Isis und Horus in Ägypten, die innerhalb der spirituellen Arbeit vereinheitlicht sind.


Linke Hand oder Rechte Hand

Eine Darstellung von einem dämonischen Wesen in der Hölle / der Infra-Dimensionen mit seinem linken Arm, der den rechten kreuzt. Bildquelle.

In der esoterischen Literatur gibt es viele Hinweise auf einen linkshändigen Pfad und einem rechtshändigen Pfad. Die Initiierten der Finsternis wandeln auf dem linkshändigen Weg und werden mit einem linken Arm oder Bein über dem rechten symbolisiert. Die Initiierten des Lichtes gehen den rechtshändigen Pfad und werden mit der rechten Hand über die linke gekreuzt symbolisiert.

Eine antike Statue des Osiris mit seinem rechten Arm über dem linken gekreuzt (Copyright Olaf Tausch 1.April 2009).

Darstellungen von Menschen mit ihren Armen über der Brust gekreuzt können in weit zurück liegenden Epochen, wie dem alten Ägypten, gefunden werden, wo Pharaonen und Gottheiten mit ihrem rechten Arm gekreuzt über dem linken dargestellt wurden, die wirklich wohlwollende ursprüngliche Quelle des unglaublichen Wissens der Zivilisationen enthüllend.

Die Swastika

Die Bewegung der Erde in ihrer Rotation, welche in dem alten Symbol des Hakenkreuzes / Swastika zu finden ist. Bildquelle.

Nun kommen wir zur Swastika, das heute eines der am meisten stigmatisierten Symbole ist, aufgrund der Verwendung von Adolf Hitler und der Nazi-Partei. Dies ist ein gutes Beispiel für jemanden mit Interesse an Esoterik (Hitler), der jedoch offensichtlich keinerlei spirituelles Niveau hatte und stattdessen die massive Dämonisierung verursachte. Das Hakenkreuz wurde überall in zahlreichen alten Kulturen dargestellt. Darunter ist der Hinduismus am bekanntesten. Es ist überhaupt kein dunkles Symbol, unabhängig davon, ob es sich im Uhrzeigersinn oder gegen den Uhrzeigersinn dreht. Es stellt ein kosmisches Prinzip der Bewegung dar.


Die Zurücknahme des Erbes des heiligen Wissens aus den Händen der Dunkelheit

Ein auf den Kopf stehendes Pentagramm geschickt in einer katholischen Kirche verborgen, dem höchsten Ort der Anbetung, wo es dämonische Kräfte herunterzieht. Bildquelle

Die Zerstörung des Wissen darüber, wie man das Bewusstsein erweckt, ist innerhalb der Arbeit der Dunkelheit absolut unverzichtbar. Die Schmutzkampagne, die durch dämonische Wesen und ihre Eingeweihten in der physischen Welt geführt worden ist gegen diejenigen, die wissen, wie man spirituell erwacht, ist durch die gesamte aufgezeichneten Geschichte hindurch dokumentiert. Auf der einen Seite mühen sich die Eingeweihten des Lichts, um Frieden, Freiheit und Aufklärung in die Welt zu bringen. Auf der anderen Seite zerstören die Initiierten der Finsternis ihre Bemühungen und versklaven stattdessen die Menschheit. Zu diesem Zweck wurden die Schulen des Lichtes und des Wissens infiltriert, beschmutzt, verfolgt und von innen heraus zerstört, ihre Symbole verdreht, verzerrt und dämonisiert und Texte verboten und unterdrückt.

Deshalb erleben wir heute schwarze Rituale anlässlich von Musik-Awards, die Perversion und Verzerrung der spirituellen Symbole in der Pop-Kultur, die Aushöhlung der Werte, die durch die Spiritualität in die Gesellschaft gelangten, der absolute Schwerpunkt für die heranwachsenden Generationen, um von Geburt an im Materialismus verankert zu sein und die Bewegung hin zu einer humanistischen Weltreligion, die jegliches esoterisches (ermächtigendes) Wissen abgestreift hat.

Wir können jedoch das antike Erbe des Wissens aus den Händen der Dunkelheit zurücknehmen. Spirituelle Symbole sind von Natur aus eine intuitive und universelle Sprache, die einmal mehr verstanden werden kann. Und an diesem Punkt haben wir eine wichtige Entscheidung zu treffen: Wir können entweder das Wissen der kosmischen Prinzipien, die diese Symbole enthalten, erlangen oder bezüglich denen, die dieses Wissen für dunkle Zwecke beeinflussen, unbewusst bleiben.


Das Hakenkreuz (Swastika) steht im hinduistischen Indien, im vedischen Indien, für “Güte und das Gute. Verbunden mit der Sonnensymbolik. Das nach rechts zeigende Hakenkreuz hat die Bedeutung von vielverheißend, es symbolisiert den nördlichen Kurs der Sonne und das Erwachen der Natur im Frühling und Sommer. Das Hakenkreuz erscheint im Buddhismus, Jainismus und Hinduismus. Im Hinduismus ist es verbunden mit Vischnu, einer Sonnengottheit. Hakenkreuze werden üblicherweise an Häuser, auf Wagen und an Stallungseingängen angemalt, um das Böse abzuwenden. Das unheilverheißende nach links zeigende Hakenkreuz symbolisiert den südlichen Kurs der Sonne im Herbst und Winter und das zurücksterbende Leben.” (Dictionary of Hindu, Thames & Hudson, London 2002, ISBN 0-500-28402-04, S. 185)

Das Hakenkreuzverbot hat also gar nichts mit Adolf Hitler zu tun. In Wirklichkeit steht dahinter der ewige Antigermanismus des Machtjudentums gegenüber dem arbeitsfreudigen Teutonentum als germanisches Kernvolk. Und das wissen wir von dem Großkriegsverbrecher Winston Churchill persönlich, der 1940 sagte: “Wir müssen uns klar darüber sein, dass dieser Krieg nicht gegen Hitler oder den Nationalsozialismus gerichtet ist, sondern gegen die Kraft des deutschen Volkes. Dieses Volk muss zerschmettert werden, endgültig. Und da spielt es keine Rolle, ob es sich in den Händen eines Hitler oder eines Jesuitenpriesters befindet.”

Embodied anatomy of yoga: your body’s diaphragms

In this series on embodied anatomy you will have the opportunity to experience some of the nature of your anatomy, in a way that directly has relevance and meaning in your life. The clearest and most senseful way to experience embodiment is close to the way it’s designed – the body in relationship to the world. It’s a theme we will return to in each exploration.
embodied anatomy of yoga: your body’s diaphragms
Your Diaphragms form one responsive system, like the skins of a drum.

The way you receive the world through your hands and feet can serve to modulate this whole system, so it’s good to remember to be generous in this receiving; let your feet welcome the ground and let what you touch, touch you back. The state of responsiveness of your breathing diaphragm, that’s also an expression of dynamic aliveness, depends a lot on the whole system and particularly the way you choose to relate to the world around you.

Asana in the landscape and asana only in the body are two very different things. If there is a fixed relating, only a touching, only action based in the body, this will be reflected in all the diaphragms, they stop talking to each other.

In general when we withdraw or disconnect from relationship we tend to feel the need to control.

So enough of the talk, let’s try it out!

Ideally you need a tennis and golf ball. Throughout this exploration, see if you can find an easy ‘peripheral attitude’; so that means also with your senses, we could almost add a metaphorical diaphragm in the eyes – peripheral vision, simply receiving. Notice when something closes, when you over-focus; there’s no need to control, if it’s too much just back-off, or pause – this is all about exploring choice. It may not always be appropriate to be completely open, that we learned after the 70’s. It’s simply a question whether you are willing to be available to the exchange, or not – more like witnessing a dialogue.

So observe your breath throughout, only listening, it’s a guide – if you’re too ambitious you want to know it, to be sensitive to your own timing. It takes time to re-open the capacity to be touched, especially if you live in the city. Many of us are partially ‘touch-blind’, especially in the feet –and these are our ‘postural feet’.

Let’s start with the tennis ball. Since your curiosity will support you most, forget that you know it’s a tennis ball, forget everything you think you know – this will be the same every time we come back to receive ground or any ‘other’. The words are not important, it’s more the experience of how this object touches you. Start with one hand as if the ball is inked-up and you want to slowly paint the whole underside of your hand. First only with a very light touch, just the skin. Not focusing, stay peripheral, not-exclusive. Now observe what you can feel of this object touching you, its texture, temperature, is it wet or dry? Where do you feel this more or less clearly? You are starting at the level of the pores, so which pores are more or less open? If you want them to open, be curious, or you can open a metaphorical tap – to allow the inflow, to be touched. Take your time, it’s ‘bringing the horse to water and waiting till it drinks’, again and again that will allow you to learn to trust your capacity to deal with what touches you.

Then allow it to touch more deeply, feel how this object touches your flesh – so you can discover something more about it, its shape, if its hard or soft, its density. Notice that in some places you lose the object and feel more your hand, if it’s too much back-off or check you didn’t lose your peripheral attitude – this is an important reality checking mechanism. Focusing more on discomfort is like ‘sitting on a branch you are trying to cut’ – come back into circulation. This is the flow of Prana, that we simply allow. Whenever we meet a lot of ‘stuff’ and here its sensation between you and the other, this is key – it will be the same in all your relationships. Then put your mind in the bones of your hand, trace them, but by receiving the impression of the other. When we first meet the world as babies we learn so much about ourselves in this way, this is no technique – this is the language of touch that your body understands, it’s before the words. Then in the wrist, how does this object feel in your wrist? All your ‘sophisticated’ control will only obscure this question, your concepts of tennis ball can never answer this. It may take you weeks to get this far. Then the forearm diaphragm, between the bones. Then the elbow, shoulder, spine, or even your other diaphragms, face – these are both beauty treatments!

Now before the second side try dog and see what happens. Notice what’s fixed in the relationship between you and the ground and space, and what’s breathing, with no augmentation on your part, not interference – the breath is one of your finest listening tools.

When you have ‘done’ both sides, the same with the golf ball and feet – till the ball touches your jaw, till you feel how one side of your face blooms, how this supports your eye and ear to receive the world. This blooming is beautiful, its why even ‘ugly’ babies are beautiful. After one, walk to listen to the language of responsiveness, to compare the music of fine articulation, the sound each foot makes as its touched by the ground. Your foot knows how to respond – there’s nothing to do in Tadasana.

I often know which student is approaching, much about the state of their nervous system and more just from the sound of their walk.

Now try some postures that involve an active relationship of hands and feet with the ground, listen to your breathing diaphragm to see how impressed your hands and feet are by the ground, or if you are only talking and not listening. There is much to learn to here.

from Yogi Times