Spiral formations and mysterious, devastating fires: something big is going on

The spiral formations that are appearing around the world and the mysterious, devastating fires that hit Santa Rosa, California are having my attention … Mik.

Something BIG is going on. Either one or more nations is testing new technologys, or we are being visited by a civilization that could care less about being subtle about it. Ok, so let me explain something here –

These sky formations are not rocket launches, despite what the powers that be say. They are merely hoping for ignorance by saying that. These formations are happening fairly close to the ground. I don’t know how close, but my guess is between 5,000 and 15,000 feet. There are two types. One type develops as a spiral that develops in concentric circles that evolve into forming a flat disc despite having a three dimensional aspect to it when it is developing. As it develops, a second section forms at a 90 degree angle to the disc. And when it is fully finished developing, it looks like this:

Ok, so look at this. There are key things about this that prove it is producing it’s own energy to get it’s bright appearance, and that it is not a rocket launch. The main point is that it is Brighter towards the ground This means, without question, that it is not sunlight lighting this up before sunrise, because if it was, it would be brighter at the top and not the bottom. ALL night time rocket launches, and I mean all of them, get brighter as the rocket gains elevation because as the rocket gets away from the earth the sun starts to hit the plume made by the rocket, which produces a brilliant light show against the night sky. Since the sky is obviously dark in this picture, and this anomaly is bright towards the ground, it is not the sun providing the light and lighting up a rocket launch.

Secondly, the color of the light proves it is not ground lighting producing the light, only to be subsequently picked up by a sensitive camera, because ground lighting is predominantly orange in color, and the light from this anomaly is obviously very strong in the ultra violet. These anomalies are bright enough to be picked up by old flip phones and other photographic garbage, with shots like the one above coming from a good camera.

Here’s a look at the Norway spiral from the other side of it, shortly before it evolved as shown in the picture above. It is obvious in this picture that this type of spiral is the source of its own light. A very similar spiral opened up over Australia also, which proves it was not a failed Russian ICBM launch unless Russia had an identically failed test over Australia too. Doubt it.

Now let’s look at a different type of spiral that appeared over Russia. Identical ones appeared over China and Israel (and probably other places) In this case, this type of spiral is more obviously a portal of some sort that is letting in a large amount of light from the other side of it, and that light is what is making the portal visible. It is obvious this is being lit by something other than itself because it is emitting light from it’s center, that is spreading out in a cone shape. I would expect this if this really is a portal, and wherever the other side of it is, opened up next to a star like our sun, and that light is shining through it like our daylight. That really is the only possibility with this.

So that is really something to chew on, especially since both of these types of spirals are showing in the petroglyphs. Since they are recorded in ancient historic record all over the world, it is probably not us making these.

And also….

Disturbing, mysterious and devastating fires hit Santa Rosa, California.

Cars with fully cast alloy rims completely melted.

Surgically devastated buildings.

Whole quarters reduced to dust, except the surrounding trees.

It seems to have been done with extreme precision.

What about experiments with direct military power weapons?

The fires of Santa Rosa, CA, show molten aluminum castings (Aluminum-Silicon alloy with a melting point of about 700 ° C)  along the sidewalk while highly inflammable pines still have green leaves on them and green vineyards a few meters away.

Granite baskets, porcelain WCs, stone fireplaces and bricks all powdered.

The glasses of cars literally vaporized (1.427 ° C their melting point).

Dear friends, something very unnatural has happened. The normal wild fires do not cause all this … .. Only special direct energy weapons (DEWs) do it !!

L'immagine può contenere: montagna, cielo, spazio all'aperto e natura

L'immagine può contenere: auto, cielo e spazio all'aperto

L'immagine può contenere: spazio all'aperto

L'immagine può contenere: spazio all'aperto e natura

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

by Mik

Homo Capensis, Descendants of Giant species

David Wilcock: Descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity, can appear as Homo Capensis

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – Using whistleblower testimony from classified programs within the Black Budget U.S. Secret Space program ultimately paid for by the U.S. people, author David Wilcock recently released a lecture summary of findings regarding the residence in our solar system of a renegade species of Giants (70-100 feet tall). In a sentence, the descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity. This includes the species known as Homo Capensis, or big-brain Coneheads.[1]

In an encouraging synchronicity, Mr. Wilcock in his lecture supplies the concrete evidence that neurologist Dr. Edward Spencer and Alfred Lambremont Webre discussed in the same time frame as Mr. Wilcock’s lecture was needed in relation to Homo Capensis (Conehead) – one of the names for the Giant species descendants – in following interview.

Is Homo Capensis, the Big Brain Conehead, Earth’s High Cabal & Covert Controller?



Our Solar system: Prison for the Giants

According to David Wilcock’s whistleblower sources within the U.S. Secret Space Program, the Giants [called “Progenitors” in the Secret Space Program] were sent to our prison solar system 5 million years ago as a criminal [psychopathic or sociopathic] race of giants up to 75-100 feet.

The Giants settled in our solar system on planet Tiamat (which was destroyed and became the asteroids in an external attack on the Giants). The Giants also lived in the hollowed out moons of the planets in our solar system. The Rings of Saturn are the shattered glass remnants of a Giants’ glass residential ring around Saturn that doubled as a planetary frequency weapon the Giants could use against other planets throughout the Galaxy (and Universe).

According to Mr. Wilcock’s sources, moons in our solar system now exhibit buildings and bases with dimensions that appear designed for beings that are 75-100 feet tall. Likewise, parts of the Rings of Saturn now consist of furniture and technology that appears to be designed for beings that are 75-100 feet tall, thus confirming this hypothesis.

When the Giant civilization was eventually attacked from outside our solar system, Tiamat was destroyed, the inhabited moons were evacuated, and the Giants fell back on Mars (which was a Tiamat moon) and on Earth using Earth’s moon as an escape vehicle.

According to the Secret Space Program whistleblowers, the interior residential spaces of our Moon were severely damaged in the escape from Tiamat. The Giants then built and resided in glass domes on the surface of our Moon.

By this time the Giants had devolved into 12 to 36 foot species varieties and began to settle the Earth from our Moon in the Northern Africa area.

According to Mr. Wilcock’s sources, the Giants who came down to Earth from their bases on our Moon are the “Fallen Angels”, and included as their commanders the historical Lucifer and Satan. The Giants were cruel, cannibalistic colonists and soon aroused a counter-strike from protectors of Earth and humanity from outside the solar system.

The Sahara Desert, according to Mr. Wilcock’s whistleblower sources, is the footprint of a space strike that took out both the Giant’s settlement in Northern Africa and the Giant glass dome settlements on the surface of the moon. The Egyptian Homo Capensis Conehead pharaohs are the descendants of the Giants who survived in the Nile highlands as remnants of the attack on a remaining Giant solar system outpost on Earth and its Moon.

It is uncertain whether the Giants, though diminished in size, remain as the dominant human species on Mars, the Tiamat Moon, where they are to this day as Homo Martis Terris, the Martian human.

The Giants are reported to have white skin with red hair. That is the reported physiognomy of the Martian female humans (Homo Martis Terris). They also uniformly have white skin and red hair according to whistleblowers from the US Secret Space Program.

According to Mr. Wilcock, as a people, the Giants colonized North and South America. In North America, Giant skeletons have been found in the Ohio area around Serpent Mound and other mounds. There are multiple examples of Giant skeletonn being discovered, event though there is a Masonic secret society conspiracy to hide the Giant skeletons.   The Smithsonian Institution was created with the purpose of curating the Giant bones and archaeology in a quasi-secret fashion.

Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

See also, Richard J. Dewhurst, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled North America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Coverup



Giants are the High Cabal, hidden controllers of the Depopulation Program and End Game.

Both Mr. Wilcock and Dr. Edward Spencer agree that the Giants’ descendants (possibly Homo Capensis) are the High Cabal and are the hidden controllers of the current depopulation program to depopulate the planet of Homo Sapiens through a plan involving nuclear radiation, environmental warfare, GMOs, Chemtrails, biowarfare through vaccines, warfare and other means to a level perhaps of 500 million from our current 7 billion.

Independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD and NewsInsideOut.com reported on this plan in Leuren Moret: Jesuit Depopulation Plan=Radiation + GMOs + Vaccines + GeoEngineering + Wars + $Collapse + Transhumanist Agenda


Giant’s End Game: Collapse & Giant New World?

According to Mr. Wilcock, the Giant’s end game appears to be to micro-manage the apparent collapse of the civilization of Homo Sapiens (along with the collapse of large portions of Earth’s ecology), and thus to functionally exterminate Homo Sapiens and relegate humanity’s remnant to diminishing slave status. One plan may be to repopulate Earth with the Mars colonies and Mars humans with a more robust Giant DNA.

USMC cc Randy Cramer and NewsInsideOut.com discussed this possibility in Marine Corps: Plan to replace humanity with Mars elite DNA colony


Giant’s End Game, The Positive Timeline & Unity Consciousness

If David Wilcock’s interpretation of the Giant’s End Game is correct, the Giant’s bid to commit species-level Genocide against Homo Sapiens humanity will be attempted along the Positive Future Equation (FQE):

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

That is, the Giant’s End Game involves a mass extermination of Homo Sapiens that may have been planned under “Duality Consciousness” of a prior catastrophic holographic timeline on which Earth’s time-space hologram was traveling.  It is highly unlikely that the mass extinction of Homo Sapiens humanity will occur under the current Positive Timeline that operates under Unity Consciousness of “We are One.”

As a strategy, the descendants of the Giants who are attempting to micro manage the End Game [whom Mr. Wilcock states think of themselves as the “Illuminati”], have adopted a psyops disinformation strategy of attempting to make Homo Sapiens humanity think that they are on a catastrophic timeline and not a positive timeline through the technology of false flags, by making it appear that Homo Sapiens ecology, finance, government and health is falling apart by using covert technology (the “Hidden War”).

Since December 21, 2012 (or thereabouts), a new positive holographic timeline in which Unity Consciousness (“We are One”) has replaced the old catastrophic timeline governed by Duality Consciousness (“I Win You Lose”)

More likely, those minds of awakening Homo Sapiens humanity that are attuned to frequency and dimensional or density ascension will be evolutionarily favored by the living planet Gaia.

As more of Homo Sapiens humanity can see through the intentional false flags engendered by the Giants’ Duality Consciousness End Game to cause war, disease, crime, and poverty,   humanity can awaken to a reality of that Earth is on a positive timeline.  A genocide of Homo Sapiens cannot be carried out, and Earth humanity establishes its conscious Sovereignty on Earth.

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness – An Editorial


Other Versions of Solar System History

Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse, is in its infancy on Earth, and there are many competing versions of solar system exopolitical history.

The above version of solar history provided by David Wilcock’s whistleblowers contradicts at least two other sources, though granted two other sources have not had the reported benefit of verifying that specific Moons in our solar system as well as the debris in the Rings of Saturn appear to have residential and other artefacts designed to fit beings who are 75-100 feet tall.

One source, UK Town Councillor Simon Parks holds that Mars is a planet (not a moon of Tiamat) that was denuded in a Pleiadian nuclear attack gone wrong on a Reptilian base on a verdant Mars.

Roundtable with USMCss Capt. Randy Cramer & UK Town Councillor Simon Parkes: Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology? Cheney ran Mars Colony Corporation


Another source, a prominent working theory of why Mars has a weak atmosphere and denuded surface ecology is that a fragment of the Vela Supernova that entered the solar system about 11,500 years ago and caused a solar system catastrophe that denuded Mars and also destroyed Earth’s great maritime civilization, Atlantis.



Is Homo Capensis, the Big Brain Conehead, Earth’s High Cabal & Covert Controller?

Is Homo Capensis, the Big Brain Conehead, Earth’s High Cabal & Covert Controller?

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – In an impassioned interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre on NewsInsideOut.com and with a public plea, neurologist Dr. Edward Spencer has posed a public question of whether Homo Capensis, Big-Brain Conehead hominid, is Earth Humanity’s Homo Sapiens Covert Controller, and covertly responsible for the plan to depopulate Earth’s surface dwelling humanity?

Circumstantial, not direct evidence

Dr. Spencer’s interview presented no direct piece of prima facie evidence as to whether Big-Brain Conehead hominids, whose IQ may average 180, covertly control the destiny of homo sapiens, our small-brain hominid species. Rather Dr. Spencer’s case is a circumstantial one using evidence that other researchers have applied to prove there is a plan to depopulated Earth surface dwelling humans, ascribing the plan to groups such as the Jesuits, Illuminati, Draco Reptilian/Orion Grey occupiers, manipulatory Anunnaki ETs and others.

Archaeological Evidence of Big-Brain Conehead

Dr. Spencer cites archaeological evidence that establishes a species of Big-Brain Conehead hominids approximately 50,000 (or more) years ago in South Africa, as well as in South America. Following this, the Conehead hominid appears prominently around images of the ruling Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten (1353BC-1335 BC) and his wife Nefertiti.


Dr. Edward Spencer: Example of Conehead charioteer (Egypt)

From there, according to Dr. Spencer, the trail of Homo Capensis Big Brain Conehead hominids direct control over human affairs becomes circumstantial, barring the surfacing of further empirical evidence.

Dr. Edward Spencer – Survival Plan

Dr. Spencer writes, “It seems to me that a definite picture is emerging, a picture composed of: Epigenetics, Trans-humanism, Brain Dysfunction, Autism, Psychopathology, Vaccination, EMF Saturation, Targeted humans, Electronic Mind Control, Drought by HAARP and geo-engineering, de facto non government corporations pretending to be government, Circumcision, “Religions,” Masonic courts, Common Core “Education, “Funny Money,” all tied together by Big Brain Mathematical Cone Heads intent on managing their Small Brain Herd.

“And, of course, there is more.

“How best do we inform the People?”

Dr. Edward Spencer – Public Plea

Dr. Spencer released this “Request for intellectual and emotional assistance” on Feb. 9, 2015, the date of release of his interview

My interview by Alfred Webre is above.

Alfred suggests that we have a video conference to examine the question of Large Brain Hominids interacting with Vatican power. It is a gift that we have learned that the Pharaoh Akhenaten, a Large Brain hominid, had a second career as Abraham. Can we expect another find like that?

My hypothesis is that we are controlled by a High Cabal, composed of elite bankers and Large Brain Hominids (Homo Capensis and Cone Head). The large brain Hominids dominate this High Cabal, which in turn controls human governments and institutions, and is ultimately responsible for the incredible number of assaults on the humanity, assaults on our minds, immune system, health, genetics, education, economic well being, scientific understanding, freedom.

Their motive is simple: They overtly controlled the earth during the Ice Age, and the want to overtly control it again without any hassle from little brain us. They regard us a chattel and are not impeded by conscience.

A critical piece of the puzzle is the fact that the Homo sapiens mind has weaknesses, which are exploited. Psychopathy is one of those failings.

These assaults are carried out by an assortment of bamboozled human fools, directed by psychopathic leaders in a system were phony money reigns supreme, the bigger the lie the better, and brutality, like greed, is good. But who orchestrates all of these attacks, or are we to believe these are all coalescing random events.

I think that non-human, non Extra-terrestrial, flesh and blood brains are behind this. The time scale, the vast number of instances and worldwide locations of the assaults, the relentlessness, all seem beyond the organizational capacity of mere human evil. (The Holocaust cannot be used as counter argument as it was a hoax. (Arthur Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century)

The large brain hominids are prime candidates as they possess significant intellectual ability and they are actively being hidden by a system of minions who don’t know what they are doing.

My strong feeling is that the probability and the danger are far too high to ignore, and that viewing the world from this perspective will greatly enhance the psychological orientations we needed to prevail. If there were no galloping tyranny there would be no great pressure to understand the large brains.

Right now we are confronted with ever growing lists of assaults of every type, e.g.: Weather Warfare by HAARP and Geo-engineering, vaccination assault on immune system and brain, Mind Swaying/Control by remote technologies, drought delivered by weather control, constant economic threats. We need a theory of destruction, a framework on which we can hang and categorize the various attacks. Endless lists by themselves do not help; we need a theory of tyranny.

The effect of mind control on the population is significant, and unrecognized except by targeted individuals. If someone is passive and in denial regarding conspiracy, and is absolutely certain he/she is not mind controlled, the chances are that he/she is being driven deeper into passivity and denial by an unrecognized signal. Then there are the incredible visual tactile and emotional experiences such as Alien Abduction and Moth Man.

In South Africa we have the Adams Calendar ancient observatory with the rough boulders mapping the constellation Orion and equinoxes. A short distance away is a small pyramid is on the almost exact line of longitude of the Great Pyramid at G iza, 3300 nm to the north, where the Pyramids are positioned as the stars in Orion’s belt. We have the ruins of a huge ancient civilization near by to the North, vast ruins including agricultural fields and thousand of rough stone silo structures without windows or doors, a civilization mysterious, and unexplored archaeologically. The Map of Mitochondrial Eve’s migration shows the starting area to be approximately the location of this huge ancient civilization.

Below is an excerpt from the Coda in Big Brain

“Just about 100 miles from the original Boskop discovery site further excavations were once carried out by non other than our indefatigable museum director Fredrick FritzSimons. He knew what he had discovered, and was eagerly seeking more of these skulls. At his new dig site he cam across a remarkable piece of construction. The site has at one time been a communal living center, perhaps tens of thousands of years go. There were many collected rocks leftover bones, and some casually interred skeletons of normal -looking humans. But to one side of the site, in a clearing; was a single, carefully constructed tomb, built for a single occupant; perhaps the tomb of a leader, or a reverend wise man. His remains had been positioned to face the rising sun. In repose, he appeared unremarkable in every regard… except for a giant skull.”

The enormous ruins of the ancient civilization in South Africa are not studied and it’s very had to find them on a map. Michael Tellinger has performed a great service in producing beautiful photographs of these ruins, but I think his interpretation of what he finds there is totally incorrect. Look what FritzSimons discovered. Consider what we are likely to find in a comprehensive archeological study of the ancient ruins!

I think we are engaged in a controversy of: Anunnaki, Nephilim, and Extra-terrestrials vs. Large Brain hominids that mapped the earth, built megalithic structures now under water, built the ancient civilization in South Africa, built the Pyramids at Giza, and built many other astounding artifacts, discovered but ignored by establishment institutions. The Large Brain Hominids did design work but we Homo sapiens did the manual labor.

Does it matter if humanity is remotely controlled by another species? After all, the numerous attacks on humanity are organized by humans. Shouldn’t we just consider the human element and deal with one attack at a time?

That is what we try to do and it isn’t working well enough. The attacks are proliferating rapidly and each attack is considered and fought in isolation, but each attack is part of an all-encompassing plan. We want to go after the top and neutralize the mind directing the whole thing. All of the men working against humanity are confused, and some of these have doubts about what they are doing but don’t understand. Some of those in doubt will react strongly when they realize they are taking orders from a species intent on rendering humanity extinct (no independent thought or action, in effect a computer radio controlled Zombie)

The whole tyrannical system is a matrix of lies that will dissolve in truth. However, we need numbers to do this. If one person educates two, and each of those goes out to find two more, ten doublings gives us a thousand, an impressive number. If ten more doublings are accomplished we are at a million. Knowing the power of doubling provides motivation to learn and teach. We must be motivated.

Vaccination is hysterically pushed by the establishment at every level.

It is a world wide biological attack against Homo sapiens children and is best explained as a species attack.

Desiree Rover: “Vaccinations, Weapons of Mass Destruction” – “State of the Planet”


Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines (Video)


Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT


In this UNCED 1992 video, Rothschild speaks of combating global warming by shipping dry ice to the poles. It is so bizarre I think he is speaking in code telling us everything is out of control.


Karen Hudes: Coneheads & the Grey Pope

Dr. Spencer originally introduced former World Bank Counsel Karen Hudes to the Homo Capensis thesis of world domination. He cites emails from Karen Hudes about Homo Capensis to the “Grey Pope” Pepe Orsini and to the Webmaster of Jesuit world headquarters on Borgio Sancti Spiritu in Rome.

Karen Hudes in turn believes the “Grey Pope” Pepe Orsini is the liaison with the Homo Capensis Coneheads. One source states, “PEPE ORSINI … THE GREY POPE – The most powerful man right now in the conspiracy over this World is a Roman by the name of PEPE ORSINI of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline the Orsini also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family.

“There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope.

“Pepe Orsini of the Roman Maximus Clan. He’s the Grey Pope and is the King of the Holy Roman Papal Bloodlines. Above the Rothschilds and Rockefellers but in line and of equal stature to the Breakspear, Aldobrandini, and other Papal Bloodlines…

“Knight of Malta, Tom Cruise donates to the Optimum Population Trust of Manchester, England. He and his father are major depopulationists. Both are tied to the Papal bloodline Orsini family a most powerful family in complete control of the conspiracy. Pepe Orsini is the grey Pope working with his Black Pope in his Society of Jesus. The Orsini (Maximus/Orso) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierarchy of the Jesuit Order.”[1]


From: Karen Hudes < >

Subject: Re: hmo capensis

Date: July 16, 2014 at 11:25:19 PM PDT

To: Marco Bufferli < >, Edward Spencer < >

Dear Marco Bufferli,

Thank you for your email.  I am copying Dr. Ed Spencer, who is the neurologist that introduced me to this information.  I am going to respond only tentatively, because I do not have reliable answers to many of your questions.  I believe that the grey pope, Pepe Orsini, is the human interface with these beings, and so I am also copying the webmaster at the Borgo Santo Spirito Church in Rome.  This communication may or may not have reached the Grey Pope or the big brains, as Dr. Spencer and I refer to them.

I tried to put these beings on notice that they needed to deal with us ultimately, and the sooner the better.  The reason that I wrote to Raymond Greenburgh is because he is the only person whom I know that admitted to first-hand acquaintance with these beings. They did not respond, nor did Raymond.  I do believe that our very thought processes have been “hacked” so that they are acutely aware of our questions, and are responding through disinformation, and attempts to distract us.  This is obviously not working, but my observation is that these beings are not very capable of changing course in response to feedback.

I am responding to the rest of your questions in italics below.




———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Karen Hudes < >
Date: Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 11:50 AM
Subject: Impasse

Bcc Webmaster, Jesuits:


Dear Raymond,

I wanted your advice, because it is high time for the big-brained hominids to recognize homo sapiens’ birthright before this becomes impossible with mutual destruction the only outcome.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter6.18.14.pdf
Pepe Orsini, the “Grey Pope”, has no remaining authority and must step aside.



Online Conference on Homo Capensis as Earth Controllers

NewsInsideOut.com has called for an online video conference to help elicit more evidence and critical thinking as to whether in fact the hypothesis that Homo Capensis as a species are covert controllers of Homo Sapiens and are at this time culling Earth humanity. This conference would examine all possibilities including that this hypothesis is: (1) Correct on its terms and Homo Capensis is the High Cabal that controls the destiny of Homo Sapiens on Earth; (2) Another way of referring to the Anunnaki ET influence over human civilization, or (3) A disinformation and psyops meme to distract resistance to Illuminati control.

Individuals interested in contributing to the conference are encouraged to contact NewsInsideOut.com and to consult:

Online Conference: “Is Homo Capensis, Big Brain Conehead Earth Humanity’s Homo Sapiens Covert Controller?”


Below in archival format are significant research resources made available to NewsInsideOut.com by Dr. Edward Spencer.


Resource Materials: Online Conference on “Is Homo Capensis, Big Brain Conehead Earth Humanity’s Homo Sapiens Covert Controller”?

Alfred Lambremont Webre


With thanks to Dr. Edward Spencer

Date of Conference To Be Announced

  1. Who Controls the World. Could it be an Ancient Cabal the World has never Considered? (PDF)

Download 12-Who Controls the World


  1. The High Cabal – Fletcher Prouty

Download The HIgh Cabal-Fletcher Prouty


  1. What are the Big Brains?

Download What Are the Big Brains


  1. What’s Hiding in South Africa?

Download What’s hiding in South Africa?


  1. American Museum of Natural History, Homo Capensis: A New Species of Primitive Man

Download 4-R BROOM A023a02(3)


  1. Does Big Brain Live?

Download Does Big Brain Live?


  1. The Conspiracy of Homo Capensis – The Coneheads

Download The Conspiracy of Homo Capensis – the Coneheads





  1. Dr. Edward Spencer: A Deeper Understanding of the Conehead Conspiracy




Online Conference: “Is Homo Capensis, Big Brain Conehead Earth Humanity’s Homo Sapiens Covert Controller?”



 Recommended Reading

Leuren Moret: Putin Plan-HAARP the Fukushima radiation out of Russia. BRICS saves world from $collapse


VIDEO – Roundtable with USMCss Capt Randy Cramer & UK Town Councilor Simon Parkes: Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology? Cheney ran Mars Colony Corporation


VIDEO: Alfred Lambremont Webre: Positive timeline transforms planned 2015 Federal Reserve fiat US Petrodollar collapse through BRICS into Sovereignty and planetary Golden Age

This planned and unsuccessful 2015 (or so) $dollar collapse is actually one of the functional components of the Jesuit-Matrix depopulation plan that includes Fukushima radiation, GMOs, Vaccines, GeoEngineering, Wars, planned financial collapse and the Transhumanist Agenda, all orchestrated along a catastrophic timeline that is no longer operative in our time-space hologram.


Marine Corps: Plan to replace humanity with Mars elite DNA colony


Gay, LGBT movements socially engineered as depopulation ops


Fukushima polar vortex radiation in USA exceeds 2-3 times for evacuation


Ebola depopulation plot in Obamacare codes & UN takeover will fail


EU TI Activist: NSA/CIA Pegasus is using DARPA/Motorola nano-technology to torture, kill me


SevenGate Lawsuit exposes syndicate stealing prime TV & funding 7/7 false flags

by Alfred Lambremont Webre


VIDEO: Parts 2-5 – SevenGate: UK Queen+7/7+BBC+ITV+Virgin-TV+ABC-TV+Courts+MSM in 120 countries ;-)


Investigator: CIA, Pope John Paul II, Bush Sr. & Jr., Bill/Hillary Clinton do ritual child sacrifice. The Transhumanist Agenda is the core driver of global pedophile, child sacrifice and child-trafficking networks

by Alfred Lambremont Webre



VIDEO – PART II – Leuren Moret: Jesuit Depopulation Plan=Radiation + GMOs + Vaccines + GeoEngineering + Wars + $Collapse + Transhumanist Agenda



Alfred Lambremont Webre Contact/News Tips:




[1] http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Dislike-The-Secret-Government-Who-Rule-The-World/3035206


[1] David Wilcock, Lecture on Secret Space Program


Bucegi Mountain Alien Base And Tunnel System (updated)

I have posted this information before. Here you will find an updated version.

This all started when These pyramids were found!

Read this article – do your homework!!!!! – I will say nothing more!


Then read “this” story – I’ve posted it before about what happened in Romania – when similar ancient technology was found.

Do your homework, I will say nothing more!


The Bucegi facility was proven to be about only 50 thousand years old, and had technology inside that FAR surpassed our current day technology!

What do you think the “EMPIRE” of the USA Corporation and Bankers think about Russia having access to the Crimea Pyramids exclusively? Here’s a hint…, just like what happened in Romania…, they are “drooling like Rabid dogs” over the Idea that Putin might just have a secret that they do not! I have lost all respect for the leaders of this country! They are lying, liars who lie!

The truth is Russian got their hands on Ancient Technology, and the USA Corporation wants it!
And the resultant killing, murdering, raping, torturing, and economic ruin is of NO CONSEQUENCE to them!

Let this be a lesson to ALL OF YOU who still think our problems are only Earth based!
They always, always GO OFF WORLD!

by Cosmic Convergence

The Greatest Secret Of The Millennium:

Bucegi Mountain Alien Base And Tunnel System









Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 5.57.16 AM

Alien Base for Giants Discovered in the Bucegi Mountains  


The article was originally published on November 30th, 2010, at 11:11 AM. It was improved, corrected and republished in May 2013.

I. Short Introduction

In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi Mountains, a team from Zero Department (a top secret section of the Romanian Intelligence Service — SRI), had made an epochal discovery, which could had completely change mankind’s destiny.

The United States of America exercised colossal diplomatic pressure on the Romanian Government, which intended to disclose the findings to the entire world.

The implications became far more complex due to the brutal interference of the Order of the Illuminati, which sought to take control of both the location of the discovery, and the joint Romanian – American expedition.

The expert on strange phenomena, and also the leader of operations for the Romanian State, Cezar Brad, is the “hero” of the shocking events that occurred in the Bucegi Mountains. He also had two memorable meetings with a leading representative of the Illuminati, and top Bilderberg member.

01 Romanian Alien Base Bucegi Mountains

The location of the alien base inside the ‘Masivul Bucegi’ mountain, Romania. Also, notice the locations of the Sphinx of Bucegi and the Babele monoliths above the alien base.

II. A Strange Visit From the Most Powerful Bilderberg Member

In May 2003, Cezar was visited by a highly important character. The meeting request came through SRI, as a result of the government’s intervention. The person was a foreigner, but spoke the Romanian language very well. He was also familiar with the country. The SRI informed Cezar that the visitor was a high ranking member of a very important Masonic lodge from Italy, he was a noble, and had very strong financial influence in Romania.His political influence was also very high, since he was able to penetrate the wall of SRI agents and reach the DZ.

A strange visit from the Most Powerful Bilderberg Member:  In May 2003, Cezar was visited by a highly important character. The meeting request came through SRI, as a result of the government’s intervention. The person was a foreigner, but spoke the Romanian language very well. He was also familiar with the country. The SRI informed Cezar that the visitor was a high ranking member of a very important Masonic lodge from Italy, he was a noble, and had very strong financial influence in Romania.His political influence was also very high, since he was able to penetrate the wall of SRI agents and reach the DZ.

Cezar felt a high pressure and a heavy weight around this person. He was surrounded by a cloud of heavy, unpleasant radiation which concealed his true intentions. For this meeting, Cezar prepared thoroughly, isolating himself in a room and falling into a state of deep meditation, to learn more about the person.

A SRI helicopter brought this arrogant, tall gentleman, wearing a black suit. He had a cane with ivory handle and gold inlay. His face expressed harshness and his green eyes had a strange effect, radiating unusual coldness. He presented himself as Senior Massini (probably not the real name). He was very confident of his power and created the impression of a person who was used to give orders.

He was the leader of one of the most important Masonic Lodges of Europe and also to one of the most influential Masonic organizations in the world: the Bilderberg Group.

Massini was very direct and stated that humans are of two kinds: those who can be manipulated and ruled (these form the majority), and those who have certain virtues and strong personalities. He said that his group is part of the highest Masonic order and is very interested in the outcome of the discussion.

Mister Massini explained that the Bilderberg Group is not a Masonic lodge, and it means much more than that. He said that the lodges are just facades and the real power is much higher than the thirty-third hierarchical level. Massini invited Cezar to join the group, letting him understand that he will have many advantages.

According to Cezar, Massini was both physically and psychical strong, which contrasted with his age. Unfortunately for him, his power was centered on a huge ego, arrogance and sense of superiority over the rest.
Massini informed Cezar that he requested him personally, using his political influence, because he was impressed by Cezar’s psychic power.

III. The Pentagon Spies With Satellites

A Pentagon satellite used for geodetic espionage, based on bionic technology and shape waves, discovered in 2002 a separate unit in a specific area of the Bucegi Mountains. The empty space inside the mountain had no correspondence with the outside, and looked like it was carved from the inside, by intelligent beings. It was definitely not a cave.

The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. These barriers were made of artificial energy. The first one was like an energetic wall, blocking the access to the tunnel, while the second one was shaped like a dome (or hemisphere), and was located at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain.

Massini was sure that inside the dome they will discover something extremely important.

He had deep knowledge about the origin of this discovery and had knew of the existence of at least one item located inside the great hemispherical hall. The tunnel and dome were strangely aligned with the rock formations from the top of the mountain, known as “Babele” and the “Sphinx of Bucegi”.

Bucegi Sphinx Romania                                                           The Romanian Sphinx of Buceg

IV.  A Similar Structure In Iraq

The Pentagon team noted that the hemispherical energy barrier had the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as one other top secret underground structure that they had discovered prior, near Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly after this discovery, the Iraqi war broke out and after a few months, the Americans had access to the biggest secret in the area — which the Iraqis knew nothing of.

Massini explained Cezar that the content of that discovery had to do with Earth’s mysterious past and the history of their secret organizations. When the Pentagon investigation noted the similarities between the underground structure of Baghdad and the one from the Bucegi Mountains, Massini and his masonic lodge became extremely agitated. Initially, they’ve almost panicked. The panic was due to the fact that this structure – much larger and more complex than the one from Iraq – is on Romania’s territory.


[Apparently, Romania is probable to play an important role in the downfall of the secret societies that control the world and enslave mankind. It was also suggested that somewhere above the Bucegi Mountains, an energetic pyramid is located, which is invisible to the naked eye, and contains the real history of our planet. One can imagine their panic].

Massini brought to the drilling site an ultra sophisticated, hard rock drilling machine, used by the US military. The device used a strong plasma jet and a sort of rotating magnetic field, literally melting the rock with no visible effort.

V. The Secrets of the Bucegi Mountains — Year 2003

They were able to achieve penetration about 60-70 meters away from the first energetic barrier, and reached the first gallery, which looked like a subway tunnel. Its walls were perfectly polished. At the end of the tunnel there was a massive stone gate, which was protected by an invisible energetic barrier. Three members of the first special intervention team tried to touch the door, and immediately died of cardiac arrest.

Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) threw at the barrier, immediately turned into fine dust. Two generals from the Pentagon and the U.S. presidential adviser arrived on the spot.

VI. The Grand Gallery

Beyond the formidable energy barrier, which caused the deaths of three people, there was also the solid rock gate. On the tunnel’s wall, just in front of the gate, there was an area of 20 square cm, on which there was precisely drawn an equilateral triangle pointing up. The square was located between the huge grinding stone gate and the invisible energy barrier.

Bucegi Mountains Alien Base - 01                                                Tunnel and dome inside the Bucegi Mountains

Cezar felt that there is some kind of compatibility between the energetic barrier and himself, something like a mutual “sympathy”. His hand lightly touched the surface of the energetic barrier and he felt a tingling on the skin. The shield was completely harmless to him, so he stepped forward, passing right through it. The U.S. officials were absolutely stunned.

Cezar estimated the barrier to be no more than an inch thick.

He touched the triangle drawing located in the center of the square, and the gigantic stone door silently slid to the left, into the wall. That command also cancelled the energetic barrier, giving them access to a huge room, which was later named “The Grand Gallery”.

02 Romanian Alien Base Bucegi Mountains-1

Even though there was no visible light source, the Grand Gallery was perfectly lit.

After turning off the first energetic barrier, the huge hemispherical shield at the other end of the room, suddenly tuned to a higher vibration and started emitting higher radiations.
On a closer analysis, the wall inside the Grand Gallery seemed synthetic but also felt like something organic was part of it. It had the color of oil, but the reflections were green and blue.

Later tests revealed that the wall’s material was somewhat rough to the touch, but it could not be scratched or bent. It withstood any attempt of breaking, piercing or cutting it. Later, the scientists tried to burn the material, but in a mysterious way, the flames were somehow absorbed within it, leaving it untouched.

The American scientists agreed that the material is a mysterious combination of organic and inorganic matter. After 280 feet, the gallery suddenly turned to the right in a sharp angle. Further ahead a blue, sparkly, light could be seen. The blue light at the end of the gallery was the reflection of the protective shield of energy.

VII. A Similar Base in Iraq

The U.S. adviser on national security issues received a call and he was notified that the energetic shield from Baghdad, Iraq, had been suddenly activated, and it was also pulsating at a higher frequency.

In front of the shield from Baghdad, a hologram of our planet appeared, which sequentially and progressively depicted the European Continent, then moved to the south-east, then it showed the Bucegi Mountains from Romania and, finally, it showed their own location within the structure’s corridor. It was obvious that the two hemispherical energy shields were in a direct connection.

Basically, the Iraqi base had been notified about the presence of people inside the Romanian base.

The bad news was that the U.S. presidency was notified and it contacted the Romanian diplomacy. In just a few minutes, the whole operation had been disclosed, and Lord Massini’s plan went down the drain.

The U.S. presidency demanded to take control over the secret base and the entire operation. The Romanian politicians, who knew nothing of the undergoing secret operation, panicked.

The Pentagon’s generals present at the scene, had been informed that Washington demanded an urgent meeting.

VIII. CSAT (Supreme Defense Council) Emergency Meeting

An emergency session of the Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) had created a huge wave of sympathy for the Zero Department. Most were shaken by the news they’ve received. The CSAT’s decision was to continue the research, but under Zero Department’s complete control. They’ve had also demanded an inventory of everything found in the Great Room.

From Bucharest (Romania’s capital), the orders came in waves, canceling each other. Some were very vehement and strict, while others were elusive — denoting the huge tension.

CSAT’s members were in continuous session, keeping in touch with the Bucegi Mountains team. After discussing everything for hours, they had decided to make the discovery public. The Romanian government was to make a formal statement to the entire world. Some CSAT members vehemently opposed the decision.

IX. Romania’s Official Statement

When the U.S. diplomacy had been informed that Romania will disclose the discoveries, everything tuned into chaos. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House.

Within hours, the U.S. blocked all financial transactions with Romania and its access to all other financial institutions. Romania was about to declare “State of emergency” in the Bucegi Mountains and the capital.

The talks between the U.S. officials arrived in Bucharest and the Romanian Emergency Department took place without a translator. The U.S. officials were verbally violent, constantly shouting and uttering threats to Romania and its officials.

Romania’s official disclosure to the world would have provided photographic evidence and anything else essential for a complete clarification. Leading scientists and researchers from all over the planet were to be invited for in depth studies.

But most importantly, it would have revealed the truth about mankind’s distant past and the real history — which according to what Cezar witnessed inside the Grand Gallery, is almost entirely counterfeit.

The reaction of the U.S. government was so brutal because that disclosure would have shattered their global influence and power, in a instant.

The official reason cited by the U.S., was not to create panic in the world, but they had omitted to acknowledge that the current state of global anguish is a direct result of deliberate deceit and manipulation conducted by the Freemasonry and other secret societies, for millenia.

There was also an intervention from the Vatican (if you wonder how did the Vatican found out about this discovery, then you should know that they are at the very top of the world’s control pyramid, and their religious piety is merely a facade — read: The Darkest Secrets of the Vatican), in which the Pope (!) called for moderation before this great, fundamental, step for mankind.

The Pope promised to make certain documents available to the Romanian state from the ancient papal secret archives, which were of great importance for Romania. The documents were backing up the discoveries (yes, that’s how powerful a Pope is).

After 24 hours of negotiations, a final agreement occurred between Romania and the USA. The Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, and gradually present everything to the people.

X. The Projection Room

The Grand Gallery ended abruptly with a giant auditorium, 30 meters in height (98,5 feet) and a length of 100 meters (328 feet). The Projection Room was smaller in size and it was protected by an energetic shield.

Advancing towards the shield, a portion of it disappeared, in the shape of a door, allowing access inside it. The shield protected the room by any outside influences. Once inside the room, the shield became compact and looked like a white-golden wall.

Basically, the shield formed this dome-shaped room, with curved walls and ceiling. At the back of the room, at a height of a about 10-12 meters (33-39,5 feet), the shield ended where it touched the room’s stone wall.

In this wall there were three enormous tunnel holes: one located straight ahead, and the other two were symmetrical on both sides. They were lit by a diffuse light in a greenish tint. Both sides decided to prohibit the access to these tunnels and a protocol was signed between them.

Bucegi Mountains Alien Base - 02-2

XI. Tables For Giants

A series of huge stone tables were arranged along the right and left walls (five on each side), following their curvature. The tables were about 2 meters in height (6,6 feet).The table tops had precision cut-in reliefs, different signs of an unknown writing and characters that resembled ancient cuneiform. The writing also contained more general symbols, such as triangles and circles. Although the signs were not painted, they’ve had a fluorescent light radiating in various colors, different for each table.

On some of the tables there were different objects, which appeared to be technical tools. From many of these tools, translucent-white wires descended to the floor, and entered inside shiny, silver-like, rectangular boxes. These boxes were placed directly on the floor.

At a closer inspection, the cables were extremely flexible and lightweight, and light pulses could be seen circulating along their length. Each time someone approached the tables, a holographic projection was automatically activated, presenting aspects of a particular scientific field. The three dimensional images were perfect and had height of almost two and a half meters (8,2 ft).

The projections were automated and ran by themselves, but at the same time they were interactive, and changed according to the signs touched on the tables’ surface.

[Picture of an actual giant skeleton unearthed in the 1970s inside a Romanian gold mine, at Rosia Montana — the full story in a future article]:rosia Montana schelete urias-1

XII. A Great Discovery: Holographic DNA Combinations Between Extraterrestrial Species

Because of the great height of the tables, the scientists used special tripods to climb at a comfortable height. At a closer investigation they’ve observed a dark-glassy material covering the table tops. The material was divided into several large squares, bounded by straight lines, which formed some kind of a grid.

Bucegi Mountains Alien Base - 03-1

One of the tables contained information from the field of biology, and it projected images of plants and animals, some of which were completely unknown to the scientists. After touching one of the squares, a hologram presenting the structure of the human body was activated. The hologram was constantly rotating, highlighting various areas of the human body.

Touching other squares activated holographic projections of extraterrestrial beings, from other planetary systems. Simultaneously touching two different squares, a complex scientific analysis was projected, showing the DNA of both species, and compatibility possibilities between the two.

On the sides, in vertical lines, there were written explanations in the same, alien alphabet. At the end of the simulation, a crossbreed between the two species was displayed.

XIII. Real Giants

Judging by the size of all the objects within the Projection Room, the creators of the edifice were probably very tall beings. A confirmation of giant humanoid skeletons found in Romania could be found in a newspaper called “Ziarul”:

“The team from the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Vasile Rudan, who noted that the people of the Bozioru village have concrete evidence: a cemetery with skeletons of giants. It was discovered by chance over 20 years ago, when the authorities decided to plant apple trees in the village of Scaieni. Digging on a hill, the villagers discovered huge skeletons, measuring more than 2,40 m (7 ft 10 in).

“Dragoi Ilie, one of those who worked in the apple orchard, takes us to the spot. Mister Ilie shows us around the orchard: ‘Everywhere are tombs of giants. We were making holes, to plant saplings, when we found a human head as big as a pumpkin. Neither one of us had ever seen anything like that. We were all amazed. Digging further, we’ve found some bones of the feet, as big as the vineyard poles. The dead one must have been very big.’”

XIV. The Library of the Universe

The Projection Room contained detailed information from fields like: physics, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, technology, biology, genetics, and even religion. Because it contained so much information, the room was compared to a library.

In the middle of the room, there was a podium-like area which contained an interesting device. The scientists speculated that it might have been a device to enhance various cerebral functions.

XV. Romania’s Control Panel

Next to it there was a command panel, covered with various geometric symbols, in different colors. There were also two sliding levers and a red button, in the center of the panel, above all other commands. A holographic simulation explained the purpose of the button. It showed an image of the Carpathian Mountains as seen from 25 km (15,5 miles) above them and next, an enormous quantity of water flooded the lowlands and plains.

Next, from the territories of Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, more streams of water appear, heading towards the Transylvanian plateau, in the form of huge rivers. The image focused on Romania’s territory and showed most of its surface covered by the waters of a great sea. Some of the tallest mountain peaks could now be seen as small, floating islands.

Next, the waters begun to withdraw, as soon as the leavers found on the panel were activated, leaving sunk only a small area near the Retezat Godeanu mountain. A true manual.

XVI. A Mysterious Amphora

Behind the control panel there was a square pedestal, of about three meters (9 ft 10 in) per side, on which a mysterious amphora was resting. Lord Massini had knowledge of its existence and, for him and his Masonic elite, this was the most important discovery.

The amphora contained a very fine white powder. The researchers were dismayed to find that the powder was a high purity formula of monatomic gold, with an unknown crystalline structure.

The gold powder in its pure form greatly stimulates certain waves and energy exchanges at cellular and neural level. This causes an accelerated process of rejuvenation.

Theoretically, a man can live in the same physical body for several thousand years, provided they consume from time to time, a well-defined quantity of monatomic gold powder. This explains many puzzling aspects about the incredible longevity of some important figures and uncovers part of the hidden intentions of the global elite.

XVII. The Real History of Our Planet

Behind the amphora, in the middle of the square, there was a huge dome that projected holograms. It displayed the main aspects of humanity’s most distant past, from its very beginning. Cezar explained that according to the images projected by the hologram, about 90% of mankind’s official history is false and counterfeit. Darwin’s evolutionary theory is also incorrect.

In the middle of the square is a huge dome which projects a hologram of moving parts. It contains the main aspects of the very distant past of humanity, from its very beginning. Cezar explained that according to the images projected by the hologram, Darwin’s evolutionary theory is completely false.

The true origin of man is depicted in a condensed holographic form. After these lessons of truth, we can say that 90% of the official history of mankind is false and counterfeit. Unbelievable, but what is now considered to have really happened in our history, never did, while the so called “myths” and “legends” are almost entirely true.

Also, most archaeological theories are false. For example, the dinosaurs did not went extinct 65 million years ago, and the old continents of Lemuria and Atlantis existed. This strange inversion caused many problems and conflicts between people in our past. For a correct dating of the presented events, a star map corresponding to that period was projected on the background.

Although the time period covered by the projections was very large (several hundred thousand years), and the procession cycle of the Earth is 25,920 years, by observing the number of “Platonic years” (the 25,920-year cycle) the exact dating of the events was possible. The Bucegi Mountains are 50-55 thousand years old.

XVIII. Shocking Revelations

Cezar saw what happened during the so called Great Flood and where the human civilization originated, but he decided not to reveal this, as the revelations are too shocking for the mentality, ideas and knowledge of the contemporary man.

Personally, I think people like him are also responsible for the current state of unawareness and latency of the human species. We have been lied and manipulated for millenia, and as soon as we are close to the truth, someone decides that we are not yet ready to hear it.

This is an arrogant and selfish approach! The people are as ready today as they will ever be, and the sooner the truth will be released, the better. Having more pieces of the puzzle will make them accept the truth easier and, more importantly, will make convince them to take action against the manipulators and enslavers.

In a disturbing display of images, the existence of Jesus and his crucifixion was also presented. The projections revealed that many of those who witnessed the crucifixion came there from other historical periods.

They were wearing the same kind of clothing as the rest of the people, but their facial features were different, hence they were constantly covering their faces. The hologram also presented fragments from the spiritual lives of other exceptional characters of mankind’s distant past, including people that we know nothing of.

In those times, the social and population distribution were completely different from what is known today, so the archaeologists and anthropologists should review their theories from scratch.

XIX. The Three Mysterious Tunnels

The discovered tunnels are thousands of miles in length and lead to three different areas of the planet. The one in the left connected the Romanian base to a yet to be discovered underground base somewhere in Egypt (which was definitely discovered and explored by now).

The right tunnel led to a similar but smaller structure, in the “Tibetan Plateau”. This tunnel had three secondary ramifications. One led to an underground area near the Romanian city of Buzaru (close to the “Carpathian Bend”). Another one led to the already mentioned Iraqi base, while the final ramification led to an underground base in the

Intense preparations begun for expeditions inside all 3 tunnels, as following: the first one to Egypt, the second to Tibet, and the third one to Earth’s core.

(Summary of events from the book: “Viitor cu cap de mort”, by “Radu Cinamar” — the pen name for an undisclosed writer, which in my opinion, is none other than ex-General Emil Strainu. I base my statement on the extremely similar writing style and the fact that the author had direct access to this above-Top Secret alien base — something that couldn’t have happened unless the person was an insider.)


Source: jhaines6.wordpress.com



Abbiamo già parlato dei giganti in diversi precedenti articoli, ma la storia che vi raccontiamo sembra aggiungere un elemento importante alla teoria di coloro che credono che, in un tempo remoto, una razza di uomini giganti abbia abitato il pianeta Terra. E’ la storia dei diciotto scheletri giganti del Winsconsin.

Si tratta di una storia curiosa avvenuta circa un secolo fa, una vicenda che da una parte confermerebbe l’esistenza dei giganti e che, dall’altra, corroderebbe la sensazione di molti, secondo la quale esisterebbe un’archeologia proibita nella quale archiviare scoperte scomode che potrebbero svelare all’umanità la vera storia della sua evoluzione.

Nel maggio del 1912, un team di archeologi del Beloit College, in uno scavo realizzato presso il lago Delavan, nel Winsconsin, portò alla luce oltre duecento tumuli con effigie che furono considerate come esempio classico della cultura Woodland, una cultura preistorica americana che si crede risalga al primo millennio a.C.

Ma ciò che stupì i ricercatori fu il ritrovamento di diciotto scheletri dalle dimensioni enormi e con i crani allungati, scoperta che non si adattava affatto alle nozioni classiche contenute nei libri di testo. Gli scheletri erano veramente enormi e, benchè avessero fattezze umane, non potevano appartenere a esseri umani normali.

La notizia ebbe una grande eco e fece molto scalpore, tanto che il New York Times riportò la notizia tra le sue pagine. Forse, a quei tempi, c’era più libertà e meno paura rispetto alle scoperte che potevano cambiare le consolidate credenze scientifiche fondate solo su teorie. Così scrive l’articolista del New York Times nell’articolo pubblicato il 4 maggio 1912 [Vedi articolo originale]:

“La scoperta di alcuni scheletri umani durante lo scavo di una collina presso il Lago Delevan indica che una razza finora sconosciuta di uomini una volta abitava il Wisconsin Meridionale. […]. Le teste, presumibilmente di uomini di sesso maschile, sono molto più grandi di quelle degli americani di oggi.

Il cranio sembra tendere all’indietro immediatamente sopra le orbite degli occhi e le ossa nasali sporgono molto al di sopra degli zigomi. Le mascelle risultano essere lunghe e appuntite […].”

La descrizione dei crani fornita dal New York Times, ricorda molto la forma di quelli appartenenti agli scheletri scoperti recentemente in un’antica sepoltura in Messico [Sepoltura aliena di massa?], con la differenza che qui abbiamo a che fare con individui alti più di tre metri. Chi erano costoro, e perché no vi è traccia nella cronologia ufficiale che ci hanno insegnato a scuola?

Si tratta di umani giganti vissuti sul nostro pianeta, e comunque appartenenti alla razza umana? Potrebbe trattarsi di un antico insediamento di Antichi Umani, sopravvissuti alla tragedia di Atlantide? Oppure, si tratta di esseri provenienti da latri mondi, scoperta che corroderebbe la Teoria degli Antichi Astronauti? Difficile a dirsi.

150 anni di scoperte
Per quanto incredibile, gli scheletri dei giganti del Lago Delevan non furono una novità nel panorama archeologico americano. Scavando nei trafiletti dei giornali locali, risulta che il ritrovamento del Winsconsin è solo una delle decine e decine di scoperte simili riportate dai giornali locali. La prima notizia di archivio risale addirittura al 1856, riportata in un articolo datato 21 novembre dello stesso New York Times [Vedi articolo originale]:

“Un paio di giorni fa, alcuni operai hanno scoperto nel sottosuolo della vigna dello sceriffo Wickan, a East Wheeling, Ohio, uno scheletro umano. Alquanto rovinato, è stato difficile identificarlo dalla posizione delle ossa, che sembrano non avere la lunghezza del normale corpo umano nella sua posizione originale. Ciò che ha impressionato lo sceriffo e il lavoratori sono state le dimensioni dello scheletro, pari a circa undici feet (tre metri e trenta)! La sua mascella e i denti sono grandi quasi quanto quelle di un cavallo.

12 anni dopo, nel 1868, nel giorno di Natale, è sempre il NYT a dare un’altra notizia di giganti [Vedi articolo originale]. Alcuni operai della compagnia Sank Rapid Water Power erano impegnati negli scavi per la costruzione di una diga per la creazione di energia idroelettrica lungo il fiume Mississippi. Durante i lavori, gli operai hanno rinvenuto i resti uno scheletro umano di dimensioni gigantesche incastonati nella roccia di granito:

“La tomba era lunga circa sei metri, larga un metro e venti e profonda quasi un metro. I resti del gigantesco uomo sono completamente pietrificati. La testa enorme misura una circonferenza di 78 centimetri, ma con una fronte molto bassa e molto inclinata all’indietro. La statura complessiva del misterioso individuo è pari a circa tre metri e quaranta centimetri”.

L’8 settembre del 1871, il NYT riporta la notizia di altri scheletri giganti rinvenuti durante dei lavori di scavo a Petersburg, in Virginia [Vedi articolo originale]:

“Gli operai impegnati nei lavori della ferrovia, si sono imbattuti in una sepoltura contenente gli scheletri di quelli che si pensano essere nativi americani di un’epoca remota e di una perduta e dimenticata razza umana. I corpi esaminati presentano una formazione molto strana e impressionante. […]. Il femore è molto più lungo di quello degli individui umani normali, tanto da far ipotizzare una statura di quasi tre metri”.

Il 10 agosto 1880, il NYT ribatte un articolo riportato dall’Harrisburg Telegraph, nel quale si riporta lo stralcio di un verbale redatto il 24 maggio 1798 dal giudice Atlee a seguito di una strana scoperta [Vedi articolo originale]:

“In compagnia del procuratore capo McKean, del giudice Bryan, del sig. Burd e di altre rispettabili signori, ci siamo recati nella proprietà del sig. Neese, dove ci è stato mostrato il luogo nei pressi della sua abitazione dove diversi anni fa furono rinvenuti due scheletri umani. Gli scheletri misurano circa tre metri e trenta”.

Il 25 maggio 1882, il NYT riporta la notizia di un ritrovamento presso St. Paul, nel Minnesota [Vedi articolo originale]:

“Uno scheletro di dimensioni eroiche e dalla singolare forma è stato scoperto durante i lavori di scavo di una collina presso la Red River Valley. [….]. Lo scheletro in questione era in perfetto stato di conservazione. L’uomo è stato identificato come “gigante”. Un’investigazione dello scavo e del suo contenuto è stato avviato dalla Historical Society”.

Il 20 dicembre 1897, il NYT riporta la prima scoperta di giganti avvenuta nel Winsconsin, nei pressi di Maple Creek. Vennero scoperte tre colline funerarie, una delle quali fu aperta rivelando il suo misterioso contenuto: lo scheletro di un uomo gigantesco. La statura dell’essere era quasi di tre metri, e il suo stato di conservazione pressoché perfetto [Vedi articolo originale].

L’11 febbraio 1902, viene riportata la notizia di una spedizione archeologica presso un sito del New Mexico, dove furono trovati alcuni scheletri umani giganteschi [Vedi articolo originale]:

“Dopo la scoperta di resti di una razza di giganti a Guadalupe, New Mexico, gli archeologi si preparano per una spedizione nella regione […]. Luciana Quintana, la proprietaria del ranch nel quale sono collocate le antiche ossa, scoprì due pietre con delle curiose iscrizioni. Scavando al di sotto di esse, furono scoperte le ossa di scheletri appartenenti ad individui alti non meno di tre metri e sessanta […].

Quintana, la quale ha poi scoperto molti altri siti simili, crede che gli scheletri sepolti di una perduta razza di giganti siamo migliaia. La supposizione si basa su una tradizione cominciata con le prime invasioni spagnole, secondo la quale un’antica razza di giganti un tempo remoto abitava la regione oggi nota come New Mexico orientale. Le leggende degli indiani d’America raccontano la stessa tradizione”.

Ma il New York Times non è l’unico giornale ad occuparsi di giganti. Anche alcuni giornali di inizio secolo riportano notizie di giganti, come il Sun del 1893, New Age Magazine del 1913, Popular Science del 1932, il San Antonio Express del 1940.

James Vieira, un ricercatore indipendente, per quasi vent’anni, e prima dell’avvento di internet, ha raccolto migliaia di riferimenti giornalistici sui ritrovamenti dei giganti, scavando negli archivi del New York Times, dello Smithsonian Ethnology Reports, dell’American Antiquarian, e della Scientific American, scoprendo che buona parte di queste scoperte è praticamente nascosta al grande pubblico.

Tra le scoperte notevoli di Vieira, vi è una foto scovata negli archivi dello Smithsonian Ethnology Reports, scattata durante una lezione del prof. McGee (nella foto a sinistra), nel quale si vede uno scheletro gigante dalla statura di circa due metri e ottanta, poi venduto alla Smithsonian Institution per la cifra di 500$.

Lo scheletro apparterebbe alla cosiddetta cultura dei Mounds Builders (letteralmente costruttori di tumuli), un’antica popolazione del Nord America vissuta circa 5 mila anni fa, in un periodo precedente alla storia dell’Antico Egitto e di tutte le sue dinastie.

Secondo i teorici della cospirazione, la Smithsonian Institution acquisto lo scheletro con la volontà di sottrarlo alla conoscenza dell’opinione pubblica. Ma perché? Perché ci dovrebbe essere un gigantesco cover-up di tutte queste scoperte? E perché in nessun museo del mondo sono mai stati esposti questu entusiasmanti, quanto enigmatici reperti?

Secondo Vieira, la motivazione sarebbe molto semplici: il bisogno di conservare valida la Teoria dell’Evoluzione di Darwin, la quale spiega molto bene il normale percorso evolutivo di tutti gli esseri viventi, umani compresi, da forme semplici a forme più complesse.

Il problema è che questi scheletri, per quanto riguarda l’essere umano, sembrerebbero, invece, mostrare un involuzione, in quanto la complessità dei giganteschi fossili ritrovati è particolarmente evidente. Come collocare questi umani giganti nella scala evolutiva dell’uomo? Ma può bastare questa motivazione a eliminare dei reperti che potrebbero gettare luce sul passato remoto dell’uomo?

Secondo i teorici degli Antichi Umani, gli abitanti della mitica Atlantide erano i famosi giganti citati anche dalla Bibbia. Alcuni sopravvissuti alla distruzione dell’antica civiltà atlantidea, avrebbero poi posto le basi per la creazione della nostra specie e della nostra civiltà. Forse è questa la storia che si vuole tenere nascosta? E perchè? Perchè l’evento catastrofico che ha distrutto Atlantide potrebbe distruggere, prima o poi, anche noi?

In ultima analisi, c’è chi ipotizza che gli scheletri giganti non appartengano alla specie umana ma siano i corpi di Antichi Astronauti che un tempo hanno abitato il nostro pianeta. In questo senso, l’insabbiamento sarebbe da ricondurre alla strategia più vasta che vuole nascondere l’esistenza degli extraterrestri all’umanità. Ad ogni modo, quello dei giganti, come quello di Atlantide, per un motivo o per un altro, rimane argomento tabù per la comunità scientifica.

Fonte: Il Navigatore Curioso

New Archaeological Discoveries

From Indonesia To Turkey New Archaeological Discoveries Uncover The Mysteries Of A Lost Civilisation

By Graham Hancock


Gunung Padang
Artist’s impression of Gunung Padang as it would have looked in antiquity by and courtesy of architect Pon S Purajatnika. ©
Click for full size image.

“Everything we’ve been taught about the origins of civilization may be wrong,” says Danny Natawidjaja, PhD, senior geologist with the Research Centre for Geotechnology at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. “Old stories about Atlantis and other a great lost civilizations of prehistory, long dismissed as myths by archaeologists, look set to be proved true.”

I’m climbing with Dr Natawidjaja up the steep slope of a 300-ft high step-pyramid set amidst a magical landscape of volcanoes, mountains and jungles interspersed with paddy fields and tea plantations a hundred miles from the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia.

The pyramid has been known to archaeology since 1914 when megalithic structures formed from blocks of columnar basalt were found scattered amongst the dense trees and undergrowth that then covered its summit. Local people held the site to be sacred and called it Gunung Padang, the name it still goes by today, which means “Mountain of Light”, or “Mountain of Enlightenment”, in the local Sundanese language. The summit, where the megaliths were found arranged across five terraces had been used as a place of meditation and retreat since time immemorial, archaeologists were told, and again this remains true today.

However neither the archaeologists, nor apparently the locals realized the pyramid was a pyramid. It was believed to be a natural hill, somewhat modified by human activity, until Natawidjaja and his team began a geological survey here in 2011. By then the summit had long since been cleared and the megalithic terraces recognized to be ancient and man-made, but no radiocarbon dating was ever done and the previously accepted age of the site – about 1,500 to 2,500 BC — was based on guesswork rather than on excavations.

The first scientific radiocarbon dating was done by Natawidjaja himself on soils underlying the megaliths at or near the surface. The dates produced – around 500 to 1,500 BC – were very close to the archaeological guesswork and caused no controversy. However a surprise was in store as Natawidjaja and his team extended their investigation using tubular drills that brought up cores of earth and stone from much deeper levels.

First the drill cores contained evidence – fragments of columnar basalt – that man-made megalithic structures lay far beneath the surface. Secondly the organic materials brought up in the drill cores began to yield older and older dates – 3,000 BC to 5,000 BC, then 9,600 BC as the drills bit deeper, then around 11,000 BC, then, 15,000 BC and finally at depths of 90 feet and more an astonishing sequence of dates of 20,000 BC to 22,000 BC and earlier.

“This was not at all what my colleagues in the world of archaeology expected or wanted to hear” says Natawidjaja, who earned his PhD at Cal Tech in the United States and who, it becomes apparent, regards archaeology as a thoroughly unscientific discipline.

The problem is that those dates from 9,600 BC and earlier belong to the period that archaeologists call the “Upper Palaeolithic” and take us back deep into the last Ice Age when Indonesia was not a series of islands as it is today but was part of a vast southeast Asian continent dubbed “Sundaland” by geologists.

Sea level was 400 feet lower then because huge ice caps two miles deep covered most of Europe and North America. But as the ice caps began to melt all the water stored in them returned to the oceans and sea-level rose, submerging many parts of the world where humans had previously lived. Thus Britain was joined to Europe during the Ice Age (there was no English Channel or North Sea). Likewise there was no Red Sea, no Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka was joined to southern India, Siberia was joined to Alaska, Australia was joined to New Guinea – and so on and so forth. It was during this epoch of sea-level rise, sometimes slow and continuous, sometimes rapid and cataclysmic, that the Ice Age continent of Sundaland was submerged with only the Malaysian Peninsula and the Indonesian islands as we know them today high enough to remain above water.

The established archaeological view of the state of human civilization until the end of the last Ice Age about 9,600 BC was that our ancestors were primitive hunter gatherers incapable of any form of civilization or architectural feats. In the following millennia settled agriculture was very gradually developed and perfected. Around 4,000 BC the increasing sophistication of economic and social structures, and growing organizational abilities, made possible the creation of the earliest megalithic sites (such as Gigantija on the Maltese island of Gozo for example) while the first true cities emerged around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia and soon afterwards in Egypt. In the British Isles Callanish in the Outer Hebrides and Avebury in southwest England, both dated to around 3,000 BC, are the oldest examples of true megalithic sites. The megalithic phase of Stonehenge is thought to have begun around 2,400 BC and to have continued to around 1,800 BC.

Within this well worked out and long-established chronology there is no place for any prehistoric civilization such as Atlantis. But interestingly the Greek philosopher Plato, whose dialogue of Timias and Critias contains the earliest surviving mention of the fabled sunken kingdom, dates the catastrophic destruction and submergence of Atlantis by floods and earthquakes to “9,000 years before the time of Solon” – i.e. to 9,600 BC, the end of the last Ice Age. Since the Greeks had no access to modern scientific knowledge about the Ice Age and its rapidly rising sea levels (often accompanied by cataclysmic earthquakes as the weight of the melting ice caps was removed from the continental landmasses) the date Plato gives is, to say the least, an uncanny coincidence.

In Danny Natawidjaja’s view, however, it is no coincidence at all. His research at Gunung Padang has convinced him that Plato was right about the existence of a high civilization in the depths of the last Ice Age – a civilization that was indeed brought to a cataclysmic end involving floods and earthquakes in an epoch of great global instability between 10,900 BC and 9,600 BC.

This epoch, which geologists call the “Younger Dryas” has long been recognized as mysterious and tumultuous. In 10,900 BC, when it began, the earth had been emerging from the Ice Age for roughly 10,000 years, global temperatures were rising steadily and the ice caps were melting. Then there was a sudden dramatic return to colder conditions – even colder than at the peak of the Ice Age 21,000 years ago. This short, sharp deep freeze lasted for 1,300 years until 9,600 BC when the warming trend resumed, global temperatures shot up again and the remaining ice caps melted very suddenly dumping all the water they contained into the oceans.

“It is difficult,” Natawidjaja says, “for us to imagine what life on earth must have been like during the Younger Dryas. It was a truly cataclysmic period of immense climate instability and terrible, indeed terrifying, global conditions. It’s not surprising that many large animal species, such as the mammoths, went extinct during this precise time and of course it had huge effects on our ancestors, not just those ‘primitive’ hunter gatherers the archaeologists speak of but also, I believe, a high civilization that was wiped from the historical record by the upheavals of the Younger Dryas.”

What has brought Natawidjaja to this radical view is the evidence he and his team have uncovered at Gunung Padang. When their drill cores began to yield very ancient carbon dates from clays filling the gaps between worked stones they expanded their investigation using geophysical equipment – ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography and electrical resistivity – to get a picture of what lay under the ground. The results were stunning, showing layers of massive construction using the same megalithic elements of columnar basalt that are found on the surface but with courses of huge basaltic rocks beneath them extending down to 100 feet and more beneath the surface. At those depths the carbon dates indicate that the megaliths were put in place more than 10,000 years ago and in some cases as far back as 24,000 years ago.

Columnar basalt does form naturally – the famous Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is an example – but at Gunung Padang it has been used as a building material and is laid out in a form never found in nature.

“The geophysical evidence is unambiguous,” Natawidjaja says. “Gunung Padang is not a natural hill but a man-made pyramid and the origins of construction here go back long before the end of the last Ice Age. Since the work is massive even at the deepest levels, and bears witness to the kinds of sophisticated construction skills that were deployed to build the pyramids of Egypt or the largest megalithic sites of Europe, I can only conclude that we’re looking at the work of a lost civilization and a fairly advanced one.”

“The archaeologists won’t like that,” I point out.

“They don’t!” Natawidjaja agrees with a rueful smile. “I’ve already got myself into a lot of hot water with this. My case is a solid one, based on good scientific evidence, but it’s not an easy one. I’m up against deeply entrenched beliefs.”

The next step will be a full-scale archaeological excavation. “We have to excavate in order to interrogate our remote sensing data and our carbon dating sequences and either to confirm or deny what we believe we’ve found here,” says Natawidjaja, “but unfortunately there’s a lot of obstacles in our way.”

When I ask what he means by obstacles he replies that some senior Indonesian archaeologists are lobbying the government in Jakarta to prevent him from doing any further work at Gunung Padang on the grounds that they “know” the site is less than 5,000 years old and see no justification for disturbing it.

“I don’t deny that the megaliths at the surface are less than 5,000 years old,” Natawidjaja hastens to add, “but I suggest they were put here because Gunung Padang has been recognized as a sacred place since time immemorial. It’s the deepest layers of the structure at between 12,000 and more than 20,000 years old that are the most important. They have potentially revolutionary implications for our understanding of history and I think it’s vital that we be allowed to investigate them properly.”

Gunung Padang is not the only ancient site that raises huge question marks over the story archaeologists tell us about our past. On the other side of the world, in southeastern Turkey, another man-made hill has been excavated during the past decade, this time by Professor Klaus Schmidt of the German Archaeological Institute. The site, called Gobekli Tepe (which means “Potbellied Hill” in the local Kurdish language) consists of a series of immense megalithic stone circles on the scale of Stonehenge and was deliberately buried (creating the appearance of a hill) around 8,000 BC by the mysterious ancient people who made it. The circles themselves date back to 9,600 BC, however, with the oldest work being the best. At least twenty further circles on a similar scale, identified by ground penetrating radar, are still deeply buried. Some of these, Klaus Schmidt told me when I visited Gobekli Tepe in September 2013, are likely to be much older than those already excavated.

At 7,000 or more years older than Stonehenge the megaliths of Gobekli Tepe, like the deeply buried megaliths of Gunung Padang mean that the timeline of history taught in our schools and universities for the best part of the last hundred years can no longer stand. It is beginning to look as though civilization, as I argued in my controversial 1995 bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods, is indeed much older and much more mysterious than we thought.

In essence what I proposed in that book was that an advanced civilization had been wiped out and lost to history in a global cataclysm at the end of the last Ice Age. I suggested there were survivors who settled at various locations around the world and attempted to pass on their superior knowledge, including knowledge of agriculture, to hunter-gatherer peoples who had also survived the cataclysm. Indeed even today we have populations of hunter gatherers, in the Kalahari Desert, for instance, and in the Amazon jungle, who co-exist with our advanced technological culture – so we should not be surprised that equally disparate levels of civilization might have co-existed in the past.

What I could not do when I wrote Fingerprints, because the evidence was not then available, was identify the exact nature of the cataclysm that had wiped out my hypothetical lost civilization, and this absence of a specific “smoking gun” was one of the many aspects of my argument that was heavily criticized by archaeologists. Since 2007, however, masses of scientific evidence have come to light that have identified the smoking gun for me in the form of a comet that broke into multiple fragments now known to have hit the earth 12,980 years ago. The impacts (some on the North American ice cap, some elsewhere) caused floods and tidal waves and threw a vast cloud of dust into the upper atmosphere that enshrouded the entire earth for more than a thousand years, preventing the sun’s rays from reaching the surface, and setting off the Younger Dryas deep freeze.

I believe it is possible that Gobekli Tepe may prove to be the work of the survivors of a great civilization lost during the Younger Dryas (interestingly the so-called “origins of agriculture” have been traced back by archaeologists to the vicinity of Gobekli Tepe and to the exact period in which Gobekli Tepe was created). But it is to Gunung Padang that I now look for a possibly even more stunning confirmation of my theory. Danny Natawidjaja’s geological survey has revealed not only deeply buried massive constructions and very ancient carbon dates at Gunung Padang but also the presence of three hidden chambers, so rectilinear in form that they are most unlikely to be natural. The largest of these lies at a depth of between 70 and 90 feet beneath the summit of the pyramid and measures approximately 18 feet high, 45 feet long and 30 feet wide.

Could it be the fabled “Hall of Records” of Atlantis? If Dr Natawidjaja’s geological excavation is allowed to proceed, despite strenuous attempts by local archaeologists to prevent it, then we should know the answer to that question, one way or another, by the end of 2014.


Note: GRAHAM HANCOCK is working on a sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods, provisionally titled Magicians of the Gods, to be published in October 2015 by Coronet in the UK, by Saint Martin’s Press in the US, by Kadokokawa Shoten in Japan and by Corbaccio in Italy.


UPDATE 2 October 2014

The archaeological establishment is scrambling to find some reason to reject and pour scorn on the extraordinary consequences of the excavations now taking place at Gunung Padang in Indonesia.

Since its first exploration by archaeologists in 1914 the site was thought to be a natural hill with 2500 year-old megalithic structures on top of it. But in 2010 geologist Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja (who earned his doctorate at Cal Tech) recognized this “hill” as a possible man-made pyramid and began to explore it using ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography, resistivity survey and other remote sensing techniques, as well as some direct excavations and deep core drilling.

The results were immediately intriguing  producing evidence of deeply buried man-made chambers and yielding carbon dates going back as far as 26,000 years. This was the last Ice Age when our ancestors are supposed (according to the orthodox archaeological model) to be have been nothing more than primitive hunter gatherers incapable of large-scale construction and engineering feats. Was it possible that geologist Natawidjaja was unearthing the proof of a lost advanced civilization of prehistoric antiquity? Such ideas are heresy to mainstream archaeologists and sure enough the archaeological establishment in Indonesia banded together against Dr Natawidjaja and his team, lobbied the political authorities, agitated locally and succeeded in slowing down, though not completely stopping, the further exploration of Gunung Padang.

Dr Natawidjaja fought back, doing some high-level lobbying of his own, taking the matter to the President of Indonesia himself. There were further delays to do with elections in Indonesia but just a couple of months ago, in mid-August 2014, the final obstacles were lifted and Dr Natawidjaja and his team moved back onto the Gunung Padang site with full approval to go ahead with their work, including permission to excavate the concealed chambers.

Archaeologists were furious and immediately began lobbying to get the work stopped – fortunately to no avail as preliminary excavations have produced results that prove beyond doubt that Gunung Padang in indeed a man-made pyramid of great antiquity as Dr Natawidjaja had long ago proposed. Even the relatively young layer so far excavated (the second artificial columnar rock-layer beneath the megalithic site visible on the surface) has yielded dates of 5200 BC (nearly 3000 years older than the orthodox dating for the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt) and there are firm indications from the original remote sensing and core drilling work of much older layers below. In short, it is now evident to all that the site is vastly older than the 2500 years that archaeologists had insisted upon for decades. Even the most hostile amongst them are therefore now reframing their assessment of the site and referring to it as “a gigantic terraced tomb, which was part of the biggest megalithic culture in the archipelago.”

For a flavor of the sour grapes the archaeological establishment feel towards Dr Natawidjaja and his team see this recent article from the Jakarta Post: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/09/24/archaeologists-slam-excavation-gunung-padang-site.html

I asked Dr Natawidjaja for his response to the Jakarta Post article and he replied as follows:

“The article has got the story all wrong.  All excavations were supervised by archeologists from Agency for Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites (BPCB) and University of Indonesia.  The excavation sites have also recently been inspected by the Director for Conservation of Archeological Sites (who is the boss of Miss Desril Shanti ), by the head of the BPCB, and by the Minister of Education and Culture himself.  Afterward, they gave a press conference confirming that all excavations are good and proper.  For information, the head of the National Archeological Center, which is the main office above local Archeological Centers including Bandung Archeological Center, is also a member of the National Team for Gunung Padang. The Jakarta Post article is also wrong about the funding.  The Minister of Education and Culture did indeed announce in the press conference that he would allocate about Rp 3 billion for the research but it has not begun to be disbursed yet.  So far, I and my team are still working willingly on our own funding with the help of the soldiers (TNI) who have been working alongside us.  Of course the TNI have their own funding – but not from that Endowment Fund.”

As to the progress of the work at Gunung Padang, Dr Natawidjaja writes as follows:

“The research progress has been being great.  We have excavated three more spots right on top of the megalithic site in the past couple weeks, which give more evidence and details about the buried structures.  We have uncovered lots more stone artifacts from the excavations.  The existence of the pyramid-like structure beneath the megalithic site is now loud and clear; even for non-specialists, it is not too difficult  to understand if they come and see for themselves.    We have found some kind of open hall buried by soil 5-7 meters thick; however we have not yet got into the main chamber.  We are now drilling to the suspected location of the chamber (based on subsurface geophysic) in the middle of the megalithic site.”

Stay tuned for more news from the front line!


I love this subject. In fact, you could make a life study of it. I had posted this story before, but I think it is a great story to share and learn about. The following are derived from difference sources, so whether fact or fiction, you decide for yourself.  I put different sources together so I hope you enjoy the text along with the videos. 


Consider that Adam & Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, meaning they were exiled to the surface, to live out their now mortal lives and become the originators of our race.   Greatest kept SECRET by MANY of All Time! 





In Hamilton Ohio, located in Symmes’ Park between 3rd and 4th streets, is a monument  to John Cleves Symmes and his belief in a hollow-earth. It cannot be denied … the globe atop the stone monument has holes at both poles.

The videos show historic and very informative film coverage that was captured many years ago.  We are so very lucky to see it hear within Before It’s News!

The Book of Enoch, which predates the New Testament and which was excluded from the bible at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, is a treasure house of knowledge and wisdom concerning our hollow earth. (more here ~Atlantis & Lemuria~ Book of Enoch~ Ancient Texts)

In section I of the book, chapters 17 to 36, Enoch, beloved scribe of God, is granted the unique privelege of observing and recording the secrets of the inner earth and heaven (central sun). 

He saw that the inner earth contained both heavenly and hellish regions, and that ANY place can become a heaven or a hell depending on the spirits who inhabit it. 

While the book was popular and widely read in the first few centuries AD, it was later banned or suppressed by the new counterfeit Christianity, which obviously saw it as too revealing, and counterproductive to its purposes.

see:  Inquisition Popes Burning of women alive by the millions then taking their land
and  Malleus Maleficarum -WHAT THEY DONT TEACH YOU IN SCHOOL
★ JESUS HIS MOTHER WAS FROM Pleiadians★The Talmud Jmmanuel Ancient Scrolls★ WHAT ORGANIZED RELIGION DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW – Ancient Pleiadian Contact ★

File:Necronomicon prop.jpg

Foster Gamble with John B. Wells was on Coast to Coast Radio recently concerning his excellent documentary Thrive, in which he explains how our world is controlled by a global elite who want to eliminate 90% of the world’s population.  In his video Thrive, Foster Gamble explains that there is a better way, one in which the people of earth can thrive and have abundance. 

It is all based on his discovery that abundance systems emanate from an energy pattern called a Torus. which is the shape of our hollow earth, as well as all bodies in space.

(I mute the sound on this, but what impressive coverage – we are so lucky to see this!)

The New Germany and the Hollow Earth

There is another Germany inside the hollow surface of our planet. This inner or New Germany grew from the first or outer surface Gemany, and both have full (but secret ) relations with each other.

According to the book “Genesis for the New Age” by John B. Leith, the story begins in 1572 when 500 Germans from Sax-Coburg, including some Prussians and Bavarians were hired as soldier-mercenaries by the King of Portugal (Sebastian I) to build a fort and man a garrison up the Amazon River in a fight against the Spaniards.

As they sailed the river they were fiercely attacked by the native Indians, and both the Germans and Portuguese and their families were forced to flee to the jungles where they came across a cave entrance which the Indians feared and fled from.

The new colonists made their home in and by the cave and eventually traveled further inward and downward into the caves’s passages ultimately leading to the Earth’s inner concave surface – which they reached in 1647.

Along the way they settled into various caverns establishing six cities over a 3000 mile route and fought off mysterious cavern creatures who were as fierce as the Amazon Indians. The caverns or cities were connected by a crude wooden track system.


By 1977 over 350,000 Germans occupied the inner Earth tunnel settlements which spanned from Brazil to the Australia-New Zealand midpoint.


In 1647 under Australasia, upon entering the inner concave surface, the New Germans met with the Atlantean/Atturians and the 30,000 year-old Bodlanders who were the ancient ancestors of the modern Germans. The Bods were extremely advanced both spiritually and technologically and decided to take their outer earth cousins under their wing and they became known as the Six Kingdoms of Saxony.


In the early 1700′s communication began between the inner and outer Germanys via a secret student exchange program which oriented each to their doings, but it wasn’t untill 1853 that concrete steps were taken towards deeper ties between the two Germanys.


Engineers from both sides were engaged to shorten and improve the transportation tunnel systems with electric cars.

The technological improvements helped to boost the underground German population to about ten million by 1900. During World War I, Americans became aware of a route from outer Germany to the Antarctic, but were not sure where it ultimately led to.


By 1930 some actual trade began with the two Germanys, and by 1936 Hitler had gathered enough evidence about the inner world to send an aviation team to explore it. The Bodlanders expected and received them and their King later returned the visit. The King of Bodland warned Hitler and their Generals of their misguided war plans but the Third Reich went ahead anyways.

German specialists in 1938, penetrated the South Pole opening by air, and landed in the interior making contact with their inner Earth. 

Land was granted them for future settlement on the condition that they would relinquish their war-like ways and live under the peaceful tutelage of the inner Earthers. Hitler didn’t like this but accepted in 1943 after his war efforts started floundering. A thirty-year treaty was signed between Hitler’s Germany and the powerful Bodlanders who would oversee the influx and reorientation of the outer Germans coming into the New Inner Earth Germany.

By 1944, heavy construction was underway near Bodland to receive many war-torn Germans, most of whom used the Brazil train corridor to reach their new home. Scientists and other specialists in need used the quicker round wing plane through Antarctica to reach their new home.

Hitler ecaped to Argentina by submarine and then onto the King of Bodland’s personal spaceship to the inner Earth capital.  A fake double replaced Hitler from October 1944 onwards. By the end of World War II, some 2.5 million Outer World Germans settled into the New Inner Earth Germany, and the influx continued thereafter. Ok, sounds strange, but some say this!


The Americans caught on to the German’s activities and sent their own expeditions to the Inner Earth in the person of Admiral E. Byrd 1946-47, who led the way in a Falcon round wing aircraft. Byrd’s small 60-man army foolishly attacked the inner Earthers who promptly overw

helmed them and sent them back to their homelands. Russia, upon hearing of the American expedition, sent its own armada of 100 planes in 1947 but met a similar fate.


In 1948, a much better prepared single-craft expedition by the US followed which successfully mapped and photographed the Earth’s interior and had unique contacts with various races and crafts. Even pictures of dinosaurs and close-ups of the Earth’s “man-made” inner sun were obtained the results were kept classified.


Because of the superiority of the New Germany and the Inner Earth denizens in general, the post-World War II allied nations built bases on and around the polar areas as a means of study and as an early defense warning shoud these inner Earth nations decide to overtake the outer Earth.


In 1965, NASA did a complete detailed mapping of the interior of our planet, and in 1979 they confirmed that five continents, three large and two small, existed in the inner Earth.


There are also seven oceans. Agartha, the largest continent is three times the size of North America and populated mostly by Atturians (Atlanteans) who came from Venus 33,000 years ago. Bodland, another continent, is populated (as of 1980) by 36 million Bodlanders.

By 1984 over half a billion people inhabited the Inner Earth surface, 60 million of which were Germans. 18 million lived in the New Germany and 1.5 million in the New Berlin.


The New Berlin has all the conveniences of a modern city except they are non-polluting.     A reformed Hitler remained president of the New Germany untill his death on November 12 of 1974, with his adopted, Dr. Hans Tirstherson (Adolph II), continuing in his footsteps.


The round wing plane, powered by the Earth’s electromagnetic field, was (and is) the key to military and technological superiority. It’s anti-magnetic motor propelled it at speeds of 30,000 miles an hour in any direction, and its weight lifting capacities were unlimited. It also had a laser offence and defense system.


The round wing plane, with its saucer-like appendage is the prototype of the flying saucer. In 1975 its hull or metal construction was perfected so that it could travel unharmed into space.

The USS Enterprise ship on Star Trek uses the round wing concept. By the year 2000 or beyond, the round wing plane is expected to to replace most conventional means of air and space travel.


In 1977, US General Edward D. Wright visits New Germany in a roung wing aircraft, and a US delegation exists in New Berlin since.


Since the 1960′s, the allied outer and inner Earth forces have been monitoring and patroling Earth’s skies and lands for disturbances from the erring blue planet Nagirth (2.5 times the size of the Earth) which is responsible for the massive climate changes our planet has been undergoing since.


The US has legal diplomatic relations with other planets in our solar system, particularly Venus, Mars, and Pluto.



Ever since the first nuclear detonations in 1945 over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Inner Earth leaders, both good and bad, have stepped up the monitoring of our Outer Earth surface, regularly sending reconnaisance UFO ships as well as using satelite surveillance and other means.


The bridge between our technologies is closing and the time for a reunification of both worlds inner and outer.      The problem is that there are two opposing forces with contradictory agendas for this unity.


The negative inner earth denizens located mostly in Middle Earth (Earth’s cavernous shell) want our enslavement, whereas the positive inner earth people located mostly on the planet’s inner concave surface want our liberation and regeneration.


Fortunately the negatives are dwindling in number as more and more of us here on outer earth are waking up and choosing the path to peace and harmony.


Even the prophecies indicate that the vast majority of humankind will choose life over death and truth over lies. 

Eradicating what’s left of the negative forces, however, will be no easy matter, but it will and must be done if the prophesied Millennium or new Golden Age is to become a reality.



There is a massive conspiracy to hide the true nature of our planet -that it is hollow, oblate, and inhabited within. Access to the hollow interior is principally through the north polar opening which is some 1200 to 1400 miles wide.


There is also a south polar opening, but it is mostly covered with snow and ice.    

At about 77 degrees north lattitude the the planet starts flattening out and around 82 degrees north lattitude it starts curving inwards and one can catch glimpses of the earth’s inner central sun which lights and warms the interior and which is behind the aurora borealis.


There is a noticeable rise in temperature in these lattitudes and salt water turns into fresh and wildlife is more abundant and the compass needle goes wild and then points south instead of north.


Admiral E. Byrd flew over and into the north polar opening in a secret American expedition in 1947 and confirmed all of these facts but was sworn to silence over the matter.     All of the major powers have bases stationed in the Arctic in a united but hushed attempt to probe the secrets of the hole at the pole and the interior world, but they are restricted entry by the more powerful inner earth governments or societies which they fear.


Before every golden age the ice and snow around the polar openings melt and evaporate forming water or ice canopies around the planet and liberating access to the inner earth.       With Alaska getting such HOT weather lately, looks like we are close to this time.



Most of us grew up learning in science class that our planet is a round solid ball of earth with a molten fiery core at its center from whence comes our volcanic activity.


While this sounds reasonable at first, the flaws soon start to come out. First of all, a solid Earth, down to its core, has way too much weight and mass to spin so quietly and perfectly on its axis.


Secondly, whoever designs, builds, or creates planets would see the wisdom of both minimizing weight and maximizing space; a solid planet can only be mostly inhabited on its outer surface, whereas a hollow one would have two livable surfaces.


Also, a hollow planet would be easy to relocate should the need arise whereas a solid one would tax everyone’s energy (planets can be moved by the levitating beams of huge space ships) amazing, this is what they say.


The interior of a hollow planet would in fact be much more liveable or comfortable than its outer area, being protected indefinitely from dangerous rays, winds, collisions, or even invasions – it would be akin to the interior of a house or car.


And just like a house or car, it would have regulated heating and a light source (an inner central sun).


A hollow oblate earth with polar openings also maximizes energy flow (electrical or magnetic) provides greater room for multi-plane or multi-level existence, and simplifies or eases travel.



Planets are like house – hollow and inhabited within. They are intelligently designed using the sturdiest materials and providing the greatest amount of living space. The round design of a planet or world is superior to the squarish or rectangulal design of our modern dwellings.

While easier to build, anyone with occult knowledge will tell you that the sharp angles and edges of our modern dwellings (incuding pyramids) foster or promote negative or discordant energies, whereas the round or curved dwellings (such as the igloo) foster harmony and well being. Houses are built primarily to be lived on the inside and so it is with planets.


We of outer earth are living on the roof or balcony, exposed to the often brutal climate. The inner central sun of a planet can be compared to the light fixture in a simple room or dwelling. The polar openings or entrances are the main doors and the shell is one circular wall. Portals and gateways can be represented by windows and garages. Finally, a neighbourhood can represent a solar system, a city a galaxy, and a planet the universe -it’s all relative.




Admiral Byrd made two historic but unnanounced trips to the hollow earth, via airplane, both funded by the U.S.government. The first was 1700 mile trip, via Alaska, to the north polar opening, in February of 1947, where Byrd described seeing vast forests and what looked like running herds of animals.


The second was a 2300 mile trip to the south polar opening, via McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic in 1956, where he also saw vegetation and bodies of water before returning for lack of fuel.

While the purpose of these trips was to gather sensitive data concerning the Earth’s interior, leakage of the events served to strengthen the notion and reality that our planet is indeed hollow. 

Byrd was sworn to silence as well, and put in a mental ward.


Byrd did leave some writings, some of which were leaked and described the Admiral’s ecstatic descriptions of “The Unknown Country”.

Along the inner continent is the great river Hiddekel which brings you to the city of Jehu in the land of Eden, the home of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, and the cradle of the human race.




There are a total of twelve continents or land masses on or in the Earth one for every planet in our solar system; six are outer, and six are inner (inside our hollow Earth).


The outer continents, all of which begin with the letter A are; Asia (including Europe), Africa, Australia, America North, America South, and snow-covered Antarctica.


The Arctic is mostly ice and snow and sea leading directly to the hollow interior of the planet via a huge polar opening.


Here gravity reverses and one reaches the shores of the seventh inner polar continent which Admiral E. Byrd had the fortune of witnessing in his aerial trip in 1947.



There are hundreds of large cities miles beneath the earth, many of which are interconnected by tunnels through which high speed shuttles navigate, using magnetics for propulsion.

Some of these are government or scientific installations while others are more alien or otherworldly bases. Some of these cities or communities are located in or under mountains while others are in large underground caverns.


Nearly everyone knows about Telos a mile or so beneath Mt. Shasta in California.


Not everyone knows that nearly every major city on the planet has its roots in an inner city beneath it. Secret elevators or shafts in some buildings lead to these duplicate cities, to which only certain individuals are allowed or have access to.


Most underground cities are built for protection in times of war or natural catastrophes, as well as for secret and often forbidden projects or activities.




In “The Smoky God” Olaf Jansen and his father are invited to visit the fabled city of Eden inside the hollow earth. They board an electric rail car which whisks them away across mountains and valleys at incredible speeds.


They finally arrive in Eden which is located in a valley on top of the highest point of the “Inner Continent” some several thousand feet high. Eden is a beautiful garden with all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees and flowers. It is the navel of the Earth and cradle of the human race with four rivers running through it -the Euphrates, Pison, Gihon, and Hiddekel.


These rivers, sourcing from a mighty artesian fountain, divide the entire inner earth surface into four sections or quadrants. Olaf and his father were brought to a palatial hall before the Great High Priest or ruler of the continent, who was fourteen feet tall and richly robed. They discussed, in a type of Sanskrit.


The giant people of Eden and elsewhere marry between the ages of seventy-five and one hundred and live to be 600 to 800 years old. They are very musical and educated in the arts, maths and sciences.


They build, farm, raise cattle, and communicate and travel with electrical gadgets. Everything is huge, from the people to the houses to the trees to the animals.




About a mile or so beneath Mount Shasta in northern California, in a large cavern, is the domed city of Telos, where over 1.5 million descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria live.

The city was built over 14,000 years ago as a haven from the war and destruction going on between Atlantis and Lemuria. Telos is connected by transport tunnels to hundreds of other similar cities and to the main Agarthean hub beneath the Gobi desert.


The citizens of Telos are scientifically advanced using teleportation and levitation devices. They grow their food hydroponically, and have holodeck rooms (just like on Star Trek) for purposes of learning and entertainment. They use space ships (noiseless and invisible) for interplanetary travel, and the city’s main power source is a huge central crystal the size of a skyscraper.




According to the late theologian Theodore Fitch, there are actually ten times more people living inside the Earth than there are on its outer surface.   There is a dark, negative, and almost impenetrable astral layer surrounding the planet some 30 to 100 miles up where negative entities abide.

In and beyond this are various belts of rock and ice invisible to the naked eye separating the first (atmosphere), second (sub-lunar), and third (post-lunar) heavens which are also populated.

In the third heaven is a planetary object which he calls the New Jerusalem.     

Outward or inward, this planet is a lot more populated than we care to imagine.


All the people of inner earth (those on the other side of the gravity line) walk upside down from us with their heads pointing to the inner central sun. This stimulates their upper or higher chakras more than it does their lower ones, resulting in higher brain and psychic functions.

Here, on outer earth, our heads are pointing away from the inner central sun, with our lower chakras receiving most of the stimulation, resulting in lower carnal pursuits.

Its no wonder were so f–ked up! Lying down or standing on your head improves the situation somewhat, but the real solution is to live on the inner earth concave surface, where your higher centers are constantly being stimulated by that life-giving orb overhead, and where the lower centers are kept at bay.



Gravity decreases dramatically just 10 to 25 miles beneath outer Earth’s ocean level greatly improving your physical health. Here aging slows down and hunger and thirst begin to dissapear. The air, especially in caverns, is richly revitalizing due to the solar light which is filtered and dispersed as it penetrates the earth and surrounds you as a halo.

Below 25 miles you lose two thirds of your weight and can hop around like the astronauts did on the Moon. You also become younger, smarter, stronger, and need very little rest or sleep. So How do we get there?

Light emanates from everywhere so that there are no shadows. All of these conditions intensify as you approach the planet’s gravity center 700 miles down from the outer surface, where breath and heartbeat cease, where there is no weight, where telepathy becomes natural, and where thoughts move and shape matter.

This is all described in the book Etidorpha by John Uri Loyd.


Contrary to scientific teaching and popular belief, the Earth’s true gravity center is not at its core but within its 800 mile thick shell. The Earth is hollow with polar openings and an interior sun. This sun is some 600 to 700 miles in diameter.

The Earth’d shell varies in thickness from 400 to 800 miles in diameter (thicker near the equator) and the polar openings are anywhere from 800 to 1400 miles wide.

Earth has two magnetic fields; one which originates from the inner central sun and travels very slowly around the poles and is the source of our aurora borealis and Van Allen belt or magnetosphere, and the other coming from inside the Earth’s shell which gives us our gravity and which is variously placed at 300 to 700 miles beneath the planet’s outer surface (deeper at the equator).

This gravity center within the Earth’s shell is the spirit of the Earth itself and is the official dividing line between inner and outer Earth.     Gravity is some six times greater on the outer surface of the planet than on its inner surface so that much greater effort is needed to sustain life here.

At the Equator, 700 miles down, we reach zero gravity (weightlessness) where the body is at perfect rest and becomes immortal or non-decaying.     As we continue towards the inner surface for another hundred miles, gravity REVERSES, so that people and animals and all things here stand upside down from us!       Their heads all point towards the inner central sun which lights and warms the interior of the planet.

With unly one-sixth of the gravity of outer Earth, everything grows much faster and larger here and the length and quality of life is also proportionately greater.      Astrologically, the ascendant or rising sign influence comes from this spiritual gravity center located deep within our planet’s shell.



The heaving of our chest (breathing) and the beating of our heart( blood flow) are abnormal conditions brought on by an abnormal environment. In John Uri Loyd’s “Etidorpha”, I Am The Man’s guide explains that because of outer earth’s intense gravity, our bodies must work extra hard to distribute oxygen evenly throughout – hence the heaving and beating.

In zero gravity, however, no such pressure exists, therefore no breathing or bloodflow is required. This perfect state of equilibrium is experienced in the Earth’s central gravity sphere some 700 miles below the outer surface.

Here mind becomes ruler over matter and there is no ageing or degeneration. The inner earth surface is also quite good with only one-sixth the gravity of outer earth. This minimal gravity and its cocooned state are what make inner earth paradise-like.

Outer earth can also become paradise-like once the planet’s water canopy is restored and climate, light, and gravity are stabilized and/or equalized as a result.


Dinosaurs and giant reptiles still roam some parts of the inner earth, especially in some of the vast caverns tens and hundreds of miles beneath our feet. Most were imported or dumped here from other worlds and terrorized both human and mammal alike. They were still around untill the great floods and other natural and technologically induced catastrophes wiped them out.

In fact, there was a campaign from other-worlders, such as the Martians, to exterminate the beasts using any means possible.

Some of the beasts, however, found their way into the caves and tunnels going deep into the earth and there continued to propagate, although in much smaller numbers.

In the book “The Coming Race” by Edward Bulwer Lytton, the main character of the story descends into a mine and meets with a race called the Gy whose children use the power of the Vril stick to destroy giant human-devouring reptiles -and this is somewhere beneath the eastern United States in the late 1800′s!

Ocassionally, some of the beasts find their way back up onto our outer surface, but they are quickly “taken care of” (executed) and it is not generally reported.



Many of the numerous earthquakes around the globe are being caused by titanic inner earth struggles between the forces wishing to liberate this planet and those who wish to continue keeping it enslaved.

A particular target is the Agarthian citadel of the King of the World beneath Tibet, and his evil serpentine magicians, who were reputedly ousted from their stronghold in 1948 by a group of 500 empowered Lamas.

The bulk of the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history tend to occur in and around China, the most recent of which occurred in July of 1976 in Tangshan which killed a quarter of a million people.

Nuclear and ray weapons are used in an outer/inner earth joint effort to destroy the reptillian lairs which pocket the planet.     Some of these lairs are imbedded in the north and south polar ice caps waiting to be reactivated (when the ice melts).     Could the great Alaska earthquake of 1964 have anything to do with the attempted removal of such infestations?


Hell or tartarus is also located in the inner earth. It’s a huge cavity in the earth’s shell reserved as a prison or abode for powerful but evil entities who supposedly await judgement.

Among them are the Nephilim or Titans who who interbred with human females and corrupted the Pre-Flood World. Tartarus is described in the Book of Enoch as a world of wonder and horror.

In August of 1989, Russian geologists and oil diggers, drilling 12 miles beneath the Siberian planes hit upon a hollow into which they lowered a microphone hearing what sounded like the screams of humans in pain.

They then lowered a small camera and began videotaping what looked like bodies laying motionless on incandescent rocks and a light moving among them.

Three minutes later everything malfunctioned and heat and sulphur spewed through the dig hole and the site had to be abandoned. Could they have hit upon a region of Hell?!



The time is soon coming once again when the polar ice and snow evaporate to form a cloud, water, or ice canopy around the planet, equalizing the climate and liberating access to the inner earth.

Ancient caves, tunnels, and portals will also be reopened re-establishing middle earth as the bridge or gateway between the planet’s inner and outer surfaces.

Magnetic grids, ley lines, and other power vortices will be reactivated to further restore and reunite the planet to its original and intended state as well as reconnect us to the rest of the solar system and beyond.

Imagine all the progress when over 60 billion people from all parts of the planet (there are 10 times more people inside the Earth than there are on its surface) pool their knowledge and resources as well as that from other worlds! This will all happen once we are finally liberated from the alien and hostile rulers of our world.


The accelerating meltdown of the polar regions over the last forty years, particularly in the North, is leading inexorably to a merger with the hollow inner earth world. In the last golden age of Atlantis some eleven to thirteen thousand years ago, a set of water or ice canopies covered the planet creating a paradise-like environment throughout, and connecting both inner and outer earth via the polar openings, which were then ice-free.

Beginning around eleven thousand years ago, destructive wars caused the eventual collapse of these canopies, bringing down massive worldwide flooding and drastic climate changes, which in turn decimated the quality and length of our lives.

The floodwaters gradually receded or gravitated towards the polar regions and turned to ice and snow, forming a protective barrier to the still pristine inner earth.

Over the last three hundred years or so, inner earth has been grooming or preparing outer earth with its concepts and technologies for an eventual merging of the two societies.

The melting of the polar regions and the re-establishment of the earth’s water or ice canopies is the next logical step to this merger. Whether this merger will lead to a truly global and utopian society or government has yet to be determined.

Since Uranus’ entry into Scorpio in late 1975, many outer earthers have been selected or invited to visit the inner earth for study and training to become leaders for the coming merger between inner and outer earth.

This merger has been going on for hundreds of years, but has only really intensified during the last fifty with the burgeoning of technology and the internet. Most of our technology comes from the inner earth but we only get the tail end of it.

Inner earth computers are organic and holographic in nature, able to function on the astral as well as material plane. There is a secret internet that connects inner and outer earth leaders.

These leaders know that the Earth will undergo a pole shift within the next five to ten years and are preparing themselves for it.

News of this is being leaked to various individuals whose responsibility it is to warn the public.      These individuals can be inner earth trainees or outer earthers who have been given such imformation through direct or indirect means.

Many of us are being trained or readied on a subconcious or dream level to face the coming changes.     What is certain is that the planet’s magnetic field will totally collapse just before the pole shift occurs. People we are at this point.

The negatves will use the chaos of the shift for their own selfish and destructive purposes, whereas the positives will use it as a stepping stone for personal and planetary improvement.


The Moon is even more hollow than the Earth, due to its very thin shell (some 90 miles thick). Scientists noted that when a sizeable meteorite hit the moon, its shell would vibrate and ring like a bell. Similar effects could be produced by aiming a powerful sonic beam at the Moon from Earth.

This could only mean that the Moon is hollow, as are all heavenly bodies.  Like the Earth, our Moon is dominated by malevolent forces which reside in its interior or hide on the dark side (which is one reason we always see one side only).



Mars showing North Polar Opening

The planet Mars, like all other planets, has a hollow interior.

What look like or are described as ice or snow caps are actually clouds lit by the planet’s inner sun which shines through the polar openings. The north polar opening looks like a huge crater with clouds in and around it as can be seen in this NASA Hubble Space Telescope photograph at Rodney McCluff’s “World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow” website. While the surface of Mars appears barren and scarred(the result of numerous interplanetary wars) it is altogether diffent underneath.

Numerous colonies from Earth and elsewhere are thriving in underground bases, and the inner interior surface of the planet is as populated and advanced as any other planet in our system.

Martians look much like humans except for their hair which is mostly reddish in coloring. They are good at science and mechanics and building space ships and have an active interest and participation in Earth affairs. This interaction is at its peak during Mars’ close approaches to Earth.


Edmund Halley of comet fame was one of the earliest proponents of the hollow earth. Edmund concluded that there were other bodies within the Earth to account for the varying directions of the Earth’s magnetic field.

He proposed four concentric spheres, all inhabited and nestled inside each other like a Chinese box puzzle, and all with their own magnetic fields. The outermost is of course the Earth while the second and third innermost are of the size of Mars and Venus.

The fourth or inner core he compares to Mercury.     All of these inner shells are bathed in perpetual luminous light.     He also postulated that the aurora borealis was the result of escaped gases coming from the Earth’s interior. Leonard Euler, a swiss mathematician, was the first to modify Edmund’s theory into a single hollow sphere with a central sun some 600 miles in diameter.

Sir John Leslie proposed that there were two central suns which he named Pluto and Prosperine. Symmes, Gardner, and Bernard followed with our present modern concept of a single shell, two large polar openings, and a central luminary.

By far the strangest concept of the hollow earth belongs to the late Koreshian leader Cyrus Teed. He envisioned all of our universe contained in a hollow ball 8000 miles in diameter which we call Earth. We are living on the inside concave surface of the Earth with the Sun Moon and stars circling around its infinite inner center. We are held down not by gravity but by centrifugal force.

Angeli Laudantes, by Sir Edward Burne-Jones (public domain image)

The Moon is half a mile across and some 3933 miles over our heads. The Sun is only 8 feet across, and the stars are microscopic spots clustered around the center(everything shrinks as you go deeper towards this infinite inner center). Rock and soil stretch infinitely outside of the Earth. He says the scientists have it all backwards -you figure.

Heaven is an inner, central, and solar location, whereas Paradise and Hell are outer, earthly, or planetary locations. 

A good example of this is the common wheel; the hub or center represents Heaven whereas the rim represents Earth, of which Paradise and Hell are part.

The spokes of the wheel represent the interconnecting roads or gateways between the two.

The horoscope chart is another example with its center, spokes and rim, as is Plato’s landscape description of the legendary city of Atlantis.

The Atlantis construct is a series of rings one inside the other, goes farther by including an even more interior or central component called the New Jerusalem.  


This scheme is universal and holds true for all heavenly abodes, whether they be lunar, planetary, solar, galactic, or universal.    The exceptions are those abodes have been corrupted by evil forces, but even then, the basic structure holds.

Earth’s outer surface where we now live was originally a Paradise, in the manner of its interior surface. This was made possible by a canopy or watery firmament which covered and insulated the entire planet (except near the poles). There may even have been a series of these canopies, which have been destroyed and rebuilt throughout long periods of history.


Noah’s flood is the latest of these destructions the date of which varies anywhere from 10,000 to 2000 BC.


After falling, the flood waters receded to the polar areas where they are to this day and will someday evaporate to once again form a canopy around our planet. This may happen when our orbit changes and we are once again exposed to our binary sun system.

All of the other planets appear to have canopies or thick cloud covers except for our earth and moon, which appear to have been purposely positioned in a way not to receive the strong radiations from another sun or star behind our visible sun. Or it may be that Earth’s inner central sun is being somehow hindered from emanating its full power, which would melt the ice caps and produce a cloud cover over the planet.  Gravity continually lessens as we go deeper into the Earth untill we reach a point some 700 miles down from the outer surface to an area of zero gravity. This is the Earth’s central gravity sphere, which is less than a mile thick and around which the planet’s shell has accumulated.

This is the soul or spirit of the Earth where there is perfect peace and harmony. You are weightless and breathless here and your mind dictates your body and there is no physical decomposition meaning you can practically live forever.

There is a more detailed description of this zone in the book Etidorpha.

The other amazing thing about this zone is that as you head towards the remaining 100 miles leading to the Earth’s interior surface, gravity reverses!   This means that everyone or everything on the interior side of the gravity line are walking or standing upside down from us! Earth’s central gravity sphere is the actual dividing line between outer and inner Earth!


Inner Earth is the true home of man.
It is where he began and where he will return.
Planets are like houses;
they were meant to be lived primarily on the inside
-yet here we are living on the roof or balcony!
Adam or the white race was created in Paradise Eden inside the planet,
ut rebelled or disobeyed like all of the older and darker
races before him and was expelled to the surface.
Outer surface Earth is reserved for rebel man to do as he wills.
If he wishes to remain or re-enter Paradise  he must remain pure or obey certain rules.

Paradise or Eden is the interior surface of the planet, which is 6/7ths land and 1/7th water, and which is illuminated and warmed by an interior sun. Because of the central sun’s location, it is never dark here, and the temperature is always in the mid-seventies farenheight throughout slightly cooler near the poles.


There are no storms and very little wind. Because of the ideal climate, everything grows to giant size compared to what is on our outer surface. There are grapes the size of melons and trees the size of mountains.


Even the animals and humans are huge. The average human here is 9 to 14 feet tall and the lifespan is 600 to 900 years and often longer. The people are mostly vegetarians or fruitarians, and some don’t even eat at all!


Because of the natural abundance here there is little if any crime, nor is there any pollution, or need of government and an economy. Everyone is basically self-sufficient and spends their time developing their natural talents for the good of their community.


Telepathy, clairvoyance, and all of the higher senses are natural here.


People marry late, if at all, and sex is magnetic rather than coital. When someone dies it is by will more than by age or circumstance. They revere the deity who resides on/in the inner central sun which they call heaven, and which is where their spirit goes to at death.


For more details on the inner earth read The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson, or The Hollow Earth by Dr.Raymond Bernard.


The inner Earth is also the home of flying saucers both of earthly and otherworldly origins.    Middle and Inner Earth kingdoms such as Shamballa and Agartha keep in touch with groups from other parts of our universe.

Our governments know about the inner or hollow earth and have even sent expeditions there, not all of which were successful.


The reptoids and negative leaders of outer and middle earth wish to invade and conquer the inner earth, but they have not been allowed to do so, for this would mean the end of humanity and this planet.

The Book of Enoch describes a number of cavities, valleys, or hollows, in the Earth’s shell wherein are imprisoned fallen spirits or angels and other sick or monstrous entitities that are reserved for judgement once the divine plan for humanity is accomplished on this planet.

Adjacent or nearby are other valleys or chasms containing the spirits of all those who have been victimized by these fallen entities, continually crying out for revenge. There are also areas reserved for those who have yet to die and be judged. Apparently, provisions have been made within the shell and astral regions of the planet for the temporal or permanent housing of all manner of souls or spirits.

In the book Etidorpha, I Am The Man and his guide traverse some of these hell regions which are variously located in the many caverns and rivers which pocket the earth’s shell.

Distorted human shapes, animal men, apparitions, eerie and invisible presences, unearthly sounds and voices, reptillians, demons, shapeshifters, gargoyles, deros and teros, fairies, devas, elementals, giants, prehistoric reptiles, serpent people, and anything else that is generally considered “forbidden”. The Sinbad movies do a good job of portraying many of the elements of these hell regions.


While most of the hell regions are hundreds of miles deep within the earth, some are very near the outer or inner surfaces, and one or more may even span the entire diameter of the shell.


Heaven or Earth’s Inner Sun


When the bible speaks of “heaven and earth” no one is quite sure where heaven is. Most think it is some otherworldly realm accessible only to the righteous, or that it is a pure state of mind and spirit, but not many think of it as an actual physical location. The truth is heaven can be just as physical as it is spiritual. In fact, heaven is always an inner central and solar location, and there are many heavens.

The nucleus of an atom is a heaven as is the center of our galaxy. In fact, there are twelve major levels of heaven from the sub-atomic to the center of our Creation.

Earth’s inner sun or heaven is where we came from at birth and where we go to at death.  It is the Grand Central Station of incoming and outgoing souls and that “light” at the end of the tunnel.      Here we decide whether to reincarnate or to go to other worlds.

All of the planetary suns of our solar system are directly linked to one another and to the main sun, which is in turn linked to other solar system suns and so on down to the center of creation. In this way everything is linked and accessible.

Earth’s inner sun is also hollow and contains an island city called The New Jerusalem. This is a type of the greater New Jerusalem found inside the center of our solar system sun.

Read Phoebe Marie Holme’s My Visit To The Sun.  In this city is the home of our planetary God who oversees all of humanity from his central location.

Earth’s inner sun occasionally exits one of the Earth’s polar openings to execute judgement upon surface humanity, and this is known biblically as the “Day of the Lord”.

volII #6-a

Germans were very close to solving the mystery

Much has been said about the “UFO” developments of the Third Reich; however, some important questions still remain. Were the Germans actually successful with these developments or not? According to some sources, an UFO crashed near the city of Freiburg in 1936. The UFO was found, and it’s likely that German scientists with the assistance of Schutzstaffel (SS) managed to repair and even test the UFO’s energy system and propulsion systems.

However, all attempts to reproduce the alien technology failed. That is why there was only one variant of the flying apparatus.


Representatives of three occult societies, “Thule”, “Vril” and “Ahnenerbe”, ran those projects.


An ancient hi-tech “city” nicknamed “Rainbow City” was reportedly discovered in Antarctica by a small group of American researchers in the late 1940’s.

Reportedly an on-site staff of 2000 was later stationed there to study the ancient mechanical devices, the operation of time-space portals, holographic records, and an ancient underground ‘rail’ system with Rainbow City being the central hub. Antigravity craft are also reportedly being used by the researchers.

~The Hefferlin Manuscript; Rainbow City and the Inner Earth People, by Timothy Green Beckley

For five years, the Germans carried out work for the creation of a secret project code-named “Base-211.”


This has been determined by several independent experts. By the end of WWII, the Germans already had nine scientific enterprises where “flying disk” projects were tested. Many scientists are positive that at least one of these Third Reich enterprises was transferred to the Antarctic.

Famous researchers of the Third Reich’s Antarctic mysteries, R.Vesko, V.Terzisky, and D.Childress, claim that from 1942, thousands of concentration camp prisoners, prominent scientists, pilots, politicians with their families, and members of the Hitlerjugend were taken to the South Pole via submarine. Some scientists believe that a German base still remains in the Antarctic. Moreover, it is even said that there is an underground Aryan city called New Berlin, which has a population of two million people.

It is claimed that population of this city researches genetic engineering and space technology. UFOs have been witnessed several times near the South Pole, which is an indirect confirmation of the base’s existence there. In 1976, with the help of the latest technology, the Japanese managed to detect nineteen round objects at the same time; the objects dived from space to the Antarctic and disappeared from the radar screens.

In 1998 Angel Alcazar de Velasco was interviewed at his home near Madrid. He was then 90 years old; he died in 2001. Mr. Velasco was a member of the most pro-German section of the ‘Falange’ (Spanish right-wing political movement of the 30s and 40s) and he spied for Germany and Japan during the war. From Mexico he organized and controlled two spy rings that operated in the USA for some time. One of them was directed against the Manhattan-Project

He was asked about the German nuclear research during WW-II (this research was far more advanced indeed than it is usually admitted today) and talked about this topic, but at a certain moment he commented that the jets and the rockets were certainly NOT the most advanced flying machines developed in Germany in those years.


He told that:

  1. The Germans had developed round flying machines (‘Flugscheiben’).
  2. These flying machines operated and still operate today from secret bases mainly in South America and the South Pole and are responsible for the modern UFO-sightings.
  3. There is no connection (and never has been) between any (supposed) extraterrestrial life form and the Flying Saucers.

About the Führer, Velasco said only that Hitler did NOT die in May 1945 in Berlin, but by the end of the 50s, and is now buried in the German base at the South Pole.

Mr. Velasco declared also he had been several times personally in the South Polar base and also in some of the bases in South America (for instance in the Fireland -Tierra del Fuego- area).

Aryan UFOs & Antarctic Bases
– A Realistic Appraisal –

by Rob Arndt

In Response to the above article published in PRAVDA Ernst Zündel replies:

I consider this a garbled account about the Third Reich’s best-kept secret weapons research and development: Circular flying craft, commonly called UFOs. The article gives one an insight into the state of the mind of at least a segment of the Russian reading public, when one sees newspaper stories of this type, which mix pure speculation, propaganda tales of World War II and weird, far-fetched occult themes with the serious side of cutting edge technology.


There is also the usual misspelling of names, incomplete titles etc., and one wonders what original sources the authors consulted for this rather incredible tale.

One more very interesting source was a mass-circulation book published in England and America, titled “Intercept But Don’t Shoot!” by Renato Vesco, who is alleged to have been Benito Mussolini’s Air Technical Intelligence Chief during World War II.


Vesco lists an incredible number of sources, among them whole sets of declassified British intelligence and engineering assessments of German research projects, including weird alloys, completely new metals and Rube Goldberg-like contraptions, all tried and tested by the Germans. In the 1970s, it was obtainable from the Queen’s Printer in London.

As to German Antarctic explorations – there was at least one publicly known German Antarctic expedition undertaken by the Third Reich in 1938 before the war broke out. The documentation is replete with lots of maps, flying courses, black-and-white photographs and even a color photo section. The title is “Die deutsche Antarktische Expedition 1938”, published by the Safari Verlag. The book itself is long out of print – at least since 1945. However, the negatives of the aerial photos taken by the expedition and some newsreel film footage survived World War II and can be seen at Hamburg’s famous Hydrographic Institute.

The serious British publisher, W.R.D. McLaughlin, published a book after the war called German Antarctic Raiders, which is about German naval activity in the Antarctic in World War II.

In the 1970s, a film documentary appeared about the German Antarctica expedition on prime time German TV, which included filmed interviews of some of the actual participants of that expedition. This expedition team surveyed and mapped large areas and took soil, water and ice samples. It charted the Antarctic waters and air currents.


It left behind hundreds of Swastika flags driven into the Antarctic snow and more hundreds of flags air-dropped to lay proper explorers’ rights of possession to that terrain. All of this is documented in the above mentioned book. This expedition claimed officially for Germany a clearly defined geographic area of the Antarctic Continent and named warm water lakes and mountain ranges they discovered you can read about and find on any map put out by the National Geographic Society, for instance.


This claim is presently recorded in the Antarctica Gazetteer No. 14, available from the United States Board on Geographic Names. There even exists a German Antarctic Foundation which, through its various chapters around the world, keeps alive Germany’s rightful claim to the area, known as Neu-Schwabenland.

Thus, Germany is far larger than the chopped-up, politically truncated, demonically maligned little piece of real estate in the very heart of Europe the Allies left behind after their defeat of Hitler. Germany’s Antarctic claim, never challenged, is three times the size of pre-World War II Germany.


Many of its highest, Alp-like mountains as well as lakes and glaciers are named after those Nazi crew and expedition members.

One Japanese national TV program invited me to Princeton University in the middle 1990s where I was interviewed for hours and where some of my unpublished material was filmed. This television program was then enhanced with computer-generated, brilliantly done Nazi flying saucers, being shielded by icebergs at first, gracefully rising out from Antarctic ocean bases and glaciers.


They are some sight to see – what with the Swastika strikingly adorning these incredibly maneuverable, exotic flying craft wobbling out of the choppy, iceberg-strewn ocean, shaking off pieces of ice and trailing cascading water, as they elegantly zoom away at very high speed!

In the 1990s I interviewed an American publisher and author from Florida who publishes a magazine, called Sharkhunters, devoted largely to WWII submarines with lots of famous U-Boat aces as contributors. He told a fascinating story, which I broadcast on my satellite show, The Voice of Freedom.


He claims that he had, indeed, come across maps and photographs of German Antarctic bases in World War II in the Chilean and Argentinean naval archives, one based in Tierra del Fuego, accommodating approximately 8,000 men

There is immense worldwide interest in this alleged German Antarctic UFO activity, borne out by the fact that large-circulation Japanese newspapers, magazines and TV programs devote a lot of space, money and time to this story.

Even in America, the topic is a sizzling one. Right after World War II, Col. Byrd, the famous American Arctic Explorer, was sent to Antarctica by President Truman in 1947 with a military task force, equipped with the latest military hardware including air craft carriers, submarines, helicopters, even tanks. What was he looking for – in, of all places, Antarctica? There are all kinds of articles, serious and otherwise, suggesting that he was sent to smoke out Hitler’s last stronghold there.


National Geographic Magazine covered that Task Force in over 40 pages of photographs and texts in 1947.


Another Response to the above article by Ernst Zündel:

I consider this a garbled account about the Third Reich’s best-kept secret weapons research and development: Circular flying craft, commonly called UFOs. The article gives one an insight into the state of the mind of at least a segment of the Russian reading public, when one sees newspaper stories of this type, which mix pure speculation, propaganda tales of World War II and weird, far-fetched occult themes with the serious side of cutting edge technology.


There is also the usual misspelling of names, incomplete titles etc., and one wonders what original sources the authors consulted for this rather incredible tale.

Nonetheless, the goofy essay merits comment.

I believe I can claim at least some familiarity with the UFO topic, having authored and published some small booklets on Nazi UFOs in the late ’60s and early ’70s – before I was forced by Germany’s enemies to tackle the hoary and fraudulent “Holocaust” claims , which put an end to my youthful fascination and explorations of the esoteric.


This political derailing of my life caused me to become a serious activist and made me dedicate my life to the clearing of my people’s and country’s reputation by debunking an untrue accusation. Had my enemies left me alone, who knows what flights of fancy might I have indulged in instead?

Seriously: I personally corresponded with and interviewed some of the German UFO researchers in the 1960s still alive then, including Rudolf Lusar, post-war Germany’s most famous author on German secret weapons in World War II. Nobody ever told me about a secret project code-named “Base 211“, although some, who were aircraft engineers – one attached to Hermann Göring‘s Reichs-Luftfahrtministerium, was personally present when one of those circular crafts, being tethered to a concrete floor of a large aircraft hangar and propulsion-tested in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, broke its moorings and shot through the ceiling, damaging it and the aircraft severely.


I can say with certainty that advanced research, production and flight testing were definitely going on during World War II of these circular flying craft, some which could reach incredible heights very quickly and obtain high speeds in horizontal flight – well in excess of the speed of sound.

Some of the sanest descriptions of German secret weapons can be found in the bestselling books of Lusar, who was an aircraft engineer and whose books went through several printings in the 1950s and 1960s. The German title was “Deutsche Geheimwaffen des II. Weltkrieges und ihre Weiterentwicklung.” (German Secret Weapons And Their Continuing Development) At least one English translation was published in London at the time.

In a similar vein, the American Air Force’s Air Technical Intelligence Chief, a general named Simon, published a hardcover book about Nazi Secret Weapons he and his team had inspected and tested in the 1960s with a small publishing house called WE Inc., based in Connecticut. It is full of astonishing photos and rich in technical details.


When I spoke to the publisher, who had ordered some of the UFO books published by me, he said:

“Very interesting, Zündel, but you have only scratched the surface!”

One more very interesting source was a mass-circulation book published in England and America, titled “Intercept But Don’t Shoot!” by Renato Vesco, who is alleged to have been Benito Mussolini’s Air Technical Intelligence Chief during World War II.


Vesco lists an incredible number of sources, among them whole sets of declassified British intelligence and engineering assessments of German research projects, including weird alloys, completely new metals and Rube Goldberg-like contraptions, all tried and tested by the Germans. In the 1970s, it was obtainable from the Queen’s Printer in London.

As to German Antarctic explorations – there was at least one publicly known German Antarctic expedition undertaken by the Third Reich in 1938 before the war broke out. The documentation is replete with lots of maps, flying courses, black-and-white photographs and even a color photo section.


The title is “Die deutsche antarktische Expedition 1938“, published by the Safari Verlag. The book itself is long out of print – at least since 1945. However, the negatives of the aereal photos taken by the expedition and some newsreel film footage survived World War II and can be seen at Hamburg’s famous Hydrographic Institute.

The serious British publisher, W.R.D. McLaughlin, published a book after the war called German Antarctic Raiders, which is about German naval activity in the Antarctic in World War II.

In the 1970s, a film documentary appeared about the German Antarctica expedition on prime time German TV, which included filmed interviews of some of the actual participants of that expedition. This expedition team surveyed and mapped large areas and took soil, water and ice samples. It charted the Antarctic waters and air currents. It left behind hundreds of Swastika flags driven into the Antarctic snow and more hundreds of flags air-dropped to lay proper explorers’ rights of possession to that terrain.


All of this is documented in the above mentioned book. This expedition claimed officially for Germany a clearly defined geographic area of the Antarctic Continent and named warm water lakes and mountain ranges they discovered you can read about and find on any map put out by the National Geographic Society, for instance. This claim is presently recorded in the Antarctica Gazetteer No. 14, available from the United States Board on Geographic Names.


There even exists a German Antarctic Foundation which, through its various chapters around the world, keeps alive Germany’s rightful claim to the area, known as Neu-Schwabenland – and trust me, I had nothing to do with the selection of that name, even though I am a proud, full-blooded Swabian. I was born in 1939!

Thus, Germany is far larger than the chopped-up, politically truncated, demonically maligned little piece of real estate in the very heart of Europe the Allies left behind after their defeat of Hitler. Germany’s Antarctic claim, never challenged, is three times the size of pre-World War II Germany. Many of its highest, Alp-like mountains as well as lakes and glaciers are named after those wicked Nazi crew and expedition members. Horrors!

In the 1990s I interviewed an American publisher and author from Florida who publishes a magazine, called Sharkhunters, devoted largely to WWII submarines with lots of famous U-Boat aces as contributors. He told a fascinating story, which I broadcast on my satellite show, The Voice of Freedom. He claims that he had, indeed, come across maps and photographs of German Antarctic bases in World War II in the Chilean and Argentinean naval archives, one based in Tierra del Fuego, accommodating approximately 8,000 men.

One Japanese national TV program invited me to Princeton University in the middle 1990s where I was interviewed for hours and where some of my unpublished material was filmed. This television program was then enhanced with computer-generated, brilliantly done Nazi flying saucers, being shielded by icebergs at first, gracefully rising out from Antarctic ocean bases and glaciers.


They are some sight to see – what with the Swastika strikingly adorning these incredibly maneuverable, exotic flying craft wobbling out of the choppy, iceberg-strewn ocean, shaking off pieces of ice and trailing cascading water, as they elegantly zoom away at very high speed!

There is immense worldwide interest in this alleged German Antarctic UFO activity, borne out by the fact that large-circulation Japanese newspapers, magazines and TV programs devote a lot of space, money and time to this story.


One even came to interview me in Toronto and ended up hiring one of my own “Zündel-Haus Lieutenants”, a volunteer who helped around the office, but who had lived in Argentina many years and spoke several languages. This man had personal knowledge of the people and places involved. That expedition is as well a fascinating one – but too long to recount here. Perhaps another time!

Even im America, the topic is a sizzling one. Right after World War II, Col. Byrd, the famous American Arctic Explorer, was sent to Antarctica by President Truman in 1947 with a military task force, equipped with the latest military hardware including air craft carriers, submarines, helicopters, even tanks. What was he looking for – in, of all places, Antarctica? There are all kinds of articles, serious and otherwise, suggesting that he was sent to smoke out Hitler’s last stronghold there.


National Geographic Magazine covered that Task Force in over 40 pages of photographs and texts in 1947.

When I was younger than I am today and learned about all these things in the 1970s, I tried to raise public awareness with my little easy-to-read books, which turned quickly into controversial bestsellers, going through numerous printings before I myself pulled the plug on the “Secret Nazi UFO Project” by not reprinting and not writing new material on this topic. My Jewish detractors made me change course, but I want to touch briefly on a widely misreported story of my UFO exploits. It had to do with my last UFO project, a planned Antarctic overflight via a leased, extra-large, fuel tank equipped, long range Boeing 747 from South African Airways.

For political reasons, this airline had to fly non-stop from Europe to South Africa, not being allowed to land and refuel anywhere in Black Africa at the time, courtesy of apartheid. I had a lead on the plane and had tentatively found a crew of Australian and New Zealanders with 747 flying skills and training and also Antarctic overflight experience.


The idea itself was a bit of a publicity lark – we were going to toast each other with champagne over the South Pole and drop a Hitler flag onto some glaciers from the plane to send a greeting to whoever might have been holed up down below. It caused lots of media interest. I had already close to ten media and TV programs lined up whose executives had pledged the $9,999.- fee to send their staff writers and photographers along – to see for themselves what was down there!

I was young, rich and adventurous then – and we were all roaring to go. I had lots of fun and did up to three and four talk shows a week on that “Nazi-Antarctic-UFO-Find-the Fuehrer’s Bases” story and sold lots of UFO booklets to boot – when tragedy struck! An Air New Zealand passenger plane crashed into Mt. Erebus, killing all passengers and crew members. The subsequent, painstaking investigation came to no firm conclusions on why the plane crashed.


The United Nations, in conjunction with the Big Powers – Russia, America, England etc. – got involved and declared the Antarctic Continent off limits to all civilian overflights.




It put an end to the Zündel UFO Adventure for good.

The last person to raise my “UFO past” and grill me intensely on it was the famous Mike Wallace of “Sixty Minutes” in the 1990s. Wallace seemed to be fascinated and not a little freaked out by the topic. What does he have to fear?

In the summer of 2000, Ingrid Rimland, my new wife, and I visited the famous, much-visited Roswell, New Mexico UFO Museum. Many will recall that a UFO allegedly crashed there in 1947 only two years after World War II – with little “aliens” on board etc. etc. While there, I bought a nicely produced hardcover book by U.S. Col. Philip J. Corso, (Ret.), who worked deep within the Pentagon hierarchy on a secret UFO Project in the 1950s-60s.


On the dust jacket it says this:

“…With unprecedented detail, Corso divulges how he spearheaded the (U.S.) Army’s reverse engineering project that seeded Alien technology at American companies such as IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs and Dow Corning.”

We toured the museum for several hours and talked with employees and tour guides there, and what do you know? Nicely protected by glass I spotted some diaramas – life-like models reduced to scale:

“Nazi Saucers”, Swastikas, Balkenkreuze, Luftwaffe insignias and all – being refueled by tankers on the ground with Luftwaffe – and SS-uniformed and armed German soldiers guarding the “Nazi UFO base.”

I thought I could not trust my eyes!

Allow me this thought as a German who has refused throughout a lifetime to make myself a slave to the Pavlovian Reflex and kick a long-dead Adolf Hitler in the shin:

The Americans captured and shipped thousands of German rocket, aircraft and other weapons specialists to the US immediately after World War II to “seed” exactly the same projects that Col. Corso described as their advanced weapons research. While in Roswell, Ingrid and I also went to the American rocket pioneer Stoddard’s workshop/museum and looked at the tools and scientific gear displayed there – a shockingly primitively equipped place, compared to what Wernher von Braun had had to work with Hitler’s test facilities at Peenemünde at the end of World War II.


On that hot summer afternoon I wondered to myself if what had really crashed in Roswell might not have been one of the German Flying Saucers, keeping an eye on what the competition was up to at Mr. Stoddard’s lab and test site – and that the “little green men” story was a false road flare, planted by US authorities at the time!

Why so?


Would it not have been painfully embarrassing to admit to the American and world public that,

“… here we were, having clubbed the Germans to a pulp in massive bombing raids, monkeying around at Mr. Stoddard’s lab and other places with that outdated, old-fashioned, glorified fire cracker rocketry the departing Hitler regime left behind, along with Wernher von Braun – while a still-undefeated bunch of high-tech Nazis are hot-rodding it around the globe and maybe even through the universe, snugly ensconced in their never-captured, Antarctic based UFOs?”

A man can speculate, can’t he? After all, this is America, isn’t it?


And red-blooded Americans don’t fear – or do they? – that they will faint or turn into some frogs if they discover that a real live “Nazi” called Ernst Zündel – according to the ADL, the JDL, the Wiesenthalers and other some such outfits that specialize in smears – turned out to be a human being after all who has just given them a publicly little-known piece of his mind.

The Solution To The UFO Mystery Has Been Found At Long Last
The Aliens Are Actually Nazis Bent On Establishing A Bloody Fourth Reich!

And world governments have known about it all along, but they’re scared to death, says a leading researcher.

Nazi Germany had built a small fleet of UFO’s as early as 1940, according to Christof Friedrich, author of UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?.

Friedrich claims that German UFO scientists escaped from their war-torn homeland as the Allied armies were closing in.

Writes Friedrich:

“That some key scientists were obviously missing became clear, and though some plants and their installations were located, the staff with their machinery and prototypes had disappeared. Even the test pilots had vanished.”

And Friedrich contends Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, tricked the world into believing they committed suicide in a Berlin bunker during the last days of World War II.

Among the evidence Friedrich presents that Hitler is alive:

  1. The bodies of Hitler and Braun were never produced.
  2. The items introduced as evidence are only circumstantial – two of Hitler’s hats, one pair of panties with the initials EB, and a few bones.
  3. The bloodstains found on the furniture in Hitler’s quarters in the bunker were not of his blood type.
  4. The most important witnesses and the men closest to Hitler have never been found.
  5. There are too many reports and sightings, eyewitness reports, and even evidence that the suicide attempts was a brilliantly successful, carefully staged scenario.

The researcher says Hitler and Braun were flown to Norway in one of the world’s first jets. The pair then boarded a submarine and were delivered to a secret base in South America.

Friedrich claims Hitler’s U-boat convoy engaged in a fierce battle with the British Navy and the Germans destroyed a British blockade with secret high-tech weaponry.

Wrote Friedrich:

“It would seem that the secret weapons, which Göbbels had spoken of in such glowing terms only a few days previous, were now put to use for the first time in an actual battle situation.

“The result was one sole survivor from a British destroyer and it was from this, the captain, that the words were uttered, ‘May God help me, may I never again encounter such a force.’ The report of the captain was carried in El Mercurio, a Santiago, Chile, newspaper.”

Friedrich contends that Hitler’s secret agents used counterfeit US dollars and British pounds to finance the construction of secret military bases in South America and UFO bases in Antarctica.

“Hitler had planned far ahead and at long range,” according to Friedrich. “Obviously guided by the possible occupation and subsequent loss of Germany itself, he had cast around for land still available for colonization and found that Antarctica was at that time, the only continent still unclaimed.”

Added Friedrich:

“The secret Nazi expeditionary force was headed by Captain Ritscher and took place in 1938-1939. The force landed in the area of Queen Maud Land and established bases there. Over 11,000 photographs were taken for mapping purposes.”

Incredibly, the researchers says the US and Soviet governments have known about the secret Nazi UFO bases for more than 40 years, but have covered up the truth because they do not know how to deal with it.

Friedrich claims Nazi spacecraft could have become sophisticated thanks to extraterrestrials who befriended the Nazis while they were hiding in Antarctica.

Writes the researcher:

“Did Hitler’s scientists perform their miracle alone, unaided, or did flying saucer people, perhaps visitors from other galaxies give them a helping hand because they had mastered the new technology and consequently spoke the same or at least similar technological language?”

Friedrich believes Hitler’s so-called “Last Battalion” will spring into action with a worldwide economic collapse. Then the saucer Nazis will invade strategic military areas and rule the world.

George Glidden



Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel was born in Germany’s Schwarzwald in 1939. He emigrated to Canada in 1958, where he met Adrien Arcand, the Quebec nationalist and ardent right-winger. It was from Arcand that Zündel first heard the rumors about “saucer Nazis” and “the Antarctic Reich.”


[Neo-Nazis, Black Sun enthusiasts and members of the Redemption sect believe that Hitler escaped from Germany in 1945 aboard a UFO. Together with an SS “Last Battalion,” these fugitive Nazis supposedly founded a colony called Neuschwabenland in Antarctica not too far from the ancient ruins H.P. Lovecraft called “Kadath in the Cold Waste”.]

In 1974, Zündel launched Samisdat Press to publicize these theories. His first publication was UFOs: Unbekanntes Flugobjekt? Letzte Geheimwaffe des Dritten Reiches by Willibald Mattern. He followed this with two books of his own, Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions in 1978 and Hitler at the South Pole? in 1979, both written under a pseudonym consisting of his two middle names – Christopher Friedrich.

In the 1970s, Zündel proposed leasing a Boeing 747 and flying to Antarctica to search for the hidden Nazi colony. But then he dropped this idea and flew to India instead to interview Savitri Devi [birth name: Maximiani Portas].

According to Savitri’s biographer Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke,

“Savitri Devi was the first to suggest to Zündel that the Nazi genocide of the Jews was untrue. Zündel went on to make a career out of Holocaust denial, publishing Thies Christopherson’s notorious Auschwitz: Truth or Lie? and Richard Harwood’s Did Six Million Really Die?”

Savitri Devi was hardly in a position to discuss the Holocaust, as she spent all of World War II in Lucknow, India.



Zündel did NOT invent the Neu Schwabenland history. It started with the Nazi Expedition in 38/39, their mapping out and claiming the territory with German national markers, and establishment for the site of what was to become Base 211 in the Mühlig-Hoffman mountains.

In the early 1940s the German surface raiders and U-boats brought men and mining supplies to Neu Schwabenland where Base 211 became operational between 1942-43. Dönitz gave a speech to his U-boat men about such a “safe haven” for U-boats in 1943, a place “outside” the Reich. Furthermore, during the war Argentina supplied German U-boats with supplies and kept track of their movements in the South Atlantic, to Tierra del Fuego, the Falklands, and Neu Schwabenland.


The British Occult Bureau of MI5 sent Wraith commandos recruited from S.O.E. to track down Ahnenerbe and SS Technical Branch technology which led them to Neu Schwabenland. The British captured German soldiers on the Falklands while the US captured German soldiers involved in occult activities in Greenland. These are historical facts that cannot be denied.

The last communication out of Berlin from Göbbel’s ministry was to Tierra del Fuego. That would seem utterly of no use at all except for the fact that Hitler chose Dönitz as Führer. The Kriegsmarine leadership were the least obedient to the NSDAP and yet Hitler chose Grossadmiral Dönitz as his replacement.




Because Dönitz knew of Neu Schwabenland and the plans for a Fourth Reich.


Himmler did too but was a traitor while Canaris was found to be collaborating with Vril to groom a new Führer while Hitler was still alive. SS General Kammler, head of ALL of Germany’s most secret weapons disappeared from Germany in April 1945 and there is little doubt he fled to Neu Schwabenland with the disc technology intact.

According to various high-level declassified communications between Washington D.C. and London in late 1945 and 1946, the US was worried about the alleged German base in Antarctica AND flight disc technology. Zündel, therefore, fabricated nothing. 54 U-boats WERE missing from Nazi Germany along with between 142,000-250,000 people of which virtually the entire SS Technical Branch, the entire Vril and Thule Gesellschafts, six thousand scientists and technicians, tens of thousands of slave laborers, and the stolen plans to the Type XXVI U-Boat were a part of it.

Zündel had NOTHING to do with the 1947 Operation Highjump military task force fiasco to Neu Schwabenland nor the famous UFO-Blitz over Washington D.C. while there was a plan to use nukes in Antarctica (against the German colony) in Congress. Amazingly, the nuke plans were scrapped immediately afterward.

Please note that the nations involved in Antarctica have their bases established largely out of Neu Schwabenland, forming a ring around it! Although some exploration has been done there, that does NOT prove a German base(s) do not sit there underground. Plenty of US soldiers walked right over vast underground VC strongholds/networks without a clue and that is in decent weather. Antarctic weather is the worst on the planet. It has been further claimed that the German colony is down two miles underground since 1945 so good luck “stumbling” upon the entrance to it.

The Germans are master bunker builders and even in European Germany in 1945 under total bombardment plans were moving forward to move the entire population and industry underground. In Antarctica with no bombing nor interference it would be quite possible to achieve this.

Zündel’s holocaust views and political beliefs have nothing to do with creating a Neu Schwabenland myth. I only complained to him about his outdated, inaccurate disc information.

Map of Antarctic Base Stations
Winter 2002

Nazi Germany’s ‘Advanced Secret Weapon and Space Program’ began in the early 1940’s and involved the development of the ‘Flügelrad’ or ‘Wingwheel’

The Flügelrad was a saucer-helicopter, the first vertical take-off flying vehicle developed by the Nazi’s. The wings (blades) which issued from the centre of the craft like spokes toward the outer rim, were tiltable. This was allegedly the ‘Model T’ of a series of German ‘disk’ or ‘saucer’ designs which followed.

Much of this program, of course, was top secret – even to the German public. According to ‘Samisdat Publications’, an ultra right-wing organization [founded by Ernst Zündel] based in Toronto, Canada, the Nazis did in fact develop such a flying device. Why then did not the world learn of such a thing when Nazi Germany fell?


Well, says Samisdat and others, as the war was coming to an end several colonies of German scientists were transported to secret bases in Antarctica and elsewhere (a possibility that, when considered, seems to be plausible) where the secret ‘discus’ and other technologies were perfected. Actually there is evidence that just before World War II the Germans had secretly been exploring the Polar regions.

Perhaps this would explain the bizarre episode surrounding the fateful voyage of Capt. Charles Hall.


The American Geographical Society in New York records that, apparently on the basis of ‘stories’ of unexplored regions in the extreme north (where ‘habitable’ land — perhaps volcanically heated – was rumored to exist, possibly beyond a great ‘ice barrier’), the U.S. Government sent out an expedition to the North Pole, at the request of President Grant, in 1870.


The expedition used the ‘U.S.S. POLARIS’ under the command of Capt. Charles Hall. Hall died along the way and was buried in the snow. The ship returned. But, that’s not the end of the story. The public T.V. program ‘NOVA’ reported that in recent years Hall’s grave was found. Samples of hair and finger-nails were taken and tested.


They showed that he had died of slow poisoning! And, what’s more, a check of records showed that the cook (who would have been in a perfect position to administer poisoning) AND first mate on the U.S.A. Polaris turned out to be GERMAN ‘OCCULTIST’ SPIES! This would indicate that animosity between the American Navy and the German Nazis [or at least their predecessors in the form of the German occult lodges which gave rise to the Nazis] dates back at least to 1870.

Other examples are,

  • the U.S. Navy vs. Germans/Nazis in WWI and WWII
  • the battle between Admiral Byrd’s Naval force and the Nazi “Last Battalion in Antarctica”
  • the secret “Intelligence Wars” between the Navy- back COM-12
  • the Nazi-backed AQUARIUS agencies, as well as the Navy-backed “Philadelphia Project” personnel vs. the Nazi-backed “Phoenix Project” personnel…

…and so on.


Was there something at the North Pole that the German occultists were trying to hide?


Whatever the case, there is sufficient evidence that during the war these secret Nazi Polar expeditions were intensified, especially to the South Polar regions. There is much evidence that, in fact, the Nazi’s WERE very deeply involved in the occult.


Researcher Jason Bishop (pseudonym for a French-American researcher) gives the following information on the subject:

All of the Nazi-occult groups were more or less closely associated with the powerful and well organized ‘Theosophical Society’, which added to neo-pagan magic an oriental setting and a Hindu terminology. Or, rather, it provided a link between a certain oriental Satanism and the west.

Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff (Rudolf Glauer) who had direct contact with the Dervish Orders and knew a great deal about Islamic mysticism, particularly Sufism in all it’s aspects… wrote ‘BEFORE HITLER CAME’, in 1933, which mentioned the occult affiliations of the Nazi leadership (National Socialist Movement). The Nazi regime suppressed and destroyed this book, as the information was not for the (German) public.

The Thulist, Dietrich Eckart is believed to have initiated Hitler into various occult mysteries with the aid of psychedelic drugs. The most prominent member of the Vril Society, was Karl Haushofer, a close confident of Hitler, Hess and Rosenburg.

“Alfred Rosenberg and Adolf Hitler himself belonged to the Thule Gesellschaft.”

So did Rudolf Hess! [for additional details read ‘The Spear of Destiny‘, by Trevor Ravenscroft and ‘The Occult and the Third Reich‘, by Jean-Michel Angebert.] These were the type of men who were in charge of the Nazi’s secret ‘flying disk’ program.

One of the scientists involved with the early Nazi ‘saucer’ projects was of course Viktor Schauberger, who was brought to America after the war where he was rumored to be working on a top-secret ‘flying disk’ project in Texas for the U.S. Government, until his death in 1958. It is said that some of the prototypes which are now being developed are as advanced (whereas propulsion and so on is concerned) over the ‘Schauberger’ models as the Space Shuttle is over the bi-plane. ‘

Samisdat relates some information on Schauberger, who might have been considered the aeronautical ‘Einstein’ of his time, although not nearly as well-known as the famous white-haired Jewish scientist.


Schauberger reportedly developed several prototypes of discoid-shaped air craft for the Nazis which worked on the following principles:

  • “MODEL I – The most conventional design, by today’s concepts. It used a standard German Walther Rocket Engine and was steered by a conventional rudder.
  • “MODEL II – An improvement over Model I, with a radical departure: A specially-designed ‘rotary wing’ stabilized and steered the craft. This model was more maneuverable and faster.
  • “MODEL III – Extremely fast, using a jet-vacuum (implosion) propulsion system. Capable of attaining speeds of over 6,000 kilometers per hour. The fuel mixture produced vapor trails, an acrid smell, and sometimes flames and sparks. The saucer’s propulsion system produced high-pitched, whining sounds. The craft was capable of terrific acceleration or steady hover. It could climb and bank steeply and often startled the observer with loud sonic booms as it accelerated through the sound barrier.


    This model was equipped with telescopic landing gear. Successors of MODEL III, still in the planning stage during the mid-1940’s, utilized the Earth’s magnetic field in their propulsion systems.

Using the original implosion-powered propulsion system, these Nazi Saucers made no sound. They were flameless, odorless and smokeless, but the outer skin of the hull, composed of a secret alloy called ‘impervium’, pulsated eerily with various colors of the rainbow as the craft sped through the sky at velocities in excess of 10,000 kilometers per hour.


Extremely maneuverable, these Nazi Saucers, dubbed ‘Foo-Fighters’ by Allied bomber crews, could change altitude and course with surprising suddenness.

Flying saucers hiding in secret Antarctic base
by Michael Forsyth
Weekly World News


AMERICA faces invasion by an armada of Nazi flying saucers — launched from a secret underground base in Antarctica where they’ve been housed since World War II!

That’s the horrifying claim of a National Security Agency source, who says global warming is to blame.

“Because of excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the Antarctic ice is rapidly melting – depriving German scientists, SS officers and their families of their sanctuary,’ declares the source.

“Their ‘final solution’ is to conquer America.”

The source claims that images collected by U.S. spy satellites reveal that at least 420 of the menacing saucers, each about 90-feet in diameter, emerged from the now-partially exposed base and are hovering over the continent – waiting to attack.

“Radio messages we’ve intercepted and decoded suggest that each saucer is packed with enough super-advanced weaponry to destroy 10 American cities,” warns the source.

It’s been rumored since World War II that German scientists designed and built flying saucers.

“Adolf Hitler desperately sought a super-weapon that could guarantee him victory,” explains historian Lawrence C. Wangler. “One of the many secret projects his scientists pursued was the creation of a circular aircraft that could lift off vertically.

“The project was led by Dr. Viktor Schauberger, who designed a craft that utilized a vortex to generate magnetic fields, causing levitation.

“A prototype tested on Feb. 19, 1945, attained an altitude of 45,000 feet, according to Schauberger’s notes.”

Success came too late for Hitler to win Word War II. But the twisted maniac did dispatch men and equipment to construct a fleet that could fight another day – in Antarctica.

The Germans had already extensively mapped the continent and claimed it in the name of the Third Reich.

“In March 1945, just before the end of the war, two German U-boats left a port on the Baltic Sea — reportedly taking with them top SS officers and key members of the flying saucer research team, plus saucer designs and plans for a gigantic underground complex. It’s widely believed that the submarines were bound for Antarctica.”

According to the NSA source, it’s more than a belief – it’s a fact.

“The theory up until now was that if we leave them alone, they’ll leave us alone,” he says. “But it looks like that uneasy truce is about to end.”


Michael Tsarion: The Order of the Black Sun

Michael offers us chilling information. . . DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!!


In Program One, of the “Origins & Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before. Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being. In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.’

30,000 Year Old Bosnian Pyramids Built With Man Made Cement

Updates about the Bosnian Pyramids:


30,000 Year Old Bosnian Pyramids Built With Man Made Cement

The New Era Times reports that independent analysis from five separate Institutes of materials confirms that the Bosnian Pyramids contain high quality man-made concrete construction material eliminating all skeptical claims about the authenticity of the Bosnian Pyramids.The controversial site of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has a team of over 200 interdisciplinary scientists from all over the world doing scientific analysis on not only the nature and age of the building materials, but also determining how the energy of the pyramid was used by the ancient scientists for applications beneficial to humanity ranging from geothermal transportation, climatology, and advancements in human physiology and health.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the biggest stone structure in the shape of the pyramid on the Planet with the height of 220 meters, Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Results released by the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy of chemical and diffractometry laboratory analysis done on sandstone and conglomerate blocks taken from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun show that the samples are an inert material with a binding, similar to that found in ancient Roman concrete. These results were confirmed by analysis on the samples done at the University of Zenica,Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Stone terrace made from sandstone plates on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, September 2008

Many more photos here http://www.bosnianpyramidofthesun.com/

In a separate independent test, Professor Joseph Davidovits, renowned French Scientist, member of the International Association of Egyptologists and author confirms this claim. “I performed electron microscopic analysis of the sample and I propose the geopolymer chemistry that was used to make this is ancient concrete,” wrote Prof Davidovits. http://www.davidovits.info/34/the-pyramids-in-bosnia-europe-perhaps-in-roman-concrete

Stone terrace made from sandstone plates on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, September 2008

He further adds that the sample is composed of “a calcium/potassium-based geopolymer cement and that although he cannot date the sample, he can discern that it is not modern concrete, but more like the technique used by the Egyptians 3500 years ago.” In his book,The Pyramids: an Enigma Solved,Davidovits presents the current knowledge of pyramid construction that is supported by scientific, historical, and linguistic studies which prove that the Egyptian pyramids were constructed using agglomerated stone (limestone cast like concrete).

Outside walls of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun made of the concrete conglomerate blocks, Northern side, July 2008

The research on pyramid technology has long suspected that pyramid energy involves science and machinery far more advanced than what we currently have today. Christopher Dunn, author of The Giza Power Plant, published in 1996 explains that the pyramids were ancient energy machines, currently a popular theory among researchers. The pyramids of Bosnia have the same elements described in the Giza pyramids that define the structure of an ancient power generator system.

After visiting Bosnia in 2011, Chris Dunn stated, “While I was in Visoko, experts from various disciplines showed excitement on the result of their studies of the so-called pyramid hill. Hopefully, in due course, clear signs of ancient precision engineering will eventually be discovered.”Now in 2013, the Bosnian archaeological site is further excavated and new scientific evidence has emerged proving that ancient precision engineering was indeed used to build the Bosnian Pyramids.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, with it’s height of 190 meters second biggest stone structure in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Together with the Sun and Dragon pyramids form a perfect equilateral triangle. All pyramids have been covered by soil and vegetation similar to pyramids in Central America and China.

Further evidence of concrete being used in pyramid construction is shown by the work ofProfessor Michel Barsoum, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University, and Professor Gilles Hug, of the French National Aerospace Research Agency who have found scientific evidence that parts of the Great Pyramids of Giza were built using an early form of concrete. This debunks an age old myth that the pyramids were built using only cut limestone blocks and proves the theory that concrete and nanotechnology was used by the ancients.

Megalithic blocks in the underground tunnel network have carved symbols that have been covered by conglomerate material for more than 30.000 years according to the radiocarbon dating.

Since it was discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich Ph.D., director of Center for Anthroplogy and Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Bosnian Pyramid complex has been stonewalled by mainstream archaeologists until recent scientific evidence which makes it impossible to deny the authenticity of this history changing discovery.

“The team of interdisciplinary scientists conducting studies on the cosmic energy enigma at the archaeological site in Bosniaare on a relentless pursuit to uncover the wisdom from the ancient culture that left this behind,” states Dr. Sam Osmanagich. “There are facts about physical phenomenon that can be scientifically verified, yet there remain many unanswered questions unexplainable using our current recorded history.”

Facts that have been verified by scientific analytic testing include:

· The Sun pyramid stands over 722 feet (220 m) high one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza

· Radio carbon dating shows the pyramid to be at least 24,800 years old

· Material Analysis shows that the structure is from man-made concrete

· There is an 8.000 kg ceramic block under the pyramid in the underground labyrinth

· An energy beam, electromagnetic in nature with a radius of 4.5 meters and a frequency of 28 kHz,has been detected and measured coming from the top of the Sun pyramid

· An ultrasound beam with a radius of 10 meters and frequency of 28-33 kHz has been measured on the top of the pyramid, as well

· The pyramids are aligned with the earth’s cardinal points and oriented to stellar North

“Although tens of thousands of pyramids have been discovered across the planet, none have the construction quality and date back as far as the ones in Bosnia,” states Osmanagich. “Bosnia is the original pyramid, the oldest and largest ever constructed. It has an exact zero degree North orientation and is potentially the key to releasing information about ancient technology that can free the world of its dependence on fossil fuel along with offering the possibility of finding astounding medical breakthroughs in the scientific community.”

Radials and Territory Defined by the Three Bosnian Pyramids (Moscow was discovered to contain the main geoglyph for Russia.)

Medical tests on the effect on the human aura have started at the Bosnian Pyramids and early evidence shows that human physiology and emotional states are highly elevated in the pyramid. This is due to the reduction of negative ions that are found in our atmosphere.

The Bosnian Pyramids, are unique in that they seem to combine locations and cities which were important to the builders along with the ancient protocols of using geographical features, in defining their territory. The Bosnian Pyramids are less symmetrical, and are of a cruder construction, than most of their counterparts. This is also true of the Indonesian Pyramids on Java Indonesia, whose construction is very similar to the Bosnian pyramids. This crudeness alone could indicate a culture that is recovering from a catastrophe that left them with their past knowledge but without the tools to exercise that knowledge effectively. The increasing sophistication of pyramids which follow this era, leading up to the Egyptian era, would seem to confirm this hypothesis. Conversely, the non-physical attributes of the Bosnian Pyramids would seem to indicate a culture with a superior knowledge The Bosnian Pyramids, are unique in that they seem to combine locations
and cities which were important to the builders along with the ancient protocols of using geographical features, in defining their territory. The Bosnian Pyramids are less symmetrical, and are of a cruder construction, than most of their counterparts. This is also true of the Indonesian Pyramids on Java Indonesia, whose construction is very similar to the Bosnian pyramids. This crudeness alone could indicate a culture that s recovering from a catastrophe that left them with their past   knowledge but without the tools to exercise that knowledge effectively. The increasing sophistication of pyramids which follow this era, leading up to the Egyptian era, would seem to confirm this hypothesis. Conversely, the non-physical attributes of the Bosnian Pyramids would seem to indicate a culture with a superior knowledge of physics.
Click to enlarge image 5_m03.jpg
History tells us that the Celts once occupied what is now called Europe. Recent research indicates that the geoglyphs placed atop the Bosnian pyramids, long after they were constructed, are Celtic in nature. History also tells us that the Celtic culture originally developed in the Middle East and progressed west, through Europe, to the English Channel. A timeline of the geoglyphs construction should be developed from an archaeological dig.
SOURCE >> Jun 28, 2014


Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols that Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us

By Angela Pritchard,  (Waking Times)

Spiritual symbols are powerful. Beneath the veneer of social norms they are being used in a hidden war. Not only have dark forces propagated the


symbols of black magic into millions of unsuspecting homes, but additionally many of the world’s great spiritual symbols of light have been demonized.

For thousands of years forces of darknesshave tasked themselves with the aim of destroying spirituality and suppressing consciousness. They have infiltrated spiritual groups, organizations and schools (such as the Freemasons, the Catholic Church etc.); have hijacked their spiritual texts, teachings, symbols and knowledge; and have then shut it away, distorted, destroyed and suppressed it.

What we have been left with is a trail of smeared esoteric knowledge and infiltrated spiritual schools throughout human history, where spiritual symbols of light are given a bad name, inverted and used against us.

All is not what it seems

The way they have used symbols can give a good insight into how those behind the destruction of spirituality do their work. Sometimes they make good seem bad by demonizing and creating negative connotations with good. Sometimes they make bad seem good by glamorizing and glorifying what is bad. And sometimes they hide the bad within the good by working behind and through structures that are good on the surface.

All of this creates a mass of confusion where people who don’t know any better are turned against the knowledge of the light (the very thing that can help them), idolize things of darkness, and devote themselves with the best of intentions to institutions that are not what they seem. It is then a very serious thing to look deeper into the matrix.

The ancient Chinese symbol of the yin and yang as found in mapping out the cycles of light and darkness throughout the year.

Cosmic origins

Symbols have an origin deeper than many suppose. They are not just there to convey an idea or concept. They contain universal principles, which is what gives them their powerful properties. For example, many of them can be found in the movements of the cosmos—the planet Venus traces a pentagram in its movement in relation to planet Earth every 8 years, the swastika is found in the movement of Earth through its annual solstices and equinoxes, and the yin and yang is a map of the light and dark halves of the year.

So why are cosmological symbols like the pentagram and swastika now associated with evil, and genuinely dark symbols, like the upside down crucifix and number of the beast, so in right now?

Symbols used for darkness and for light

Countless near-death experiencesout-of-body experiencesancient texts, religions, spiritual wisdom traditions, and now even areas of scientific theory, have confirmed that there are other dimensions of co-existence that are populated by beings—both angelic and demonic.

Everything we can see around us, including ourselves, is multi-dimensional—it’s just that we are usually only aware of the physical part. Like everything else, symbols that are drawn here are visible in other dimensions, and according to the symbol, can attract or repel other dimensional forces and beings.

“The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles. On this subject the great Paracelsus has written: ‘No doubt many will scoff at the seals, their characters and their uses, which are described in these books, because it seems incredible to them that metals and characters [symbols] which are dead should have any power and effect. Yet no one has ever proved that the metals and also the characters as we know them are dead, for the salts, sulphur, and quintessences of metals are the highest preservatives of human life and are far superior to all other simples.’”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Hero of a nation, trendsetter and idol of millions of boys – David Beckham sports an upside down pentagram, symbol of the descent of man/woman into the abyss. Image source:

The symbols of darkness marketed into millions of homes

The fact that symbols and numbers which attract dark entities are being used more and more in pop culture doesn’t just indicate that there are dark forces behind these industries; if it did, there would be little advantage to those promoting them. Instead, their promotion brings these symbols into millions of homes, even billions, around the world, where they attract forces and beings of darkness into the lives of unsuspecting people.

The symbols of light are trashed and ridiculed

On top of this, the symbols that attract the powers of light are also demonized and trashed (along with those who use and teach about them). Esoteric things for good are made out to be kooky, cultish and weird, whilst the dark symbols and rituals of evil are promoted as fashionable and cutting edge. Because symbols of light have the power to attract the forces of light, they also have the power to banish the forces of darkness. Stigmatizing them strips away the ability for people to use symbols of light to defend themselves against evil forces.

In this way humanity is being both deceived and dis-empowered.

A 101 on the dual use of the most common spiritual symbols

One tell-tale way to pick a symbol of black magic is if it is a symbol of light but inverted. Darkness, in a spiritual sense, is light inverted; thus it too has its own power for those who learn to access it. Those who awaken in light utilize the powers of light and goodness, whilst those who awaken in evil utilize the dark side of the universal energy (the “dark side of the force” as it was referred to in Star Wars).

This snapshot from the music video ‘Die Young’ by pop singer Kesha is a good example of how symbols of light are demonized. The symbol of an upright pentagram hangs in an old church where Kesha engages in orgiastic acts.

Because the nature of darkness is the inverse of light, it follows that dark symbols will be those of light inverted.

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power… The black magician cannot use the symbols of white magic without bringing down upon himself the forces of white magic, which would be fatal to his schemes. He must therefore distort the hierograms so that they typify the occult fact that he himself is distorting the principles for which the symbols stand. Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Pentagram

The transit of Venus in relation to the Earth makes a pentagram every 8 years. Image source: http://agent-jl36.livejournal.com/103853.html

The pentagram so synonymous with evil and witchcraft, is really a deeply cosmic one found in the movements of Venus (the Morning and Evening Star) in relation to the Earth.

When pointed downwards it attracts demonic entities. It represents the fall of the human being into hell/the abyss, and the rule of matter (the upper four points of the star) over spirit (the one downward point).

An inverted pentagram which is used to attract beings of darkness.

“This figure (the pentagram) is the time-honored symbol of the magical arts, and signifies the five properties of the Great Magical Agent, the five senses of man, the five elements of nature, the five extremities of the human body. By means of the pentagram within his own soul, man not only may master and govern all creatures inferior to himself, but may demand consideration at the hands of those superior to himself. The pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the “sign of the cloven hoof,” or the footprint of the Devil. The star with two points upward is also called the “Goat of Mendes,” because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat’s head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star.”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

An upright pentagram symbolizing spirit over matter and the ascent of a human to heaven.

When pointing upwards, it is the human ascending towards heaven/the spiritual realm, matter under the guidance of the spirit, and the unification of the human with divinity. Today it is still used to repel demons (I personally wear one and hang one in my room)—so is it any wonder it has been turned into a symbol of public scorn and suspicion?

The pentagram is a good example of how demonic entities take the knowledge of light and truth, and distort it to destroy it. As you will read below, they have also hijacked many other spiritual symbols in this way.

The All-Seeing Eye

The logo of DARPA’s first attempt to set up a national surveillance system. The Latin beneath the pyramid reads ‘knowledge is power’.

The hallmark symbol of the “powers that be”, the “New World Order” and “Illuminati”, is the all-seeing eye. It appears this once ancient spiritual symbol became hijacked when Freemasonry was infiltrated.
Today it has been distorted to have another sinister meaning.

When used by the hidden hands behind the “New World Order” it symbolizes the knowledge of darkness, which is accessed and kept by a few elites who use it to control the rest of humanity beyond their comprehension. The logo of the first attempt to set up a national surveillance network by DARPA was the all-seeing eye atop a pyramid. The phrase that accompanied it – scientia est potentia (knowledge is power); the knowledge of the “dark side of the force” also brings with it huge power, and demonic entities use it to control others.

A comparison of a cross section of the human brain and the eye of Ra symbol from ancient Egypt. The design is very similar showing that this eye was really used to symbolize an inner spiritual vision given by the pineal gland.

But this symbol, which surfaced in ancient Egypt as the eye of Ra, also has a spiritual meaning – one that empowers a human being rather than enslaves. It represents the inner spiritual eye, sometimes called the “third eye”, and includes the pineal gland—now well known to be linked to our connection to higher realities and states of consciousness. It is depicted as one eye as there is just one of them (not like our two outer eyes), and looks incredibly similar to the design of the Egyptian eye of Ra. This third eye can be awakened through a spiritual work and allows someone to see and perceive beyond the material world.


The Great Seal on the United States dollar bill. The monetary system brought in along with this has created a debt with it that is enslaving the world.

The symbol of the pyramid is usually accompanied by the “all seeing eye” which sits at its peak. Again the pyramid has a dual meaning.

To the “New Word Order” the pyramid is the hierarchy of power and of evil. Demonic entities work within a hierarchy that extends from other dimensions, into the physical world. This is why the eye is often seen separated from the rest of the pyramid, signifying the real control coming from beyond the material plane.

t-trinitySpiritually the pyramid can represent a number of things. They have been built by ancient spiritual cultures around the world where they were extremely sacred places. Whilst they were later taken over by degeneracy and sinister forces, pyramids originally signified the descent and ascent of consciousness on the path to enlightenment. A triangle itself represents the three forces of the cosmos that are central to spirituality: the Father, Mother and Son of the universe, represented in sacred trinities throughout the world such as the Christian Joseph, Mary and Jesus, and Egyptian Osiris, Isis and Horus, that are unified within in the spiritual work.


Pop star covered in upside down crucifixes and doing a symbolic gesture in covering their eye – creating the all-seeing eye.

Pop star covered in upside down crucifixes and doing a symbolic gesture in covering their eye – creating the all-seeing eye.

Like the pentagram the cross is another symbol that when upright is of light, and when turned upside down/inverted is of darkness. The upright cross has appeared not just in early Christianity, but in many different spiritual cultures that preceded it including ancient Briton, and ancient Egypt as the ankh.

The ‘key of life’/ankh at the temple of Kom Ombo in Egypt (copyright Hedwig Storch).

When inverted, like the pentagram, it is the fall of the human being into hell/the abyss. Although many argue it originated from the way Peter the disciple was said to have been crucified, which was upside down, it is also used in black magic. Demonic entities wish to see every human being enter hellish regions, and to destroy the spirituality of the cosmic Son wherever and whenever it has appeared. This is why you’ll find sinister powers promoting and relishing in the distortion and destruction of sacred spiritual teachings and symbols like the crucifix.

When upright the cross is the tree of life—the conjunction of the three forces of the cosmos: Father, Mother and Son. It is a symbol of the inner death of the ego and the resurrection of a person to the imperishability of the spirit.

Left Hand vs Right Hand

A depiction of a demonic entity in hell/the infra-dimensions with its left arm crossed over its right.

In esoteric literature there are many references to a left-handed path, and a right-handed path. Initiates of darkness walk the left-handed path and are symbolized with a left arm or leg crossed over the right. Initiates of light walk the right-handed path and are symbolized by a right hand crossed over the left.

An ancient statue of Osiris with his right arm crossed over his left (copyright Olaf Tausch 1April2009).

Depictions of someone with their arms crossed over their chest can be found as far back as ancient Egypt, where pharaohs and deities were portrayed with their right arm crossed on top of their left, revealing the truly benevolent original source of the civilization’s incredible knowledge.


The movement of the earth in its rotation, which is found in the ancient symbol of the swastika.

And finally the swastika, which is one of the most stigmatized symbols that exists today due to its use by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. This is a prime example of someone who was interested in esotericism (Hitler), but who obviously had no spiritual level and instead caused its mass demonization. The swastika has been depicted throughout numerous ancient cultures, including most famously Hinduism. It is not an evil symbol at all whether spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise, but portrays a cosmic principle of movement.

Taking back the heritage of sacred knowledge from the hands of darkness

An upside down pentagram cleverly concealed in a Catholic Church in its highest place of worship where it brings down demonic forces. Image source: http://agent-jl36.livejournal.com/103853.html

The destruction of the knowledge of how to awaken consciousness is absolutely central to the work of darkness. The smear campaign that has been waged by demonic entities and their initiates in the physical world against those with the knowledge of how to awaken spiritually has been fought since recorded history. On one hand initiates of light struggle to bring peace, freedom and enlightenment to the world. On the other, initiates of darkness seek to destroy their efforts and instead enslave humanity. To this end, schools of light and knowledge have been infiltrated, smeared, persecuted, and destroyed from within, their symbols inverted, distorted and demonized, and texts outlawed and suppressed.

That’s why today we are witnessing black rituals at music awards, the perversion and distortion of spiritual symbols in pop culture, the erosion of the values that came to society from spirituality, the utter emphasis on raising generations absorbed in materialism from birth, and the move to a humanist one world religion that is stripped of any esoteric (empowering) knowledge.

We can however, take back the ancient heritage of knowledge from the hands of darkness. Spiritual symbols are by their nature an intuitive and universal language that can be understood once more. And at this point we have an important choice to make: we can either gain the knowledge of the cosmic principles that these symbols contain, or remain unaware and influenced by those who use this knowledge for dark purposes.

About the Author

Angela Pritchard is an author and researcher into the universal nature of spirituality and consciousness. She is the co-author of two books on ancient sacred mysteries. Her primary focus is on experiencing spirituality firsthand, including through OBEs, and she has been dedicated to this for the past 10 years. She aims to uncover the hidden roots of what’s really driving the agenda in society and the world in relation to the war on consciousness and awakening, and writes alongside her husband on the website Belsebuub.com.