What is Colic in Babys?

Babies normally cry when they’re wet, hungry, sleepy or need to burp, it’s their way of communicating. But colic is a whole other story, during these episodes nothing helps for more than a couple of minutes, no matter what you do.

Colic is the medical term for excessive crying of what otherwise appears to be healthy baby. They usually begin within the first few weeks of the baby’s life and go away on their own by the time the baby is four to five months old. In most cases, the intense crying and screaming (that is louder and higher pitched than the baby’s normal crying) occurs in the late afternoon or evening and lasts for several hours during which babies often clench fists, arch their back and keep bringing legs up in pain. It stops just as suddenly as it starts.

For a more powerful description of colic, I challenge you to drink a glass of milk at once. It certainly won’t go down easy on your stomach and you’ll probably need to burp. Multiply this feeling by a couple of times since your baby’s belly and intestine are still not fully developed (as well as other organs) and I think you’ll get a pretty good sense of what’s going on with your baby.

What is the cause of colic and importance of proper breast feeding

Colic is considered somewhat of a mystery and there are numerous theories about what causes it and what to do to help your baby. I am however mostly prone to the theory suggested by Gina Ford that too much of the so called fore milk leads to babies becoming very colicky.

At the beginning of the feed, your baby gets the fore milk, which is high in volume and low in fat. As the feed progress, your baby’s sucking will slow down and he will pause for longer between sucks. This is a sign that he is reaching the hind milk which is at least 3 times fattier than the fore milk. Some babies need up to 30 minutes to reach the hind milk and completely empty the breast. By gently squeezing your nipple between your thumb and forefinger you will be able to check if there is any milk still in the breast. (Ford. G.; The New Contented Little Baby Book, pg 51-53).

So, to sum up, feeding too often and demand feeding can lead to babies not digesting properly and it is precisely the hind milk that will allow longer pauses between feeds. According to Gina it takes at least 3 hours to digest a full feed for a breast-fed baby and 3,5-4 hours for a formula-fed baby (time refers from the beginning of one feed to the beginning of the next one).

When breast feeding, I think that a good analogy to remember is the 3 meal course: appetizer, main dish and desert for different stages in milk composition. So… never leave your kid without his desert :).

Colic with bottle-fed baby

Gina Ford advises using the wide-necked bottles (designed by Avent) which teat reduces the amount of wind that gets into a baby’s stomach. This way the risk of developing colic is kept to a minimum. If the baby still suffers from colic, it could be that he is overfeeding.

How to help my baby if it is suffering from colic?

Even though during colic time might seem to pass slowly, it is time that is your biggest ally because colic will pass eventually. Still, here are a few practical tips which I can advice based on my experience and the experience of people I trust.


  • Burping and tummy massage

Try to burp your child after every feed so it can get rid of the air it swallowed during the feeding. There are various positions to achieve this. Holding baby over the shoulder worked best for us, holding the baby upright with its back on your chest is also helpful, as well as putting the baby over your knee face down. Some children can burp very easily while other need quite some time. Some of them just aren’t able to burp and that is ok; do not stress over it. Rather focus on massaging the tummy.

In those early months, it is never a bad idea to massage the baby’s tummy (even several times a day) to help move along the “trapped” wind. Give your baby a slow and gentle massage of the tummy in a clockwise direction and do this with warm hands. You can also interrupt this kind of massage with pressing the baby’s legs gently towards its tummy and thus creating a position in which it can easily get rid of excessive gas.

  • Mothers’ nutrition

Mothers should pay close attention to their diet. There are a number of different lists circulating regarding what you can and can’t eat while breast feeding. Truth be told, it can get very tedious to track and monitor all of them because they constantly change (and are sometimes even contradictory) but the most important thing to remember is: restrain yourself from food that makes you bloated.

Also, fennel tea helps to produce more breast milk and has been of great use to me, especially to overcome early evenings which are often accompanied by low milk supply. Because of this babies eat more often in the early evenings and when they do they do so in small quantities and this can easily lead to colic.

  • Probiotic drops

Biogaia-Probiotic-DropsA lot of our friends used BioGaia probiotic drops. Probiotics are friendly live bacteria that help maintain a natural balance of organisms in the intestines. There are more and more studies that suggest they might ease colic, but more research is needed to be sure. In any case, all of our friends speak highly of them, despite relatively high cost. If you are considering using them, here is useful tip: start using them already in the maternity hospital because they need 10 days to kick in. You can read our article on this product at BioGaia drops.

  • Stay calm

During colic episodes, try to remain as calm as possible. It is believed that your feelings are transferred to your baby. So, have your partner or anybody else dear to you to take over for a couple of minutes or leave your baby in secure place and take a break to maintain your own well-being while having in mind that all this crying won’t cause your baby any long-term harm. It’s just an episode that will eventually pass, it has to, it will ;).


Homeopathic medicines for treating your baby

Chamomilla 30: This is the medicine for a colicky baby who appears to be intensely irritable and angry in their distress. Theywill insist on being carried around which sooothes them a little but they will get some relief from something warm being placed on their tummy. The tummy will be distended and they will pass small amounts of wind. If your baby is also teething at the same time try this medicine first.

Colocynthis 30: If your baby is relieved by having firm presure on their tummy by laying them over your knee or over your shoulder, use this medicine. This baby will writhe in painbut will get some relif from passing wind or from the firm pressure.

Nux Vomica 30: If your baby’s tummy appears tight and there are seemingly spasms of pain with constipation also, give this medicine.

Natrum Phos 3X tissue salt helps neutralise acids and aids digestion. Give this 3 times a day to your baby for 4-6 weeks and if results are encouraging, continue until all symptoms are resolved.

Magnesium Phos 3X is another tissue salt that helps with cramps, spasm and pain. It works best when administered in warm water and can be given at the same time as the Natrum Phos 3X

Aethusia 30:This is the ideal homeopathic medicine for those babies who cannot tolerate breastmilk and have vomiting, regurgitation and/or silent reflux. Give this medicine twice a day until symptoms improve.

Lycopodium 30: Use this medicine if your baby is worse between 4-8pm and sometimes also at 2AM. Flatulence and gurgling tummy with bloating may also be present. Your baby will be better lying on the right side.

Silicea 30: For babies who reject the breast and who vomit up breastmilk as curds after feeding and are hungry after. They cannot digest it. Give Silicea to the breastfeeding MOTHER (rather than the baby) twice day.

Kali Carb 30: Symptoms worse between 2-4am and after eating. Chronic painwhich is better for motion, hot drinks and bending forward.
Bryonia 30: Acute attacks of pain worse for the slightest motion accompanied by great thirst. Baby will draw legs up and burp. The tongue may be coated dirty white or brown in centre.

How to prescribe
You will find that several medicines recommended for reflux are also recommended for colic. This is because both states cause the baby to exhibit some similar symptoms as they are both related to the gut. Homeopathy as you know, prescribes on symtoms in each individual case rather than diagnsoses such as ‘colic’ or ‘reflux’. If your baby has colic, give the Natrum Phos and Magnesium Phos tissue salts as a matter of course. Then examine the descriptions of the homeopathic medicines above and choose the medicine that fits your baby’s symptoms closely. Use that medicine in addition to the tissue salts for 2-3 days and if you observe an improvement continue. If there is no imrpovement, keep using the tissue salts and then select the next closest medicine and try again.


Why Reiki Could Be the Best Thing for Your Pregnancy

Deep relaxation, reduced stress, an easier labour – find out why every pregnant Mum should be booking in for some Reiki.


Emotional and spiritual support – for mother and baby

Expectant mothers have always been advised to enjoy pregnancy, but common health issues often mar this experience. Unlike prescription medications, Reiki goes beyond just the physical support to provide emotional help and bring a deep sense of calm and positivity to both mother and unborn child.

Reiki during pregnancy can be a gentle, yet powerful, non-invasive treatment that may help symptoms such as:

  • tiredness
  • low back pain
  • morning sickness
  • mood changes
  • high blood pressure
  • stress
  • emotional disruption experienced both during and after pregnancy

Reiki is not an instant miracle cure. However, with regular treatment – which ensures better circulation, harmonized energy levels, elimination of toxins and a stable and confident emotional, mental and spiritual outlook – you might be surprised at your body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. Even apprehension and fear experienced in the late stages of pregnancy, and the distress at the impending labour, can be alleviated through the deep relaxation, balance and confidence gained through a Reiki treatment.

Since pregnancy can be such a major life-changing event, it can often resurrect buried emotions, fears or insecurities from the past; so-called “unfinished business”. A weekly treatment is recommended, especially around the heart, abdomen and solar plexus areas, to enable the body to handle all the changes and demands that are put upon it.

Enhance your connection with your body

As Reiki is holistic, it treats each person as a whole, including mind, body…and baby. Some mothers have experienced their babies give an excited kick as soon as they feel the energy flowing in. By working directly by holding the “bump” the Reiki practitioner(s) can also therefore treat the baby.

Being pregnant can create a sense of being out of control of your own body. Some women have described it as their body “not belonging to them anymore”, from the day-to-day changes in their bodies, to the sense of invasion experienced from medical interventions. Reiki can enable a sense of regaining some of that control: a balance and a grounding so that, even though you are experiencing a life-changing event, you can be in control, no matter what surprises await you.

Pregnant woman receiving a belly massage  from therapist

16 benefits of Reiki during pregnancy:

  1. Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support to the pregnant woman.
  2. Reiki creates a balanced, loving and harmonious relationship between the mother and the child.
  3. Reiki practiced in the early days of the pregnancy helps reduce exhaustion and nausea in the pregnant woman.
  4. It can bring relief to every part of a stretched and aching body of the woman.
  5. It also reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic, and enhances motor activity and active sleep.
  6. Reiki is done to restore the balance and health to the pregnant mother.
  7. Reiki used during labour stage has been shown to help control and lessen pain.
  8. Reiki may make delivery easier.
  9. Mothers who have had previous c-sections and receive Reiki in later pregnancies can expect lesser need for cesarean surgeries the second time.
  10. Mothers who use Reiki during and after pregnancy can better adjust to their babies and vice versa.
  11. After the baby is born, it can be a stressful time for the baby. When Reiki is used in the delivery room it makes an easier transition for the baby.
  12. Reiki also helps to release the fears related to pregnancy and delivery. It soothes a woman who can feel invaded and impatient to give birth.
  13. Reiki has the power to make a baby wriggle with pleasure in the womb, and also has a calming effect on both the mother and the child.
  14. Reiki provides a unique opportunity for the father-to-be, as he can bond with his baby when it is in the mother’s womb.
  15. It also helps in building a strong and spiritual relationship between the mother and the baby, before this tiny new being enters the world.
  16. Reiki can be used to help improve the whole family’s experience through pregnancy. Reiki eases every stage of pregnancy, physically and emotionally, making the journey into motherhood more joyous and memorable.                            By Mumazine Mums

L’autismo è uno squilibrio reversibile al 100%

Quando mi sono imbattuto in questo protocollo ho subito sentito che era qualcosa di buono e i risultati parlano chiaro. Il Dottor Tinus Smits, omeopata olandese, ha messo a punto la terapia CEASE che ha risultati miracolosi per la medicina allopatica che lo considera ‘incurabile’. Oggi un bambino nato ogni 100 è autistico, come è possibile? In questo articolo spiego la posizione del Dott. Smits, come funziona la sua cura e come metterla in pratica.

L’autismo è una vera e propria pandemia in crescita esponenziale, che in alcuni stati raggiunge addirittura numeri allarmanti, interessando 1 bambino ogni 50-80 nati. Il Dr. Smits ha fattoimportanti scoperte che spiegano perché l’autismo sia in continua crescita ed è per questo che tale lettura risulterà di grande utilità per i genitori dei bambini autistici e per tutti coloro che si occupano dell’assistenza di questi bambini.


La madre di Stephan scrive al Dr. Smits: “Nei nove mesi di trattamento nostro figlio, da un bambino che non parlava, si è trasformato in uno capace di frequentare una scuola normale, di parlare con frasi compiute e di relazionarsi con tutti. La sua Terapia CEASE è grandiosa. La nostra vita adesso è totalmente cambiata. Grazie per quello che fa“.

La madre di Dirkje afferma: “Dopo tre mesi e mezzo di trattamento, nostra figlia è diventata un’altra. Si è svegliata, è in grado di esprimersi verbalmente e dice cosa sente invece di urlare; è più flessibile, più aperta e più indipendente; la differenza è enorme“.

Siem J., ex bambino autistico, dice: “È come se avessi una seconda vita. Ora è completamente diversa da prima”.


Il dr. Tinus Smits è morto nel 2011 ma rivela il metodo nel suo libro “Autismo. Oltre la disperazione” e il suo lavoro è portato avanti da colleghi medici anche in Italia attraverso il portale CEASE Thepay Italia dove è possibile consultare dei medici e ricevere la cura per il proprio caso.

Marcello Pamio ha messo a punto un’intervista per far conoscere i fondamenti del suo metodo, dove le risposte sono state estrapolate direttamente dal suo libro e dal materiale pubblicato nel sito ufficiale gestito dai colleghi medici che ancora oggi portano avanti il suo lavoro. Dopo questa intervista, per completare il quadro, ha chiesto aiuto al dottor Roberto Gava, medico tossicologo, farmacologo e omeopata di Padova che, oltre ad avere curato la revisione scientifica del libro in oggetto, ne ha scritto anche la prefazione.


D: Gentile dottor Tinus Smits quando è iniziato il suo interesse verso l’autismo?
R: Il mio interesse verso l’autismo è scaturito dalle prime esperienze di disintossicazione di bambini danneggiati dai vaccini pediatrici.
Molti disturbi comportamentali – quando si otteneva la disintossicazione dai vaccini – scomparivano completamente.
Ho visto nella mia pratica clinica che disturbi dell’attenzione (ADD), iperattività (ADHD), alterazioni dell’umore e aggressività erano spesso correlati alle vaccinazioni pediatriche. E quando effettuavo la disintossicazione dai vaccini ricevuti, si ottenevano miglioramenti incredibili e anche vere e proprie guarigioni.

D: Quando è giunto alla incredibile e straordinaria conclusione che l’autismo si può curare? E soprattutto, secondo lei quali sono le cause dell’autismo?
R: Sono giunto a tale conclusione dopo aver usato la terapia C.E.A.S.E. in più di 300 persone affette da autismo ai diversi livelli di gravità.
La mia esperienza mi ha portato a dedurre che l’autismo è una patologia ad eziologia multifattoriale. Tra queste cause, secondo la mia esperienza, il 70% è da imputare ai vaccini, il 25% alla somministrazione di farmaci o di altre sostanze tossiche, soprattutto durante la gravidanza, e il 5% è causato da patologie organiche.
L’autismo, quindi, è determinato da un accumulo di differenti sostanze tossiche, ma anche da traumi. Dirò di più: l’autismo non è il risultato di un danno permanente del tessuto cerebrale, è soltanto un blocco che rende impossibile il normale e corretto funzionamento del cervello stesso. L’autismo, quindi, non è una patologia fisica, ma è una patologia da squilibrio del normale funzionamento cerebrale, uno squilibrio reversibile!

D: Ha parlato di Terapia C.E.A.S.E.: cosa significa esattamente?
R: Letteralmente, in italiano C.E.A.S.E. Therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) significa “Completa Eliminazione delle Espressioni dello Spettro Autistico”. Questa terapia – quando si sospetta che una determinata sostanza chimica abbia contribuito o sia la causa principale dello sviluppo dell’autismo – consiste nell’impiego di questo stesso prodotto tossico in diluizioni omeopatiche.

D: Lei sta dicendo che se la causa dell’autismo è stata per esempio il vaccino trivalente M.P.R. (Morbillo-Parotite-Rosolia), lei somministrerà a quel bambino il vaccino M.P.R. omeopatizzato? Ho capito bene?
R: Esatto. Questa metodica è conosciuta in omeopatia come Isoterapia.
L’Isoterapia consiste nell’utilizzare quella sostanza (resa omeopatica grazie a specifici processi di diluizione e succussione) che in una determinata persona ha causato un danno tossicologico.
Per capire come agisca la disintossicazione, dobbiamo considerare che le malattie non sono solo provocate da sostanze come batteri, virus, funghi come crede la medicina convenzionale, ma che OGNI sostanza può lasciare un’impronta nel campo energetico di una persona.

D: In pratica, il prodotto Isoterapico specifico andrebbe a cancellare l’impronta energetica della sostanza che ha causato il danno?
R: Proprio così. Una volta cancellata l’impronta energetica, la guarigione è una spontanea conseguenza.
A questo punto però va ricordato che queste impronte energetiche non derivano solo da un danno diretto e fisico alla persona, come le vaccinazioni, una malattia, i traumi emotivi ecc., ma possono anche essere trasmessi dai genitori al feto. Ecco perché è importantissimo lo stile di vita della donna in gravidanza…

D: Quali sono le potenze omeopatiche utilizzate nella Isoterapia?
R: Se abbiamo il dubbio che un determinato vaccino, farmaco o sostanza chimica abbia provocato un danno (come l’autismo, ma non solo questo), possiamo somministrare il vaccino, il farmaco o la sostanza chimica incriminata alle seguenti potenze: 30ch, 200ch, 1M e 10M.

D: Come si fa a capire se il rimedio somministrato è quello corretto?
R: E’ importante osservare attentamente le reazioni del bambino. Se un vaccino o un altro farmaco hanno effettivamente causato un danno al bambino, ci saranno delle reazioni molto significative al trattamento isoterapico (omeopatico).
Il bambino, per esempio, potrebbe sperimentare un’altra volta gli stessi sintomi che ha avuto quando ha ricevuto per la prima volta quel vaccino e/o farmaco. Si può avere una secrezione mucosa da naso, orecchi, occhi e/o gola, ma anche diarrea, urine torbide e di cattivo odore, sudorazione, eruzioni cutanee e febbre.
Queste importantissime eliminazioni non dovrebbero mai essere trattate (cioè soppresse farmacologicamente), perché fanno parte del processo fondamentale di guarigione.

D: Cosa può consigliare alle persone che stanno leggendo questo articolo?
R: In base alla mia comprensione di come si sviluppa l’autismo, è di grande importanza evitare OGNI farmaco in gravidanza e nei primi due anni di vita del bambino. Il feto e il neonato non sono in grado di metabolizzare in modo adeguato le sostanze tossiche. Perciò i bambini non dovrebbero essere vaccinati, almeno nei primi anni di vita, mentre dobbiamo fare in modo che crescano nel modo più sano possibile.

D: Quanto importante è lo stile di vita in generale e l’alimentazione in particolare?
R: Una dieta sana e corretta dovrebbe contemplare l’apporto di acidi grassi polinsaturi (Omega-3 e Omega-6), perché essi svolgono un ruolo fondamentale nella formazione e nel buon funzionamento del cervello, ma anche un ruolo nel conseguimento di una normale salute mentale ed emozionale.
Dovremmo eliminare tutte le sostanze tossiche come il glutammato monopodico e lo zucchero.
Il glutammato, per esempio, fa aumentare di 3 volte l’insulina prodotta dal pancreas e crea una dipendenza enorme perché spinge le persone a mangiare di più. Anche lo zucchero raffinato produce sia dipendenza, che stress ossidativo e alimenta la crescita di un lievito onnipresente nei bambini autistici: la Candida Albicans. La Candida è responsabile di un’ampia gamma di disturbi, tra cui il malassorbimento intestinale di vitamine e minerali.

D: Può dirci qualcosa di più sui pericoli dello zucchero raffinato?
R: Intorno al 1900, usavamo solo un chilogrammo di zucchero supplementare a persona ogni anno. Oggi, usiamo in media 70 kg di zucchero raffinato a persona.
Tutti i bambini, autistici, con problemi di comportamento (ADHD), i bambini aggressivi, ecc. dovrebbero eliminare completamente lo zucchero dal loro regime alimentare.
Il solo zucchero che il corpo può digerire è il glucosio. Perciò tutti gli altri zuccheri che entrano nel corpo devono essere prima cosa trasformati in glucosio. Questo processo è possibile soltanto grazie a degli enzimi prodotti dal corpo.
I disaccaridi come lo zucchero da barbabietola, il saccarosio, il lattosio, l’iso-maltosio e i polisaccaridi non possono essere assorbiti nell’intestino tenue ed entrano quindi nel colon dove nutrono batteri ‘zucchero-dipendenti’, che a loro volta proliferando, alterano l’equilibrio degli utili e indispensabili batteri dell’apparato digerente. Questi batteri che si nutrono di zuccheri entrano in massa nell’intestino tenue e causano irritazione intestinale (tra cui malassorbimento), che provoca la produzione di muco, con funzione protettiva, e diarrea. I disaccaridi non entrano in contatto con le cellule del colon deputate all’assorbimento e diventano cibo per batteri che si nutrono di zucchero (funghi ma non solo).

D: Cos’è e quanto è importante la metallotioneina?
R: E’ una proteina e rappresenta la nostra prima linea di difesa contro i metalli pesanti.
E’ presente nella bocca, nello stomaco e in grandi quantità nell’intestino.
Se è presente in quantità sufficienti nell’intestino, i metalli pesanti come mercurio, alluminio o il piombo si legano a questa proteina scambiandosi con lo zinco!
Anche gli enzimi che metabolizzano la caseina e il glutine hanno bisogno, per il loro funzionamento, dello zinco. Perciò una carenza di metallotioneina porterà una carenza dell’enzima che scompone caseina e glutine.
Se la proteina metallotioneina non funziona per una mancanza di zinco, il mercurio, piombo o alluminio e altri metalli pesanti finiscono nel sangue e quindi anche nel cervello!
Non solo, ma la metallotioneina protegge anche dalle infezioni intestinali – diffusissime nei bambini autistici – e contrasta la Candida e gli altri funghi.
Secondo il Pfeiffer Institute, una metallotioneina mal funzionante spiegherebbe perché i maschi sarebbero più propensi a sviluppare l’autismo quattro volte più delle femmine. Le femmine infatti sarebbero più protette dalle sostanze tossiche esterne perché gli estrogeni e il progesterone stimolano la produzione di metallotioneina.

D: Anche se è evidente dalle sue risposte: cosa pensa dei vaccini pediatrici?
R: Il problema dei metalli pesanti nei vaccini è enorme.
I metalli pesanti, come alluminio e mercurio, iniettati tramite i vaccini, superano le barriere di difesa del nostro organismo e intossicano il corpo direttamente.
Tali metalli, bypassando la metallotioneina, possono entrare direttamente nel cervello, nonostante la barriera emato-encefalica che protegge.
A tutto questo, vanno aggiunti i metalli che entrano nell’organismo tramite l’alimentazione, l’aria e l’acqua. L’apporto giornaliero di mercurio presente nel cibo, sempre secondo il Pfeiffer Institute, è di circa 20 mcg (microgrammi) e se i denti sono otturati con amalgama, viene ceduto all’organismo molto mercurio ogni giorno (1mcg/giorno per una amalgama vecchia, e fino a 450mcg/giorno per una amalgama recente).
Per i vaccini posso dire che uno dei cambiamenti più positivi che la medicina potrebbe fare, allo scopo di fermare la piaga del’autismo e di molti altri problemi comportamentali e di salute dei nostri figli, sarebbe quello di posticipare i vaccini dopo i due anni di età.
La conferma di questo arriva dal Giappone.
Nel 1975 il Giappone ha interrotto le vaccinazioni nei bambini sotto i due anni di età. Questo ha fatto sì che questo paese avesse la più bassa incidenza di mortalità infantile al mondo, mentre prima era collocato al 17mo posto.
Con 300 casi di bambini autistici, sono arrivato alla conclusione che nella maggioranza dei casi sono coinvolte le vaccinazioni, ma questo non significa che siano l’unica causa.
Più farmaci un bambino ha assunto nei primi due anni di vita e maggiore è la probabilità che un bambino diventi autistico. Questo vale anche e soprattutto per il periodo di gravidanza e per il parto. Più farmaci prende la mamma, maggiore è la possibilità di avere un figlio autistico e non solo.
Nella mia esperienza, l’autismo è un disturbo tipicamente da accumulo.
Tutti i vaccini possono contribuire allo sviluppo dell’autismo, ma anche altre sostanze come gli spray nasali, antibiotici, antiepilettici, antiacidi, il fumo, l’anestesia del parto, e forse anche altre sostanze ancora sotto esame, come aspartame, glutammato, ftalati e bisfenolo A.

D: In conclusione, dottor Smits, i bambini autistici sono condannati a rimanere tali per tutta la vita? Avranno bisogno di una assistenza?
R: I numerosi casi clinici che ho seguito mi permettono di affermare che i bambini autistici possono essere guariti al 100% e avere una vita normale senza aver bisogno di una particolare assistenza!


D: Dottor Gava, dalla tua esperienza in ambito clinico e dalla vasta conoscenza in ambito vaccinale pediatrico, cosa ci puoi dire della crescita esponenziale dell’autismo, dell’Isoterapia e della CEASE Therapy in questo delicato ambito?
R: “L’autismo è un disordine neurologico dello sviluppo che compromette la comunicazione e le relazioni sociali della persona e che causa comportamenti ripetitivi. I più recenti studi epidemiologici rilevano un tasso di incidenza dell’autismo pari ad 1 caso ogni 100 nascite, con una crescita annuale di circa il 10-17%.
Questa patologia, pertanto, oltre ad essere estremamente grave, sta diventando anche drammaticamente comune. Sappiamo tutti che attualmente non esiste alcuna terapia capace di far regredire la sindrome autistica, ma questo libro di Tinus Smits sta veramente dando speranza a quei genitori che sono nella disperazione.
Personalmente, conosco la tecnica messa a punto da Smits da circa 6-7 anni, ma solo da un anno la sto utilizzando sistematicamente in tutti i bambini, autistici o meno, nei quali sospetto l’esistenza di un danno causato o dalle vaccinazioni pediatriche o da qualche altro farmaco.
Ho in cura più di 50 bambini ma, data la delicatezza dell’argomento, preferisco non esprimere giudizi affrettati; comunque, nel corso di quest’anno ho intenzione di esaminare ed elaborare statisticamente tutte le informazioni che i genitori dei miei piccoli pazienti mi stanno facendo gradualmente pervenire.
Per ora, comunque, posso dire che la terapia C.E.A.S.E. non è assolutamente priva di effetti.
Nella quasi totalità dei casi in cui c’è stato effettivamente un danno vaccinale emergono evidenti reazioni in diretta connessione causale con l’isovaccino omeopatico somministrato. In genere, la reazione si manifesta 1-2 giorni dopo l’assunzione delle potenze 30ch o 200ch e solo in un numero minore di casi inizia dopo l’assunzione delle due potenze maggiori. Le reazioni non sono di solito intense, durano circa 4-10 giorni e possono consistere in molti disturbi: dermatiti, febbre, patologie delle prime vie respiratorie, disturbi intestinali e spesso nervosismo e disturbi caratteriali. Queste reazioni, comunque, sono quasi sempre prevedibili, perché tendono praticamente sempre a ripresentarsi gli stessi sintomi che sono stati causati nel bambino dal vaccino o da qualche altro farmaco, come effettivamente può accadere con un qualsiasi rimedio omeopatico. Queste reazioni sono molto importanti, perché sono la prova che quel vaccino che il bambino ha assunto (e per il quale abbiamo somministrato il rimedio omeopatico ottenuto dinamizzando quella stessa sostanza) è realmente la causa del suo danno organico. Quindi, la terapia omeopatica C.E.A.S.E. di Tinus Smits permette sia di diagnosticare che di curare nello stesso tempo un danno vaccinale o un qualsiasi danno farmacologico.
Va inoltre detto che le reazioni che avvengono dopo la somministrazione dei vaccini omeopaticizzati non sono intense, sono qualsiasi sempre sopportabili dal bambino e dai suoi genitori e solo saltuariamente è necessario intervenire con qualche rimedio omeopatico classico per smorzarne l’intensità.
Gli effetti che l’uso di questa terapia ha indotto nei miei pazienti, come ho detto prima, non sono ancora chiaramente definibili, ma i dati di cui dispongo mi portano ad affermare che i bambini che hanno avuto una reazione sintomatologica dopo la somministrazione dei vaccini omeopaticizzati sono poi quasi sempre migliorati dal punto di vista caratteriale e mentale: alcuni che prima non parlavano hanno iniziato a parlare, alcuni che non camminavano hanno iniziato a camminare e in ogni caso sono migliorati a livello comportamentale con una maggior acquisizione del loro autocontrollo e della loro capacità di relazionarsi con gli altri.
Alcuni, invece, non hanno avuto alcun effetto dalla terapia, né in senso reattivo né in senso migliorativo, ed è quindi probabile che in questi soggetti non ci fosse un danno vaccinale ma, come dice Tinus Smits nel suo libro, sia da riesaminare l’intera storia del bambino in modo da individuare il vero fattore causale che, prima o dopo la sua nascita, ha alterato il suo equilibrio psico-neuro-endocrino-immunologico. A tale scopo, credo sia di grande utilità acquisire le conoscenze che Harry van der Zee, un amico di Tinus Smits, ha sintetizzato in un suo recente libro: L’Omeopatia nella cura dei traumi del parto: Capire, proteggere e curare i nostri bambini prima e durante la loro nascita.
Per quanto la mia esperienza con questa terapia sia per ora ancora parziale, posso però dire con tranquillità che la conoscenza di questa nuova tecnica di terapia omeopatica può veramente portare “oltre la disperazione” i genitori dei bambini diventati autistici o epilettici o A.D.H.D. o con disturbi caratteriali o comportamentali a causa delle vaccinazioni e dovrebbe essere conosciuta e utilizzata da tutti gli omeopati”.

Intestino Sano con la Dieta dei Carboidrati Specifici (SCD)
L’alimentazione ottimale per: autismo, celiachia, colite ulcerosa,
diarrea, diverticolite, fibrosi cistica, malattia di Crohn
– 100 squisite ricette

Voto medio su 10 recensioni: Buono

La Terapia Chelante
Disintossicarsi dai Metalli Tossici

Voto medio su 7 recensioni: Da non perdere


Baby’s skin ruptures…eczema ?

This desperate mother spends all night on the internet while her baby lays in a sink. What a story.. how doctors can make a wrong diagnose and ruin a child !

Stephanie Smith, 35, has a little son named Isaiah. When the little guy is born, she couldn’t be happier. But then she sees something strange on her newborn’s skin, and the tiny baby’s life transforms into a nightmare.

A red rash breaks out on Isaiah’s skin; he is just 3 months old. Every time when he is exposed to perfume or other intense odors, the rash becomes worse. It gets so bad that Isaiah’s skin ruptures and begins to bleed and discharge.

His doctors decided that Isaiah had a bad case of eczema. So they prescribe him a steroidal topical ointment. The rashes begin to recede at first, but then a new nightmare emerges:

Isaiah’s entire body turns red and the rashes return even worse than before. The little one needs more ointment to tame the severe lesions. But it’s the same story we told earlier.

The rash recedes slightly but then returns even worse. The doctors cannot believe the reaction. His hair begins to fall out and he is hardly responsive.

“The doctors said it was just eczema,” says his mother Stephanie. “Many doctors came in and out of our room. We saw a GI doctor who told me I was poisoning my son with my breastmilk and I needed to stop immediately.”

After 5 months, Isaiah is struck by an especially extreme outbreak and his skin begins to burst open. He is brought to the hospital and treated heavily with steroids. His skin returns to normal again but after 2 days the outbreak returns. The little boy screams incessantly.

To help Isaiah, Stephanie begins to avoid everyday life experiences to decrease the risk of infection. She wraps Isaiah in medical bandages and applies layer after layer of topical ointment. Even his hands must be wrapped up so that he can’t scratch himself while sleeping.

Isaiah only feels better while in water, which is why Stephanie spends hours sitting next to him while he rests in the sink. This is the only place where Isaiah doesn’t cry.

“Every time when our skin came in contact it would break open and would start discharging like crazy. I couldn’t even put my cheek against his,” says Stephanie who couldn’t even hug her son or hold him in her arms unwrapped. “He was always in pain and screaming. I was always crying.”

“It was like he had no skin,” says Stephanie. “He was constantly in pain. One time it was so bad that I thought: if this is to be his life, then take him to the next one.”

In the throes of desperation, as the doctors said they couldn’t help her son, she turns to the internet. On a forum, she finds a post about “Steroid Withdrawal” and sees pictures of children with the same problems. Suddenly she realizes what Isaiah’s problem is.

“There they were talking about the side-effects of the steroids and how it could make skin problems worse when you stop taking them.”

Stephanie decides to stop her son’s steroidal treatment and instead to make her own lotions and ointments, designed to be as gentle to Isaiah’s skin as possible.

A combination of lemon grass and zinc worked the best. Soon, Isaiah’s skin began to develop spots completely free of inflammation.

But even Isaiah noticed what stopped his suffering: when his skin began to itch, he would run to his mother and point to the ointment.

After 10 months of steroidal “withdrawal,” Isaiah’s skin had returned to normal. He is now a completely normal 1-year-old. “We saw 35 doctors. They all said that it was eczema. I want to show them the pictures where you can see how Isaiah’s skin has recovered.”

The best is: the boy, that no one could touch, is now cheerful and can run around and play outside. “We lost the first year of his life. I couldn’t kiss him or hold him,” says Stephanie saddened by the memories. But: “Now we can hold him all the time. He’s a great hugger!”

Stephanie tells, as only she can, what happened to her son. She did so because her story can possibly help other mothers whose children are also suffering from the same problem. That is why it is important to share this story with others. Maybe it can help another child and a desperate mother.

Source: perfectz.net

Scuola: Il Metodo Naturale, crescere condividendo!

Donatella Mezzani, insegnante presso la Scuola Pubblica Statale di Belaso, ha deciso insieme ad un gruppo di colleghe di adottare il metodo naturale come metodologia di insegnamento; si tratta di un approccio che tende a stimolare la cooperazione piuttosto che la competizione tra i bambini, rispettandone i tempi di apprendimento e cercando di rispettare le esigenze di ognuno di loro, valorizzando la diversità rispetto alla standardizzazione delle possibilità di apprendimento.
Per Italia che Cambia, Donatella ci parla delle caratteristiche del metodo, dell’importanza del rapporto tra genitori e insegnanti e della potenza di un apprendimento strutturato in tal senso.


Tetanus Vaccines with a Hormone with anti-fertility effects

WHO Puts Kenyan Tetanus Vaccine Under Police Guard to Avoid Testing

See also: Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’ 

The article/statement – African-American community rages against SB277 and the Tuskegee-like crimes of mandatory vaccines that destroy black babies’ lives  is huge push back against the CDC which is just what the doctor in Kenya was pleading for with WHO – that they be held accountable for their crimes and stopped.

WHO Puts Kenyan Tetanus Vaccine Under Police Gaurd to Avoid Testing

If the allegations are true, this is one of the biggest stories of our time. Did the WHO try to sterilize Kenyan women of reproductive age by slipping into tetanus vaccines a hormone with anti-fertility effects and then try to cover it up? 

It has been known for many years that the World Health Organization is one of the most unethical organizations on the planet. They have been committing crimes against humanity for decades. What I am going to describe to you now is, in my opinion, one of their most heinous acts to date.

I am going to demonstrate through evidence, given to The Liberty Beacon in an interview, just how far this organization is prepared to go to cover up the truth, mislead the public and cause deliberate harm to millions of vulnerable girls and women in the developing world.

Brief Background

In October 2014, reports from the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association sent shock waves around the world. The reports stated that 2-3 million girls and women of childbearing age in Kenya had been vaccinated with tetanus vaccinations containing the anti-fertility hormone HCG, rendering them infertile.

This information was discovered after the vaccines being used in the campaign were sent for testing and came back positive for containing the hormone.

To find out more please read: Catholic Doctors Speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control‏

WHO Put Tetanus Vaccinations Under Police Guard To Avoid Testing

Interested to learn the truth about how the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association became suspicious and what they discovered, I decided to contact obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr. Wahome Ngare.


Dr. Ngare is a member of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association and the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum. He was one of the six representatives of the Catholic Church in the joint committee of experts drawn from the Catholic Church and Ministry of Health appointed to test the tetanus vaccine in Kenya.

On behalf of The Liberty Beacon Project, I asked Dr. Ngare a series of questions. His answers, along with documented evidence that he has supplied, tell of a barbaric series of events that prove just how corrupt the WHO really are.

Note: I have highlighted certain sections of Dr. Ngare’s replies that I believe are of extreme importance.

I asked:

“What made the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association suspicious that the tetanus vaccines contained the anti-fertility hormone, HCG?”

Dr. Ngare replied:

“The Catholic Church as the name suggests has a foot print worldwide. When WHO conducted its first purported neonatal tetanus eradication vaccination campaigns in South America using a fertility regulating vaccine, the population most affected were Catholics. The Church has a strong institutional memory.

In 1995, WHO come to Kenya through the ministry of health and offered to run a similar campaign. On the backdrop of what had happened in South America and the fact that the campaigns details were identical, the Catholic Church in Kenya requested the ministry of health to have the vaccine tested before it was administered. The ministry of health agreed with the Church and ordered for the vaccine to be tested before administration. WHO opted to withdraw the vaccine and cancel the campaign instead of submitting it for testing!

In March 2014, we heard of a neonatal tetanus campaign that was started in October the year before. All major health campaigns are usually widely advertised and launched with much pomp and color in public. This particular campaign was very secretive and a majority of Kenyans, including health personnel do not know about it even today! This is what is causing the confusion when the Church states that the tetanus injection used in the vaccination campaign is unsafe but the routine vaccine is safe!

The bacterium that caused tetanus is found in soil. Multiple doses (4-5) of tetanus vaccination confers immunity for a maximum of 10 years after which a booster is needed to maintain immunity. [Note: the efficacy of the tetanus vaccine has been called into question].  Therefore, the only rational way of eradicating neonatal tetanus would be to ensure all pregnant women are given a minimum of two tetanus injections during the pregnancy. This protects the new born child for the first 6 weeks of life before they can be given DPT. A campaign that aims at random women aged 15 – 49, regardless of whether they are pregnant or no, run in only some areas of the county would not eradicate neonatal tetanus!!

However, if the aim was to cause irreversible infertility and one used a fertility regulating vaccine disguised as a tetanus vaccine and claimed to be eradicating neonatal tetanus, one would be spot on!

Given the forgoing, when it become clear the ministry of health was going to have a second round of immunization campaigns in March 2014, the Catholic Church meet with the minister of health and the director of medical services and requested for testing of the vaccine – just as it had done in 1995. The minister of health declined to have the vaccine tested to the shock of the church.

Reports from the field during the actual immunization exercise indicated that there was a special batch of vaccines that was under police guard that was not left under the custody of the vaccination center. This particular vaccine was highly controlled with those nurses administering it required to return each empty vials in exchange for a fresh vial. Further, at the end of the vaccination exercise, this particular batch was ferried away from the vaccination center back to Nairobi. Usually, the extra vaccines after an immunization campaign are left at the participating centers and are used for routine immunization. Why was this batch treated so special?

Given the forgoing, the Catholic Church acquired a single vial from the field, during the March vaccination campaign and tested it for HCG using the Elisa methodology and it tested positive.

In October 2014, the government launched a third immunization camping and again refused the request of the Catholic Church to have the vaccine tested.”

If Dr. Ngare is correct, and there is no reason to disbelieve this honorable doctor, then this proves just how far the WHO is prepared to go in order to cover up the truth and avoid detection. We need to ask ourselves why the WHO would need to put this particular batch of vaccines under police guard, if they had nothing at all to hide, and why they were so opposed to having these vaccines tested.

Shocked and sickened by his answer, I asked:

When the Catholic Doctors Association sent the vaccinations for testing, what did you discover?

Dr. Ngare replied:

“We used the Elisa method to test the vaccines and found them to be positive of HCG. However, the Elisa testing machines were calibrated for testing blood samples and not vaccines. For this reason, the results were disputed by the government. The Kenyan parliament then ordered the Church and Ministry of Health to form a joint committee of experts to re-test this vaccines presented by the Church. I was a member of that committee and we were advised to use high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) as it was the gold standard in vaccine testing. Even with this method, 3 of the 9 vials collected during the actual vaccination campaigns tested positive for HCG. This conclusively proved that the vaccine used in the March and October 2014 purported tetanus eradication campaigns were actually disguised fertility regulating vaccine and not the ordinarily tetanus vaccine.

This was administered to Kenyan women aged 15 – 49 years without their consent and has the potential of causing irreversible infertility. This is unethical and pure evil”.

Note: Elisa method – Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), also known as an enzyme immunoassay (EIA), is a biochemical technique used mainly in immunology to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample. What is ELISA? Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Dr. Ngare is correct; their actions were both unethical and pure evil, which took me to my next question. I asked him why he believed that the WHO would do such a thing?

He replied:

“WHO and other UN organizations together with eugenic organizations like the IPPF have had a population control agenda aimed at the lower developed countries (LDC) for a long time. Refer to the link below for a document called the NSSM 200 that will help understand more. National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) – April 1974. This is a de-classified secret service document.”

Sure enough, on reading the information supplied by Dr, Ngare, I learned these organizations had been studying ways to lower the population in what they called the “Lower Developed Countries” or LDCs, for decades.

The LDCs targeted in their 1975 document were:

“India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, The Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia.”

I asked Dr. Ngare, How many women in Kenya alone would be have been affected, if the WHO had succeeded with their plans?

“This campaign was run in 16 out of 47 counties in the country. The ministry of health had targeted 2.4 million women in this campaign. Kenya has about 40 million people with the ratio of men to women being roughly 50/50. In other words, 20 million would be girls or women. A target of 2.4 million women works out to about 12% of all girls and women in Kenya in just one campaign!”

I asked him whether or not he had any final comments that he would like to portray to the public.

Dr. Ngare replied:

“1. The reputation of WHO has been called to question many times in the past but there is always inconclusive evidence and a great deal of media sensitization of information that they get away Scot free. The Catholic Church in Kenya has offered the world irrefutable evidence in this case of the Kenyan tetanus eradication campaign demonstrating clearly the forceful but secretive sterilization of a community. How much more damage and proof will the world demand before action is taken?

2. This is not an African problem; this is not a racial problem. It is a problem of good versus evil. Passivity allows evil to thrive and ever flourish. It is time individuals who stand for what is good understood that the only way to defeat evil is to confront it head on and took action in their area of direct influence e.g. at home, the work place and their local communities.

3. This chance must not be squandered. The Catholic Church in Kenya has done its part and will continue to be vigilant. However, we appeal to the people and private organizations of good will from all across the world to come together and supported the Catholic Church in Kenya to fight the excesses of this organization.”

Dr. Ngare is absolutely correct; this is a problem of good versus evil and we should ask ourselves whether or not the WHO has the right to forcibly sterilize millions of women and children without their consent?

Dr. Ngare kindly supplied The Liberty Beacon with a statement from the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic Health Commission of Kenya, signed by Rt. Rev. Paul Kariuki Njiru.

The statement, written to the people of Kenya outlines the true horrors of what had taken place in chronological order.

The Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops ended their statement with these words:

“Both the Ministry of Health and WHO/UNICEF were trusted by the people of Kenya, they have broken this trust and betrayed those who depended on them.

No further vaccination campaigns should be undertaken in this country without an all-inclusive sampling and testing exercise done before, during and after the campaign.”

PDF of Statement

The Liberty Beacon Responds

Outraged by the atrocities outlined in this interview, The Liberty Beacon has promised to assist the Catholic Church of Kenya in any way possible to expose the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Dr. Ngare has agreed to speak to The Liberty Beacon Network, on radio, in an hour long broadcast with myself and Mr. Roger Landry, in a bid to inform the world of the truth and ask for their assistance in this matter.

If you care about human dignity and the people of Kenya and wish to support us in our fight, then please listen to our show.


TLB: With the steady increase in infertility in the USA … and America being the most vaccinated society on this planet, well has anybody even thought to look at these vaccines for HCG … ???

So we told you the World Health Organization and UNICEF is intentionally sterilizing women of child bearing age in the developing world?

We also told you this has been going on for several decades (or longer), unseen and unchecked and possibly affecting as many as 100,000,000 women in the developing world so far.

You MAY believe us … or not.

But what if TLB could provide proof from one of the very team responsible for the discovery of this evil … Straight from the horses mouth TLB presents a must hear conversation with Dr. Ngare

Please understand the following discussion took place between three countries, USA (TLB), England (Christina England) and Kenya (Dr. Ngare), all many thousands of miles apart, so the sound quality is not perfect, but the message and information is PAINFULLY CLEAR !!!

Please listen …

TLB radio

La spiegazione scientifica sulla pericolosità dei vaccini

I 12 punti del Dottor Gava.

Questo è ciò che il pediatra e il Ministero della Salute dovrebbero dire ai genitori.

A Padova c’è un dottore, uno di quelli che in poche parole, poco tecniche, riesce a spiegare ciò che invece dovrebbe spiegare il Ministero della Sanità ai genitori prima della vaccinazione dei loro figli. In un suo recente articolo ha elencato in 12 motivazioni la causa della pericolosità dei vaccini. Il suo nome è Dott. Roberto Gava, laureato in Medicina all’Università di Padova, specializzato in Cardiologia, Farmacologia Clinica e Tossicologia Medica. Dopo dieci anni di lavoro in ambiente universitario ed essere stato autore di libri di Farmacologia e moltissime pubblicazioni scientifiche (www.robertogava.it), da una quindicina di anni sta cercando di studiare gli approcci medici non convenzionali, rivedendoli anche alla luce delle attuali conoscenze scientifiche.Di seguito pubblichiamo per intero le 12 motivazioni sulla pericolosità dei vaccini, sperando che l’informazione venga diffusa quanto più possibile sul territorio italiano.

I vaccini sono sicuri e anche utili?

“Consideriamo solo questi aspetti principali:

1) Il sistema immunitario di un bambino di pochi mesi è totalmente immaturo e quindi facilmente squilibrabile.

2) Oggi i bambini sono più deboli di una volta per innumerevoli motivi (madri più stressate, alimentazione meno equilibrata, ambiente inquinato, facili trattamenti farmacologici sia alla madre che al neonato, ecc.).[…]

3) Molti neonati presentano una immaturità particolare del loro sistema immunitario che dura fino a 12-18 mesi e che viene chiamata ipogammaglobulinemia transitoria: se in questo periodo il bambino viene vaccinato, corre un elevato rischio di subire danni da vaccino, mentre, se si attende che il suo sistema immunitario maturi, il rischio si riduce.

4) I bambini nati prematuri o che hanno subito una qualche malattia acuta nei primi mesi di vita o che hanno ricevuto farmaci immunosoppressori (antibiotici e/o cortisonici) nei primi mesi di vita o che hanno subito interventi chirurgici o che hanno alterazioni immunitarie o che sono figli di genitori con patologie immunitarie o metaboliche e molte altre condizioni squilibranti il loro precario equilibrio immunitario, sono ad elevato rischio di danni da vaccini.

5) E’ noto che minore è l’età del neonato o maggiore è la sua immaturità o maggiore è il numero di vaccini inoculati insieme, maggiore è il rischio che il bambino subisca un grave danno vaccinale. Non dimentichiamo che inoculiamo circa 25 antigeni vaccinali (compresi i richiami) nei primi 15 mesi di vita del bambino.

6) I vaccini impediscono al bambino di venire a contatto con germi importanti per la sua maturazione immunitaria e ciò è un altro punto a loro sfavore. Infatti, sappiamo che il sistema immunitario immaturo del bambino viene stimolato, rafforzato e maturato proprio grazie ai piccoli e grandi combattimenti che lo impegnano fisiologicamente in molte sfide quotidiane. Non sarebbe allora più logico, sicuro ed efficace irrobustire la sua immunità aspecifica che lo difenderebbe da tutti i germi, invece di cercare di fortificare (con tutti i rischi che sappiamo) l’immunità specifica proteggendolo con i vaccini solo contro 7-8 germi?

7) Consideriamo che le vaccinazioni che noi pratichiamo non servono per proteggere i bambini dalle malattie virali e batteriche che li affliggono tutti i giorni; anzi, dato che i vaccini indeboliscono il sistema immunitario (effetto che si prolunga all’incirca nei 30-40 giorni successivi alla vaccinazione), i bambini vaccinati risultano più esposti alle malattie infettive dei non vaccinati.

8) Inoltre, consideriamo a cosa servano il vaccino antitetanico in un bambino di pochi mesi: si arrampica sui reticolati? E il vaccino antiepatite B? Per caso i nostri piccoli sono così precoci da avere rapporti sessuali pericolosi? E il vaccino contro la poliomielite? L’Europa ha il certificato “Polio Free” (senza poliomielite) dal 2002. E il vaccino per la difterite? Non ci sono casi di difterite né in Italia né nel resto dell’Europa da vari decenni (a parte qualche sperduta zona della Siberia). In aggiunta, gli extracomunitari sono vaccinati, ma il loro arrivo in numero elevato in Europa non ha causato aumento delle malattie per cui noi vacciniamo i bambini, ma pare aver causato invece un aumento della tubercolosi e delle malattie a trasmissione sessuale.

9) Il cervello ha un suo sistema immunitario specializzato e quando una persona viene vaccinata, le sue cellule immunitarie specializzate (“microglia”) vengono attivate. Vaccini multipli e frequenti iperstimolano questi neuroni provocando il rilascio di diversi elementi tossici (radicali liberi, citochine, chemochine, ecc.) che danneggiano le cellule cerebrali e le loro connessioni sinaptiche. Questa iperstimolazione è la prima causa di tante cerebropatie, non per ultima la sindrome autistica, ma anche la ADHD (disturbo da Deficit di Attenzione con Iperattività), le ipercinesie, le dislessie, le convulsioni, ecc.

10) I vaccini sono pericolosi sia per i loro componenti antigenici che per i loro componenti tossicologici, perché possono contenere: virus vivi o morti, batteri, parti di DNA, frazioni antigeniche, tossine, proteine eterologhe, prioni, antibiotici, mercurio, fenolo, alluminio, formaldeide, fenossietanolo, oli e innumerevoli nuovi composti ad azione conservante o adiuvante, nanoparticelle e chissà cos’altro, … perché ogni tanto si scopre qualcosa di nuovo. Con le conoscenze di immunologia di cui disponiamo oggi, pensare che la somministrazione di queste sostanze a neonati di 2-3 mesi di vita sia totalmente innocua è veramente da “sciocchi”!

11) A quanto pare, se la notizia di questi giorni è veritiera (alcuni sono molto dubbiosi in merito, perché temono che la verità sia molto più grave altrimenti non si spiegherebbero i costosi e gravosi ritiri immediati per i banali motivi riportati), pare che i vaccini possano rischiare di contenere anche germi contaminanti nonostante le sempre super-garanzie che ci danno quando ci assicurano che la produzione dei vaccini è sicura al 100%.

12) I vaccini possono causare qualsiasi patologia nel bambino che li riceve, perché squilibrano il suo sistema immunitario. Infatti, se il bambino ha un sistema immunitario robusto, tollera probabilmente abbastanza bene la vaccinazione, ma se ha un sistema immunitario debole, in un tempo variabile di giorni o mesi svilupperà una delle patologie a cui è predisposto, e chi di noi è senza predisposizioni patologiche congenite o acquisite? E come facciamo a sapere quanto un bambino è forte o debole dal punto di vista immunitario? Oggi potremmo avere molte informazioni di questo tipo con un semplice esame del sangue, ma questo esame non viene fatto. Perché?

È forse razionale vaccinare a tappeto 560.000 bambini all’anno senza sapere nulla di loro?È lecito eseguire un trattamento farmacologico (i vaccini sono farmaci) senza personalizzarlo? E senza sapere prevedere se l’individuo che lo riceve ne trarrà un beneficio o un danno?È lecito attuare dei trattamenti preventivi che mettono a rischio la salute e addirittura in alcuni casi la vita del bambino? È lecito che un trattamento preventivo in un soggetto sano, specie se è un bambino, possa presentare un minimo di pericolo?

Oggi sappiamo che i vaccini potrebbero far correre ai nostri figli pericoli non piccoli, ma preferisco lasciare al Lettore il compito di rispondere a queste domande ricordandogli solo che la letteratura medica contiene migliaia di articoli che documentano i danni da vaccini.

I medici vaccinatori ci garantiscono che tutti i vaccini sono innocui, ma quando i genitori che hanno più paura di danneggiare loro figlio che di fare “brutta figura” davanti i medici vaccinatori chiedono loro di mettere per iscritto che la vaccinazione non causerà alcun danno al bambino … nessuno di questi medici osa mettere la sua firma su un tale documento. Perché? (…) noi tutti siamo stanchi di questa continue notizie allarmanti sugli effetti dei vaccini pediatrici. Pertanto, pretendiamo che il nostro Ministero della Salute, da una parte ci fornisca informazioni precise, esaurienti e scientificamente corrette e inoppugnabili sull’efficacia e sulla sicurezza di tutti i vaccini e dall’altra, dato che solo noi genitori siamo i veri responsabili della salute dei nostri figli, vorremmo essere liberi, come accade in tutti i Paesi civili, di poter esprimere il nostro consenso o meno ad ogni atto medico, comprese le vaccinazioni pediatriche.”

Questo è ciò che avrebbe dovuto e dovrebbe dirvi il pediatra, il medico di fiducia, il centro vaccinale, prima di far pungere con un ago, potenzialmente dannoso, vostro figlio.

Queste sono invece le 10 domande di NapoliTime rivolte al Ministero della Sanità. Attendiamo risposte. Nel frattempo la nostra inchiesta continuerà. Finché non otterremo risposte chiare.

1) Perchè il vaccino esavalente contiene 4 vaccini obbligatori e 2 nonobbligatori, e non sono disponibili nei centri vaccinali i dosaggi singoli?

2) Perchè la scoperta di particelle non biodegradabili e non biocompatibili, in alcuni casi anche metalli pesanti, nei vaccini (vedi ricerca Montanari/Gatti), riconosciute dall’intero mondo scientifico come dannose, non haportato all’immediata sospensione precauzionale dell’attività vaccinale pediatrica e non?

3) Perché quelle particelle sfuggono ai controlli che, secondo la dottoressa Stefania Salmaso, direttrice del Centro Nazionale di Epidemiologia, vengono eseguiti su tutti i lotti (Il Salvagente n. 38, pag. 41).

4) Perchè, visto che un bambino in vita sua non si ammalerà mai di 6 viruscontemporaneamente, gli viene inoculato l’esavalente in un’unica seduta e inun momento in cui il suo sistema immunitario è immaturo?

5) E’ vero che in determinate regioni il pediatra guadagna soldi per ogni bambino vaccinato?

6) Perchè indicare un limite di prescrizione alla richiesta di danno da vaccino ed emotrasfusione, quando invece i danni sono permanenti e in molti casi mortali?

7) Quale sarà la reazione del Ministero e dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità all’ondata di ritiri di vaccini in vari paesi del mondo?

8) L’art. 32 della Costituzione recita che nessuno può essere obbligato a un determinato trattamento sanitario se non per disposizione di legge. L’art. 3 stabilisce che tutti i cittadini sono eguali davanti alla legge. Eppure le vaccinazioni sono obbligatorie in certe regioni e non in altre. Perché i cittadini della Repubblica italiana sono trattati in maniera disuguale e, dunque, anticostituzionale?

9) Perché i genitori non vengono messi in condizione di scegliere davvero, informandoli in sede di vaccinazione, per iscritto, con dati e statistiche, circa i rischi di danni neurologici e altro in seguito a reazione da vaccino?

10) E’ vero che i dipendenti della Sanità non possono rilasciare dichiarazioni circa i vaccini, pena il licenziamento?

Fonte Stampalibera

Libro “Le Vaccinazioni Pediatriche” del Dott. Gava.


An Analysis Of The Nation’s Panegyric Article On Vaccine

What the Anti-Vax Movement Doesn’t Tell You About Measles


Annie Sparrow on February 19, 2015
Source: EbolaGate

[The Nation article  will be marked by “TN” to help differentiate it from inserted passages.]

The article begins with “expertise” of the writer, a doctor in the US who writes of  never encountering any measles here.

TN:  “No cough, no measles” was one of the many mantras and memory aids I learned in medical school. Most were designed to reduce tomes like Gray’s Anatomy and Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine to a few rules. Much of the time, it was easy to miss the point, especially when the subject seemed to be an obscure disease.
Five years into a six-year medical degree at a typical Western university, none of us had ever seen measles. Nor were we bothered. Apart from HIV, microbes like measles seemed prehistoric. Public health was out, plastic surgery was in. Still, I remembered this particular rule, offered by a much-revered professor. But I wondered why he was so focused on a cough instead of “Koplik spots,” the little white dots in the mouth that are specific to measles.

Suddenly the article shifts to Africa – where the author now speaks of measles in a context of horrific diseases – hemorrhagic fever, HIV, scarlet fever, syphilis, rheumatic fever, typhoid, tuberculosis, devastating meningococcal sepsis, enterovirus 68, Lyme disease, ….

TN:  “Then I spent ten weeks in a pediatric infectious-disease ward in Cape Town. I thought I would see “African diseases” like hemorrhagic fever and HIV, which I did. But I also saw measles, rubella (German measles), scarlet fever, syphilis, rheumatic fever, typhoid, tuberculosis and many other causes of rash and fever.

Suddenly I could see the point of my professor’s rule. The very first signs of measles are a fever and cough, followed by a runny nose and red eyes. The appearance of a rash three or four days later is usually what prompts parents to bring their child to the emergency room. The problem is that at any given time, half the pre-school children in the ER have a fever, rash or both. The differential diagnosis is hard enough in immunized children, ranging from mild roseola to devastating meningococcal sepsis; the long list includes enterovirus 68, Lyme disease and drug rashes.

The writer has now connected measles – though with no record of the last ten years of a single death in the US – in the reader’s mind with one terrifying deadly disease after another.  This is a strong fear inducer and it sets the stage for the rest of the article.  This introduction of fear wasn’t possible by writing about the US given how harmless measles is here.

Next, the idea of “catastrophe” for pregnant women if children are not vaccinated, is introduced, suggesting that pregnant women must be as well.

TN:  In an unimmunized child, the ailment might also be rubella—harmless for the child, but catastrophic for unimmunized pregnant patients—or chickenpox.

This also suggests that not vaccinating children, misses the potential catastrophe to pregnant women.  Both bring us to the distinction between vaccinated and immunized.

Immunized versus Vaccinated

The Nation article uses the word “unimmunized” but it is important for The Nation readers to understand that “immunized” and “vaccinated” are not synonyms.  A person can be immunized by their mother’s breast milk or by exposure to a disease without ever having been vaccinated.  On the other hand, a person who has been vaccinated may not be “immunized.”

There are a significant immunologic distinctions between naturally acquired and vaccine acquired immunity.  The following article is a good introduction to those differences and the impact of each.  An excerpt is included below.

Breast Milk versus Vaccines: Why Breast Milk Is Spectacular Protection Against SIDS

Contracting childhood diseases helps prime the immune system.From Immunology Today:

 “Vaccination replaces recovery from infections with a rather different type of immunological stimulus.  …  In the measles system [for instance], both vaccination and the infection itself have profound and long-lasting effects on the immune system, but these effects are not the same.”

 “For example, recovery from natural measles infection reduces the incidence of atopy [“a predisposition toward developing certain allergic hypersensitivity reactions” ], and of allergic reactions to house dust mite to half the incidence seen in vaccinated children, suggesting a systemic and non-specific switch to Th1 activity.”

indeed learning (immunological) is an absolute necessity, and these systems have evolved in the “anticipation” of appropriate inputs provided in an appropriate sequence after birth, and continuing throughout life”  [Emphasis added.  Comment added: The “inputs provided in an appropriate sequence,” are a reference to childhood diseases.]

The person who has been vaccinated but may not be “immunized” if the vaccine doesn’t work, wasn’t matched to the strain of a virus that is of concern, or the vaccine is failing.  While we have been taught that if a vaccine stimulates antibodies it will provide immunity, this is not the case.

A vaccine may stimulate antibodies but the person may not have developed immunity – the capacity to fight off a disease.

“…. the two poles of the immune system (the cellular and humoral mechanisms) have a reciprocal relationship in that when the activity of one pole is increased, the other must decrease. Thus, when one is stimulated, the other is inhibited.  Since vaccines activate the B cells to secrete antibody, the cytotoxic (killer) T cells are subsequently suppressed.”https://explorevaccines.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/antibodies-do-not-produce-immunity/

So, when The Nation article asserts the “unimmunized” pregnant women are in “catastrophic” danger, this only makes sense if the author is referring to the woman having no natural immunity.

The author is attempting to associate vaccines with immunity by using the word “immunized” rather than “vaccinated,” though there is no one to one association.  Vaccination doesn’t necessarily immunize and may, if the reciprocal relationship between B cells and killer T cells is thrown off, actually disrupt immunity.

The Nation author is adding more fear in speaking of a potential catastrophic event if pregnant women are not vaccinated.

The problem, beyond whether vaccines do immunize or do not, is that pregnant women should not be vaccinated in the first place because there have been NO TESTS of vaccines on pregnant women showing them to be safe.  Many vaccine inserts warn of this, themselves.  The Nation is in effect promoting pregnant women getting untested vaccines.

“In A REPORT TO THE CONSUMER (Sept., 75) by Ida Honorof, she presents a compilation of data from the National Institute of Health—Division of Biologic Standards, Bulletin of World Health Organization, and Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Director of a branch of FDA Virus research. Dr. Morris’ findings show that the flu vaccine, when inhaled by lab. animals “tended to enhance cancerous tumors.” Pregnant women had been on the preferred list for shots until findings indicated that certain substances in flu vaccine “could pose a serious threat of fetal damage to women who might become pregnant. . .” [Book] Swine Flu Expose by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

The Nation reader might want to take a couple of minutes to see a short segment of a film entitled “Bought” in which, at 1:18:48, a CDC analyst points out an enormous spike in miscarriages with the 2009 flu vaccines.  The H1N1 vaccine was linked to a 700% increase in fetal deaths.

What the analyst was focused on in the film was how a study of miscarriages could have stopped right before that spike and yet still included the year 2009, suggesting it was included in the study.  This was a year doctors were watching carefully because that’s when the H1N1 flu vaccine was introduced.

You can go to this link to view the film for free for the next week.

Returning to The Nation article:

TN:  “Or it might be measles, in which case you need to know. Fast. Because measles is the most contagious disease on earth.

The author has come back around to measles, having already set their readers’ mental imagery with a series of deadly diseases and a catastrophe for unvaccinated pregnant women.  Thus, one must act “fast.”

It is quite important to keep an eye on how fear is injected into The Nation’s article.  Fear makes it harder for people to think clearly and easier to guide them in how to think (and politically, fear offers opportunities for control).   Consider for a moment how much fear has been and is still being  put out in this country just around flu.  How many flu deaths do you estimate there are each year?  You have been told by the CDC that 36,000 people a year die from the flu.  That turns out to be greatly untrue.  Some would say it’s a lie.

This is from Jon Rappoport and his comments will be marked JR.

JR:  “In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (online) published a shocking report by Peter Doshi, which spelled out the delusion and created tremors throughout the halls of the CDC.

“Here is a quote from Doshi’s report:

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.” [Emphasis added.]

The CDC’s estimate was 2000 times the reality.  And it has not retracted its number or reassured the public that flu is not a danger.

Back to the Nation’s article:

TN:  Among unimmunized people exposed to the measles virus, some 90 percent will contract the disease.

That figure of 90% seems enormous.  It is 37.5 times larger than what the WHO asserts is the normal rate for contracting measles.

From an article entitled Should I Vaccinate My Child? by Jini Patel Thompson.

— An unpublished study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on a “measles susceptible” (malnourished) group of children showed that the group who hadn’t been vaccinated contracted measles at the normal contract rate of 2.4%.

Of the group who had received the measles vaccine (MMR), 33.5% contracted measles.

Where did The Nation author get the 90% figure?

Having grown up at a time when it was normal to get the measles, I know from experience that 90% of children didn’t contract it.  It would have meant all the children in a class got, when only a few did.  It would have meant whole schools would have shut down.  Nothing at all like that happened, yet children routinely got measles.

Did the Nation get that figure from the CDC?

From Jon Rappoport:  Aftershocks from My Interview With Sharyl Attkisson


“JON RAPPOPORT:  [speaking to Sharyl Attkisson, health reporter for CBS] In 2009, you spearheaded coverage of the so-called Swine Flu pandemic. You discovered that, in the summer of 2009, the Centers for Disease Control, ignoring their federal mandate, stopped counting Swine Flu cases in America. Yet they continued to stir up fear about the “pandemic,” without having any real measure of its impact. Wasn’t that another investigation of yours that was shut down? Wasn’t there more to find out?

“SHARYL ATTKISSON:  The implications of the story were even worse than that. We discovered through our FOI efforts that before the CDC mysteriously stopped counting Swine Flu cases, they had learned that almost none of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all! …. With the CDC keeping the true Swine Flu stats secret, it meant that many in the public took and gave their children an experimental vaccine that may not have been necessary. ….

“JR:  “Do you want the staggering capper on this foul tale? Roughly three weeks after Attkisson’s Swine Flu revelations appeared in print, the CDC, obviously in great distress over the exposure, decided to double down. The best lie to tell would be a huge lie.

“Here, from a November 12, 2009, WebMD article is the CDC’s response: “Shockingly, 14 million to 34 million U.S. residents — the CDC’s best guess is 22 million — came down with H1N1 swine flu by Oct. 17 [2009].” (“22 million cases of Swine Flu in US,” by Daniel J. DeNoon)

“22 million cases of Swine Flu in America. Roughly 1 out every 15 Americans came down with Swine Flu. What??”

Back to the Nation article:

TN:  Anyone with measles is contagious for several days before the rash even appears; the cough effectively spreads tiny droplets of the virus, which can remain in the air for several hours, long after an infected person has left the room.

Stays in the air for several hours?  Do only measles droplets have that ability?  Droplets from shower spray surely doesn’t.

TN:  In an unvaccinated community, each person who gets measles spreads it on average to twelve others.

Where does that number come from?

But more, why does The Nation only mention a spread of viruses in “unvaccinated” community?  It’s well known that when people are vaccinated, they will shed viruses from the vaccines for up to 2 weeks afterwards, and are often told to avoid people with compromised immune system during that time.

Back to the Nation article which is sustaining a pretty consistent level of fear, yet with no evidence of its assertion.

TN:  Complications like pneumonia and meningitis can be permanent, deadly, or both,

How can someone have both permanent complications and also be dead?

TN:  …. especially for immune-compromised patients such as those with cancer. And in the ER, one of these kids might be in the next bed.

So, now kids with measles are killers of cancer patients?  No one is dying of measles but those children are for some reason in the ERs and put into beds next to cancer patients?

Much more logically, any viruses being shed on cancer patients would come from that nurses who have been forced to take flu vaccines or lose their jobs – vaccines which the CDC has admitted don’t work and which have 25,000 times more mercury in them than the EPA allows in drinking water – will be back at work, shedding viruses not only on cancer patients but on all the other immune compromised patients in hospitals with whom they come into close contact.

CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work:  Influenza Outbreak On Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship

CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Influenza Outbreak on Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship – See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/cdc-admits-flu-vaccine-does-not-work-influenza-outbreak-on-fully-vaccinated-navy-ship/#sthash.mnDN7Ped.dpuf

CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Influenza Outbreak on Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship – See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/cdc-admits-flu-vaccine-does-not-work-influenza-outbreak-on-fully-vaccinated-navy-ship/#sthash.mnDN7Ped.dpuf

NEW YORK - MAY 29:  U.S. sailors march in the Little Neck/Dougla

CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Influenza Outbreak on Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship – See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/cdc-admits-flu-vaccine-does-not-work-influenza-outbreak-on-fully-vaccinated-navy-ship/#sthash.mnDN7Ped.dpuf

TN:  Older Americans remember measles as a common childhood disease that just had to be suffered through,

Yes.  That’s what it was.

TN:  but in fact it is still frequently deadly in low- and middle-income countries.

What is a middle-income country?  Is that meant to fold in the US in people’s minds?  If so, since measles has not been deadly in the US, it’s not a problem here.

Measles is easily prevented and treated with vitamin A. This comes from US pediatric publications.


TN:  And because the virus weakens the body’s natural immune system,

Where is the evidence for this since the recovery from a natural measles infection is a positive thing for the immune system.  As cited above, from Immunology Today,

“… recovery from natural measles infection reduces the incidence of atopy [“a predisposition toward developing certain allergic hypersensitivity reactions” ], and of allergic reactions to house dust mite to half the incidence seen in vaccinated children, suggesting a systemic and non-specific switch to Th1 activity.”

Which makes the  next unsupported assertion of The Nation author also had to accept:

TN:  children who survive measles get more infections and have a higher risk of dying from them for several months afterwards.

There is no evidence of children in the US getting measles and dying from infections months later.   If so, the vaccine industry would be asserting in mainstream media, where it would likely be rebutted by pediatricians and researchers.

TN:  So a doctor needs to be able to diagnose measles at “hello,”

For a disease that doesn’t kill anyone?  What’s the hurry?  It’s just measles.  The rush is useful, though for suggesting that measles is highly dangerous.

TN:  and not wait for the results of two blood tests taken two weeks apart to see whether antibodies are rising while the child spreads measles, as happened at Disneyland. I rapidly learned to recognize measles at ten paces, and realized that the idea of using Koplik spots as a diagnostic aid was better suited to passing exams than clinical practice. Toddlers with measles tend to be extremely irritable (another clue) and not madly cooperative about opening their mouths on request for viewing. Nor would you want to get that close, if you’re uncertain whether your parents had you immunized. [Emphasis added.]

This is one fearful doctor.  The author of this articles seems not to know that millions of Americans have done just fine for decades without measles vaccines and they’ve raised and been around children with measles and some even aruond grandchildren with measles.  No one is keeling over dead from it.  Why should this doctor?

TN:  So the crucial question becomes: Cough, or no cough? If there’s no cough, it’s not measles. Period. Which is good, as excluding measles early averts both parental and departmental panic.

Panic?  How did panic get into this?  Over what?  Spots and itching?

TN:  But if an unimmunized child or adult is coughing, take it very seriously.

First, most of the outbreaks of measles are occurring in heavily vaccinated populations, who were clearly not immunized by the MMR or they wouldn’t have gotten measles.  And children vaccinated with the MMR  are who are primarily getting measles fits with the WHO study.

And shouldn’t those people, the vaccinated ones with measles, be taken seriously or rushed out of ERs, too?

TN:  Ensure that the child is kept away from places where he or she could spread the disease to others. Educate parents on how to treat the symptoms. And get the child out of the ER as quickly as possible before he or she infects other patients and staff.

Does this doctor get people with colds or flu or TB or viral pneumonia or other infectious diseases, out of the ER, too?  Or just children who might have measles?  Or is this still all in the service of attempting to make measles – which has been 100 times less deadly than measles vaccines – into something that seems scary?

TN:  These steps are all the more vital now that measles, long forgotten, is “back” in the United States and far too few doctors know how to recognize it.

As in “back” like in the Exorcist movie?

Far too few doctors know how to recognize it because it’s not a raging epidemic of moribund kids coming into hospitals for serious medical help.  Kids with measles are at home spotty and itching and being told stop scratching and getting pampered and given treats to keep them happy, with siblings wishing they had it, too, for all the attention the measles child is getting it.

And, no, the measles is not “back.”  It has been causing measles since its inception.

From Measles Vaccines Kill More People Than Measles, CDC Data Proves

“Not long after it was introduced, the first measles vaccine was actually found to manifest worse symptoms of measles in vaccinated patients than if they hadn’t gotten the vaccine at all. The vaccine also suppressed the normal rash and fever associated with measles, obstructing the normal immune response and ultimately leading to future health problems for vaccinated individuals once they reached adulthood.”    [Emphasis added.]  http://www.shiftfrequency.com/ethan-a-huff-measles-vaccines-kill-more-people-than-measles-cdc-data-proves/

Look carefully at the non-science of the next sentence.  It’s entirely political and emotional as well.  The inflammatory words are highlighted.

TN:  And not only is measles proliferating; so are the nasty allegations about the danger of the vaccine by anti-vaxxer ideologues and unscrupulous politicians,

Putting that into simple English minus the emotion, we have this:

“Measles are increasing, and so are such references as that the CDC’s own data showing the greater danger of the measles vaccine by people concerned about vaccine safety, and by politicians.

And the rest of The Nation’s sentence:

TN:  even though the vaccine is not only safe, but mass measles vaccination is also the single best public-health intervention we have.

So, in the first part of the sentence, The Nation calls anyone who questions the vaccines “ideologues” and “unscrupulous” and reduces whatever they say to only “allegations” and “nasty” ones at that.  Those people seem quite bad – acting out of political rigidity and lack of ethics – and what they say untrue and ugly to boot.

In the second part of the sentence, the vaccines are said to be utterly safe and the very best health action we possess.  Measles vaccines are more than okay, that are our ultimate health good.

It is surprising and disappointing to see such an extreme black and white, emotionally laden, divisive view of any issue coming from a magazine that is read by academics, intellectuals and others who are thinking people.  It’s what they would say of Fox News or grocery store rags.

As to the value of the measles vaccine, it’s important to reference the charts above on the impact of nutrition on bringing down measles.

But the same pharmaceutical industry that is pushing vaccines that caused smallpox (which declined because of nutrition)has genetically engineered the food and poured glysophate on the GMOs plants, depleting nutrients in the soil and food.  They created Codex Alimentarius after their CEOs got out of prison for genocide and crimes against humanity they perpetrated during WWII.  Codex would remove access to supplemental nutrients worldwide and further deplete human of nutrition – which is why we see so many media articles attacking vitamins and why NY, controlled by the Rockefellers, is clearing major chain stores of supplements.

Here is a documentary about Codex is narrated by Dame Judy Dench.  It is directly relevant to measles vaccines since vitamin A can prevent it and it was the ending of scurvy that brought measles down to almost nothing.  But if the pharmaceutical industry removes nutrients from the world’s food as they are doing now, there will be a return of all kinds of  diseases.

So, when progressives think about measles vaccines, they should think about scurvy.

From Health Sentinel

Scurvy is probably the nutritional disease that has caused the most suffering in human history. It is often associated with longer ocean voyages that began in the 15th century. One account by George Anson’s 1740-1744 circumnavigation around the world returned from its voyages with only 145 of its original members. Only 4 men had died of enemy action and 1300 had died of disease, primarily of scurvy. But, in fact, most cases of scurvy during the centuries have occurred on land. Scurvy was widespread in northern Europe during the Middles Ages and later in history most cases occurred when food became scarce, such as during the Great Potato Famine of 1845-1848, the American Civil War, the Crimean War, and World War I. An estimated 10,000 people died of scurvy during the California Gold Rush where adequate fruits and vegetables were not in abundance. As improvements in nutrition occurred scurvy deaths declined in conjunction with infectious diseases such as measles.”


And what vitamin stops scurvy?  C. And what molecule does the video above suggest is central in stopping virus, degenerative diseases, infections, toxins, …. everything?  Vitamin C.

Progressives may want to be aware that the attempted removal of health rights around vaccines is moving hand in glove with the pharmaceutical industry’s on three fronts at once – attempts to mandate vaccines across the US and globally [vaccines that are not actually the miracle the world has been told], removal of access to the nutrients that sustain life and cure diseases [and have killed no one during a time , and the contamination and degradation of the world’s food supply with GMOs.

It’s why we see efforts to say vitamins are worthless or dangerous.  But UC Berkeley is having none of it.

Pharma’s Don’t-Take-Vitamins Study Diametrically Opposed by Valid Study

We know historically that lack of nutrients was responsible for diseases and we’ve seen ourselves that GMOs in agriculture are causing diseases and people are left without choices.  Pharma is responsible for the GMOs and people having little information, little choice.  And pharma is working to remove access to nutrients through Codex.  Both remove people’s rights to determine and ability to control their own health.  Diseases are Pharma’s business (Codex is mentioned) and expanding that business means expanding diseases.

It is up to progressives to decide for themselves whether vaccines are modern miracles or also mean disease.  Or perhaps progressives only need to decide whether mandating corporate products that can cause injury and kill is acceptable or not.

The Nation article is making claims for the measles vaccine that are as worshipful as the industry’s long standing claims for the polio and smallpox vaccine, neither of which match the history of either.

Yet the WHO’s study of the MMR showing it increases incidences of measles by almost 14 times (2.4% the WHO calls the “normal rate of contraction with the MMR having a 33.5% rate), and a whistle blowing researcher at the CDC who reports the CDC has hidden damning evidence that the MMR causes autism and at a 300% greater rate of autism among little black boys,

and historical outbreaks of measles in heavily vaccinated groups, obviously makes such glowing claims look not just silly but suspicious.

From The 2013 Measles Outbreaks: A Failing vaccine, Not A Failure to Vaccinate

  • 1985, Texas, USA: According to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1987, “An outbreak of measles occurred among adolescents in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the spring of 1985, even though vaccination requirements for school attendance had been thoroughly enforced.” They concluded: “We conclude that outbreaks of measles can occur in secondary schools, even when more than 99 percent of the students have been vaccinated and more than 95 percent are immune.”[8]
  • 1985, Montana, USA: According to an article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology titled, “A persistent outbreak of measles despite appropriate prevention and control measures,” an outbreak of 137 cases of measles occurred in Montana. School records indicated that 98.7% of students were appropriately vaccinated, leading the researchers to conclude: “This outbreak suggests that measles transmission may persist in some settings despite appropriate implementation of the current measles elimination strategy.”[9]
  • 1988, Colorado, USA: According to an article published in theAmerican Journal of Public Health in 1991, “early 1988 an outbreak of 84 measles cases occurred at a college in Colorado in which over 98 percent of students had documentation of adequate measles immunity … due to an immunization requirement in effect since 1986. They concluded: “…measles outbreaks can occur among highly vaccinated college populations.”[10]
  • 1989, Quebec, Canada: According to an article published in theCanadian Journal of Public Health in 1991, a 1989 measles outbreak was “largely attributed to an incomplete vaccination coverage,” but following an extensive review the researchers concluded “Incomplete vaccination coverage is not a valid explanation for the Quebec City measles outbreak.[11]
  • 1991-1992, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: According to an article published in the journal Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, in a measles outbreak from March 1991 to April 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, 76.4% of those suspected to be infected had received measles vaccine before their first birthday. [12]
  • 1992, Cape Town, South Africa: According to an article published in the South African Medical Journal in 1994, “[In] August 1992 an outbreak occurred, with cases reported at many schools in children presumably immunised.” Immunization coverage for measles was found to be 91%, and vaccine efficacy found to be only 79%, leading them to conclude that primary and secondary vaccine failure was a possible explanation for the outbreak.[13

TN:  As doctors, there are a few things that we know are fundamental to our well-being. Most of these are public-health measures that enable us to live much longer and better lives, even to grow taller, than 200 years ago. These measures of mass salvation include water purification, toilets and sanitation, garbage collection and disposal, and vaccination to protect children from infectious diseases like smallpox, polio and measles.

Vaccination is not one of those public health measures.  It’s a private, for profit technology that came along after the great reduction in diseases, though claiming credit for the reduction of diseases from nutrition and sanitation.  Here the author even attempts to lump vaccination with the well known public health measures.

Vaccinations did not get rid of measles.  Or smallpox.  Or Pertussis.  Or more.

From Health Sentinel


“England and Wales began keeping mortality statistics even earlier than the United States starting in 1838. Again there was the same pattern in the immense decline in death from measles which began in the late 1800s. From a peak of 70.49 deaths per 100,000 in 1839 to 0.11 deaths per 100,000 in 1968 when measles vaccination started in England there is an impressive 99.8% decline in the death rate from measles.

“A similar picture emerges upon further examination of the statistics from England and Wales for Pertussis commonly referred to as Whooping Cough. From a peak of 61.90 deaths per 100,000 in 1861 to 0.20 in 1955 when the whooping cough vaccine came into use. Again there is a massive 99.6% decrease in mortality from whooping cough before the vaccine was introduced. In fact, the same pattern emerges for all infectious diseases – measles, whooping cough, scarlet fever, and diphtheria – all showed a decline in mortality starting in the late 1800s.”

So the big and obvious question is what did cause the eradication of infectious diseases if vaccines had little to do with it?  “Through the 1800s into the 1900s the western world underwent a series of amazing transformations. Improvements in nutrition, better public and personal hygiene, better housing and working conditions, and improvements in education all had a part to play in the societal transformation. [Emphasis added.  And a note – they do not mention vaccination.]

From Measles Vaccines Kill More People than Measles, CDC Data Proves

by Ethan Huff


EH:  “Some will try to argue that measles deaths are essentially nonexistent now because of measles vaccines, the first of which was introduced in 1963. But this argument holds no water — U.S. measles mortality data shows that deaths from measles rapidly declined in the years leading up to when the first vaccine was introduced, validating the success of improved sanitation and better nutrition in making measles a non-problem.

“This plotted graph from HealthSentinel.com visually illustrates this:

EH:  “What you may not have heard, is that by 1963, the death rate from measles in the United States had already dropped by approximately 98%,” explains the International Medical Council on Vaccination (IMCV).

Now The Nation brings in the small pox vaccine, clearly unaware of its actual history of causing small pox.  The History of Health is a fascination chronology of major health events since 540 AD.  It makes what is said here about smallpox look quite off.

TN:  Smallpox was a seriously nasty disease, with a fatality rate of 30 percent. For those who survived, the pocks were permanent, and not pretty. Eradication of this vicious virus was the result of achieving global herd immunity, a feat of international cooperation and cost-effective investment in a global good. Herd immunity comes from mass vaccination and eliminates the virus.

From The History of Health:

1723 First record of smallpox immunization in Ireland, when a doctor in Dublininoculates 25 people. Three died, and the custom was briefly abandoned.

1724 First record of vaccination for smallpox in Germany. It soon fell into disfavor due to the number of deaths. Years later, doctors were able to reintroduce it.

1754 Inoculation for smallpox introduced in Rome. The practice was soon stopped because of the number of deaths it caused. Later, the medical profession would successfully reintroduce it.

1763 Epidemic of smallpox in France wipes out a large part of the population. It was immediately attributed to inoculation, and the practice was prohibited by the French government for five years.

1791 Edward Jenner vaccinates his 18 month old son with swine-pox. In 1798 he vaccinates his son with cow-pox. His son will die of TB at the age of 21.

1796 Edward Jenner in Gloucestershire, England credited with concept of vaccination.Jenner vaccinates an 8 year old boy with smallpox pus. Jenner would vaccinate the boy 20 times. The boy would die from TB at the age of 20.

1810 The London Medical Observer (Vol.VI, 1810) publishes particulars of “535 cases of smallpox after vaccination, 97 fatal cases of smallpox after vaccination and 150 cases of serious injury from vaccination, ten of whom were medical men.”

1822 The British government advances Edward Jenner another £20,000 for “smallpox vaccine” experimentation. Jenner suppresses reports which indicate his concept is causing more deaths than saving lives.

1831 Smallpox epidemic in Wurtemberg, Germany, where 995 vaccinated people succumb to the disease.

1831 In Marseilles, France, 2000 vaccinated people are stricken with smallpox. .

1855 Compulsory nature of Massachusetts vaccination statute firm, and a pre-condition for school admittance.  Statutes created in the belief it would “protect children from smallpox.”

That medical certainty about vaccination went along with this medical certainty:

1855 New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal sports an editorial which declares that “masturbation is the destroying element of civilized society.

1857  Vaccination in England enforced by fines. Smallpox epidemic begins in England that lasts until 1859. Over 14,000 die.

1867  Vaccination Act of 1867 in England begins to elicit protest from the population and increase in the number of anti-vaccination groups. It compelled the vaccination of a baby within the first 90 days of its life. Those who objected would be continually badgered by magistrates and fined until the child turned 14. The law was passed on the assurance of medical officials that smallpox vaccinations were safe.

1871 In Birmingham, England from 1871 to 1874, there were 7,706 cases of smallpox.  Out of these, 6,795 had been vaccinated.

TN:  It [smallpox vaccineation] protects the entire community—particularly children and adults who can’t safely be immunized and babies who are too young (a child must be 6 to 9 months old before the immune system is sufficiently developed for the vaccine to work). When the global campaign began in 1967, there were 10 to 15 million cases of smallpox each year. Places that had attained herd immunity, such as Europe and North America, had to maintain it to prevent imported cases from India and Africa from triggering an epidemic while rigorous surveillance to diagnose every last case and mass vaccination campaigns around the world created global herd immunity.

Medical history  doesn’t match The Nation author’s assertions.  Smallpox vaccine campaigns did not stop smallpox but based on the medical history, appears to have greatly contributed to it.  Smallpox declines through public health measures, as did all other infectious diseases.


From Health Sentinel:

“Even smallpox, that interestingly was in some apparent synchronicity with the biggest killer of all scarlet fever, did not begin its decline until the late 1880s over 70 years after Edward Jenner, the father of modern vaccination, made his observations in 1798.Despite strict vaccination laws in England smallpox raged on in epidemics culminating in the large 1872 pandemic.

All infectious diseases began their decline in the late 1800s well before vaccines were developed with the exception of the smallpox vaccine that showed no effect on these 1800s smallpox epidemics.

“In the case of scarlet fever there was no vaccine used at all with this deadly disease fading away over time.”

And here are more specific examples of how the smallpox vaccine did not stop smallpox.

1871 In Bavaria, Germany, vaccination is compulsory and re-vaccination is commonplace. Out of 30,472 cases of smallpox, 29,429 had been vaccinated.

TN:  Ten years later, the virus died out.

It did that on its own, like scarlet fever, because of public health measures.

But the CDC, connected to the CIA, stores smallpox.   They just came across it in an NIH closet in Maryland.

From ABC News:

“Vials of the virus that causes smallpox were found in a National Institutes of Health research building that was unequipped and unapproved to handle the deadly pathogen, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”Because it’s so infectious, the smallpox virus is considered a bioterrorism threat and is only permitted in two labs in the world: One at the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters and another at the VECTOR Institute in Russia. The newly discovered vials violate an international agreement reached in 1979 aimed at keeping the virus eradicated while allowing some scientists to continue studying it.”

The CDC maintains it (perhaps synthesized as Bill Gate’s polio vaccines, which would make it more deadly) for biologic warfare purposes.

TN:  Smallpox eradication is the public health success story of the twentieth century,

See above from how the CDC is treating that.

Yes, smallpox eradication was a public health success story.  But vaccination is not a public health measure but a corporate enterprise.  One can look at historical examples below and decide whether the smallpox vaccine stopped smallpox

1871 Select committee of the Privy Council convened to inquire into the Vaccination Act of 1867 (England), as 97.5% of the people who died from smallpox were vaccinated for it.

1872 Japan institutes compulsory smallpox vaccination. Within 20 years 165,000 smallpox cases manifest themselves.

1872 In England, 87% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox. Over 19,000 die in England and Wales. (See 1925).

1884 In England, Dr. Charles Creighton is asked to write an article for the Encyclopedia Britannica on vaccination.After much research internationally, heconcludes that vaccination constituted “a gross superstition”. Later, Creighton writes two books, “Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis” and “Jenner and Vaccination”.

1884 In England, more that 1700 children vaccinated for smallpox die of syphillis.

1884 Dr. Sobatta of the German Army reports on the results of vaccination to theGerman Vaccination Commission, which subsequently publishes data proving that re-vaccination does not work. Deaths from vaccination are routinely covered up by physicians.

1886 A seven year period begins in Japan where 25,474,370 vaccinations and re-vaccinations are performed in Japan, representing 66% of the entire population of Japan. During that period, there are 165,774 cases of smallpox with 28,979 deaths. (See 1955).

1887 In England, Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, professor of pathology and bacteriology at Kings College, is asked by the British government to investigate the cowpox outbreak in Wiltshire. The result of the investigation was contained in two volumes of “The History and Pathology of Vaccination”, in which he states that “the credit given to vaccination belongs to sanitation”.

1905 Eleven states in the US have compulsory vaccination laws; 34 states do not. No states physically force injections on citizens, [Relevant to today:]Vaccination was made compulsory without state legislation providing for analysis of its history.

1927 British government appoints a committee to inquire into “vaccine lymph”, as it is noticed that the “glycerinated calf lymph” used in vaccinations causes deaths from “sleepy sickness”. Two London professors bring notice of the problem to the government in 1922. It takes 5 years before the government responds.

1927  Smallpox in England dwindles almost to the vanishing point. Fatality of theunvaccinated cases is less than half of the vaccinated cases.

TN:  and because of it [smallpox vaccination], we are now determined to try to eradicate other infectious diseases, such as polio and measles.

That determination, then, is based on dangerous ignorance and a mass promotion of it to the public.  The Nation magazine should be providing its readers the actual history and science.  Whe is it offering only unreferenced assertions?

1928 Edward L.Bernays, nephew to Sigmund Freud, writes the book Propaganda, in which he explains the structure of the mechanism which controls the public mind, and how it is manipulated by those who wish to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity.

Says Bernays, “those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, largely by men we have never heard of.”

TN:  Polio, perhaps the most frightening disease of the twentieth century on account of its invisible spread and devastating effect, crippled tens of thousands of children each year before the discovery of a vaccine sixty years ago.

In 1949, more than half a decade before the Rockefellers, who controlled the March of Dimes, put out the Salk and Sabine vaccines, Dr. F. R. Klenner in Reidsville, NC, cured every one of the 60 cases of polio that came under his care, using IV vitamin C.  orthomolecular.org/library/jom/1991/pdf/1991-v06n02-p099.pdf

Polio was curable.  Most children didn’t get it but if they did, it would be no threat to them.  But there is no profit in cures, and certainly not such cheap and easy ones.  What cured polio is a cure for all viruses and does much else beside.

Videos – Vitamin C for Newbies and Professionals (and anyone worried about cancer, chronic diseases, infections, toxins, viruses, and even ebola)


Here is an explanation for how one molecule can do so much.  But progressive readers may understand that, in fact, what they are hearing is a unified field theory of all disease, bringing together biology and physics.

Because vitamin C is an absolute viricide, it makes vaccines are obsolete.  And vaccines are mixing viruses which are mutating and that leads to more vaccines.  And vaccines can be about the wrong strain and do nothing to help.  And vaccines can be slow to develop in terms of isolating strains and testing and hoping for efficacy.  Vitamin kills all viruses, all strains, even genetically engineered ones, needs not lead time for development and testing, has not negative side effects, has endless positive side effects, is not limited in which group can receive it, including those terribly ill or even terminal.  In fact, as far as terminal, the NIH ran a study replicating Linus Pauling’s protocol, and remarked on “unexpectedly long survival times” in those terminal cancer patients, asking whether IV vitamin C shouldn’t be considered for cancer treatments.  The public has known for years and left the NIH in the dust.


TN:  Americans can be rightly proud of the March of Dimes,

The Rockefellers who are enormously wealthy, set up the March of Dimes and collected the donations.  Mothers just did the work.

TN:  …. an enormous effort driven by American mothers, which raised tens of millions of dollars to find a vaccine.

The vaccines, both the Sabin and the Salk caused polio right out of the syringe, and this was covered up by media and government agencies, though some US states banned the vaccines because of all the cases of polio they were causing.  There was great manipulation of medical data to make it appear – before the vaccines – that polio was a vast threat and to make it appear after the vaccines that the vaccines had stopped an epidemic.

The Polio Game

“Only thirteen days after the vaccine had been acclaimed by the whole of the American Press and Radio as one of the greatest medical discoveries of the century, and two days after the English Minister of Health had announced he would go right ahead with the manufacture of the vaccine, came the first news of disaster. Children inoculated with one brand of vaccine had developed poliomyelitis. In the following days more and more cases were reported, some of then after inoculation with other brands of the vaccine. Then came another, and wholly unlooked-for complication. The Denver Medical Officer, Dr. Florio announced the development of what he called ‘satellite’ polio, that is, cases of the disease in the parents or other close contacts of children who had been inoculated and. alter a few days’ illness in hospital, had returned home: they communicated the disease to others, although not suffering from it themselves.

“On June 23rd, 1955 the American Public Health Service announced that there had been 149 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis among the vaccinated, with six deaths, and 149 cases among the contacts of children given the Salk vaccine, with six deaths. Nor is this the end of the story; how many vaccinated children will eventually be reported as developing the disease is as yet unknown, but it is at any rate limited by the fact that the distribution of further batches of vaccine was suspended on May 6th, the actual manufacture of Cutter vaccine, which had been responsible for most of the polio cases, having been stopped altogether, pending a full inquiry, by the National Institute of Health on April 28th.”

There were simple categorization changes to determine incidence of the disease.

“Polio cases were predetermined to decrease when the medical definition of polio was changed. Cases of polio were more often reported as aseptic meningitis after the vaccine was introduced, skewing efficacy rates. Source: The Los Angeles County Health Index: Morbidity and Mortality, Reportable Diseases.

“The fact that dubious tactics were used to fabricate efficacy rates was corroborated by Dr. Bernard Greenberg, chairman of the Committee on Evaluation and Standards of the American Public Health Association during the 1950s. His expert testimony was used as evidence during Congressional hearings in 1962. He credited the “decline” of polio cases not to the vaccine, but rather to a change in the way doctors were required to report cases: “Prior to 1954 any physician who reported paralytic poliomyelitis was do- ing his patient a service by way of subsidizing the cost of hospi- talization… two examinations at least 24 hours apart was all that was required… In 1955 the criteria were changed… residual paralysis was determined 10 to 20 days after onset of illness and again 50 to 70 days after onset… This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a new disease… Furthermore, diagnostic procedures have continued to be refined. Coxsackie virus infections and aseptic meningitis have been distinguished from poliomyelitis… Thus, simply by changes in diagnostic criteria, the number of paralytic cases was predetermined to decrease… [52:96,97]”

The Rockefeller Vaccine Secret Revealed
“In 1955 Time Magazine wrote of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis blowing the danger of polio out of proportion. But why would anyone blow out of proportion something as serious as polio? Here is a snippet from that article:

“All week the air was full of brickbats for Secretary Hobby and her department, although President Eisenhower defended her (see NATIONAL AFFAIRS). In retrospect, a good deal of the blame for the vaccine snafu also went to the National foundation (for Infantile Paralysis [the Rockefellers]), which, with years of publicity, had built up the danger of polio out of all proportion to its actual incidence, and had rushed into vaccinations this year with patently insufficient preparation.” emphasis added
“As a researcher I had to force myself to rethink the implications. I asked myself the question, “If the Rockefellers helped create the Federal Reserve Bank and now manipulate our wealth, are they doing the same through vaccines in order to manipulate our health?”  Continue reading …http://vactruth.com/2010/08/18/rockefeller-vaccine-secret-revealed/

Back to The Nation article:

TN:  The global campaign to eradicate polio required massive international cooperation, overcoming Cold War divisions, to bring the number of global polio cases today down to a few hundred a year—tantalizingly close to eradication.

The author is referring to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s global campaign with polio vaccines.  However in synthesizing the polio virus, BMGF made eradication impossible.

Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on

Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Vol IX No 2 April – June 2012 Page 114-7.http://www.issuesinmedicalethics.org/pdfs/202co114.html.pdf
Neetu Vashisht, Jacob PuliyelAbstract”It was hoped that following polio eradication, immunisation could be stopped. However the synthesis of polio virus in 2002, made eradication impossible.It is argued that getting poor countries to expend their scarce resources on an impossible dream over the last 10 years was unethical.“Furthermore, while India has been polio-free for a year, there has been a huge increase in non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP).  In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP.  Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated. The principle of primum-non-nocere was violated.

“The authors suggest that the huge bill of US$ 8 billion spent on the
programme, is a small sum to pay if the world learns to be wary of
such vertical programmes in the future
.” [Emphasis added.]

It is exactly such a dangerous vertical program being promoted in the US now through the mandating of vaccines.

Not only did Gates’ polio vaccine caused the 47,500 cases of paralysis in India, it caused 10,000 deaths of children in Pakistanhttp://www.occupycorporatism.com/home/the-shocking-truth-about-syrian-polio-resurgence-regime-change/

Back to The Nation article:

TN:  Measles, like polio and smallpox, is a horrible disease.

The author continues to conflate measles with more serious diseases, never once pointing out to The Nation readers that there have been no deaths from measles in the US in over a decade.  Instead the effort is to frighten people by pulling in the big classic threats.  However, even those threats are not what they seemed.

From Rethinking Polio  http://liamscheff.com/2011/02/rethinking-polio/

The Vaccine movement, promoted by the FDR Whitehouse, promoted actively, supported DDT spraying and soaking of infant’s rooms, clothes, and of children at the beach:

“Dr. Morton Biskind protests, to Congress, regarding the toxicity of DDT, and its role in “Polio”:


“Following a recent extensive trip through the South, Dr. Mobbs informed me that wherever DDT had been used intensively against polio, not only was there an epidemic of the syndrome I have described but the incidence of polio continued to rise and in fact appeared where it had not been before.   This is not surprising since it is known that not only can DDT poisoning produce a condition that may easily be mistaken for polio in an epidemic but also being a nerve poison itself, may damage cells in the spinal cord and thus increase the susceptibility to the virus.

The Rockefellers were involved in DDT and “epidemics” appeared where DDT was sprayed, they produced the vaccines, they controlled the March of Dimes, and they made a fortune.  The vaccines forced on American children often caused polio and later caused cancer from the SV40 (Simian virus) in them.

Yet, polio was being easily and cheaply cured with mega doses of  vitamin C more than half a decade before the polio vaccines were released.

As to measles being a horrible disease, most people over 50 in the US might disagree, since they’ve either had or seen children with it and spots and itching don’t qualify as horrible.  What’s more, measles is easily prevented by vitamin A and is not common in well nourished children.  It is, however, common among measles-vaccinated children because as was made clear from FOIA-requested UK government secret documents,vaccines cause the diseases they are said to prevent.  http://www.shiftfrequency.com/ethan-a-huff-secret-government-documents-reveal-vaccines-to-be-a-total-hoax/

TN:  Second only to smallpox in the total number of deaths it has caused over the past two millennia,

Where is there any information to support that?  As one can see here, the history is not filled with measles epidemics or vast numbers of deaths.  http://www.relfe.com/history_1.html

TN:  it’s still a major killer of children under 5 years of age in the developing world.

Where is there any information to support that?  As one can see here, the history is not filled with measles epidemics or vast numbers of deaths.  http://www.relfe.com/history_1.html

TN:  it’s still a major killer of children under 5 years of age in the developing world.

The US is not the developing world.  Yet for some reason The Nation author is strongly pushing the measles vaccine on its US audience, though 1) it is associated with autism, 2) the CDC hid the autism data surrounding it, 3) it causes measles, and 4) it has caused 108 deaths in the last 10 or so years, and 5) measles caused none in the same time period.  Where’s the logic to support using the MMR at all?

TN:  The development of a vaccine was widely welcomed.

By whom?  According to the WHO study, the vaccine causes measles.  It’s likely the people whose children were being given it, noticed.

TN:  It is usually delivered jointly with vaccines for mumps and rubella, known in combination as MMR. One shot provides at least 95 percent protection and offers enduring immunity.

Again, the CDC has a whistle blower researcher reporting that data showing the MMR causes autism, and at especially high rates among African American little boys, was hidden.  If the vaccine offer “enduring” immunity, why are there outbreaks among vaccinated groups and why is the CDC saying people need more than one dose of the MMR?  And why do the measles vaccines shows outbreak after outbreak in one heavily vaccinated community after another?

TN:  But because of vaccination lapses, measles is now on the rise.

As the outbreaks in the article above show, the outbreaks have nothing to do with “lapses.”  The measles vaccine either doesn’t provide immunity or it causes measles itself, both of which the FOIA-obtained secret UK government documents indicate.

TN:  There were twenty separate outbreaks in the United States in 2014, involving 644 individual cases—a record number since measles was eliminated from the US in 2000.

A failing vaccine will do that.  But where’s the crisis?  The kids just had the measles and got over it.  Their natural immune system met the challenge and now they have life time immunity.  Something quite positive is occurring.

TN:  So far in 2015, there have been 141 cases in seventeen states, 80 percent of which are linked to Disneyland. Blaming it on Mexico and porous borders, as some opportunistic politicians have done, has no basis in reality; there were only two cases in Mexico in January, both imported from the United States.

Where is the evidence for that?  Why are there no links to any studies each time the author makes an assertion?

TN:  Globally, the number of cases rose from 122,000 in 2012 to 146,000 in 2013, reversing a twelve-year downward trend. In November 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave up on meeting its target for measles control.

Above, there is mention of failing vaccines, but it’s time to talk about the most serious problem with the measles vaccines and with all the vaccines today. 

All the new vaccines – what are called third generation vaccines – are recombinant DNA vaccines.  They are GMO vaccines.  The earlier vaccines were not.  Now,Researchers at the vaccine companies create GMOs combined of various viruses’ DNA and/or animal DNA and/or insect DNA, and possibly even synthetic DNA, and shoot them into the person.  They are seeking “DNA uptake,” that is, for the DNA itself to be altered, just exactly as Monsanto does in shooting GMOs into seeds to genetically alter them.

This goes way beyond what people’s have been taught about vaccines, that a tiny bit of virus is injected into a person to stimulate their immune system.  The new vaccines are altering people’s DNA.

From Recombinant DNA Vaccines


Enzo Paoletti and Dennis Panicali at the New York State department of Health, devised a Strategy to produce recombinant DNA vaccines by using genetic engineering techniques. They were able to transform ordinary smallpox vaccineinto vaccines that may be able to prevent other diseases.

The mixing of viruses to try to stop even more diseases sounds very scientific and beneficial but these recombinant DNA (GMO) vaccines are highly unstable.  Veterinarians have begun putting out warnings of what they see occurring with rabies vaccines.

From Vaccines are creating “Herd Contagion”

In addition to the danger of jumping species and return to virulence, there is another frightening way for these new viruses to spread: aerosolization. It used to be that we could feel pretty safe about rabies because the chances that our dogs would trade saliva with another animal were pretty slim. Nowadays, thanks to recombinant vaccines, there is no bite required. The Center for Disease Control acknowledges that rabies can be spread via aerosolization so you or your dog need only be in close proximity to a rabies infected animal to be in danger.

One can see here the mixing of viruses and their application to various vaccines

From Recombinant DNA Vaccines


What Paoletti and his colleague, Virologist Dennis Panicali, set out to do was to alter the DNA of cowpox virus by inserting a gene from another virus (namelyherpes, hepatitis B or influenza). These efforts resulted, amongst others in the development of a commercial Hepatitis B vaccine which is now widely used.HPV vaccine is another notable recombinant DNA vaccine.

Both those vaccines are associated with deaths.  The Hep B vaccine was halted in Vietnam because of deaths of newborns and there has been Congressional testimony of Hep B vaccines deaths here.

The HPV vaccine has caused an extraordinary number  of deaths (over 100 according to government statistics, and many times higher by lawyers keeping tract) and almost 8 times that who have been disabled.


Reaction to a hepatitis vaccination:

The HPV vaccine and brain damage

It’s not just that the recombinant DNA (GMO) vaccines are creating a situation in which diseases can happen now in new ways and be more virulent, though.

Once one stops thinking about the diseases themeslves for moment, what becomes obvious is that shooting GMO material into a person’s DNA and having it taken up by that DNA means that human DNA is being altered by these vaccines.

This is occurring without anyone being informed, and without anyone signing a contract to agree to the contamination of their unique intellectual property derived over millennia – their or their child’s human DNA.  It is being contaminated with DNA from lower species, including insect DNA and possibly even synthetic DNA.

These vaccines, thanks to Bill Gates global vaccine campaign is globally degrading human DNA from fully human to DNA that is contaminated with DNA from other species, something that could NEVER have happened naturally.

Human being – without their awareness – are becoming less human at the level of their DNA, which is the very blueprint for human life, because of vaccines.

In the next section, this article will press on with its analysis of The Nation article since The Nation’s promotion of vaccines, in hitting on the common divisive issues surrounding vaccines, offers an opportunity for more information and a broad overview of vaccines and their history that may be new to The Nation readers and to progressives in general, and perhaps is useful to have collected in one place.

Breast Milk versus Vaccines

Source: EblolaGate
February 19, 2015

“If you want to prevent SIDS, the one thing you must do is breastfeed
with absolutely no bottles of formula ‘to top up’ – as mothers say.  Ridiculous!  Never never never give formula.”  Hilary Butler

Hilary Butler, a mother in New Zealand, using data available to anyone, is opening a door onto the reality of breast milk’s stunning power to protect infants and children, a power that far exceeds anything mothers have ever been told.

Nursing one’s baby, it turns out, is not just a good thing or a loving thing or a natural thing, it is a miraculous thing medically.  Butler is showing through heavy documentation from medical sources, that breast feeding is even a life or death thing – crucial to the baby’s survival – particularly if vaccines are involved.

“Interestingly, in my 30 years of working with parents of children who have been damaged after vaccines, by far the worst damage I’ve ever seen, was in formula-fed children. It’s got to the point where, if a mother comes to me wanting help with a child with serious health issues showing up after vaccines, I can pretty much predict the answer to the question, “Is your baby breastfed?”

“Breast milk is NOT just food.

“Breast milk has functions which go far beyond nutrition.

“Breast milk has a dramatic and long term effect not only on the immune system development, but gut flora, allergy, brain development, and other health parameters.

“Breast milk is an immune regulator, a hormone conductor, a bone density wizard and a genetic blueprint scanner.

“It is a gene methylator, and two years of breast milk lays, stabilises and solidifies the core genetic manual of health for your child, for that child’s whole life.

“Add stem cells to that list.”

“Read full article HERE”

Butler provides the science showing why breast milk is protective against SIDS and many diseases, but then she goes further and is equally clear in showing baby formula is associated with SIDS.

“One bottle of formula is enough to change a baby’s gut dramatically, and it takes two weeks of breastfeeding to return the gut back to normal. (Personal communication, Dr Robert Reisinger) How can this happen? E Coli is the main culprit. This bacteria is a putrifactive protein loving bacteria. The protein content of human breast milk is lower than in any other mammal, and the protein content of formula or any other milk supplement has a direct influence on the numbers of E Coli in the gut . Not only does the acid gut and very low protein content of breastmilk provide a more hostile environment for E Coli, but breastmilk also contain neutralising factors against E Coli.

“Several studies have shown that babies who died of SIDS have a high prevalence of E Coli in the flora of the gut. Some suggest that the E coli “have acquired a plasmid which confers toxigenicity” (Med J Aust, 1989, Vol 151, pg 538) But E. Coli is intrinsically toxic. The outer coating (lipopolysaccharide) is the toxic component, but the key to the toxicity level is the speed with which it can multiply, given the right circumstances. These factors include bottle feeding (which results in more gram negative bacteria, and a protein and alkaline level favouring E Coli), stress, overheating, viruses, vitamin deficiencies AND the suppressive actions of vaccines on the reticuloendothelial system.”  [Emphasis added.]

Many mothers have trusted what the government has said, that SIDS results from putting babies down on their stomachs, and is not about vaccines, and point to vaccines increasing and yet SIDS starting to go down after families began putting babies down on their backs.  The problem is that reduction in SIDS as vaccines were increasing, based on a statistical trick.

From Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, written by yet another mother into serious research.


“According to the Miller/Goldman study, SIDS deaths have increased in a linear fashion with the number of vaccines administered. At 12 vaccines the number of total infant deaths was around 3 per 1000 children. Double the number of vaccines and you almost double the death rate (see this graph for details). These researchers challenge the idea that the SIDS rate dropped in the 1990′s, claiming instead that the dip was due to infant deaths being re-classified as other Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths and later Shaken Baby Syndrome (which is thought to be vaccine-induce encephalitis).”  [Emphasis added along with an article on the biomechanics of Shaken Baby Syndrome –Shaken Baby Syndrome: actual innocence petition by Kent R. Holcomb]

If mothers add together the deaths from SIDS and the new category – SUID – they can see how many babies die each year of “unexplained” deaths.  Many of the deaths areclosely related in timing to the administration of vaccines, and all infant deaths have risen, as the Miller/Goldman study indicates, with the imposition of more and more vaccines.

While it may be shocking to think the government would create a false picture of vaccine deaths by simply dividing the deaths into additional categories, a similar statistical trick with diagnostic categories was used with polio, from the very beginning.  To promote the introduction of the polio vaccine, polio was made to appear a terrible threat by lumping cases of paralysis from other sources together (aseptic meningitis and Coxsackie virus paralysis were combined polio data).  After the polio vaccine came out, the other diseases were stripped away from polio cases, so “polio” appeared to dramatically decrease.  From The Polio Game:

“Polio cases were predetermined to decrease when the medical definition of polio was changed. Cases of polio were more often reported as aseptic meningitis after the vaccine was introduced, skewing efficacy rates. Source: The Los Angeles County Health Index: Morbidity and Mortality, Reportable Diseases.

“The fact that dubious tactics were used to fabricate efficacy rates was corroborated by Dr. Bernard Greenberg, chairman of the Committee on Evaluation and Standards of the American Public Health Association during the 1950s. …. simply by changes in diagnostic criteria, the number of paralytic cases was predetermined to decrease… [52:96,97]”

A large scale alteration of numbers that would indicate a complete failure of vaccines and their causing the disease they are meant to prevent, is occurring in Asia right now, where 47,500 cases of vaccine-induced polio were reclassified by the WHO as “non-polio” paralysis.  The WHO is hiding the falsity and grave harm from Bill Gates’ vaccine campaign while generating a myth that polio is being eradicated, when it is being spread by the vaccines.

But what are mothers supposed to think when governments say “vaccines are safe and diseases are terrifying”?  Most do not know that polio was never a scourge or that it was being fulled cured and quickly in 1949?  Do they know the same substance has been proven to cure over 70 infectious diseases – all the ones mothers are told they should fear – or that the FDA is working with the pharmaceutical industry to put that cure out of reach?  Mothers can do research as Butler has done, and they can do what mothers have always done – talk to each other, and listen with open hearts to other mothers whose families have been affected, rather than to Bill Gates who has said the those who even question vaccine safety are killing children.

At this point, we know that the government is not telling the truth about many things.  A significant government falsehood which relates to vaccines, is the number of annual deaths from flu.  They are not 36,000 as the CDC has said, but 18 (and that 18 is not even certain). On the basis of that CDC 200000% exaggeration, flu shots which potentially cause infertility and certainly fetal deaths, were pushed on the public and are being mandated, while the EU and Canada have suspended its use because it doesn’t work.  Thanks to a woman researcher who used Freedom of Information in the UK, we know that the government there has been lying to the public about vaccines (the same ones given in the US) for over 30 years.  They have hidden the facts that vaccines don’t work, that they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent, that they contain hazards, and that the government and the vaccine industry are lying to the public about the reality of vaccines are lying to the public about the reality of vaccines and have colluded to prevent safety studies that would expose those lies.

While all of this has been going on, nursing mothers have been quietly protecting and strengthening their children’s immune system so the children can successfully fight off diseases themselves.


It is in this context that one sees the extraordinary thing Hilary Butler is doing in exposing that breast milk protects against SIDS because she is offering mothers something real they can actually do to protect their babies.   She has changed the discussion about breast feeding or bottle feeding from one of “just personal choice” to one of profound medical seriousness.  Mothers, in knowing the extreme immunologic requirement that infants and children have for breast milk, will not choose convenience over the life of their child.  Nor will mothers remain silent in letting other mothers know how much is at stake.

Until now, how many mothers have had even the slightest idea how starkly biologically different breast feeding and bottle feeding are?  Or ever heard anyone, with a grounding in the science of those differences, say adamantly to never, never, never give formula, not even one bottle?

[Butler reports at as early as 1974,] “Dr Robert Reisinger presented a paper at an International SIDS conference. He quoted many authors who found SIDS predominantly among bottle-fed babies. Included in the authors quoted (but not referenced) was Shirley Tonkin from New Zealand:

“Tonkin reported that in her series of 86 SIDS cases, only two were breast-fed. Since twenty-five percent of her control population were breast fed, she should have had 21 cases of SIDS in breast-fed infants if the risk were the same in both breast-fed and bottle-fed.”

“Coombs stated that if SIDS were relatively as common in the breast-fed as in the bottle-fed infant he should have had 17 breast-fed cases in his series, whereas at that time he had not one.”  [Emphasis added.]

And things have gone downhill with formula since then.  For at that time, in 1974, there was no genetic engineering of crops.  Then the relation between bottle feeding and SIDS was based on formula lacking the protective quality of breast milk and disrupting the gut flora.  But now, unless organic, commercial baby formula is toxic by virtue of using genetically engineered ingredients – from milk from cows injected with a genetically modified bovine growth hormone which is linked to breast cancer, or milk from cows eating genetically modified corn, soy or canola associated with infertilityand miscarriages or spontaneous abortions, or from soy linked to causing sterility and infant mortality in hamsters.  New Zealand is seeking to ban soy baby formula.

What is there about breast milk that can make such a difference?

Butler points out that –

“The immune system of a breast-fed baby functions differently to that of a bottle-fed baby.  One of the foremost researchers into breast-feeding, and its effects on the immune system is Dr Catherina Svanborg at Lund University in Sweden.  A recent article in DISCOVER described her work as follows:

“…. she and her group had studied the nature and function of epithelial cells, the gut-lining cells that come into contact with breast milk in nursing infants.  And they experimented with mothers’ milk many times.  They had shown that it does a terrific job of blocking infection by pneumococcus bacteria, the cause of pneumonia, and that breast-fed children suffer significantly fewer ear and upper respiratory tract infections than babies who don’t nurse.  They traced down studies showing that breast milk also protects against cancer (the relative risk of childhood lymphoma is nine times higher in bottle-fed infants), and the risk for carcinoma is also elevated.”

“In August 1995 they announced that breast milk kills cancer cells and pinpointed the killer, which turned out to be one of the most abundant proteins in the milk.  It’s called alpha-lactalbumin (alpha lac for short), and it helps produce lactose, the sugar found in milk.”

Butler says that “The key to the explanation of how breastmilk kills cancer lies in the breakneck reproduction of the cells lining an infant’s gut which can proliferate out of control, or never fully mature or stabilize, lurking in the system like time bombs, ever ready to burst forth into tumours.  According to Dr Svanborg, alpha-lac;”

“targets not only cancer cells but all kinds of immature, rapidly growing cells, and leaves mature stable cells alone.”

Butler highlights even more wonders of breast milk.

“DISCOVER mentions another key to the equation, a “mysterious” factor in breast-milk which along with the acid level of the milk solution, causes a shape-shift, and transforms alpha-lac into HAMLET (Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells) which will be the subject of a future medical article from Lund University.  The team is now exploring how to turn HAMLET into a usable treatment for cancer and bacterial infections.

“Along with all that, they confirmed that not only was breastmilk related to possible enhancement of cognitive development, it also protected the baby from [the following protections have been put in list form to accentuate how much breastmilk does]:

  • diarrhoa,
  • lower respiratory infections,
  • otitis media,
  • bacteremia,
  • bacterial meningitis,
  • urinary tract infection,
  • necrotizing enterocolitis,
  • sudden infant death syndrome,
  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,
  • Crohn’s disease,
  • colitis, and
  • allergic diseases.”

The immune system impact, Butler considers most significant:

“More importantly, breast-feeding may induce an infant’s immune system to mature more quickly that that of a formula-fed child, and the intestines develop faster in newborns that nurse on mothers’ milk.  The article further states that the only babies who should not be breastfed are babies who inherit a condition called galactosemia, and whose mothers have TB or HIV. (DISCOVER June 1999, pages 70 –75).  The most important statement to understand is this”:

    “Because the lining of the gut, a prime meeting point between the inside of the body and the hazards of the outside world, is a headquarters of the immune system, the vigilance may help the child’s immune defenses develop.”   Pgs 72-73.  [That is, it is valuable for the child to have to cope with viruses and bacteria, which provide the learning required by the immune system.]

Butler points to more research on breast feeding and its substantial, unique, and numerous protective effects:

We conclude that breastfeeding is prophylactic against atopic disease – including atopic eczema, food allergy, and respiratory allergy – throughout childhood and adolescence”   (Lancet 1995;346: 1065-69)

 “Human milk is rich in protective proteins which play a part in the prevention of microbial infection in suckling infants.  These include IgA, lactoferrin, lysozyme, antiproteases, complement, and many other factors.” (Arch Dis child 1998;87:235-239)

  “Children who are not breast fed tend to have weaker immune systems and are at greater risk from infectious diseases”  (BMJ, 1999, Volume 318, pg 688)

 “Breastfeeding may, in addition to the well-known passive protection against infections during lactation, have a unique capacity to stimulate the immune system of the offspring possibl[y] with several long-term positive effects” (Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 1998; 81: 523-537

Breastfed babies have a better inteferon~ y production (marker of Th1 response) than bottle-fed babies (Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 1998, Volume 81, pg 527)   Anti-idiotypic antibodies as well as T and B lymphocytes are transferred via the milk and seem to actively stimulate the immune system of the offspring – numerous anti-inflammatory factors, cytokines and growth factors in the milk might also direct the immune system of the infants with lasting effects. (pg 529)

Butler’s articles, in bringing this scientific information to mothers, is exposing breast feeding as being of immense as well as pivotal health importance.  She is thus raising breast feeding far beyond the vapidity of “personal choice” to absolute biologic necessity.  Butler has helped to show that breast feeding is a biologic sine qua non.  For nothing else has such a critical and powerfully beneficial effect on the health of a human being for their entire life as breast feeding.  That raises breast feeding to a place of grandeur, medically.

That a breast feeding mother can through her breast milk alone protect her child from birth from a long list of diseases and set the course of her child’s health for life as well,  is spectacular.   Breast feeding has deserved to be heralded not just by families and all of society but by science itself.  But breastfeeding mothers have never had that acclaim.  Worse, in the absence of awareness of what breastfeeding is actually doing to protect from diseases, and how vaccines interfere, the world has been grossly misled into believing vaccines are “immunizing” children (even as vaccines are damaging children’s immune systems).  And mothers have unwittingly used baby formula, which is literally harmful.  One result has been SIDS.

That said, it would be grossly unfair to mothers who have used formula to blame them for not breast feeding.  For even mothers who have some idea that breast milk is more beneficial than baby formula, have had no inkling that breast milk is an imperative for orchestrating and setting the life-long course of the immune system of their baby . This momentous information has  been absent, along with information on the severe negative effects of baby formula.

So, though nursing is gaining in popularity, most mothers are deciding whether or not to breast feed within a context in which they lack the most vital informationpossible.  They do not know “the choice” is between a normal, highly functioning and life-long immune system, or an immune system thrown toward disease and autoimmunity.  Instead, mothers and future mothers are left deciding based on cultural issues, issues of closeness to the baby, issues of work schedules and convenience, issues of their comfort level with nursing itself – denigrated for decades by the medical community – issues of their family or friends’ support, issues of accepting breasts as separate from sexuality, issues of current fashion, etc.

They aren’t being told the truth:  Breast milk is the key to regulating what their child needs to survive biologic assaults (including vaccines) and live.  Butler says:

“The only neonatal immune system primed today in the correct way is a fully-breast-fed unvaccinated baby.” [Emphasis added.]

Three things are involved here – priming, priming correctly, and not being vaccinated.

1.  Bottle feeding doesn’t prime the immune system:  Butler says:  “Lets be quite blunt here.  Breastfeeding not only provides immunity within the milk to many things, it develops, primes and matures the immune system.   Bottle-feeding does not.”

2.  Vaccines negatively affect the immune system, throwing it off course.

From Immunology Today and Modern Vaccinology:

“Modern vaccinations, fear of germs and [o]bsession with hygiene are depriving the immune system of the information input upon which it is dependent.  This fails to maintain the correct cytokine balance and fine-tune T-cell regulation, and may lead to increased incidences of allergies and autoimmune diseases.”  (Immunology Today, 1998, Vol 19, No 3 pg 113)

“Redirection of the immune response following immunization appears to be a fundamental problem ….”  Pg 112, “Modern Vaccinology”, By Edouard Kurstak, Pub. 1994.

3.  Contracting childhood diseases helps prime the immune system.

From Immunology Today:

 “Vaccination replaces recovery from infections with a rather different type of immunological stimulus.  …  In the measles system [for instance], bothvaccination and the infection itself have profound and long-lasting effectson the immune system, but these effects are not the same.”

 “For example, recovery from natural measles infection reduces the incidence of atopy [“a predisposition toward developing certain allergic hypersensitivity reactions” ], and of allergic reactions to house dust mite to half the incidence seen in vaccinated children, suggesting a systemic and non-specific switch to Th1 activity.”

indeed learning (immunological) is an absolute necessity, and these systems have evolved in the “anticipation” of appropriate inputs provided in an appropriate sequence after birth, and continuing throughout life”  [Emphasis added.  Comment added: The “inputs provided in an appropriate sequence,” are a reference to childhood diseases.]

Mothers need to know this much science – Th1 immunity is good.  Th2 immunity is bad.

“The immune system has two “sides”.  One is Th1, which is the usual response to diseases caught naturally.  A healthy immune system has a “bias” towards Th1.  Th2 is the “other” side, and people who have allergies, asthma and disease with an auto-immune origin have what is known as a Th2-skewed immune system. (New England J. Med 1992, Vol 326, No 5, 298-304 was one of the first references, now there are hundreds).

“When a mother is pregnant, her pregnancy is controlled by cytokines, and requires a predominance of Th2 cytokines in order not to reject the baby. (Acta Paediatra 1997; 86: 916-918)  A “Th1 driven” immune system would treat the baby as a graft, thereby miscarrying.  Drugs are used to suppress the immune systems of transplant recipients for the same reason.

“When a baby is born, it’s immune system is initially Th2-skewed, by virtue of the mother’s immune system.  The mother’s immune system changes very quickly, and her breastmilk will help to change the baby’s balance, and will also “buffer” and assist in the development of the baby’s immune system.”  [Emphasis added.  And the comment:  baby formula will not support the baby in this crucial change.]

The first years of life [is] the time when the “difference” between “vaccine” and “natural” immunity is so important, because most diseases promote a Th1 immunity.  The portal of entry, and learning pathways teaches and matures the immune system, and helps in the prevention of both allergy-development” and auto-immune disease.   The “antigen” is processed, with the help of immunological factors in breastmilk and the baby’s cued-in immune system through the mucous membranes and the various “layers” of the immune system, producing an end-point called antibodies.”  [Emphasis added.  And the comment:  The baby’s immune system experiences the “learning” through exposure to viruses and bacteria, not through vaccination which throws the infant’s immune system in the direction of autoimmunity and allergies.]

Even as mothers are learning how much breast milk is central to their child’s health, how many know their breast milk contains stem cells or the immense significance of that?  Butler again.

“Recently, a Lifenews media article announced more recent finding by Hassiotou, that indeed, … breast milk has stem cells by the truck load. Even more spectacularly, these stem cells are identical to embryonic stem cells, so that there is no need for scientists to use ethically questionable aborted babies.

“Naturally, the focus of the medical system appears to be …. harvesting breastmilk for drug companies…. because…… “Human breast milk may be more than just nourishment for newborns. It may contain hope for a multitude of diseases. Hope that does not require the destruction of innocent human life”.

“Hassiotou et al, have not figured out what stem cells in breastmilk are all about in terms of benefits to the baby, but they must suspect some because they say: “Future research should elucidate the role of these cells for the breastfed infant, generating implications for public policy related to early infant nutrition.”

Mothers, put in fear about every little thing related to their new babies, are pressured from the very beginning of their pregnancy to think about storing their infant’s cord blood (at great cost).  As hospitals and drug companies stand to make huge profits from this cord clamping (at enormous cost to the infants)  Butler has a message for mothers who are confused about what is best for their new baby:

“…. cord blood should not be stored, because the primary reason for stem cells in cord blood is that the baby NEEDS that stem cell transfusion at birth. It’s not “medical waste” as it was once called … it’s nature’s first stem cell transfusion. These cord blood stem cells can go anywhere in the body, and do anything – because they are pluripotent, and can be used by the body to repair any cells.  But only if the baby has them ….”

Mothers are as unaware of the dangers of storing fetal blood versus the necessity of stem cell rich blood going to its owner – the newborn – as they are of the dangers of bottle feeding versus the incomparable medical value of breast feeding.  And most have not yet heard that there is yet another life and death difference between breast milk and commercial baby formula.  Breast milk has stems cells in it.  Bottle feeding lacks stem cells altogether.  The astounding stem cell support the infant receives at birth (if the cord is not inappropriately and prematurely clamped) is – equally astoundingly – continued after birth through breast feeding!  But with formula, there is nothing that is “pluripotent” or that can “go anywhere in the body, and do anything.”  Bottle feeding can’t “used by the body to repair any cells.”

Mothers in the US and around with world are making decisions about breast feeding their babies, while in a separate part of their mind, they are anxious about SIDS and confused about vaccines.  They have had no idea these things are related.  Whether bottle feeding is a first or second choice for some mothers, whether they are vaccinating or not vaccinating, all new mothers are worried about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and none has gotten the critical information that bottle feeding and vaccines are strongly associated with it, or that breast feeding can be protective.

Those who are manufacturing vaccines claim vaccines are “miracles of modern medicine,” but science is now exposing that vaccines throw off the immunity of those taking them.  “Modern medicine” has been killing infants with vaccines promoted as providing immunity.  But it has been “traditional” breastfeeding mothers, through doing something biologically normal – nursing their babies – who are the ones stimulating true immunity in their children.

Ironically, mothers delivering breast milk, not doctors injecting vaccines, are the ones preventing diseases and saving lives.